Short, Sweet & Against a Tree by ph33rsome_412294,ph33rsome_412294

“Hey, how about we take the game over to Em’s place?” Andrew gave the girls, two of them his cousins, his best uncertain smile as he pushed the cards toward them. “That way we won’t have to worry about keeping grandma and grandpa awake tonight.”

After a few exchanged glances and consenting nods from the three girls, the four of them were cleaning up their mess around and on the table. Emma, Em for short, took the glasses into the kitchen while her sister, Elli, retrieved a wet wash rag and wiped the table down. Mary threw their trash away then lifted the bags clear and tied them shut. Andrew was still sitting at the table when she gestured at him. “Help me with these.”


As they made the return trip into and across his grandparent’s backyard, Andrew dropped back a little. If Mary’s hair were a little longer, it would obscure the view he had, his eyes locked on her waist and traveling up and down the backs of her thighs. She was a slender girl, with a little bit of curve and a little bit of jiggle in all the right places. A grin touched his face. Walking forward, Andrew reached out and tickled her ribs on either side of her body.


Mary’s voice was soft, and she around to face him and angled her back up against the tree near the corner of the house. Andrew drew close to her, close enough that her tits were barely brushing against his leather jacket. Leaning forward, he kissed her and felt her arms slowly slip up and around his neck. When they drew back, only barely and without breaking their embrace, the same word was on her mind and her lips. Finally….

They had met barely two months before when they were introduced to each other by Emma at a Godsmack concert. Emma had warned Mary about her cousin before, telling her all about a few of Andrew’s relationship horror stories. Those stories were the last thing on her mind, however, when she first looked into his caramel colored eyes. The physical chemistry between them had been almost overpowering. Mary liked her men tall and strong, and she had never really minded a few extra pounds around the middle. Andrew, though, apparently had no particular type. He just liked women.

The tree bark dug painfully, but not too painfully, into Mary’s shoulders as she arched her back and pushed her lower body forward, making it easy for Andrew to undo her shorts and push them down until they fell down around her ankles. She stepped out of them. She was not wearing panties, much to Andrew’s disappointment. He liked taking a woman through the various stages of her undress, from fully clothed to shirtless to bra and panties to topless to nude…

With her shirt pulled up over her tits, Mary reached for him and two sets of hands began fumbling with his belt. Unbidden, another memory came to her from the night they met. In spite of Emma’s disapproval, the two of them hit it off and had spent more time talking outside, away from the noise, than watching the band. Mary did not remember how the subject had come up, but Andrew told her about this story he was working on to post at

She laughed. “Bratwurst.”


“Bratwurst. Put that word in there for me.”


She smiled sweetly. “Yep. It’s a long, thick hotdog.”

The memory made Mary giggle as he entered her. Andrew paused, pulling back a bit to look her in the face. Then she realized just how ironic her timing was. She laughed. He scowled.


“Nothing,” Mary kissed him seriously then, and, shrugging her shoulders against the tree in an attempt to get better leverage, she lifted one leg and curled it around him. Andrew’s hands moved to cup her ass, holding her up as her other leg followed suit. Within moments, the beast with two backs established it’s own quick-paced, private rhythm. The world around them– the chirping crickets, the distant barking dogs, the even more distant ambulance siren– faded away. Mary’s shirt fell back into place. She pulled it back up and stretched it over her head, leaving only her shoulders within the cloth’s grasp. Andrew lowered his head to her tits and sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth. He massaged it with his tongue and then tugged on it with his teeth. Mary’s back arched again, nearly throwing Andrew over backwards as she pushed her body into his.

She moaned and whimpered, and she knew that Andrew would never realize that it was the tree, and not him, that was causing the noise. The rough bark covering the trunk was digging into and scratching up her bare back. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Finally, he pulled her away from the tree and lowered her to the grass beneath it…

*** Emma’s eyes were drawn first to the grin on Andrew’s face and then to Mary, whom was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans as opposed to the spaghetti strap top and short-shorts she had been wearing earlier. She stepped back from the door, waving them inside. “Where’d y’all go? It’s been nearly three hours…”

“She wanted to go home and get changed because one of the bags leaked on her.” Andrew walked over to the couch and flopped down, stretching his legs out in front of him.

Frowning, Elli turned around from the computer and looked at Mary. “You went home?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Where do yo of her T-shirt rose with her. Her lower back, decorated on one side with a large grass stain, was in plain sight. When Mary turned around, she found Andrew’s cousins staring at her. Elli’s mouth was hanging partially open in shock. Mary frowned, looking from one to the other.


Andrew began laughing.

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