My Girlfriend Loves Cock Pt. 02 by NerdySex,NerdySex

Part 2: please read part 1 to get the context of this story. “So you would like to invite someone to join us?” “Someone with a big cock to fuck my married pussy while you watch. I would like us to do all sorts of things if we found the right guy.” “That could be … Read more

Best Friend's Journey Pt. 01 by forestofjack,forestofjack

I lucked out when I started uni and managed to share a room with my childhood best friend, Carl. We were neighbours when we were kids and although I moved house and we went to different colleges, we managed to stay fast friends. Throughout college, obviously, we made other friends and got to know new … Read more

Grace Ch. 17 by outdoorhorny

Grace Ch. 17 by outdoorhorny Thursday was busy as everyone got caught up after the snow day, juggling assignments and due dates and missed meetings. It flew by, fortunately, and just before three, I was pulling into Grace’s driveway. Lindsey let me in with a smile and a brief kiss and I made my way … Read more

Helen’s Sexiest Fucks by maxinexx

An adult stories – Helen’s Sexiest Fucks by maxinexx Helen hesitated, opened the lid, breathed, and there they were. Bright, tall, pink, strong, stalks. Her first forced rhubarb of the season. Reaching for it, she slid her hand along the firmest stalk till she felt the tender base, the bit where the stalk met rhizome, … Read more

Story of Osu Pt. 07 by SamIrish

An adult stories – Story of Osu Pt. 07 by SamIrish Her body still thrumming with electricity after taking her own pleasure in front of Sergei just moments ago, Sam headed down to join the rest of their dojo for dinner. She truly had no idea how she was going to manage to behave around … Read more

The Old Man Pt. 01 by SybianVronni

An adult stories – The Old Man Pt. 01 by SybianVronni Dear Reader, Along came two people and inhabited my head and took me in a completely different story to the one I wanted to tell. I have lived as a single mum for so long that I will no doubt always write of sexual … Read more

ully Roommate and Horny Girlfriend by In_Lust_We_Trust

An adult stories – Bully Roommate and Horny Girlfriend by In_Lust_We_Trust *********************************************************************** Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are adult, and fictional in every way. Its focus is very explicit, fetishistic content. If you do not enjoy this, do yourself a favor and read something else. Seriously! Remember to comment, send … Read more

Glory Hole Becca

An adult stories – Glory Hole Becca by KimKim5,KimKim5 Married with a secret fantasy. Sucking off strangers. It started at a drunken kegger in college. Woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth, dried jism on my face, and ‘Blowjob Becca’ written across my forehead. It got worse. On my cell were a dozen … Read more

Cleopatra’s Baby

An adult stories – Cleopatra’s Baby by big_cane_sugar,big_cane_sugar “Who’s next then?” I ask my personal assistant. “I think you’ll like this one,” she says, handing me the file. “Her name is Cleopatra Jackson.” “Oh, yeah,” I agree, looking at the photos. “Don’t see one this nice very often.” Definitely my type, point by point: skinny … Read more

The Wedding Happenings Pt. 06 by groomleader,groomleader

As Bella was drifting towards sleep… ***** Far away… At that very moment, in the bedroom of Vivian’s flat, Donald was laying back in bed, naked, his cock iron hard. He was waiting for Vivian Moore to join him. Once again he thought of his fiance, Cassidy Riley, how they had pledged to each other … Read more

An adult stories – by What was her husband doing in the hotel, she wondered. A wicked stepmom is blackmailed. A wife bouncing on a young man’s lap. Breeding on a strange new world. Trixie and her naked young man. CFNM. A stranger becomes a pebble in a pond, for a small town. 1 An … Read more

The Beautiful Mistake Pt. 04

An adult stories – The Beautiful Mistake Pt. 04 by Solitude_for_Two,Solitude_for_Two “So, where are we going?” Chloe has just climbed into the passenger seat. It’s wrong. Neither of us should be here. But I have never been more excited in my life. “I know a place,” I tell her, putting the car in drive. “It’s … Read more

Juror Ch. 03 by VictorCabana,VictorCabana

Author’s note: Chapter 3 is a continuation of 1 and 2. I recommend reading them first, but if you did a while ago, or don’t have time now, here’s a synopsis: Theodora, Teo for short, and Frank met as fellow jurors, but she was a mafia plant who, by fucking him silly, set him up … Read more