My first time having sex. by Jlocz

A literotic sexstories: My first time having sex. by Jlocz ,

This is a completly tru story…my first time writing please bear with me

This all happened a few years ago when i was 14. My name is victor.

I was staying at my grandmas house in mexico for a couple months. It all started on a wednesday i was at home with my cousin luis (14). We were playing xbox when my cousin jesus (19), my other cousin angel (14), and their friend diana (24) showed up and told me to open the door for them so we went down stairs to open the door for them. We were all down stairs sitting on the couch. Jesus introduced us to diana. She was 5’7 she had redish hair and was light brown skinned, she had nice big tits they were a DD but she didnt have much of an ass but it was ok. She also had 3 kids.

We were drinking soda and talking a bit then my cousin jesus started changing the conversation to a bit more sexual. He and her started talking about there sexual lifes. He was telling her if she remembered the day them and there friend lalo and some other girl were drinking at his house. She said she did. And then they started telling us what had happened that day. He said they were drinking and him and the other girl started making out and he started rubbing her tits and she started stroking his dick but then they left to the room to have sex. And then diana told us she was mad because she wanted to have sex with him and then she said she started to suck lalo’s dick and then he started eating her out and to piss my cousin off she started moanin louder and louder. And when they finished and were puttin their clothes back on they came out the room. Then they started talking about the day they fucked.

I had a boner already but tried to hide it. Then my cousin luis said that he had a boner and they laughed at him then she asked us about our sexual life but since we didnt have none none of us said anything. She started teasing us and saying that if we jacked off. We denied it. Then she said it was ok that it was natural and that she even masturbates when shes alone. And my cousin luis was sitting next to her and the he saw she was wearing a black thong and he got really excited and told us and he was pulling it up but he scared her and said he was creepy so we all laughed at him. And she stood up to move and my cousin jesus told her to show us he thong. So she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them alittle down and showed us. I just said “damm nice ass.”

She then said she had matching bra so she pulled her shirt up and then pulled it back down and buttoned her pants. The she went to go sit next to me and said that she could see my boner and i said no that i can control myself so she grabbed my dick and She then saw the time it was and told jesus and angel to go cuz it was late so they left.

That day i was horny alot so when i went to shower i jacked off just thinking about her. I was thinking about how big her tits were and i really wanted to see them.

After that i went outside with my cousins at night. All we were talking about was her. And we still kept making fun of luis of how he scared her.

The next day jesus came to my house again and he was telling me that she said i was cute and that she wanted to fuck me. And he told me to tell her that i wanted to fuck also but i was nervous and said no. I was also scared to catch an std because i heard she had fucked alot of guys. They kept telling me not to be a pussy and to just do it so i finnaly gave up and said ok. He called her right away and told her i wanted to fuck her and she told jesus to stop messing around and then he said he was serious and that if she wanted to also.

She said: “I would if he had the balls to tell me himself”

The phone was on speaker so i heard and got mad cuz i knew i was too shy to say it myself so i grabbed the fone and said “ay its me victor”

Her: “hey”

Me: ” i do have the balls to tell you myself”

Her: “ok then, tell me”

Me: “i want to fuck you”

Her: “ok im down, when?”

Me: “tomorrow”

Her: “ok then, after i drop off my kids at school then”

Me” ok, bye”

Her: “bye”

After we hug up my cousin had a smirk on his face and kinda teased me and laughed he said i was finnally going to lose my virginity.

The next day came and i was with jesus but she never showed up then wen we saw her in the after noon i told her what had happened and she apologized that she got really busy. But if i was shure i wanted it to happen it would and i told her i did want it to happen so she said ok sunday forshure then. I said ok then. Then she left and me and my cousin were talking about it and he said not to worry that he had some condoms and he would give me one. I was really nervous and i asked him that if i had to tell her to suck my dick because i really wanted that. He said “no she goes down on her own.”

