Cleopatra’s Baby

An adult stories – Cleopatra’s Baby by big_cane_sugar,big_cane_sugar “Who’s next then?” I ask my personal assistant.

“I think you’ll like this one,” she says, handing me the file. “Her name is Cleopatra Jackson.”

“Oh, yeah,” I agree, looking at the photos. “Don’t see one this nice very often.”

Definitely my type, point by point: skinny legs, wide hips, reasonably full ass, tiny waist, perky little tits, bony shoulders, long neck, wide smile, long hair.

“Nope. Shall I bring her in?”

I nod, looking over the profile. A thirty-three year old former model living in Los Angeles, now working as a waitress. A degree in communications from UCLA. Hobbies include fitness, dancing, and going to concerts.

“Mister Haver? This is Cleopatra.”

Closing the file, I stand up and offer my hand. My assistant leaves us, closing the door behind her.

“Cleopatra? Call me Chad.”

She seems taller than in the photos because she’s wearing bright purple high heels. She definitely knows how to walk. Nice thighs, a short skirt that hugs her curves, a tight top that makes the most of her breasts.

“Pleasure to meet you.”

“I said, ‘Call me Chad,'” I tease.

“Pleasure to meet you, Chad,” she plays along. “You’re much taller than I expected.”

“Six nine.”

“You look really good. Are you really fifty?”

“According to the calendar.”

“But you obviously work out.”

“You do too.”

“Oh, well, I just try to keep my figure.”

“Successfully so far. Have a seat. Let’s get to know each other a little. Did my lawyer answer all your questions about the terms?”

She sits down on the sofa next to me and crosses her long legs toward me.

“Oh, yes, they’re very generous. I really want a baby, and I really can’t imagine getting a better deal from an ordinary man.”

“If you take care of our kid, I’ll take care of you.”

“I really appreciate that. I would love to be taken care of.”

“You’re alright with the non-disclosure agreement.”

“Definitely. I respect your need for discretion and look forward to the financial reward of honoring it.”

“Great.” I look through her file. “Gynecologist says you’re ready to go.”

“Yup. Ovaries, uterus, vagina all cleared for takeoff. I just need a little sperm to fire things up,” she jokes.

“Based on looks alone, I’d like to give you some of mine.”

“Oh, I hope you will,” she purrs.

“You saw my test results.”

“I knew you’d be clean. But yes.”

“Looks like you aced the psychiatric evaluation. I’m not surprised. You seem to have it all together.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. But I’m not too crazy to take care of a baby.”

“Nickname is Clee? Seems to fit you. Bubbly and cute. Kind without being weak. But smart too, smart in kind of a subtle way that not everyone can see right off.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“You’ve selected Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, and Vienna.”

“I mean, I love beaches and nature and all, but when I was modeling I got to see some of those cities sometimes but I never really got to experience them in style. So I figured, as long as you’re paying….”

We laugh together.

“Well, Clee, I’m gonna just jump ahead. I already really like you, mostly because you’re so beautiful.”

“Oh, gosh. Thank you.”

“So when can you start?”

“Oh! Immediately. I mean, I haven’t packed or anything, but I can quit my job and everything right now.”

“You don’t need to pack. We’ll begin in Paris. One of my assistants will take you shopping.”

“Oh, Chad, that’s… I mean, the terms didn’t say you’d do that.”

“But I like you, Clee. I always try to be nice to women I like. It’s not all about the terms.”

“I’ve always dreamed of shopping in Paris–really shopping, not just looking.”

“I always like it when a woman appreciates my generosity.”

“Oh, I definitely will!”

“Five or six other women will be joining us.”

“I understand. Can’t have the stud bull all to myself.”

“Are you really ready to go? Right now?”

“I don’t need to pack anything? What about, like a toothbrush?”

“We’ll be in hotels that give away toothbrushes.”

“Oh, I–”

“Clee. You’re so fucking hot. Let’s make this baby ASAP.”

“I’d love to,” she whispers.

