In Genie Us by Glaze72 – Chapter 4: Morning Would?

In Genie Us by Glaze72 – Chapter 4: Morning Would?

She woke up to a bright room, birdsong, and the overwhelming need to urinate. Rubbing her face, she staggered into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, expecting the relief such an action usually brought. Instead, there was an uncomfortable pressure, and a strange hot tenseness at her groin.

She cracked open an eye, only to find something staring back at her.

Quite a lot of something, to be honest.

“Ack!” She twitched violently, and almost fell off the seat.

And then memory came flooding back into her mind, and she nearly laughed. Well? Isn’t this what you wanted? Now you’ve got a one-eyed trouser snake of your very own!

She stood, examining her body with iron-eyed attention for the second time in twelve hours. But this time she was vastly more pleased with the results. Instead of a short, somewhat dumpy young woman, with sallow skin and a jumpy, nervous look, like a frightened rabbit, instead there was…

Good Gods.

She was tall. That was her first amazed impression. At least six feet, and maybe an inch or two more. The bathroom countertop seemed very far away. Her skin was clean and healthy, a pleasing shade of mocha. Her hair was jet black, sweeping back from her forehead in dark waves, though somewhat mussed with sleep. Her eyes were dark brown, with an intelligent look, her nose thin and straight, her cheekbones high, and her jaw firm, with a tiny cleft in the middle.

And her body…Kali save me. She didn’t know whether to be awed or repulsed. She had never found men attractive, and she didn’t expect to start now. But even she couldn’t deny the beauty of her own form. Arms and shoulders that were firm with muscle, a broad chest that tapered into a flat belly, long, sturdy legs, and in between, a phallus that shot up from a black nest of pubic hair in an exuberant shout, as if saying to the entire world, Hey, take a really good look at me! Aren’t I awesome?

She put a tentative finger on it, then snatched it back as it gave a jerk under her touch. Good gods! All those dumbass boys in high school were telling the truth! It really does have a mind of its own!

She almost giggled, then spun around as a casual voice inquired, “Well? Are you satisfied with my work, O my Mistress? Or rather,” Gene continued, as she covered her groin with her hands, “O my master?

“And your hands aren’t going to do the job, sweetcheeks,” he added with a cheerful leer. “If you want to cover that monster up, you better use your arm.”

“I’m not…” she stuttered, feeling her face flame. She had seen a penis or two, when the girls in her apartment would put a porno on, giggling at her discomfort. But when it was staring her straight in the face, attached to her own body, sparking pleasure whenever she brushed the skin with a fingertip…she jerked her hand away hastily. “I’m not too big, am I?”

“Fear not,” he bowed. “I had a nice long talk with Shannon last night. I learned all sorts of things about what she likes. And what she doesn’t. Trust me, girlfriend. You are just right. And not just your twig and berries.” He put a hand on her shoulder, the touch not quite turning into a caress. “Right now, you have just the kind of body she loves. Tall and strong, but not all bulked up. Not too much body hair. A kind face. Seven hells, you’re almost good enough to make me think about trying to seduce you.”

She swallowed and ignored his teasing. “I don’t suppose you could have turned me Caucasian, could you?”

A deep, irritated sigh. “No, honey. I couldn’t. Remember what I said about consequences?”

“But…” Deep within her was the fear that her Indian heritage would make Allison hesitate to take her as a lover, if she ever got the chance to try to seduce her. “Why can’t you-”

“Listen to me,” the genie interrupted. “Right now, in this reality, your parents had three children. Your two sisters, and you, a boy.” His voice took on a razorlike edge. “What would happen to their marriage, and to the childhoods of you and your siblings if you were born white?”

Her stomach clenched. “Oh.”

“Right. Oh. As in, ‘Oh, dear, my wife cheated on me with another man, that’s the only way to explain this bouncing blue-eyed Caucasian baby boy, I’m getting a fucking divorce!”

“I’m sorry, Gene,” she apologized. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Well, start. And stop thinking of yourself as a woman. You’re a man now. That old reality, the one you’re trying to shed like a snakeskin, is still out there, trying to snatch you back. Right now, it’s trapped, like a dragonfly in amber. But think too much about how you’re really a woman, and the amber will shatter and everything will snap back to the way it was.”

He backed away, closing the door behind him. “Get used to your new body. I’ll be downstairs.

“Oh. By the way. Your name is Riyad now. But Allison calls you Ray. You’re welcome.”

Being a man, Shanaya discovered to her surprise, was much simpler than being a woman.

