A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

~~~Author Note ~~~~

All the actors in this story are adults (18+, as they say here).

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. There are elements of “fantasy”, “futuristic suits”, machines, and other electrical devices that don’t exist in stores — yet!

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Chapter 1: A Special Birthday Present


“So, Mandy, happy birthday,” Sven said as he handed her a gift box wrapped.

“What a surprise!”

They had just arrived at the hotel of the ski lodge in the Italian Alps and were unpacking their clothing. The entire trip had been a birthday present for Mandy but he also wanted to give her something that in reality might be a gift for both of them.

It was her 21st birthday. Sven remembered ten years earlier how his 21st birthday came and went without much fanfare. He would have liked something far more memorable to mark the event. So, he wanted this to be a special weekend for Mandy. And, perhaps, something that they would both never forget. Since he met her at the university as her professor in a freshman class, he had fallen madly in love with her. Now he imagined spending the rest of his life with this girl.

Sven wanted to wait until they were in the room to give her the gift. The box was large and he had it hidden underneath his clothing in his suitcase.

“I hope you like it.”

“You didn’t have to do anything more! Already, this ski vacation was the best birthday present I could ever ask for.”

She began to open the box. The gift wrapping was exquisite and had the appearance of being from an expensive and exclusive clothing store.

As she lifted the top, she saw that it was a type of light mauve Nycron/Latex material. It was a sleek ski outfit but from one of the most expensive stores in St. Moritz. Madison pulled the birthday outfit from the box and extended it in front of her so she could see it.

The suit was one piece. The material was thin and lightweight, but it was specially designed for skiing. At once, it was obvious that it would be very tight fitting. The ticket on the suit indicated that it was for skiing. It seemed to be intentionally made to show her sexy body.

“Oh, I love it,” Mandy said, turning it around and examining the fabric.

“It is a ‘birthday suit’. But there is one thing,” Sven responded, as he stood behind her and put his hands around her. “You can’t wear anything underneath.”

“Are you serious?”

“They told me at the store that it is designed to work best without anything underneath.”

She turned around and looked at him incredulously, “Yeah, right!”

“I’m serious!”

“You are just saying that!”

“Look at the label. It even says it there.”

Mandy had never heard of such a thing, but to humor him, she read the label that was attached to the zipper. The label read, “FOR BEST RESULTS, DO NOT WEAR ANY UNDERGARMENTS OF ANY TYPE. THE SUIT WORKS BEST IF IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH ALL PARTS OF THE SKIN. ANY OTHER GARMENT WILL DEGRADE THE PERFORMANCE.”

With a perplexed expression, she looked at him and then looked back at the label.

“I know, it is incredible, isn’t it?”

“Mmm,” she said now in a whisper. “But how …”

“You have to read the instructions,” Sven said.

She continued to read.


She looked at Sven. “This is all very strange, Sven. And what do they mean by a ‘normal state’?”

“At least try it on here. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to wear it.”


She decided to leave the labels on the suit just in case they needed to return it. Then, she searched for the zippers so that she could put the tiny suit on. Quickly, she found that the suit was not conventional. It was specially designed and so tight-fitting that there were practically no seams except for a few small ones where she would need to flex the material to put it on.

She started to unbutton her shirt. Sven continued to watch her with some amount of amusement. First, she removed her shirt and then her pants. She was then in her bra and panties.

“Are you going to watch me get nude?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about it.”

She felt self-conscious, grinned, and swirled her finger in a circle at him.

“Turn around, Mister. You will get to see me later.”

“But, I have seen you hundreds of times naked,” he protested, enjoying this banter.

“Mmm, but I know what will happen. You will start to be frisky and we will never get a chance to ski!!”

“OK, ok!”

He did as she asked, turned around, and waited for her to put on the ski suit.

She quickly unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Then, she wiggled out of her string panties. She took the suit and slipped her feet into the legs. They were so tight, that there were only a few small zippers that closed the suit which was hidden at strategic locations within tiny creases that were practically invisible.

The suit looked like a type of latex and even had the slight feel of rubber, but at the same time, it was actually a loose material. It fit snugly, but at some parts of her body, there was still some amount of play in the material.

