Brother and Sister Home Alone by miketechpb

Brother and Sister Home Alone by miketechpb

This is a 100% fictional story. My sister has big boobs, and i always think about doing it with her, so i’m writing to share some of my fellings. , This is fictional story

Hello dear readers, my name is Young, and, i want to share a secret that i have kept from my parents for a year now. I’m 22 year old and my sister is 19 years of age. We both live with our parents, which helps out alot in this economy. The following story is what happened in December of 2010, while me and my sister where home alone for two weeks before Christmas. Our parents run a business oversea, and they are barely home at all.

Just to start, i wanna say, i have always loved my younger sister since we were little. We use to sleep togather till the age of 12, because we lived in a two bedroom apartment. We never did anything sexual while we slept together but there were times where i masturbated to her while she slept next to me. I learned about the sexual side of me, when i was 10 from visiting my friends. I use to visit my friends house, and my friend and i sneaked in to his brothers room and looked at adult magazines all the time. Lets just start the story.

I was attending Univ, and in December i was on a break for a month, and my sister just graduated from high school, and was going to attend the same Univ, as i did. Our parents run a marketing company over in Europe, which i’m now the vice-president of. Around the first week of December they had to go for a meeting in France, and left me and my sister to take of the house. We have been alone many times since 2008. I’m a good cook, so my mom knows i can feed both me and my sister while they’re gone. Plus now we were adult, and we had jobs.

After our parents left, the first two days went normal and me and my sister watched movies at night and invited our friends over and played Ping Pong, and Pool together. I watch porn a lot, and every night before going to sleep, i would masturbate at lest once. I think it was the 5th night, while my sister was at work, i went online to watch porn my computer was acting up. It started up than all of a sudden it just stopped working.

I was so horny, because i was thinking of one of my classmates, and having erotic thoughts about her that, i couldn’t help my self, and wanted to watch porn so bad. I knew my sister had a laptop, so since my computer didn’t work, i went to my sister’s room and try to watch porn on her laptop.

As soon as opened her computer, the log screen oped up, and i didn’t knew her password, but when i clicked the hint button, there was a name and number. I didn’t know what it meant, so i tried typing in the exact copy of the hint code, and luckily it worked and i was logged in. I was surprised that my sister would be that foolish to have her password, the same as the hint code.

I went to online in private browsing, and started to watch porn, and after i masturbated after 10 min, i relived my self and dressed up. I knew my sister would be back in two hours, so while i had the time i was so curious to see whats in her picture and movie folder. At first, i didn’t want to do it, than i gave up and clicked on the picture folder. I started to look through her pics, and was surprised and shocked. The pictures were of my sister naked with her big boobs out with her friends. I closed the folder immediately, and was very shocked.

I liked what i saw, i have always seen her boobs wanting to come out of her dress, but never the whole thing. I opened the picture folder again, and started going through her pictures, and i started to get a hard on which did not surprise me, anyone would have a hard one after what i saw. I was so excited to watch her movie folder, and as soon as i started to go through her videos, there was she naked and masturbating alone in her bed.

I have always had a feeling for my sister, but could never tell her, because i didn’t know what she would say or do. While watching her videos, i started to masturbate to her, and in the video she was moaning so hard, that i couldn’t last more that two minuets, and ejaculated. I sent some of her pictures and videos to my e-mail, and closed her computer. It was around 9, and when she came home, i had food on the table for her. As soon as she walked in, my mind couldn’t stop thinking of what i saw. I always thought of her as very conservative girl, but i was wrong.

After eating, and talking we watched TV for a while and, went to our separate beds. The next morning i woke up, and washed my face and went to wake my sister up, and slowly opened her door. She was in a deep sleep, so as soon saw her naked skin, the thoughts of other night came to my mind. I was getting a hard on, so i went to her bed quietly and shook her body to wake her up.

While i was doing that, i saw her boobs giggling, and my mind went crazy. I so wanted to touch them, but i could. Suddenly, her eyes opened, while i was was looking at her boobs, and she said I’m awake. She than asked, “Why were you looking at boobs like that?” I told her, because I’m a man and i have feeling too, plus i couldn’t stop staring at them. She told me to leave her alone so she could dress up.

