Duke &Dana by Drakon66

Introduction: Dana unlocked the front door and led Duke, a brindle and white Great Dane, into her living room and through her house to the back door. , Dana & Duke

Dana unlocked the front door and led Duke, a brindle and white Great Dane, into her living room and through her house to the back door. She turned him loose in the spacious back yard and watched him for a few moments, loping around, sniffing and marking as he went, then returned to her car for the rest of his things; food, bed, bowls and toys. She had agreed to dog sit for her older brother Dan while he and his wife Kara went on vacation to Hawaii, but she didn’t realize how much stuff that would have to be brought to her place. For a fit twenty five year old, she had to struggle to carry it all in. Dana thought it was strange how Kara made such a big deal about leaving Duke, like he was a child or something. ‘He’s just a dog,’ she thought then putting it out of her mind.

Dana removed her suit coat, placing it over the back of her couch and stepped out of her heels. She unzipped her pencil skirt and removed her blouse, adding them to the pile, and then sat down at her computer to check emails. The week was only half over and she was ready for the weekend to be here. Aside from a couple junk emails she deleted, there wasn’t much to look at. The only one she opened was from her friend Karen who usually sent her unusual things. The subject line read “Eye Candy” and the body had several pictures of a muscular young man in various stages of undress. Dana felt a familiar tingle growing in her loins as she continued to scroll down. In the last three pictures, the man was totally naked and his thick cock stood fully erect in the final one. Her finger made slow circles around her throbbing clit as she massaged it through her rapidly dampening panties and nylons. She was drawing closer and closer to a powerful release when Duke’s thunderous bark broke her concentration.

She pushed back from her desk and looked down the hall toward the back door. Duke sat on the porch with his ears pointed up and starring inside. Dana rolled forward again, hoping if she ignored him that he’d find something else to do. She returned to her nagging clit and quickly regaining the ground she lost from the interruption.

“WOOF!” Duke barked again.

With a heavy sigh, Dana dropped her head and went to let the persistent hound in. When she opened the door, Duke burst in, knocking over her laundry basket and nearly flooring Dana in the process.

“Duke!” she said in a frustrated voice, “Why did you have to go and do that?”

Duke was prancing back and forth around her as she bent over to pick up the scattered clothes. He was sniffing the air then poked his cold nose in between her legs from behind.

“Stop it Duke,” Dana said, pushing his head away with one hand.

She had gathered the last few garments and was about to put them in the basket when Duke’s broad tongue ran up her wet crotch.

“DUKE!” she shouted turning to face him as a shiver ran through her, “What do you think you’re doing? That’s a bad dog!” pointing a finger while she scolded him. His ears dropped and he hung his head and whined. At the sight of this, Dana’s tone softened and she knelt down to rub Duke’s head.

“I’m sorry I shouted at you but that wasn’t very nice.”

She stood and filled one of his bowls with food then headed for her room to get cleaned up, collecting her work clothes on the way. The light on Dana’s answering machine was flashing, so she punched the button as she passed. Karen’s voice sprang from the speakers.

“I thought you’d be home by now. I hope you liked the email I sent you. I’ll be flying in on Friday at 9:30 pm. Don’t forget to pick me up. See ya then.”

Dana was happy to hear that her grade school friend was going to be able to visit her over the week end. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time; about a year or so. It was around the time Dana had broken up with her last boy friend and Karen came to console her in a very intimate way. Dana had her first and only girl/girl experience with Karen during the summer before they went to college, up until that time. Dana had always preferred men but Karen went both ways with equal enthusiasm.

She continued to her room and tossed her clothes on the bed. She started the shower then removed her bra, panties and hose, leaving them on the floor at the foot of her bed. Thoughts of the muscular hunk were lingering in her mind along with Karen when she stepped into the warm flow of water.

Still toweling herself off, Dana nearly tripped over Duke who was lying on the floor in front of the bathroom chewing on her discarded panties.

“What the hell…,” her words trailed off as she noticed her shredded pantyhose next to him as well, “It’s a good thing for you that these weren’t expensive!”