It wasn’t just the fact that she no longer had to bother with makeup. Her bathroom was almost painfully sparse, without concealer or foundation or mascara or eyeliner or a dozen other bottles or tubes cluttering up her sink. Instead, there was simply a razor and shaving cream, a toothbrush, some cologne, mouthwash, and a hairbrush. She took a quick shower, trying – and failing — to keep her hands off her amazing new penis, and shaved her face for the first time ever. The experience was strange, but not terribly difficult, and she came away from the sink with only a nick or two. She didn’t even bleed that much.

Done in the bathroom, she went back to her bedroom, studying it minutely. Oddly, it was almost unchanged from what she had seen the night before. Her honor-roll certificates from high school were still on the wall, only bearing a different name. Her books were still in the bookcase, her movies haphazardly stacked next to her television, her cell phone where she had left it last night. Only the pictures hung on the wall were different. The poses were subtly altered, her sisters and parents making way for her larger frame, though the backgrounds remained the same.

Clothes, however, were a revelation. No more bras! No more high heels! Instead, her closet and bureau were stuffed full of jeans and shorts and comfortable t-shirts. Even her more formal clothes seemed to be little more than neatly-pressed slacks, button-down dress shirts, and loafers, though she did glimpse a pair of suits shoved off to one side. She pulled on a baggy pair of cargo shorts over a pair of boxers, the feel of the soft cotton delightfully wicked against her cock, which gave an enthusiastic twitch.

Not now, she scolded it as she pulled a t-shirt down over her flat belly. Good gods, were guys’ dicks like this all the time? No wonder they were all such a bunch of horn-dogs! There’s no one here who’s interested in you.

“Morning, Mom,” she said as she came downstairs, startled by the deep timbre of her voice. Inwardly, she cringed. Surely her own mother would see through her façade!

“Hello, honey,” Maryam replied absently. For a moment she blinked, as if searching for a foggy memory as she smiled at her. But then her brow cleared and she took her in a hug. “Ganesh preserve us!” she exclaimed, staring upwards. “Every time I turn around you’re taller! When are you going to stop growing?”

“I don’t know,” she replied with a smile. “I never expected to be over six foot when I grew up, that’s for sure.” Her mother’s head barely reached her chin, she found to her immense shock.

The older woman stepped back. “Well, your Uncle Rajeep is almost as tall as you. But I think you hit the genetic lottery, kiddo.” She turned back to emptying the dishwasher. “What are you up to today?”

“I’m not sure. I think I might-” Her phone beeped, interrupting her. She fished it out of her shorts to see a text from Shannon. “Oh, crap. The last fitting for Shannon’s wedding dress is today! I nearly forgot!”

“You better hustle, then.” Her mother shook her head. “I still think it’s weird that she wants your opinion about her dress.”

She started to say something, then caught herself. I’m a guy, now. Right. Instead she shrugged and said only, “We’ve been best friends forever, Mom. How could I tell her no?”

Opening the fridge, she grabbed an apple and a muffin and a bottle of juice. “I got to go. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Sure, honey.” She took her kiss on a proffered cheek, and watched bemusedly as she tore out the door.

Twenty seconds later she burst back through, climbing the stairs two at a time as she hurried to her bedroom to collect the necklace, wrap it in a piece of cloth, and dash back outside again.


“Well, you handled that rather well,” Gene said, popping into view in the passenger seat as she idled at a red light.

“Agh!” She flinched so violently her foot nearly slid off the brake. “Don’t do that!”

The genie snickered, leaning out the window so he could flick an imaginary speck of dust off the sleeve of his cardigan. “My apologies, O my Master.”

“And why are you here, anyway?” The light turned green and she turned left onto Columbus. “Isn’t your work, you know, kind of done?”

“Have you released me from your service?”

“Um. No.”

“Then I have no ability to depart. You are my master, and I am your…servant, shall we say.”

“I can hardly introduce yourself to the girls at the bridal shop as my servant.”

He waved a negligent hand. “A friend, an associate, a well-wisher, insofar as I do not wish you any specific sort of harm.” A feral smile. “And anyway, you need a wingman to run interference for you with all those bitches.”

“They’re not bitches! They’re my friends!” Well, Allison’s friends, mostly.

“Not with you as a woman, no. But now you’re a man, remember? There is nothing worse than an unmarried bridesmaid with a good-looking man around. They’ll all have their tails up and their claws out. And if you’re not careful, my master, you might that you’ve been hooked by one of them rather than sweet little Allison.

“Also, to give you a little advice. Because there’s nothing worse than serving a master who has found out that having his wish granted doesn’t make him happy. For your entire life, Riyad, you’ve been content to hover in the background, passive. Have you ever told Allison the way you feel for her?”

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