She came down stare, and started to make breakfast, as she was standing in the kitchen, i kept looking at her ass and i kept having erotic thoughts. When ever she looked, i would look away, and that made her suspicious. She kept glancing at me while cooking, and i kept looking. Than out of no where, she turned and asked “Why are you looking at me like that?” I replied because i want to, and plus what did she meant like that. She replied, that that there was something wrong with me since this morning. I never lied to her, so i finally came out with the truth.

I told her the whole story of what happened last night, and how i used her computer to see porn. She knew i watch porn, so that wasn’t a big deal to her. She than asked, did i see anything else and after hesitating for a while, i told her that i looked at her pictures and movies.

She went into the HULK mode, and started to yell at me, and went to her room running. I went after her. She was siting on her bed, and i went into her room apologizing. I sat next to her, and she slapped me so hard, and asked what i saw. I told her, i saw her naked, and also her videos in which she was masturbating. Than out of no where, she told me since i saw her stuff, that i should do the same in return.

At first i hesitated, than she said she would tell mom and dad , if i didn’t do hat she wanted. So after thinking for few seconds, i asked her only i will do it if she keeps it between us. She promised, and i slowly took my shirt off first, she started smiling. Than quickly i took my pajamas off.

I still had the hard on, and the reaction of her face was surprising. I have a 6″ penis, and I’m average built. I asked her, if she was happy and if i could put my clothes back on, and she replied ” Play with it.” I was like, are you sure you want me to do this. She said yes, so i started to masturbate and she kept looking. I starting granting, and as soon as i was about to come, she said stop and go away.

I couldn’t stop, so i ran to the bathroom and finished inside. During that day, we didn’t talk at all, and we both cooked our own lunch. Since it was Sunday, we both were off work. I finally went to her room and asked if we could talk. She said alright, so i sat next to her and told her to be honest to each other and tell the truth. She said to me to go first, and i told her about how i used to masturbate to her while we were sleeping together, and while growing, how much i loved her, and wanting to sleep with her.

I told her, i would do anything to have sex with her. Than the phone rang, i went running to other room to pick it up. It was my friend wondering if i wanted to go out and eat, and i declined. While i was on the phone, my sister goes to my room, and i quickly hang up the phone and go after her. Inside my room, she started to look at my phone and what i had in my phone.

Than she open the emails i sent to my self of her being naked. She saw her pictures, and deleted the e-mail. She turns around and says to me, “Bro the truth is that since this morning i have been thinking of you, and even though its wrong, i want to sleep with you tonight.” I asked her if she was sure, and about how we were brother and sister, and sleeping together might lead to other things. She said she didn’t mind.

So that night after dinner, i went to the bath room and shaved off my pubic hair since i knew she was shaved. I has this feeling that i can’t explain. The truth was that, i was still a virgin and never had sex. So i turn on the TV in my room and jump on my bed, while only wearing a pajama and no shirt. Soon my sister comes in with night clothes on, and asks if we could watch The Notebook.

I said OK, and she settles in my bed while i turn the DVD on. After that, we started watching the Movie. To this day, i can’t forget what happened next. In one of the scene where Mcadams is kissing the guy, my body suddenly jumps, and my sister pinched my leg. I acted like it hurt, than she slowly starts rubbing my arms and puts her hand on my stomach.

She asks “Why are you so quite, and not doing anything.” I reply, I’m nervous. Without wasting anytime, i told her that i’m still a virgin and never did anything with a girl before. She tells me to calms down, and tells me to start by massaging her arms, legs, and softly kissing her stomach.

So after messaging her body, i move up and kissed her on the face. She than pulls my head towards her, and starts kissing me, and tells me to not tell anyone of what happens tonight. I loved boobs, so while kissing her, i grap onto her boobs and started pinching her nipples. I was doing what i say in adult movies.

Her hands slides down my body, and than she grabs onto my dick. It felt great, having someone else grabbing my dick other than my self. She asked if i had a blowjob before, and i told her i did one in High School from one of my friend, whom i went out with. Blowjob is the furthest i went, and she didn’t want to have sex. My sister says, well as long as i keep it a secret, we might do it again.

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