Friends in Need Pt. 02 by RonCabo,RonCabo

“Jen, you remember me ever talking about my old friend Jake?” Dan asked his wife in a phone call. “Vaguely,” Jennifer responded. “College buddy or something?” “Yes. The star quarterback.” “Sounds a little familiar.” “Turns out he’s been transferred here. Our companies do business together, and he’s been assigned my company’s account.” There was some … Read more

What a Deal! Ch. 31

An adult stories – What a Deal! Ch. 31 by deadeye_76,deadeye_76 A reminder that this is part of a Non-Consent/Reluctance series. If you don’t want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on. This is a continuation of what would be considered a “stroke” story, or … Read more

Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 14 by ScottieDog61Redux,ScottieDog61Redux

With Liv’s blessing, Carla and Cody continue as lovers, letting their passions take control over them for the next weeks while her mother is in the hospital recovering. A brief health scare prolongs her stay, leaving Cody and Carla conflicted, wanting her well and back home, and reveling in the privacy and long hours of … Read more

My Asian Goddess

An adult stories – My Asian Goddess by Elyno,Elyno I was in the back end of a failed marriage. 10 years had passed and by now the fire had died out. I was lucky to be able to connect with a close friend of my sisters and found out she had been going through much … Read more

Beep Beep by TheseLegs,TheseLegs

The Letter Carrier takes the route keys out of her pocket and swings them while she waits for the light to change, rocking to her heels. “Buh-buh-buh bored,” she mutters to herself to the tune of Beethoven’s Ninth, “Buh-buh-buh bored. Buh-buh-buh-bored-buh-buh-buh-bored…” Peripherally aware of the white cube van that comes to a stop as the … Read more

First Meet Up Pt. 02 by Lustful_ventures,Lustful_ventures

I open my mouth and show you the last of your cum pooled on my tongue before closing my lips and swallowing the rest of your release… You stare down at me and watch as my throat moves when I swallow the last of your cum. My face tilting up so I can look up … Read more

Wife arrives late from LAX by Crazy4wine,Crazy4wine

It was the first week of February and my wife Jennifer had been working in LA all week. She was scheduled to come in on the Friday late evening flight that arrived at 9:20 PM EST. That was fine as it was about 1-hour drive out to our home in the middle of the National … Read more

Sometimes Only a Hard Dick will Do by uvrmd1964,uvrmd1964

There’s lesbian couple who live a couple of houses down. They’re both very attractive and super friendly, so I often meet up with them while we’re walking our dogs. This is my fantasy about one of the partners in the couple. Names have been changed to protect their identities. Disclaimer: All involved are consenting adults … Read more

The Queen of Come Fuck Me Smiles by LittleDunnock,LittleDunnock

When he walked into the bar he was suprised to see her. She was at a table with a group of friends. They were laughing hysterically in that slightly alarming way women do when in out in a pack. For a split second he was drawn in by her confidence. She was different to how … Read more

My Fire Pixie by FayeVance,FayeVance

I was pissed. It was supposed to be five of us on this trip. Now it was just that stupid girl with the pink hair that she clearly spent too much time and money on. She hadn’t cancelled yet, but I knew she was going to. She was only going because of Bryce. He wasn’t … Read more

Whoop And a Smile

An adult stories – Whoop And a Smile by WOWS,WOWS Lately life has become boring, and I have been sexually frustrated beyond belief! The only time away from my husband and two young sons is wither in my care or late at night when everyone sleeps. Don’s get me wrong; I love my husband and … Read more

Emma and Joe Ch. 02 by Krazy_Organized_Chaos,Krazy_Organized_Chaos

Chapter 2 Writers note: This is the next chapter of my meetings and experiences with Joe. Based on true events, with names and some info changed for privacy. This was my second time meeting Joe in person, as most of our relationship was online in nature, and long distance. If you haven’t already, read “Meeting … Read more

Captivating Older Men Ch. 01 by Maddisyn,Maddisyn

So much better than pretending Jordyn had never felt the same way about anyone else. Being much older mattered little. Lloyd’s old-fashioned charm was actually part of the attraction. Jordyn had fallen in love and Lloyd loved her in all but one sense of the word. Desperate to end the pretence, Lloyd sought professional help … Read more