All i could do was imagine it and was anxous for it to be sunday and then finally sunday came.

It was around 12pm that jesus called me and told me to be ready that he was with her and they were on their way to my house. At that moment i knew it was finally going to happen i was happy, excited, worried, and nervous. I quickly jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth put on listering because i didnt want to smell bad lol and also put alittle bit of cologne. I sat on the couch and waited afew minutes and heard somone yelling my name i cheeked out side my window and it was them and he told me to lets go. I quickly ran down the stairs and went outside. I was standing next to her and my cousin and he was just smiling. Then they were talking about were can we fuck and then my cousin said at the apartments they lived in on the roof and she said ok. The apartments they lived at was like 5 buildings all put right next to each other forming like a square. The buildings were each around 5 stories high. And then he said to lets go around my block so no one can see us. We went around and were walking and when we got close to the apartments my cousin had asked her what she put on. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a collar with 3 buttons at the top also she had some dark colored pants. Then she said she had a yellow bra and thong and she unbottoned her shirt and pulled out her bra and then took her boob out her bra but i was shy so i dont know why i turned around and tried not to look but i looked back to see and my dick was getting hard already. That second i saw her titty i wanted to grab and suck on them right there. She put them back in her shirt. She knew i was shy and saw how i looked at her and then her and my cousin laughed a bit and she told me it was ok to look to not be shy. And then she stopped for a bit and told me to grab her tits so with out thinking about it i grabbed them even though it was over her shirt and i liked it alot iknew she knew i was already horny. And asked me i liked them i said yes and she said “well we better keep walking so by the time we get there u wud still have that dick hard”

We were around the corner and we went in the gate. we found my other cousin abel right there with his girlfriend and he said “good job your going to get your dick sucked huh victor” we told him that we were gunna fuck and he went with us. we went to my cousins apart ment for a blanket. When we got it we were looking for a way up the roof but the stairs that lead to the roof the little gate was locked so we jumped over it. When we were up there we saw across to the next building and there was a lady there smoking a cigarette. Diana told my cousin abel and his girlfriend laura that she had saw them fucking the other day on that rooftop. they laughed and just talked about that alittle. So we moved quickly to were there was a small room. It was a small stand . It was were they put the water storage at but under it was a small room. There wasnt a door on it but there was cardboard and a wooden pallet. So then my cousin jesus told us “this is it go in then.” Diana went in first and then i was going to go in but my cousin stopped me and handed me a condom. Then i went in. We put the wooden pallet and the card board were the hole for the door was. It wasnt even a big room u had to crouch. We finally closed it completly after a while because it took us alilttle bit of time. Then we fixed the blanket right and i sat next to her and said “so?” She looked at me and finally said “why me”

Me: “why you of what?”

Her: “why did you pick me to be your 1st?”

Me: “its okay if you dont want to, i dont mind”

Her: “its not that its just… Your the 1st virgin/ kid im with and dont want to tramatize you or hurt you.”

Me: “its ok you wont i promise.”

Her: “ok”

She reached over and started rubbing my dick over my pants and kissing my neck and licking around my ear talking to me softly and asked me if she was getting me horny and if i liked that.

I said i get horny by seeing you naked.

