Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 11 – by Juicy Lucy 1


Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 11 – by Juicy Lucy 1

Kerry told md we weren’t seeing Graham, she wanted to go to a different hotel and that she had a different scenario in mind, a sort of practise for seeing Malcolm. She said I’d love what I had in mind, as long as we could could find the right guy. We turned up at our hotel and went through our little bathing ritual, making sure we were both nice and smooth. Kerry had demanded I was smooth in more places now. My whole upper torso from neck to upper thighs was now shaved, I wasn’t a hairy man anyway but we both loved my body smooth. I was expecting to be put into my collar and tail as Kerry got changed into a minI skirt, high heels and small strappy top but I was left dressed normally and unrestrained.

Kerry explained that if things went well she would return to room alone. The man she ***********ed would be given our room number and told to give us fifteen minutes before coming up. She told me to watch some TV and have a drink, she’d message me from the bar and then she was gone.

Looks like plenty of guys here baby.

An hour later and she opened the door and came in.

Oh my God Pete, we got so lucky, the first guy who bought me a drink is perfect. His name is Doug” she gushed, kicking off her shoes and wriggling out of her skirt. She checked the time.

“Damn, I’ve got ten minutes, when he comes up, you will play along with our role play okay?”

“What role play? I asked

“You’ll see, just play along. I haven’t got time now.”

She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get that” she yelled and emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing her schoolgirl outfit, chequered plaid micro skirt, converse boots and a white short sleeved shirt tied around her middle. She borrowed one of my times that was loosely tied around her neck. Her hair was in pigtails and she had on pink glossy lipstick, matching her nails. She looked mouth watering.

“You’re my father” she whispered and answered the door.

“Hey Mr Peters. What are you doing here?” she said, imitating a teenager.

“I’m here to see you father Kerry, may I come in?”

“Daddy. Mr Peters my principal is here” Kerry said, opening the door.

Doug stepped into the room, he was not Kerry’s usual type at all. He was my height but wiry. He had glasses and moustache. He offered me his hand.

“Hi Mr Peters,” I said, shaking his hand “Nice to meet you” can I get you a drink?”

I poured he and I a drink and we sat at the little table in our room, Kerry lay on the bed on her front, hands supporting her chin as she watched us. I wondered exactly what Kerry had in mind.

“So, what can I do for you Mr Peters?”

“Kerry has been cutting school and is failing all her classes. The school has no alternative but to expel her I’m afraid”

“No Mr Peters!” Kerry interjected “There must be something we can do? “

I now understood Kerry’s plan and my cock throbbed. I carried on.

“Surely we can work something out sir?”

“Hmnnnn, I’m not sure. Do you have much cash?”

“No sir, no cash”

Doug got up and walked over to the bed and eyed Kerry hungrily.

“Kerry, this is your mess, you can clean it up” I said “Get on your feet. You do whatever Mr Peters wants you hear”

“Yes daddy”

Kerry leapt of the bed and Doug pulled her toward him.

“Do I need to be spanked Mr Peters” Kerry purred

“I think that’s a good way to start my girl. You are very naughty” I said.

Doug came back to the table, guiding Kerry by the hand. He sat in the chair and pulled her down.

“Get across my lap Kerry, you bad girl”

“Oh please daddy no. I’ll be a good girl”

My cock twitched hard again as Kerry lay across Doug’s lap. His hand stroked up her thigh and under her skirt, squeezing her ass before lifting her skirt up, showing us her white cotton panties. Doug stared at Kerry’s ass and then shook his head, as if clearing it. He brought his hand down firmly on her buttocks and she squealed.

“No panties” I breathed

Doug gripped the waist band of Kerry’s panties and tugged them down. Kerry did an impression of trying to resist but lifted herself so that Doug could get them to her knees.

“Please remove your daughters underwear” he said to me.

“Yes sir”

“No, please daddy. I promise I wont be naughty anymore”

I stood pulled down Kerry’s panties and she lifted her legs to allow me lift them off. Doug massaged her butt cheeks and sighed as if viewing the most beautiful sight, which had was. He spanked Kerry, her butt cheeks jiggling wonderfully. After a few spanks he stopped and caressed her pink ass, his finger slipped between her cheeks and he froze.

“What is this young lady!” he said and read her cheeks to reveal the base of her small plug.

“Oh my God Kerry, what is that?” I asked

“My boyfriend gave it to me”

Doug brought his down on her cheeks again, harder. Kerry squealed and squirmed on his lap as her cheeks reddened. She tried to cover herself with her hands in a feigned struggle and Doug told me to hold them still which I did. He pushed her legs apart and in Kerry moaned as his hand found her pussy.