Apart from all this, the suit had two other curiosities. There was a small rubber nub on the crotch that was positioned right on her pussy. It seems to nudge right at her entrance, but not long enough to enter. But she could feel it. At that moment, she thought that the suit was perfect except for this piece of rubber or whatever it was. She thought that would probably end up being a serious defect of the suit.

“Humph, what a shame. Maybe this is going to rub against me and produce chafing,” she thought.

But, since she was naked in the suit, the rubber nub was snug and lodged between her pussy lips. At the moment, it felt very smooth and wasn’t unpleasant.

The other curiosity was that at the exact location of her nipples, there were what seemed to be rubbery suction cups. They had the shape of an inverted nipple; if positioned correctly, her long pointy nipples would fit snugly within them. She was conscious of this and adjusted the suit around her breasts. As she expected, her nipples entered the suction cups like a key entering a lock; and were now gripped perfectly between the rubber suction cups.


Sven turned around.

“It looks great on you,” he said enthusiastically.

“Thank you, Sven. I really like it and it feels so comfortable.”

“But you haven’t finished with the instructions. Apparently, you have to apply heat to the suit with a hairdryer. The woman in the store told me that otherwise it wouldn’t work properly and provide warmth in the cold.”

This was all very strange, Mandy thought. She had never heard of a ski suit that needed to be heated with a hairdryer.

“This is weird!”

“I know, but I think it is best to follow the instructions.”

Even though it seemed a waste of time, she went to the bathroom where she had left the hairdryer after unpacking. She brought it into the hotel bedroom and plugged it in.

“I’ll help you,” Sven said, taking the hairdryer and making her turn around. “I’ll start at the bottom and work up.”

Mandy turned around, mostly to humor him. She felt that she should feel grateful for the gift and didn’t want to ruin the moment. She wanted this to be a romantic weekend and not argue about a stupid ski suit. Anyway, what harm could be done? Besides, she did like the suit.

Sven turned the hairdryer on and started to apply the heat to the suit, starting from the back of her legs, moving it all along her calves, circling her leg, and doing this systematically so as to not miss a single spot on her body.

“Mmm., what a nice ass!” he teased her when he reached her bum and continued to apply the heat with the hairdryer.

She turned around, “Stop that!” she said giggling and giving him a love tap.

When he finished her back, he turned her around and applied heat to her crotch. As he did this, he put his hand between her legs and cupped her pussy.

“Hey, be careful there!” she giggled.

They both laughed, but he continued to be quite efficient and systematic in applying an equal amount of heat to every part of the suit and all parts of her body.

He finally finished applying the heat to her arms.

“For good measure, I’ll just make one quick run over your whole body,” he said.

She became impatient.

“Sven, I think it is enough,” she said, shifting her legs. “C’mon, it’s fine now, I’m sure,”

“Just one moment, and we will be done.”

For her, this seemed now to be too much. She was losing her patience. Clearly, this was a gimmick that the maker of the ski suit used to market and sell the suit at a higher price. What could applying heat to the suit possibly do? It was all so silly, she thought.

However, she didn’t want to protest and would just be patient until he finished.


After Sven finished, he turned the hairdryer off and looked at her body as if he had just finished a sculpture.

“There, it’s done.”


“Well, now the suit is supposed to provide better warmth by fitting to your body better,” he said. “At least, that is what the woman in the store told me.”

“I don’t notice anything.”

“Well,” he said somewhat perplexed as if he were anticipating that something would happen. “Maybe it takes some time.”

“It doesn’t matter, Sven. The suit is perfect. I love it,” she said as she reached forward and kissed him. “It is a lovely ‘Birthday Suit’ and a lovely present. Thank you!”

However, Sven seemed lost in thoughts. Clearly, he had been expecting something.

Mandy noticed that the ski suit fit her very well. She had a sense that it shrunk slightly from when she first put it on, but it was probably her imagination. Maybe it was because of the way that Sven was carrying on, that she started to think that maybe something would happen after the heat was applied.

They finished getting ready to head out to the ski lodge and then to the gondola. All the while, Mandy had forgotten that she had no underwear under her new ski suit. It felt very soft on the inside and since there were no internal seams, it was very comfortable.

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