I scoot over next to her on the sofa and raise a hand to her face, guiding her toward me for our first kiss. She moves to meet me, arching her back.

Our mouths meet for a soft, slow caress. Just getting to know each other. I slide my hand down to her neck.

Then I stop, waiting for her to open her eyes again.

“Fuck yeah,” I whisper, and she looks down coyly.

So I kiss her forehead, her temple, her earlobe, my hand sliding from her neck down to her breast as my other hand reaches into her hair.

“Goddamn, Clee.” I breathe so softly that even she can barely hear me as I pinch her earlobe between my lips. “Are you ovulating?”

“No, we just missed it. We have to wait a couple weeks….”

“Oh, fuck,” I groan.

“But we can… just for fun….”

“I have to meet a few more women. My assistant will take you up to my room. Make yourself comfortable. The butler will get you anything you need. Order anything you want. Take a bubble bath. Watch a movie. Whatever you want to do. Call your people and tell them you’re going to Paris and–whatever the other cities were. As soon as I can get rid of these others, I’ll be up.”

“You’ll be up?” she teases, reaching to stroke my dick through my pants. “In what sense?”

“Oh, Clee. I might fucking fall in love with you.”

“Let’s do it here, on the sofa. Just a quickie.”

My cock is pitching a tent now, and she bends forward to kiss it.

“Oh, fuck, Clee. I am in fucking love with you.”

“I want to have your baby, Chad. Let’s practice the way we’re gonna play.”

She’s unzipping my pants. I raise my hips to help her pull them off.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasps. “It’s bigger than I thought it’d be.”

“Racist,” I tease. “It’s not that big.”

“Big enough,” she says, kissing my shaft and fondling my balls. “You’re packing some real heat here.”

“Do we need lube?”

“Fuck no, I’m ready to go. Was as soon as I saw you. I have a thing for big strong men.”

“What kind of thing?”

“A wet pussy, Chad. A tight wet pussy for your cock. Fill me up. Give me your seed.”

“Take your clothes off, Clee. I want to see you naked.”

“Oh. You’re a bossy bossman. What if I don’t obey? You gonna punish me?”

She flops across me, her ass on my lap.

“Fucking bitch,” I laugh, slapping it. “Take your fucking clothes off.”

“Harder, Chad. I barely felt that.”

“Goddamnit,” I snarl, pulling her skirt and panties off at once. “Do I have to do everything myself?”

“In a hurry?” she laughs as I pull her up to take off her top in the same way: blouse and bra all in the same motion.

“Oh, fuck. Fucking great tits. Look at these perfect little nipples.”

“Those are for your baby, not you,” she says, covering them with her skinny little arm.

“But this is all mine,” I answer, touching her labia, opening them for my finger. “Wow, you’re a fucking water fountain down here. You are fucking ready, aren’t you?”

She responds by kissing me, straddling me as she reaches for my cock to guide it inside her.

“Oh, fuck,” she moans. “Fucking perfect.”

She rides me slowly, sucking my tongue as she undresses me, pulling off my tie, unbuttoning two buttons of my shirt before pulling it over my head along with my jacket and undershirt.

Meanwhile my hands explore her, moving from her ass to her waist to her tits and neck and then back again. She’s thirty-three on paper but she still has the tight fucking body of an eighteen-year-old. Healthy and feminine. Skinny but soft and supple.

With my thumb I spread her wetness over her clit and rub it as she inhales.

“Oh, fuck, Chad,” she gasps when she has to breathe. “I love your fucking cock.”

“My cock loves your pussy, Clee.”

“Fuck me, Chad, fuck my cunt,” she begs. “Take me. Call me a whore.”

“Fucking whore,” I growl. “Fucking cum-slut.”

Taking charge, I turn and roll us onto her back on the sofa. She locks her ankles behind my ass and her arms around my back, groaning as I put my tongue back in her mouth.

For a while we enjoy some gentle rocking. I feel her pussy around my cock, her tits on my chest, the taste of her mouth, the sounds of her sighs and moans and whines.

