Marina Fun by Planiack

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Marina Fun
by Planiack

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Posted Thu 7th of March 2019

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What started out as listening to a band, lead to more.

I had a sailboat that was on a river that lead to Lake Ontario. The marina had a outdoor bar and many nights live music. This particular night I went to the bar to listen. I had my two dogs with me. Dogs were forbidden on the deck, so I stood off the deck and listened. The dogs were a small breed and brought a lot of attention. Three women came down to chat with me about my dogs. It was a regular occurrence, people asking me about the dogs. . They were all pretty drunk, but one was really plastered. She stumbled when she walked and slurred her words. They told me their names were Linda, Carol and Sue. Sue was the plastered one. They asked where I was from. I told them I had a sailboat at the marina. They asked me if I take it out much. I told them I did. They wanted to know how long I would go out for. I told them it would depend on my mood or the weather. Sometimes for an hour and sometimes all day. One asked” what about going to the bathroom?” I told them it had a head, which is a sailing term for the bathroom. In fact it has a stove and an ice box. They asked if I would show it to them. I told them I would. We walked to the boat, almost carrying Sue. We boarded and I showed them the boat. Linda asked if we all could go out. I told them I would have to decline tonight because it was late, but I would probably go out tomorrow. Linda said, “So you are going home tonight and then coming back tomorrow?” I told her that I was going to sleep on the boat. Sue was slurring her words and said, “Maybe I will just stay here tonight.” Linda and Carol tried to convince her that they could take her home. She was positive that she wanted to sleep on a boat, because she had never done it before. Sue told them they could leave and she would be alright. They left and headed back to the bar. Sue asked if I had anything to drink. I told her I had water. She said “Alcohol.” I told her I had some rum and coke. She said that was good. I gave her the drink and she took a few sips. She looked right at me and said” I am horny as hell.” That caught me off guard. I asked her if she wanted to go the berth and we could take our clothes off. She agreed. She was so drunk, I took all of her clothes off for her, and it was a production. She had very short brown highlighted hair. About c cup breasts and rather large areola. She was very thin. A cute face. I would bet she was barely five feet tall. Her pussy was shaved clean. Her tiny ass fit her body well. I took off my clothes and climbed into the birth. I massaged her breasts and sucked on her tits and nipples. Her nipples were getting erect. Her areola got smaller and her nipple got bigger. I could feel the little bumps around her nipple with my tongue. Her nipple was sticking out like a Tootsie roll. It was exciting to look at and play with. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger to see just how long it would get. She reached down to my cock. It was rock hard. She started to stroke it. I slid my hand down her flat stomach to her pussy. I explored her pussy with my fingers. I really wanted to plunge my cock into her but she was not wet enough. I sought out her clit to rub it. I rubbed it lightly. She pulled on my cock and said” Get it up here.” I strattled her face and lowered my cock to her open mouth. She put the head into her mouth and sucked it. Meanwhile, she was rubbing her clit. As she sucked harder she rubbed her clit faster. I had to pull out or I was going to cum, and I did not want to yet. She was still rubbing her clit with her knees bent and legs spread wide open. I got between her legs and rubbed my cock on her pussy. She had gotten herself wet. I eased my hard member into her. She had a tight pussy. Sue said” I like it doggy style. It feels like it goes in deeper”. I pulled out and she got on hands and knees. I grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them. I spread them wide to open up her pussy and to reveal her tight puckered asshole. I slid my cock into her warm, wet pussy. She slowly rocked back and forth and started moaning. I still had her ass cheeks spread, and had a great view. My cock sliding in and out and I could see her little puckered ass. I could not resist. I had to play with her tight brown asshole. I wetted my finger with my mouth and pushed it around her ass. Her cheeks tightened and she said” What the fuck are you doing.” I told her that I was playing. I took my hand off of her ass. She started pumping again and moaning. I reached under and squeezed her tit. She put her finger on her clit and started rubbing. She was pumping hard and fast, and moaning loud. I hoped nobody was in the boats around mine, because they would hear her for sure. My hips were slapping on her ass. I could hold back no longer. I let my cum go into her pussy. I squeezed her tit hard. She was pumping and I was driving my cock into her as deep as it would go. Shot after shot of my cum, into the inner reaches of her body. She was still fucking me as my cock got soft. I pulled my now soft cock out of her pussy and put three fingers in her. I put a finger from my other hand to get some of my cum on it. I put it on her asshole and gave a slight push. Her ass tightened. She took her hand off her clit and grabbed my arm. She pushed my hand into her. I pushed my finger into her tight hole. She went back to rubbing her clit. She kept repeating “oh god, oh god!” I could feel her orgasm. Her asshole was pulsing my finger. I could see her ass cheeks tighten and relax, over and over. She collapsed, breathing hard. I started to pull my finger out and she said, “I want you to leave it there.” I left it in her ass. She feel asleep. I eased my finger out of her ass. I was asleep in another minute.

We woke up the next morning. She said she had a headache. I thought, I wonder why? She asked if I had a ” Good time.” I told her I did. I joked and told her that cum sometimes cures a headache. She said ” I have never heard that but I am willing to try”. My cock was soft, but she put it in her mouth and started sucking. It was getting harder by the second. I had to reach and play with her tits. I was pumping my shaft into her mouth. I could feel the pressure building. I let go of her tits and reached around to squeeze her ass. Fuck, that was a firm ass. I said” I am going to cum”. I squeezed her ass hard. She had just the head of my cock in her mouth and her hand wrapped around the shaft. I erupted into her mouth. As my balls pumped, she squeezed my cock. More and more of my hot cum squirting into her mouth. I was squeezing her ass the entire time. After the gooey strings of cum stopped flooding into her mouth, she continued to suck me dry. She sat up and swallowed the entire load with one gulp. She said” It didn’t work, I still have a headache. I think I’ll lay down for a minute”. She fell back asleep. Later that morning she called one of her friends, I do not know which one. Both Linda and Carol came by to pick her up. Linda again asked if I was going out on the boat. I told her that I was going to a bot later. She asked if she could go. I told her she could. Carol also asked if she could come along.

To be honest, I had high hopes of me and three naked women. That never materialized. We went sailing for probably five hours. We got back to the dock and they thanked me and said they would like to do it again. Before Sue left, we did exchange phone numbers. I did call her a few days later. Like most guys think, is it really her number. It was and we did get together again. That is another story.

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