She yanked the torn panties from his mouth and picked up the ruined hose and threw them in the trash in the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked ushering him out of her room and closed the door.

The remainder of the week passed without incident, and Dana was thankful. The rocky beginning she and Duke had that first night raised her stress level beyond belief, but now the two of them had figured out each others boundaries and were getting along well. Dana even looked forward to Duke’s enthusiastic welcome when she got home from work. He’d roll on his back so she could scratch his chest then race around the room and flop at her feet for more.

Tonight, though they didn’t get a chance to play since Dana wanted to get ready for Karen’s arrival. She sat briefly at her computer and saw a new email from Karen. It was more pictures of the young stud but this time he wasn’t alone. The pictures showed him having sex with a pretty blonde with long hair and big boobs. She was surprised because at a glance, the woman looked a lot like her. Dana scrolled through the pictures of the couple in various positions but when she reached the one with the woman on her hands and knees and the guy stabbing his big cock in her from behind she stopped and stared. Dana envisioned him driving his cock into her and a flood of desire filled her with wanton need. Her hand went to her already wet sex, pushing into the waist bands of her hose and panties, as she fingered her stiff clit with a vengeance.

Duke stood nearby and nudged her arm with his nose. She gave him a quick pat on the head with her free hand without taking her eyes off the images on the screen. She slouched in her chair a bit, turning sideways so she would have room to stretch out her legs. Dana felt herself drawing nearer to orgasm. Duke nudged her again and moved between her out stretched legs. When Dana briefly removed her hand from her dripping pussy, Duke ran his tongue over the growing wet spot.

“Duke no…Ohhhhh,” Dana started to scold him but her orgasm cut her short.

He lapped at the wetness in her underwear and she wanted him to stop but it just felt too good. Duke continued to lick her crotch through the entire duration of her orgasm but when she began to recover, Dana pushed him away.

‘What have I done? I just let a dog lick my pussy! There must be something wrong with me because I enjoyed it,’ Dana thought to herself. She felt depraved and dirty but the lingering pleasure tempered her disgust. Duke moved forward again but she held him back. Dana stood and was about to go get cleaned up when the persistent animal licked her again. His tongue pressed against her throbbing clit and even though it was covered by her underwear, it sent a violent shiver through her. Now her mind was contemplating an even more wicked idea, removing her undergarments and giving him better access. The thought made her shudder but was it from the depravity or the desire to experience it? She wasn’t sure.

Dana’s thumbs went into the waist bands of her hose and panties, pushing them down to her ankles. She untangled herself from the garments and stood before the magnificent beast with her legs spread. She patted her abdomen and Duke stuck his nose right into her wet sex. His tongue cleaved into her moist folds making her toes curl.

“OH my GOD!” she gasped feeling his tongue dragging over her erect clit. On the next pass it snaked inside her and her knees nearly gave out.

Dana looked at the clock on her desk. It read 5:47pm. She needed to leave for the airport by 9:00pm to pick up Karen so she had time to indulge her lustful cravings. Dana led Duke to her bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed with her knees together. She was trembling with excitement. Duke sat before her, his tail thumping on the carpet. She eased her legs open and Duke pushed them wide as he moved in. He rapidly lapped at her pussy, his tongue exploring every inch of her exposed sex, plunging in to scoop out more of her honey or scouring over her sensitive clit. Dana fell back onto the bed gasping and crying out in total ecstasy. In moments she was consumed by a monstrous orgasm. She pinched her nipples and writhed on the bed from his ferocious oral onslaught. As her orgasm subsided she had to push him away from her hyper-sensitive pussy. She was still breathing heavy when she sat up and saw Duke pacing back and forth in front of her. He whimpered then tried to get at her wet valley once more.

She closed her legs tight and pushed him back saying, “I can’t take anymore of your tongue right now.”

