The Bookreading by JayandEn

The Bookreading by JayandEn

Favourite things. We have our favourite music. Our favourite food. Our favourite wine. Many things we agree on; others…we happily tolerate. Then there are books.

Books are such a personal thing. We share our favourites, but clearly we differ on taste at times. There is one author, though, that over time Mima and I develop this silly affection with. The author, in the style of a modern Jilly Cooper, writes trashy, passion-filled novels. We read the more fun parts together in bed, mainly to see what kind of reaction we can get out of the other, and frankly, it is a turn on. Quite often the one being read to, would end up playing around or going down on the other, to see if they could get the other to stop reading. The books she wrote became a fun game between us. Something we shared; silly and intimate moments.

It’s autumn, that time of year when it starts becoming too chilly to head to the beach every evening, and we look for entertainment to replace beach bonfires, starlit swims and long, slow fucks in the sand dunes. Mima flicks through the local listings guide and exclaims with some surprise, “She’s here!” I clearly haven’t the faintest idea what she is talking about, but she proceeds to explain that this author we enjoy, is actually doing a reading of her new book at the local bookstore. We laugh and agree that going would be a hoot, but clearly not sure if the other is serious about it. The day rolls around, and with nothing better to do, we meet after work for a drink and discuss going. Mima points out that the bookstore where the reading is happening is not far, and we agree to go for a laugh.

We arrive just after the start time and walk into the bookstore; one that has seen better days but is surviving. The place is quiet and the girl at the desk directs us through the back, to the reading room. Mima pushes me ahead with a giggle, so I have to enter the reading room through its door first. As I walk in, I mutter a slight surprise and hello.

The room has books lining the walls with a dozen, empty chairs, facing a solid wooden table. On the table is a collection of new, hardback books, and behind it is sat a rather striking woman. She looks pleased to see us walk in and greets us, pointing to a side table we missed, loaded with wine glasses. “Help yourself. I fear you two may be the only members of the audience this evening”.

We sit down at the front, as anywhere else would be awkward. “Okay then, I better welcome you and do a bit of reading,” she says. We relax a little, drink some more wine, and she proceeds to read. She starts with her latest book, obviously new to us and pure trash but fun to hear the author read in her own voice. To my surprise, she happily reads through the love scenes, clearly relishing the chance to read her own words out loud.

As the love scenes continue, Mima places her hand on my thigh. She rests it there, but it is clearly too high up not to be taken as a signal. I reach my arm around her shoulders, and pull her closer and run my fingers through her hair on the other side. The author continues to read, and Mima’s hand moves, her fingers brushing my inner thigh. Enough to get a reaction.

As our author reads, I notice that she occasionally looks up. Actually not looking up, so much as looking at Mima. In fact, as I watch, she only looks at Mima. Slightly envious of the looks she’s getting (and not me), I move my hand to her shoulder. One side of her top hangs off her shoulder, and I move my hand across her exposed skin. We listen, we drink, and the air becomes more and more charged.

The author finishes reading. She closes the book and looks up at Mima. “Enjoy that?”, and before we can answer she says, “Because it looks like you did. I can see…”

I instantly blush, and Mima stifles a giggle and moves her hand off my thigh. I take my arm back from around her and we three get up. The author walks round the table, comes up to us and says, “I always wondered who my audience was. And, more importantly, how they react to my writing. Look, before you go, can I ask you two something?”

Sure, we say in unison, which is a little embarrassing, but breaks the tension. She laughs and sits on the end of the table. “Just wondered if you two would like to carry on?” We pause, me clearly not sure what she means; Mima, out of tension. And I can feel Mima’s tension. I take her hand as the author looks at her and says, “Come here”. Mima walks the two steps to her, and she turns her round to face me and pulls her back into her gently. “Let me” she says, as she pulls Mima’s hair carefully to one side, and instructs me, “Kiss her neck”.

I come over and start kissing Mima’s neck, sensing her shiver in my arms. But shivering so much more than I expected. I pull back slightly and see the author is also kissing her neck and bare shoulder on the other side. This excites me so I carry on, in some sort of competition to kiss Mima more.

Mima’s hands run through my hair and over my neck and shoulders. She is having a great time of this, and we are both getting out of depth together. I hear the author say stop, and she leans back slightly but with her arms around Mima. She reaches across Mima’s chest from behind, and starts to undo the few buttons she has on her top, slowly pulling it open, to reveal Mima’s gorgeous tits to me. She lets out a small moan, and instructs me to take my top off. Then my jeans.

She reaches down and undoes Mima’s jeans and gently pushes her forward off the table edge, where she had been leaning. Without instruction, Mima pulls her jeans off, and then leans back into the author’s chest, still facing me. I move in again, but this time, before I get to press myself against Mima, the author tells us both to wait. She moves off the table and takes Mima’s hand, and makes her lie on the table, with her legs gently dangling over the end.

At this point, it is all getting a bit much for me and I have an uncontrollable shiver all over my body. Not cold, as the room is so warm, but a sign of the full tension I am feeling. I look down at Mima on the table and she looks flush with pleasure.

The author gently removes Mima’s bra, and, never taking her eyes off Mima, commands me, “Take your cock out…press it against her, with your body.” I do that without hesitation, feeling Mima’s wetness through her knickers. “Now, take her knickers off and go down on her”. I pull them down Mima’s thighs and legs, and push my lips against her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue.

Mima moans out loud. A sound that cuts through me. I look up and the author is there too, kissing Mima’s tits and pulling on her nipples gently. She alternates between a gentle kiss on Mima’s lips and then her tits. I watch, slowing down my pace, and realise that Mima is getting closer and closer to coming.

“Now. Slide your cock into her.” I don’t hesitate, and feel the heat of Mima’s pussy all around me, tightening as I slide in. The author’s at Mima’s side now, kissing her mouth while holding her tits firmly. She lifts up her head and says to Mima, “Come, come if you want to”. At this Mima moans again, and I can feel her grip me inside. She starts to shake and her body tenses, muscles all over her body harden, and she lets out such a loud groan; there is no mistake. Mima is coming. The author turns to me for the first time throughout this and grabs my arm. She looks at me and says, urgently, “Fuck her. Fuck her hard”. And I do. As Mima’s orgasm dies away I start to pound in and out of her. I hold onto Mima’s hips, and look up her body to see the author holding Mima’s tits and encouraging me to go harder and fuck her faster.

I sense Mima is relaxing finally as her orgasm ends. But the author knows what she wants to happen, and just pulls me deeper into Mima’s pussy. And I realise I am about to come…I feel Mima tighten around me again just as I flex and let out a deep growl of a sound. And then I come, long and hard, inside her. Her arms grab mine and pull me in deeper, our bodies pressing hard together.

Our breathing slows, and we look at each other. We are flush and flustered, but the author is calm. Whilst we are still together, she passionately kisses you, then moves round and, for the first time, kisses me fully, her tongue playing on mine. She pauses, then leans down and kisses where my cock enters Mima. But more than kisses, she tastes. She is there for a while. I can feel her tongue flick over the base of my cock, and onto Mima’s pussy and clit.

Eventually, she straightens up. She smiles, and says, “That was good fun. I enjoyed watching you two. Maybe next time, we can swap.”

And with that, she walks to the door then out of the room. Leaving Mima and I together, holding each other.

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