Old Man and Lonely Young Wife Part 2_(1) by abruzzi11

A literotic sexstories: Old Man and Lonely Young Wife Part 2_(1) by abruzzi11 ,

Continuation of Old man

Amanda and I continued our lovemaking every day for the next week. I fucked her every other day. That was all I could manage in the fucking part, but I could still eat her delicious pussy and it was something she really enjoyed. Her period started the day before her sister Agnes arrived for a two week visit.

Agnes was two years older than Amanda and was a short girl, only abut five feet tall and 100 pounds. She was not a bad looking girl. She did seem to have the same shyness that Amanda had, I expect that came from the background they had from being homeschooled.

I stayed away from Amanda’s home for three days and gave them time to rebond, but did talk on the phone. Amanda and did sex talk on the phone and Amanda filled me in on Agnes’ sex life. She told me Agnes’ husband was a get it done type of guy, no fore play at all. He would get it bed, tell Agnes to take her panties off, get on top of her, and ram his seven inch cock in her while she was still dry as a desert. He would cum in a couple of minutes and Agnes had never experienced an orgasm while being fucked.

On another call Amanda told me that Agnes had never had oral sex. She had explained to Agnes how wonderful it was, but Agnes thought it was dirty, but Amanda had argued how wonderful her experiences had been and now Agnes began to ask her questions about.

Last night Amanda called and said “I think Agnes is ready. I have told her she deserves to be happy in her sex life because Wayne is not giving her happiness. I have a favor to ask. Please teach her about oral sex?” Needless to say I agreed. The plan was to bring her to my house the next day.

Amanda and a blushing Agnes arrived at 8 a.m. the next morning, with children in tow. Amanda took the children in the great room to play and she told Agnes to go in the master bedroom to get undressed. Agnes did not say anything, but nodded her head and shuffled into the bedroom.

“She is scared and not sure she wants to do this now,” Amanda said. “Just like me, she has never been with any man except her husband, but she knows that she can enjoy sex more than she has been. I told her Wayne need never know and that if she doesn’t want you to fuck her, that you won’t—that you will just suck her cunt and give her one the greatest orgasms any woman could ever want. So please keep that cock out of her cunt unless she begs for it, o.k.”

I agreed, and walked into the bedroom and saw that Agnes was covered with the sheet. After removing my clothing, I stood in front of her, naked, letting her see all of me, then I crawled in bed and removed the sheet. She put her hands over her cunt. I tried to kiss her mouth, but she turned away, then I nibbled on her ear. This is going to take some time I thought.

Embracing her, one hand on one of her tits, I kissed her forehead and face, and then her eyelids. Slowly she began to relax, and I lightly moved my lips over hers. She did not turn away so quickly this time. I moved back to nibble on her ear, then her lips. Now she was responding. She opened her mouth and we began to kiss like lovers. After a short while, she said, “that was nice. Wayne never kisses me like that.” and we went at it again.

She was warming up as I moved down to kiss her breast. I kissed and sucked on the right tit, and then the left tit. I tried to push them together to kiss them both at the same time. “Amanda said you are quite the lover—she was right—God, don’t stop. You have already done things to me that I have never experienced. Keep going” I told Agnes to get on top of me.

I left her tits and went to her navel and stuck my tongue into it moved it around and around. She began to buck and move around and around and moan loudly. I moved down to her unshaved mound and moved my lips over her pussy, just grazing the pussy lips-she gasped “oh God” then I moved to side of her thigh and kissed her inner thighs before moving back and kissing her labia and finally finding her clit. Now she was a bucking bronco, making loud noise, and I heard Amanda turn the television up loud so the children would not hear her, as I licked and sucked on her clit. I had a container of Vaseline on table, and put my finger in it to get it lubed, and then began to rub it around her tight little asshole. I began to push my finger in and finally it was in all the way. This was all it took to get Agnes to yell “Damn it to hell, I am cumming, oh my God, I” cummmming, Ohhhhh” then she grabbed by cock and swallowed it and began to suck like crazy until I came. I told her I was cumming and pulled my cock out and shot my wad on her cute little face.

As we lay there on the bed we talked and she said that was the most amazing experience she had ever had. She told me she wanted to talk dirty to me and I said o.k. She told me about Wayne’s big cock, but he never got her wet before fucking her, and she never enjoyed him. She asked me if I would eat her pussy again tomorrow and I said yes. The possibility of me fucking her came up. I told her pussy eating was different than fucking, but it was up to her. She wanted to know if I could continue to eat her and Amanda in the same day. The question of the finger in the ass also was discussed. That just about blew her away. That was also a first for her. If I put my cock in her ass, would that be the same as fucking her? I told her no. I began to get the idea that she was trying to in her mind say that she was not cheating if she did not get a cock in her pussy. Who was I to disagree?

We showered and dressed and went outside. She went to her sister, and said “Sis, I love you so much, you have done so much for me, how can I ever repay you for helping me. This has been the greatest gift anyone could have possibly given me. He was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. I love you.”

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