“Please don’t Mr Peters”

Doug alternatively spanked and caressed Kerry a few more times before pulling her off his lap and standing. As he unbuckled his belt he pushed Kerry’s shoulders and she sank down to her knees. Doug reached in and pulled out his cock.

“Oh Mr Peters, what ARE you doing?”

Doug’s cock belied his body size, a long uncut cock sprang out of its cloth confines and visibly throbbed and hardened. Kerry reached out and held it, the foreskin retracted as it fully hardened.

“Ohhhhh Mr Peters” Kerry gushed as she moved it from side to side, examining it. “You are so much bigger than my boyfriends”

Doug held her head and guided it and Kerry began sucking and licking , gingerly at first and then with gusto. Little noises of pleasure escaping her mouth. Doug turned to me.

“Your daughter sucks cock like a pro”

Kerry moaned when she heard this and pushed her head until her lips were against Doug’s stomach and I could see her throat was full of cock. She held it, breathing heavily through her nose before pulling back, saliva spilling from her mouth and she gasped,

“Fuuuuuuck” Doug said in appreciation.

Pulling her up Doug led Kerry to the bed and pushed her back onto it, making her squeal. He quickly crouched between her legs, pushing them open with his hands under her thighs and began lapping at her pussy.

“Mr Peter’s! What are you doing? You mustn’t. Daddy! Oh Mr Peters. Mnmmmmm it feels soooooo nice”.

I climbed onto the bed and sat behind my girlfriend, she lifted herself up and I unclipped her bra and squeezed under her so she was resting in my lap. I unbuttoned her shirt to expose her tits but left her tie on because it looked hot.

“Daddy, Mr Peters is licking my pussy” Kerry cooed at me sexily and held out my hands to hold.

Kerry talked as Doug licked her pussy and clitty, telling me (her father) how nice it felt and that she might cum. I loved the dirty talk. It was always a big part of my sex life. There was something incredibly arousing about a sweet looking woman using filthy sex language. Another thing mg ex wife was no good at.

Doug stopped licking and removed all his clothes and climbed between Kerry’s legs and guided his long dick to the entrance of her fuck hole.

“Please no Mr Peters” Kerry begged.

Doug pushed and slid half his cock into her twat forcing a low deep moan from her lips.

“Oh Mr Peters. You’re soooooo big”

Doug pulled back and then pushed forward again, sliding more dick into her while Kerry oooohed and ahhhhhhhed. Soon Doug was fucking her in long deep strokes, her converse booted feet waving in the air.

“He’s fucking me with his big dick daddy. Ohhhhh yes, he’s fucking me soooooo gooooood.” Kerry let go of my hands and squeezed her breasts hard and tugged on her nipples.

Doug flipped her over onto all fours and Kerry pushed her head down, I wanted to get under her and lick them both but it seemed Kerry didn’t want that for this scenario. She looked into my eyes and I could tell exactly the moment that Doug slid into her.

“Oh my God you’re so big Mr Peters. You love fucking my tight little pussy don’t you?”

“Yes my dear” Doug panted, “I think I’ll be fucking you often if you want to graduate”.

Doug fucked Kerry while she described to me exactly what he was doing and how it made her feel. Doug began tugging on her butt plug and Kerry made noises that encouraged Doug to tease her asshole with that plug, stretching her. Kerry’s hand disappeared under her and I knew she was rubbing her clit. Soon she was cumming loudly. Just as she came Doug pulled her plug until the widest part was stretching her and he held it as she climaxed, pulling it out when she had stopped.

Kerry collapsed onto her tummy and Doug spat between her ass cheeks. Kerry looked at me.

“Get the lube” she whispered.

“but I….” I started

“Do it!” she hissed.

I couldn’t believe she was going to let a stranger take her anal virginity when I had wanted it for so long. Still I didn’t stop it and fetched the lube and handed it to Doug who drizzled liberal amounts onto her asshole. Kerry parted her legs and pushed up her butt and Doug lay over her and with one hand holding his cock, guided it between her ass cheeks. A guteral groan came from deep within Kerry and she closed her eyes and grimaced.

“So big” she gasped

I could see Doug was slowly working his cock in and then he took his hand away. Crouched on his knees and began moving his hips backwards and forwards. He was fucking my girlfriends ass.

“Oh Mr Peters, you’re fucking me in the ass with your big fat cock” she groaned, looking me square in the eyes.

Kerry moaned loudly as Doug fucked her, soon sliding his entire length into her. I wanted to get up and watch as my girlfriends anal cherry was taken but seeing the look on her face told me everything I needed to know.

“I love big dick in my ass Daddy” she moaned and I knew that many more men were going to experience my girlfriends tight little ass around their cocks. Oh my God I wanted to cum so bad now.

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