A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Mandy couldn’t deny the pleasure the suit started to give her. Involuntarily, she squeezed her legs together and nearly buckled down with the shocks of pleasure the suit produced.

“Gosh, Sven! Uff!,… I can’t ….” she whispered as she bent over while gasping for air.

“Mandy, my God are you ok? Are you in pain?” he whispered as the other people in the gondola looked at her, wondering what happened to her, but still not realizing that her suit had become completely transparent and tight as body paint.


Despite appearing naked, the material provided complete warmth and she was not cold. Quite the opposite. The suit made her warm. In fact, the suit had become hot in the crotch and this seemed to make the dildo inside her larger. With the dildo buzzing and filling her, she was turned on and had become wet despite all her efforts to the contrary.

She looked down at her body, and now she looked completely naked. Her nipples pointed up, helped by the invisible suction cups, pulsating as if they were being sucked by someone’s mouth. She looked down to her crotch and realized that her cleanly shaven mound was visible. Twisting her torso slightly, she realized that her ass was also completely conspicuous as well.


When they got off the gondola, everybody was staring and Mandy felt all their eyes on her. She could see they were all talking amongst themselves in disbelief.

One of the girls in the gondola was looking at her from head to toe. “Gosh! What are you doing and what did you do with your suit? Did you leave it in the gondola?” She asked with surprise.

“No. This is it. This is my ‘birthday suit’,” Mandy answered.

“We can see that,” they laughed.

“No, you don’t understand. It was a present from my boyfriend. It is a special suit that is made of futuristic material.”

“Yeah, right!” the girls giggled.

“Here feel my arm,” she said to both of them. “It is covering my skin, but somehow it has become invisible.”

They felt her arm and indeed, it didn’t feel like her skin. It felt like there was something covering it.

“It was kind of loose-fitting when I put it on, but with the cold, it shrunk to fit every part of my body. Also, I had no idea that the material would lose all its color. This is so embarrassing.”

Holding both her skis and the ski poles, she couldn’t cover herself. The two girls continued to stare at her.

“You are so hot,” one of the girls said, staring at her with desire. “Where are you staying?”

Mandy was not sure she wanted to be in this conversation, but she felt it would be rude to blow them off. Also, she kind of liked the attention.

“We’re in Livigno Lodge,” Sven interjected.

“We are too!” the blue-haired girl said excitedly. “We’re in room 301.”

“203,” Sven said, against Mandy’s desire to give more information.

“We will stop by after skiing. Maybe you can show us more of your ‘birthday suit’ later,” the girl proposed, looking directly at Mandy.

“Mandy would love that!” Sven interjected quickly and with much delight.

Mandy gave a disapproving and annoyed glance at Sven.

Sven just smiled defiantly back at her. Anyway, Mandy imagined that they would not follow through on their pledge, especially after a day of skiing.


Chapter 5: Blushing at the Summit


When they left the gondola landing area at the summit, they could see the crowded ski lodge. To Mandy’s horror, there had to be at least a hundred people, between those in the lodge and those preparing to ski.

On any other day, the summit was windy, cold, and unpleasant for lingering in the open. However, this was a lovely sunny day at the summit, and at the moment, there was no wind, so many people were also sitting outside on the deck, admiring the view of the Alps at slightly over 2000 meters. Also, there were many tables both inside and outside the ski lodge where people could have hot chocolate and sit by the fire before skiing down the mountain.

But on this day, the real exciting sight was this “apparently naked” girl, Mandy!

Everybody was looking at her. To everyone, she seemed completely naked. At 2000 meters, it was cold. How could such a skinny girl be completely naked in these temperatures and not get frostbitten?

Besides the practicalities, she was a pleasant sight indeed. Men desired her, and some of the women wished they were her. Even though she should be completely embarrassed, the buzzing dildo and the pulsating nipple suction cups occupied all her thoughts and involuntary actions.

“Sven, I am so embarrassed.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what happened to the ‘birthday suit’.”

“You knew about this didn’t you!”

“No!” he said innocently. “I promise. I thought the suit would fit tightly to your body but didn’t think it would become transparent! I hadn’t anticipated it would really be a ‘birthday suit’.”

