The Maintenance Man another repair 4 by pars001

A literotic sexstories: The Maintenance Man another repair 4 by pars001 ,

The war continues

Mark’s anger hadn’t dampened the least bit, he could feel the heat of it coursing through his body.

Walking out of the make shift control/war room, Mark went through his bag finding his comp. Activating it he

waited for a few minutes till the face of the Imperial Space force leader appeared on it.

“How close are you,” Mark asked tight lipped, “We managed to take out 241 ships including 2 of their command

ships, thing is, from what I’ve seen, they have well over 20,000 ships out there.”

Pounding his fist on the desk the Space force leader replied, “20,000? Damn it! They are committing their whole

damn fleet. They must feel awful confident to come in full force like this. We have a small contingent coming

your way but it will be tomorrow till they arrive, can you hold out that long?”

“Yes, we’ve managed to move almost all the populace close to the center cities, but they still managed to

capture a man.” Almost in a whisper Mark continued, “I won’t allow this to happen again.”

The Space leader knew the look Mark had on his face, he’d seen it on the faces of many under his

command. “It’s never easy to lose anyone, the only thing you can do is to punish those that committed the


Mark was nodding not really paying attention to the leader.

More to himself than the leader Mark started to talk, “Yes, he’s right, they have to be punished everyone of

them, I have to eradicate them all, like the insects that they are.”

The leader shook his head he was afraid that Mark might go to far and actually try to eradicate the entire

race. “Mark you need to think about this, you can’t commit genocide. The Imperial rights league would be

clamoring for your head, besides,” the leader said changing tactics, “you want to be around to raise those

children, you want them to look up to you and not be ashamed.”

Thankfully the remark had the desired effect snapping Mark back to reality.

Shaking his head Mark looked at the leader and nodded his head toward him, “Thank you, we’ll await your


Though there were no more incidents that day Mark made sure everyone was out of the outer cities before the

imminent collapse of the other outer shield grids. Half the day was gone when the alarms went off to let Mark

know that 10 more sectors had gone down. Mark watched as the Styrox came gliding in this time he was ready for

them destroying 10 ships before they were even near the ground. The rest of the descending ships opened fire

haphazardly, destroying everything in sight. Mark smiled again as he destroyed another 10 ships causing the

Styrox to retreat for a few minutes. Finally they were able to land, the Styrox began scanning the debris, Mark

could see that they were disappointed. Almost 10 minutes later they started to leave, once again Mark picked

off another 10 ships before they were airborne, then gone.

An hour later the fleet began to bombard the shields again, Mark had been able to adjust the shields

again. When they started to hit the shields again they were soon surprised that the shields were once again

more stable. Mark and the others tried to get some sleep, though it was difficult with the constant percussion

of the Styrox blasts striking the shields. Early the next morning Mark was making another round of the systems

when another 5 shield grids went down, they were almost down to those around the center cities now. Well over

half the planet was now exposed, a lot of it now smoldering wastelands from the constant energy weapons.

The sun began to rise, as the start of the ninth day of the planetary siege also started. Mark was walking the

hallways when an alarm went off on his comp.

Quickly quieting it, Mark could see the Imperial forces dropping out of hyper drive. A huge smile lit

his face as the first 100 ships on the back side of the planet exploded into nothing. Ah! Good they had

improved the energy cannons like he’d instructed, Mark watched as another 100 ships were destroyed before the

Styrox started to retaliate. Mark went over all the data he received, damn! They’d only gotten a portion of the

fleet ready, from what he saw they only had about 1500 ships this was going to be a long fight. As the battle

raged on Mark saw that the Imperial fleet was much better prepared, but the Styrox weren’t going to go away

that easily. 2 hours later the Styrox had lost 800 ships and partly retreated, the Imperial fleet had lost

around 500, Mark started looking into ways to improve the odds better.

The Imperial Leader called from his command ship, “Damn it Mark! I was hoping that your improvements

would have helped more.”

“They will, I need to send the fleet here, more updates, it appears that Tantka was able to decipher part of

the shields energy matrix that the ships have, after this I don’t think you’ll have as much trouble,” Mark

inserted confidently.

