Late Evenings Part 11 by StAugustus

A literotic sexstories: Late Evenings Part 11 by StAugustus
Part 11

On Friday morning, Judy said she felt like going to dinner on Saturday night and asked if I was up for it. Naturally, I said yes and started looking forward to Delia and whatever new adventures might be in store. A little later, Judy came into my office with a sad look on her face and said Delia was book for Saturday night. We probably could have found another sitter, but it wasn’t like I really cared about going out to dinner – it was the dessert I was after and I suspect Judy felt the same way.

That afternoon, I had an offsite meeting and Judy was taking advantage of Mica watching the kids to go shopping with some friends at the mall. Luckily for me, Mica pretty much stayed with the kids in her room or went outside with them. I was thankful that she wasn’t strutting around the house trying to turn me on or some such thing because I figured that even if a girl like that did try to get me worked up, she would blue ball me and feign ignorance if I ever tried anything.

So, whenever Mica was around, I just got some work done in my home office and tried to stay away from her. When I got back from my meeting, that’s exactly what I did – I went straight to my office after saying hello to her and talking to the kids about their day for a few minutes. I got busy with some work and didn’t really pay attention to the knock on the door. At this time of day, it usually meant it was a neighbor kid looking to play, and since Mica was here I figured she would get the door. Then, I heard the doorbell ring and realized that Mica and the kids were probably out back by the pool.

I walked to the door expecting the neighbor kid to be looking for my son, but it was Lola standing there. She looked as surprised to see me as I was to see her and we made some quick but awkward conversation. Lola said she was driving by and thought she would drop in on Judy to say hello since she knew the kids would be home from school. I explained that we now had Mica and Judy had some new freedom in the afternoons and was out shopping.

Even though I was right in the middle of some work in my office, I invited Lola in. Working at home gets kind of monotonous and having a diversion is always welcome, especially when it’s one you’ve recently fucked in the ass. Lola and I went to the kitchen and I poured a couple of iced teas and we shot the shit a little bit. I realized that except for fucking her, I didn’t really know her since I had only met her for a few minutes before showing her my dick and asking her to suck it. Turns out she was a pretty cool broad and I could see why Judy liked having her around for more than eating her pussy.

Mica came into the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks for the kids and I introduced her to Lola. When Mica went back outside, Lola recalled that she had seen Mica at Kathy’s house one time last year. She also remarked that Mica had come into her own, that she had grown into her body as she looked through the window at her sitting by the pool reading a book as the kids played nearby. I said to Lola, “would you eat her pussy without being fucked?” Lola looked annoyed and said “Can’t we have a regular conversation without being so dirty? Is that all you see in me – someone to fuck?!”

I laughed a little bit and trying to appease Lola I said “I really do think you’re cool and fun to hang out with. Today has been a nice surprise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about how it was to fuck you in the ass while you ate my wife’s pussy.” Lola said, “So does that mean every time I drop by I need to get fucked by you or I need to eat Judy’s pussy? Is that what it’s like around here?” I thought about it for a minute and said “I just can’t imagine NOT wanting to stick my dick in you somewhere. Sorry, but that’s just the way guys think.” She just snickered and looked away and I could see her gaze landed on Mica by the pool.

Looking at Lola, I appreciated how her skin tight jeans and sweater showed off her hot body. No wonder her husband never lasted more than a few minutes. If I could bang her any time I wanted, I probably wouldn’t be much better. I looked at my watch as I stood up and walked over to Lola and said “I guess it’s time.” She looked up at me and said time for what? She looked a bit anxious and I couldn’t tell if she was concerned that I was going to ask her to leave, or that I was going to try to make a move on her.

I said “It’s time. It’s time for you to answer the question I asked you earlier. Would you eat Mica’s pussy without being fucked?” She looked up at me, but only after hesitating, and the hesitation was all I needed to know and whatever explanation came out of her mouth wouldn’t really matter. Lola said, “she’s just a young girl. I have no idea if she’s even interested in women.” I said, “guys don’t look at it that way. We look at every chick, young or old, married or not, straight or gay and decide on the spot if we would fuck them. It’s just something we all do without even thinking about it.”