Just then, the dildo seemed to go into overdrive, not only vibrating but gyrating inside her kitty. She let out a moan and bent slightly forward grabbing her flat tummy. She could feel the vibrator spinning inside her.

“Gosh!” she shrieked, nearly doubling over.

Sven looked at her body, completely visible through the suit, and saw that the vibrator made her tummy bulge periodically as it spun around inside her.

“Mandy,” Sven said, “Let’s go sit over there on the bench.”

With the vibrator gyrating around inside her, she sat so that she was slouched on the wooden chair. In this position, and given how skinny Mandy’s body was, the form of the vibrator was visible as it bulged her tummy with a regular periodicity.

Sven put his hand on her tummy and felt the vibrator moving around in her.

“That is so hot, Mandy.”

Mandy only moaned.

“Sven, how is this possible? What is it about this suit? It seems to act by magic.”

“I don’t know. Really,” he paused. “But, I guess you are not too happy about your ‘birthday suit’?”

Despite the vibrator bringing her to new heights, she looked up and stared deeply into his eyes.

“It is the most amazing present I have ever had!”

They smiled at one another. Sven leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the mouth.


Despite her embarrassment, Mandy had decided that it was best to forget about her suit and just enjoy the day of skiing. They had been waiting to do this for so long, and if she were to spend the entire day being embarrassed or pouting, the whole weekend would be ruined.

Nonetheless, she was here in her new ‘birthday suit’, but to everybody around her, she appeared nude. This presents considerable challenges.

The dildo continued to buzz inside her. She felt that her vagina was being stretched to the maximum. At one point while they were sitting on the bench, she opened her legs and looked down. As she suspected, with the transparent material and the transparent dildo, the entrance to her sex looked completely open. She quickly closed her legs feeling mortified.

But, it had turned her on and she felt the vibrator suddenly start to gyrate faster, and the suction on her nipples even more intense. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to breathe normally. If this were to continue, she would surely have an orgasm at any moment there in front of all these people.


Even with the crowd around them, Mandy couldn’t concentrate on anything but the buzzing and gyration of the suit’s dildo that had grown into her.

“Gosh Sven, I am so turned on, but this is so embarrassing.”

With the mountain air, it was hard to discern if her face was red from the humiliation of being naked in front of all these people or from the cold.

“I can go and find something to put over you.”

“No!” she shrieked, “Please don’t leave me.”

“You don’t want to sit here alone just for a moment so I can find some other clothing for you?”

“No. At least with you here …,” she stopped for a moment from a sudden jerk of the dildo inside her, “Gosh!… With you here, I can at least have some courage!”.

They both giggled.


Suddenly a woman was standing in front of them.

“This is disgraceful!” the woman scolded them with a stern face. Her embarrassed husband was behind her with their children. “It is not acceptable to be naked in front of families. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Mandy tried to explain, “You don’t understand, this is my ‘birthday suit’, and … ”

“I can see that young lady!” the woman interrupted. “And I shall protest when I get to the bottom of the mountain.”

With this, she turned around angrily and joined her family to resume skiing.

Mandy and Sven looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Sven, you have gotten us in a lot of trouble!”

“No, Mandy, the problem is that your naked body has gotten us into a lot of trouble. If you weren’t so sexy, that lady wouldn’t have cared. But her husband was drooling while he looked at you.”

Mandy laughed, “Perhaps, I should be punished.”

Sven looked into her eyes.

“Yes, I think this birthday girl needs 21 spankings on her bare bottom for her 21 years.”

Mandy looked at him intensely.

“I hope you mean that.”

Sven reached over and kissed her on the mouth.

So there it was. To all the people around them, it appeared that this girl was completely naked and they were making love on the bench overlooking the mountain range. Nobody would ever imagine that in reality, Mandy was simply in her “birthday suit.”


Chapter 6: Heating up with the Summit Manager


While they were sitting on the bench, they saw a man approaching. He appeared to be an employee of the ski lodge but had the demeanor of authority.

“Good morning,” he said politely but seriously. He bowed in a gesture as a military officer, perhaps revealing a previous station in life with its strict conditioning difficult to assuage. “I am the manager here,” nodding to each of them.

He turned his attention directly to Mandy. “Mademoiselle, I am afraid you will need to follow me. It is not allowed to be naked like this here.”

Even though it was anticipated, Sven tried to explain the situation.

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