“Alright,” The leader said, “I’ve never seen anyone correct their mistakes as fast as you, we’ll wait a day to

do this, that way more will be able to join us.”

Mark started the uploads as fast as he could, afraid to widely broadcast it fearing Tantka might get it and

decipher more. Nissie and Sam had gone into the cities keeping in constant contact, though his shields were

almost impregnable many near the edges had been injured.

Early the next morning the Styrox started their attack on the Imperial fleet, for 3 hours the Styrox

swarmed over the vastly out numbered Imperials. Suddenly a warp tunnel opened and another 1000 Imperial ships

emerged, engaging the Styrox who in turn chose to advance past the planet pushing their way deeper into the

empire. With the updates the Imperial ships defeated over 1200 more ships, while the imperials had only lost


“Mark,” the Imperial leader started, “We have each part of the fleet stopping a day in front of the present

position of the Styrox, the updates are being fed by secure channels, with any hope we’ll have them in a few


“Alright, I’ll continue here, good luck and hunting,” Mark saluted as he signed off.

Nissie walked up behind him at that moment, “everything is good in the cities, a lot of burns and broken bones

but they are in high spirits.”

Mark Nodded taking Arthur and Catrina into his arms, he loved them so much as he did their mothers.

Walking along the rows of machinery both began to ask him what was this and that which he happily explained.

Both Nissie and Sam looked at each other and ran for the bedroom, they didn’t get a chance like this very

often. Climbing into the shower they both groaned at how good the water felt, looking at each others bodies

they both saw that they were almost back to what they were before they got pregnant. Washing each other off

they both realized it had been quite some time since they’d last had sex, especially with Mark. Waiting they

saw Mark return with 2 sleeping bundles in his arms, taking the children they had him get in the shower where

they joined him moments later.

“Mark it’s been too long, we’ve decided that we need you,” Nissie said as she washed Mark’s back.

“We’ve also decided that we are going to help you relax like we used to,” Sam said as she gently massaged

Mark’s now stiffening and growing member. Mark was surprised, he’d thought that after the children they hadn’t

wanted sex any more, true they had been busy, sighing Mark decided he still had a lot to learn about females

and relations. Grabbing Sam’s breast he ran his hand over it’s soft smoothness, eliciting a small groan from

her. Flicking the nipple he felt he tense up from the shook waves it sent through her body.

Breathlessly Sam gasp out, “we’ve also decided we want another child from you.”

This stopped Mark for a moment, thinking only a moment he said, “Are you both sure? You both had a hard time

last time. I don’t want anything to happen to you, you and the children are the most precious people in my


Looking at each other they both smiled large, Nissie finally spoke, “Yes we’re both sure, so please shut up

while we still have time you know Arthur and Catrina won’t sleep long.”

Finally Mark’s eyes opened wide, they weren’t kidding! They really wanted more children! Grabbing Sam

he began to kiss his way lower on her, pulling him up Sam and Nissie both said, “Not here silly come to bed!”

Damn they could frustrate him at times, both were on the bed already engaged with each other when he finally

emerged from the bath. For a moment Mark was admiring the view, then hurried to the bed to join them.

Both grabbed him pushing him on the bed as Nissie climbed on and sunk all the way to Mark’s groin, a low moan

escaping both their throats, it HAD been too long! Nissie began to wonder why she’d stopped having sex with

Mark this was sheer heaven. Sam climbed up Mark’s body lowering her vagina to Mark’s thirsty lips, a screech

almost escaped her lips which Nissie stiffuled with a passionate kiss.

Mark knew he wasn’t going to last long, sex had almost been forgotten for a few years now. Finally Mark

felt his scrotum tighten as his balls began to pump his semen deep within Nissie’s body, Nissie, feeling the

hot liquid filling her, quickly found her own release. Mark’s ministrations weren’t lost on Sam as she too

found release. Breathless, they all lay panting on the bed, each in turn beginning to question why they had

stopped having sex.