Soon, though, I feel the climax approaching.

So it’s time to give her what she wants.

“I’m gonna cum, bitch,” I snarl. “Look in my fucking eyes.”

“Give it to me,” she begs.

“Shut the fuck up, whore,” I order.

I raise my chin and look down at her; she lowers hers and looks up at me.

Now I pound her hard, grunting “fucking whore” or “fucking cunt” through my clenched teeth with every thrust.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cries, her pitch rising higher and higher.

She’s faking it but I don’t care.

I’m not faking it.

She wants a house, a trust fund, health insurance. She wants her debts paid. She wants candlelit dinners in Michelin restaurants, luxurious spa treatments in five star resorts. She wants to prance around in fashionable places wearing name-brand bags and shoes and dresses.

This is just practice, but the real deal is not far off. She’s gonna take my seed and give me a baby. She’s gonna nurse it and love it and do her best to raise a happy, successful child for me. She won’t fake any of that.

I cram myself in one last time, as deep as I can go. She lifts herself to me, pulling me in with her ankles. Millions of my sperm invade her womb, and she welcomes them hungrily.

Shivering together, we look into each other’s souls, elevating each other beyond our mere humanity, fulfilling our biological purposes, the meaning of our lives, achieving our truest animal nature.

“Fuck!” I pant.

“Fuck!” she squeals.

Then it’s over. My body collapses on her, exhausted.

“You’re fucking amazing, Cleopatra,” I sigh. “Let’s do that again sometime.”

“Anytime you want,” she promises.

Sitting up, I look down at her. She covers her tits with her hands but her legs are still spread around me. I swipe her pussy with my thumb and taste us.

“Good. Clean my dick off”

“With what?”

“Your mouth, ideally.”

“Oh! Wow, you really do think I’m a whore, don’t you?”

“I appreciate the difference between the girlfriend experience from a whore and the whore experience from a girlfriend.”

“That’s a good line,” she smiles.

“That’s why I say it so often. Come on.”

She sits up and slides around to do her work.

“Give me a baby, Cleopatra Jackson,” I tell her, my hand on her head as she licks and sucks her cunt juice off my dick. “Love it and feed it. Change its diapers and care for it when it’s sick. Send it to school, make sure it’s safe and healthy and strong and hardworking. If you find a good father-figure, suck his dick to keep him around. Make him feel like an honored man.”

“I will, Chad,” she promises, sitting up. “I will do my best.”

I pull her in for a deep kiss, tasting our love.

“Go upstairs now. Clean up. Rest up. I’m not done with you yet.”

“Yes sir.”

I watch her put her clothes back on. We’ve messed her hair up.

“Aren’t you getting dressed too?”

“I will. I want to see you kiss my dick one more time first.”

“You can’t get enough, can you?” she laughs, kneeling.

“Lick my balls.”

“You want me to suck you off?”

“No. Not this time. I just wanted to see you down there again. You look so pretty smiling at my cock.”

“I really do like it,” she coos.

“Good. You should go now though. The other ladies are waiting.”

Standing up, I pull up my pants.

“They’re gonna know what we did.”

“They’re gonna be jealous of you.”

“I hope so. What if you like one of them even more than me?”

“I’ll send her up too.

“Oh, sounds fun. But Chad?”


“As long as we’re together, if there’s any way I can please you better….”

“I’ll let you know. And you let me know whatever you need or want.”

“I want a baby.”

“And you want to be taken care of for the rest of your life.”

“That would be nice too,” she laughs. “But years from now, when someone asks who was the best you ever had, I want to be the answer.”

“Well.” I kiss her, then turn her around and smack her ass to move her toward the door, “You’re winning today so far. Let’s see what happens later.”

She prances out, swinging her hips, smiling over her shoulder as I watch.

A few moments later, my personal assistant returns.

“I told you,” she says.

“Not bad,” I admit. “Got any more like her?”

“Not quite. They don’t make many like her. But maybe you’ll like one or two of them anyway.”

“Who’s next then?”

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