A Work in Progress Ep. 02

An adult stories – A Work in Progress Ep. 02 by Red_Le_Canan,Red_Le_Canan Episode II: We Share Everything Greg wandered nonchalantly into the bar at the Hilton. At least he intended for it to be nonchalantly. His heart was pounding. The place had only just started to fill up but wasn’t packed yet so he was … Read more

It's Not About The Money by HikingThru,HikingThru

“But honey, think of the money.” “I know we’ve had some drinks, but are you serious?” John replied, “‘Think of the money, honey’ is your position here?” Approximately one hour earlier the recently engaged couple had been enjoying drinks at a resort bar in Puerto Rico, when a forty-ish businessman had approached them, and discreetly … Read more

First Time Hesitant Cheating by NarminJ,NarminJ

My name is Narmin, I am originally from Baku, Azerbaijan currently living in Brooklyn. We immigrated 11 years ago and found a new life here in U.S. I am a skinny woman aged 33. I have black hair, normal size breasts and a nice round ass (According to my husband). I attract a fair amount … Read more

My Wife’s Wild Desires

An adult stories – My Wife’s Wild Desires by Amaturewriter1,Amaturewriter1 My wife is very beautiful and has got a very attractive figure. Many a times I have noticed people eyeing the sexy figure hidden inside the thin materials of clothes. She usually wears salwar suit. She is conservative in nature. So she never tries to … Read more

Competitive To The End

An adult stories – Competitive To The End by amyyum,amyyum Spoiler Alert! There are cheaters in this story; if that disturbs you DO NOT CONTINUE; DO NOT READ; YOUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH MAY BE AT RISK! ************** All participants in this story in any type of sexual situation are over 18. ************** As I sat in … Read more

Camping at the KOA can be Fun

An adult stories – Camping at the KOA can be Fun by CarterJ,CarterJ Some would say fantasies rarely come true. But when they do, OMG. My wife, Claudia, and I booked a camping site at a KOA outside of Boston so we could take in a Red Sox game and have some adult time. We … Read more

Decisions, Decisions

An adult stories – Decisions, Decisions by laptopwriter,laptopwriter As a “Loving Wives” writer, I always try to stay away from the cliches and come up with something original while still making the story fit the genre. I hope I’ve accomplished that with this story and I hope you enjoy it. Please vote and comment to … Read more

Rudy’s Fall

An adult stories – Rudy’s Fall by Sunadmire,Sunadmire Rudy’s Fall Rudy’s life fell apart as his past caught up with him. Category: Loving Wives Tags: Cheating; Creampie; Hot Wife; Impregnation; Interracial Sex; Swinger; Unknown child; Voueur Background: This story is plays off in South Africa before the introduction of cell phones in 1994. The academic … Read more

A Night out with Girlfriends Ch. 01

An adult stories – A Night out with Girlfriends Ch. 01 by NYnonmonogamous,NYnonmonogamous My girlfriend Charlotte and I have lived in a great Brooklyn neighborhood for a number of years and we really our enjoy our life in New York. Charlotte is a successful model and I am a painter, and our social life here … Read more

Our Story Pt. 01 by i122,i122

Part 1: The Beginning of Our Threesome Let me just start out by saying that we are in our 50’s and have been married for over 30 years. We both are pretty much height and weight proportional and rather average looking for our age. Our sex life has been from scorching hot to blizzard cold, … Read more

Honeymoon to Remember

An adult stories – Honeymoon to Remember by trini87,trini87 My wife Candace and I went to St. Thomas for our honeymoon. Little did we know the fun and exploration that awaited us. This was a much needed break, especially for Candace who was in law school, worked full time, and still managed to plan our … Read more

Sarah of Salem – Sarah’s Story

An adult stories – Sarah of Salem – Sarah’s Story by chymera,chymera I know the hall monitors will object to this being in the Loving Wives category, but for me, that’s the basis of the story. So that’s where I’m putting it. Besides, that’s where Will’s story (Sarah of Salem) was. [———————————————————————————] I felt him, … Read more

My Husband's Best Friend Ch. 01 by The_Dream_Diary

I’m a little tipsy, and so are the guys. My husband, Mike, has his best friend John over to help with our new patio. Dinner’s been both eaten and cleared away, and it’s way past my usual bedtime. I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy as I listen to the boys talk about college like … Read more