Leaning over Sam whispered in Mark’s ear, “Don’t you dare forget you owe me the next batch.” With a giggle at

the look on Mark’s face she got, begrudgingly out of bed. Mark laid there a few minutes, many ideas forming in

his head. The fact that Tantka had made a move this fast after escaping prison, then there was the Styrox,

something Tantka had shown them had boosted their confidence that they thought they could easily take the

empire. The fact that Tantka could easily hack the systems Mark had helped to develop years ago was… that was

it! Leaping out of bed Mark ran naked through the house to his comp, though they didn’t mind the show Nissie

and Sam ran after him with clothes, after all the kids could wake up at any time.

An exasperated sigh later for having to stop, Mark was hard at work digging through the files of every

program he’d ever written or installed on the imperial fleet. An hour later he found part of what he’d been

looking for, so obviously Tantka had studied them closely in prison. Mark began to see back doors around shield

systems, weapons systems hell even the engine systems of all the ships in the Imperial fleet. No wonder they’d

lost so many ships at first, at least the new updates had almost completely stopped that. For the next 2 hours

Mark went through the readings of the Styrox ships, hmmm it appeared they had older systems of the empire that

were considered out of date so almost all information on them were deleted, a big mistake.

“Sam,” Mark started, “I need all the plans we have on the old Imperial defense systems, I think I know why

Tantka and the Styrox are feeling so confident.”

Another 3 hours and Mark was finally starting to get a better idea into why his updates hadn’t worked at first.

Contacting the Imperial space force leader, Mark finally had something concrete to give the leader to

fight against the Styrox with.

“I think I found out why they are so damn cocky.” Mark started, “I’ve been over all the readings I took of the

Styrox fleet while they were attacking. It appears that Tantka is using older programs that the empire

abandoned years ago, it appears that they are better when the Styrox incorporated them into their systems.”

“Why would that give them an advantage?” the leader inquired.

“With Tantka’s help, the programs are far more dangerous when applied to the Styrox systems, it appears that

they work far better for them than they ever did for the empire.” Mark was exasperated, he felt that he should

have seen this first, but then again the easier the fix the more he seemed to over look it.

The leader just shook his head, he wasn’t about to admit that he hardly had any idea what the hell Mark

was talking about. “So you’re saying that you can over ride them?” the leader asked.

“Not really over ride as much, as I can see how and where they are being used, it won’t be too hard to counter

them now.” Mark replied matter-of-factly.

The leader nodded his head a little more onto what Mark was saying, “that’s good we’re still getting our asses

handed to us, any advantage would be good.”

Worried for a moment Mark asked, “just how bad is it? I thought you had plenty of back up?”

“We do but till the whole fleet is here they still have the advantage in sheer numbers. Plus they have an

annoying habit of growing more ships. Hell we destroy 1 and there’s another to take it’s place the next day.

The only way to truly defeat them is to take out their mother ships and those are extremely shielded with

powerful weapons, makes it a little difficult to get near them.”

Mark was also nodding his head when an idea hit him telling the leader he had an idea and would contact him


Pulling a well worn com from his pack Mark was soon staring at the image of the school’s head master.

“Hello sir,” Mark started with a smile,

The older man’s eyes grew wide then he replied, “In all the years I have known you I can only remember you

smiling at me twice. Alright Mark what are you needing now?”

The shock apparent on his face Mark could only shake his head when the older man chuckled at him.

“I need to know where the council stands on the updates I did to the eradicator virus, I believe that we may

have use for it,” Mark replied a little unsure as to how the head master was going to react.

“They have gone over it extensively, as of yet they haven’t found anything wrong with the first 3/4 of it. I am

confident that they will finally approve it, why? What is so desperate that you need it?” The man asked a look

of concern on his face.

“I realize that not much news has reached there from out here near the boundary, but the empire has been

invaded. As of yet not even half the fleet is here yet, also we found that Tantka was responsible for the

Styrox feeling confident enough to attack,” Mark stated.

The head master’s face suddenly grew grim, “Did you say the Styrox?” to which Mark nodded, “they are

the most ruthless race I have ever seen, send me everything! The council has to be told! My god Mark what in

the hell have you gotten your self into? Personally, I have looked over the entire program and yes you have

apparently fixed everything that was wrong with it.” Suddenly the head master grew more serious than Mark had

ever seen him, “the council be damned! I haven’t been head master all these years for nothing, I’m transmitting

it to you, but Mark, you better make damn sure you have EVERYTHING right about this when you change the

parameters of it! The council doesn’t realize just who the fleet is up against, make it work and destroy those

flesh eating bastards!”