So she took her shirt of and layed down to take off her pants and thong. The room was dark but i could still see her because of the little light that was passing through the little spots we missed to cover the door hole. I saw her then take of her bra and saw her perfectly beautiful dark tits. Her nipples and areola were dark and her nipples were hard she then told me to suck on them. I reached over and carfully grabbed them and squeezed them. I couldnt believe it was finally happening. I started to suck on them and i kissed them. I loved every single second of it. She then unbottoned my pants and pulled them down and saw my dick throbbing hard and pointing straight up. She then asked me for the condom and opened it she stroked my dick a bit then she put the condom in her mouth and went down and put the condom on me with her using her mouth it felt so warm and nice i loved it. Then she started sucking my dick and was deep throating it. While i watched i was moaning from the pleassure. I loved every single bit of it. She the said to lay back and hold my dick in place so i did. Next she got on top of me and picked her ass up abit until her pussy was right on top of my dick and asked “are you ready” i nodded and she licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy alittle then she went down my dick slowly. I remember my tip of my dick berly touching the beggining of her pussy lips and slowly opening her pussy then she when it was almost all the way in the top part of my hand felt her pussy a little and i could feel it wet and moist. I liked it and wanted to touch her pussy completly but i didnt do nothing and she did the work. And all through out the time she was berly sliding down she let out a soft moan and when she dropped down to when it was completly in she let out a louder moan and said “fuck, aaghhh its so big” then she picked he ass back up while making a “mmmm” sound. And she started going up and down up and down moaning louder and louder. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started going with the flow making it bounce up and down then she went all the way down and started doing circles and paterns i loved her moving around grinding on my dick. I started pushing her ass back and fourth faster she just kept saying ” fuck dont stop ahhh mmmm victor” then she stopped got off and grabbed my dick and wispered “dont tell no one, imma take this off it will feel alot better ok?” And she took the condom off. The she went down to start sucking on my dick and i just felt like i was about to blow but i didnt. It was the first time getting my dick sucked and it felt like the best feeling in the whole world. Then she got back up and rode me for about 5 more min and then got off and layed down on her back and told me to fuck her.

I got on top and gently rubbed my dick up and down her pussy my tip rubbing her clit made her want my dick even more she was moaning loudly and then begged for my dick so i shoved it in quick. And was going in deeper and deeper just fucking her and grabbed her tits while i was fucking her then she pulled me down and started kissing me and then wispered ” do you like it?”

Me: “yes, alot”

Her: “then enjoy it”

So i started pounding her pussy faster and faster while she was rubbing her pussy and then she started moaning louder and screamed all of a sudden that she was cumming. I felt a warm rush and something wetter around my dick.

I then told her to get on her hands and knees and to put her face down. Then i started fucking her pussy harder and harder she was loud telling me she loved it then she told me to rub her clit i didnt really know what to do or how to rub it so i put my arm around her and started rubbing it she told me what way to move it untill she came again. Then i layed down and she said to cum. She sucked my dick harder and harder then stroked it but i couldnt cum so i started jacking off and when i was about to cum i told her she got near my dick and opened her mouth. I blew a load in her mouth and it was a great feeling. She then got up and swallowed it all and then got back down and sucked the rest. It made me shake. And she said “yummy”

After we finished putting back on our clothes and we put down the little barrier diana was about to get out when my cousin jesus said we finished. Then he said no and pushed her back inside and closed the barrier and told me to wait inside when i tried to leave. He got on top of her and started kissing her and rubbing her pussy. He quickly took her pants off and his and put on the condom and started fucking her. I was just sitting there watching when she told me to go over to were here head was at and to star sucking her nipples. She pulled them out her shirt and so i started rubbing her tits and then sucked on them she then started rubbing my dick and told me to pull it out. So i did and while she sucked on it my cousin was fucking her and i sucked on her titties. Then my cuzin came and so did i. I blew another load in her tities. We got up put our clothes on and got out. Then my cousin abel said “damm, you should have invited us to the party too.” His girlfriend smacked him and he said he was just kidding. Then diana asked them if they could give us 2 more condoms. They said”fuck you guys wanna go at it again?!” And we said yes. Then laura said not to because people heard screams and moaning and were looking up here to see what was going on so we left. Then i said i had to go and jesus said that he will go over in a bit. I walked home and as i did i kept scratching my balls cuz it felt weird a feeling ive never felt before but i liked it. Then i got home showered and went down stairs to eat. Jesus had showed up there again and he said too be ready for tomorrow again. But it never happened again. My cousins kept talking about that for a long time. And every time i saw her around we just smile at each other.

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