“Is that how you looked at me when we met?” Lola asked. “I hadn’t met you, but I knew you’d already had your tongue up Judy’s pussy and got fucked by two guys while doing it. Pretty good chance that I wanted to fuck you before I even saw you. But, I will say, if I hadn’t known you at all, I would have put you in my JOMB.” “Your JOMB – what’s a JOMB” “It’s my Jack Off Memory Bank – comes in handy” I laughed “ and you were in it before I even met you.” Lola tried to give me a look like I was some kind of pervert, but we both knew that she was just as bad.

I said “watch, I’ll jack off for you right now” and I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. It was already raging (otherwise I wouldn’t have been so bold). Lola covered her mouth in surprise and quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching (duh – like I would have whipped out my dick with the kids in the room). She looked out the window and saw Mica by the pool and the kids splashing in the water having a good time. I also looked at Mica and gained a little enthusiasm. Lola turned her head back towards me and just leaned back to watch – she no longer acted surprised and she certainly could have gotten up to leave if she was offended. As if this would have been offensive to her!

I hadn’t cum in a couple days and I could tell I wouldn’t have to stroke very long. I started pumping faster and faster and Lola just kept looking at my dick and occasionally glancing outside. It seemed like she was checking to see if the coast was clear, but her gaze always seemed to last a little longer on Mica than necessary. I was starting to feel really good and I thought about fucking her real quick but we were in the kitchen and she was wearing tight jeans that would have taken some effort to strip off of her so I just kept stroking and looking down at her very nice body, long auburn hair, and cute face. I thought, if her husband only knew.

The tip of my dick started leaking pre cum so I offered it to Lola. She hesitated but licked it off without taking my dick in her mouth – just kind flicked around the head. I had to do this a lot as my dick was really leaking pre cum. The next time I offered it to Lola, she took it in her mouth and started to really suck me. She was working me really well with her hand and sucking the head to extract all the pre cum she could get. As I got close to cumming, I held her head with my hands and started to fuck her mouth. She instantly relaxed her throat and I was able to dump my load straight past her tonsils.

I pulled my dick from her mouth and wiped the remained dribbles of cum on her face and neck. She was laughing and trying to push me away so I put my dick back in my pants and zipped myself up. Just as I was sitting back down, Mica walked into the kitchen and said “Oh, I didn’t realize you two were still in the kitchen.” I said “Yeah, we’re just hanging out since it’s Friday afternoon. Judy still isn’t back.” Mica looked over at Lola for a moment and started to stare before she quickly looked away. She said “OK, I just needed some drinks and I need to get back to the pool and the kids.” As she walked back from the refrigerator with a handful of drinks, she quickly glanced at Lola again and I followed her gaze to Lola’s face and neck and noticed that her cheek and neck were wet with cum. I’m not sure if Mica knew exactly what it was, but she did seem suspicious, at least to me.

Lola didn’t notice Mica’s stares and stood up to say that she figured it was time to head back home. She said, “tell Judy I dropped by” and walked toward the front door. I showed her out and just after she drove off, I saw Judy’s car coming down the street. She parked in the garage and a few moments later I heard the rustling of shopping bags coming from the garage. She said, “Hi honey, I’m back. Did I just see Lola driving down the street?” I answered that Lola dropped by for a visit but had to get going. Judy started to respond, but when she looked out the window she said “Oh, I see that Mica is still here. I thought she might be gone already.”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 5pm, so I walked out to the pool and told the kids they need to say goodbye to Mica and to get dried off and change back into their clothes. Mica loaded her book and laptop back into her backpack and said goodbye to the kids. I told her to have a good weekend and that we would see her Monday after school, or just before school actually so she would be here when the kids got home. She said to tell Judy hello and went out via the yard gate and drove off. As I walked back into the house to help with the kids, I noticed Judy in the upstairs window looking down on me. I didn’t think she realized I had seen her, so I just went inside the house without looking up or waving.

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