Mark could see that the man was deadly serious, assuring the man Mark waited till the entire program was loaded

to his protected comp.

Signing off, Mark immediately started working on it to finally give the empire a chance against this

hellish race. Thankfully, the start of the changes were more than half way through the program though, it was

still going to take time to wade through the rest of the billions of lines of code. Plus the fact that his comp

hunted out each specific line he needed to change, would help to speed things up. Nissie and Sam tried to stay

away from him they hadn’t seen this worked up and driving his self this hard in years, finally though after 2

days non stop they finally went in to check on him.

Sam walked up behind Mark and let out a gasp, “the eradicator? Mark are you trying to destroy all life? First

the anti-matter, now the eradicator? The most dangerous program ever written and you want to use it against the

Styrox! Again I have to tell you brother you’ve lost you’re fucking mind!”

“No Sam, I’m using my head. I’ve been rewriting this for years, I used a variation of it against Tantka 6 years

ago and you saw how effective it was.” Mark replied

Sam stood there with her arms crossed over her now ample chest, a look of pure disbelief on her face.

“Mark, that was a variation, not the whole damn thing! Damn it man! I want to see Catrina grown not a casualty

of this damn war or that fucking program!”

Sam’s face was almost blood red when Mark stopped and turned to look up at her face, yes he couldn’t blame her

for doubting the program but he’d devoted years into fixing it. Shaking his head a million thoughts flew

through his head as he tried to find a way to answer her. Looking over at Nissie he could see that she was also

worried, damn did they have that little faith in him?

“Sam, Nissie, I have spent every moment I can rewriting this, given all the facts about the Styrox this is the

only way. If we don’t stop them soon they will reach the more populated planets, once they feed they’ll start

to reproduce, then we’ll never get rid of them.” Mark replied though he couldn’t keep the worry out of his

voice. Against Tantka he’d only used the first half of the program that had been easy, now with the whole damn

thing there were way to many factors that could go wrong. Shit he was glad he’d already had the key words

written for the changes.

Though not totally convinced after looking over the data Sam did see that this was the only way to even

hope to defeat the Styrox. Taking her aside, Sam began to explain to Nissie what Mark was doing and what they

were truly up against. The look of sheer terror on her face, Mark knew that Nissie finally understood.

Walking up behind him Nissie leaned down and passionately kissed Mark, whispering in his ear, “You make sure

that they can’t come back, I want ALL my family safe.”

Mark was stunned by the amount of venom he heard in her voice, nodding he went back to work feeling more

confident than he had in years. Finally after hardly sleeping 5 days later Mark felt it was ready, problem was

he had no way to deliver it, going over the reading a tenth time Mark confirmed that he’d have to fly back onto

the main mother ship. Sam and Nissie had kept tabs on the fleet it appeared that the invasion was stopped short

of the first galaxy though they were holding their own the women knew that eventually the Styrox would

overpower them.

Sam and Nissie kissed Mark as he was boarding the shuttle, he’d have to go full out to catch the fleet

as they had a 5 day head start. The day before the 2 students, Sam and Mark had reworked the cloaking systems,

strengthened the shields plus upped the power output. Setting out it only took 2 days to catch the fleet,

setting his plan in motion mark used the figure cloak to get closer to the main mother ship. As he was afraid

the mother ship was churning out more ships as he closed in, damn it! He had to destroy at least one of the

ship factories if the fleet was going to have even a fighting chance. As he made his final approach Mark was

memorizing everything he’d gotten the last time he’d been on one of these ships.

Activating his personal cloak Mark made his way deep into the depths of the ship. Finally! The main comp room,

setting his wrist comp to transmit he was about to activate it when a voice behind him chilled him to the bone.

“I knew you’d make an attempt on the main computer, drop the pretense fart boy I know it’s you!”

Turning around, Mark saw that Tantka was standing in the doorway with about 20 of the Praying Mantis looking

Styrox and a nasty claw like looking weapon in his hands, pointed straight at Mark’s chest.


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