He continued to pace then suddenly jumped up, putting his front legs on the bed and almost knocking Dana backward. As she tried to get him off the bed, she felt something hot touch her knee. It was his cock, partially exposed from its sheath pressing against her leg, squirting his warm pre cum on her thighs. Duke jumped down and Dana could see 4” of his inflamed cock as he went back to pacing. She couldn’t believe how big and thick it was and how it was making her pussy burn with desire. It was then her mind came up with the unthinkable, letting Duke fuck her. He whined and she looked back into his eyes. She could see his frustration and it made her melt inside. She took his head in her hands and kissed him between his ears.

“I guess I owe you for what you’ve done for me,” she said as she got onto the floor beside him.

Dana wasn’t sure what to do next. She was afraid his massive bulk would be too much for her to support on her hands and knees so she laid her upper body on the bed and kept her knees on the floor. Duke jumped to his feet and started licking her dripping furrow again. She swayed her hips side to side in hopes he would mount her, which he did. His front legs closed around her waist and he made slow, jerky, probing thrusts, seeking entrance to her inner depths. His cock sprayed pre cum on her and poked at her legs, ass and thighs but he hadn’t found what he was looking for. She was thinking that this wasn’t going to work when the tip of his fiery cock entered her welcoming pussy. Before she could react, Duke pulled her backward as he made rapid powerful thrusts, impaling her fully on his rigid member. Dana’s hands clenched the sheets and her mouth opened as it if to cry out but no sound escaped. The sudden intrusion of eight thick inches of hard dog cock into her tight pussy, took her breathe away, and a bit of pain mixed with a whole lot of pleasure had a hand in her silent scream.

Duke thrust into her with a speed and force that could not be believed by the young woman. It was all she could do to remember to keep breathing. Duke’s head rested on her shoulder as his hammering thrusts continued to drive him deeper into her. A deep guttural groan filled the air as Dana came harder than she ever had in her life. Her eyes rolled back and she was close to passing out when the quaking tremors rumbled through her body. She was aware of something slapping at her flared lips but in the haze of orgasmic rapture, she didn’t seem to care until Duke forced it inside her.

“Uuuuhhh!” she grunted as his knot passed the tight ring of muscles guarding the entrance to her pussy.

It really didn’t hurt do to the overwhelming pleasure she was receiving but she could feel it swelling along with Duke’s massive cock. It was stretching her to her limits and filling her completely. The tip of his cock was pressing into her cervix and the knot felt like a large orange inside her, throbbing against her g spot. A gush of liquid heat sprayed into her womb as Duke began to cum. She came again too! Her shrieks of ecstasy were muffled by the sheets she was screaming into. Duke was no longer thrusting, just rocking his hips side to side. He had released his vise like grip on Dana’s waist and stood on the bed with his front legs on either side of her rib cage and his back legs on the floor.

Once again Dana regained her senses and tried to control her breathing. The tugging of Duke’s knot against her opening as he moved kept her in a heightened state of arousal. She expected the enormous amount of dog cum, flowing into her uterus, would be leaking out of her by now but the knot had her sealed up like a cork in a bottle. Minutes passed then Duke turned and stood ass to ass with her, continuing to pump his hot seed into her heavily work pussy. Each time he shifted she had an orgasm. Some were small but when she would touch her aching clit, she would explode.

She looked at the clock on her night stand with blurry vision and could just make out the time; 6:20. She had been tied with Duke for over twenty minutes and he continued cumming. It had diminished in force but she could still feel it squirting into her pussy. Also she could feel his cock and knot gradually shrinking but it was far too large to be pulled out yet. Dana was exhausted but totally satisfied as she lay with her eyes closed basking in the after glow of the most intense sexual experience she ever had. There came a low rumble from Duke. She felt it more than heard it along with him tugging at her.

“Duke stay!” she said after a sharp gasp but didn’t lift her head, “Good boy…stay.”

A moment later the rumble returned but this time she heard it. Duke had let out a low growl and the tremors carried to her through the union of their bodies and she moaned in pleasure, but when he tugged at her again she turned to look at him. He was starring at the bedroom door. Dana saw to her horror Karen standing in the doorway; eyes wide and mouth agape. Read 558 times | Rated 100 % | (4 votes) Vote list (Close) :
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