Jack and Randy – Chapter 08 by Story Teller 101

Introduction: The adventures with Randy continue. , My weekend booking with Anthony and Becky got off to a flying start. I hoped we all could go the distance. I squealed as Randy disengaged. I turned and sat on the floor still coming down from my high. Becky tackled Randy to the floor and began to … Read more

Mejere pt.1 by Revy18

~~~This is the beginning and im not good with starters but I promise the next will be a lot better. I would like you to leave a comment and tell me what you think I should do and please nothing mean like “This story sucks and You should stop writing”. I just started righting stories … Read more

Casey goes to Miami Beach Part#2 by tyreen

A literotic sexstories: Casey goes to Miami Beach Part#2 by tyreen , The three girls had fun… Part#2 Angelia could not sleep that night. She thought constantly about having sex with Amy and Casey. She had never witnessed such a sexy thing as the two hot girls having sex with each other. Her husband Ryan … Read more

Late Evenings Part 11 by StAugustus

A literotic sexstories: Late Evenings Part 11 by StAugustus Part 11 On Friday morning, Judy said she felt like going to dinner on Saturday night and asked if I was up for it. Naturally, I said yes and started looking forward to Delia and whatever new adventures might be in store. A little later, Judy … Read more


A literotic sexstories: ANGIE GETS ARRESTED AND FUCKED – PT 2 – DOING TIME IN PRISON by FrameByFrame , After sucking the arresting officer’s cock, and getting fucked by the desk sergeant during a cavity search in Part 1, Angie is forced to lick a lieutenant’s pussy, and fuck the warden several times a week, … Read more

Costumed Sex with a Vintage Lady by newusa

A literotic sexstories: Costumed Sex with a Vintage Lady by newusa , vicky simply enjoyed getting wet Costumed Sex with a Vintage Lady After much hassles I managed to rent a room in a house about forty-five minutes of driving from the city. The landlady imposed some serious restrictions on me. I could use her … Read more

Alexia’s Midnight Swim by Lauralinii,Lauralinii

Alexia’s Midnight Swim A young college girl has some naked river fun Heyy guys! First ever post, a bit mild but it is based off a true story, and I hope you like it! Feel free to leave feedback! Alexia was frustrated. It was the very end of spring, but already unusually warm for this … Read more

ALISON UNCOVERED 3 Chapter 2 by jennivar

A literotic sexstories: ALISON UNCOVERED 3 Chapter 2 by jennivar , the end after chapter 1 Chapter Two After we lay quiet for a while, the two cocks still embedded in me….the filling of the sandwich, we staggered to the shower. It was big enough for the three of us and I could only sit … Read more

Kelly’s Mom by barbarabadgirl

A literotic sexstories: Kelly’s Mom by barbarabadgirl , Brenda has no idea how a little flirting and going along with the games her daughters play is about to become the wildest experience of her life and more orgasms than she can count. Revised Vicki’s mom It was a hot summer day but it was about … Read more

Daughter Summer Update by Wemb17

Introduction: My name is Kate and I have been a very bad girl during lockdown in England having sex with my family including the family dog. , I thought that I would give everyone an update as to what I have been up to over the summer here in England. Full lockdown ended in June … Read more

My brother Brandon and I by Toranightengale

A literotic sexstories: My brother Brandon and I by Toranightengale , I’ve always had an attraction to my brother Brandon ever since I caught him masturbating. This is my story… You know how they always say you never forget your first love? Well, I’m sure he’s never going to forget me either, especially since he … Read more

The Cleaner

An adult stories – The Cleaner by ThisWillBeFun,ThisWillBeFun Another fantasy, i am afraid. This one isn’t a true story The Cleaner Her heart palpitates a little too hard as the nerves kick in. The wonder of what she could be about to find always became a touch too much to stay completely calm at this … Read more

Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 14 by ScottieDog61Redux,ScottieDog61Redux

With Liv’s blessing, Carla and Cody continue as lovers, letting their passions take control over them for the next weeks while her mother is in the hospital recovering. A brief health scare prolongs her stay, leaving Cody and Carla conflicted, wanting her well and back home, and reveling in the privacy and long hours of … Read more