A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Mandy felt so turned on. “How could she be in this situation?” she wondered. It felt so submissive and she didn’t want Sven to know that in reality she was submissive and would love to be a sexual pet. She wasn’t sure if he would have approved. But she looked into his eyes and then at Francois. It was so erotic.

She did as she was told. Since it excites her, the dildo starts to vibrate rapidly again. And it excites her, even more, knowing that Sven is watching and willing to let this stranger control her.

She looked into his eyes and quickly glanced away from his penetrating gaze. She hesitated slightly but then turned around. She felt self-conscious and she tried to cover the crease of her butt from both of the men’s gazes.

“Put your hands on your sides!”

At first, she didn’t know what to do.

Sven said, “Mandy, obey me. You know you have been naughty wearing this “birthday suit” and you need to be punished. ”

She quickly dropped her hands. She was nervous but also very excited.

She didn’t know what to think. “What will happen?” she wondered and continued her introspection. “How should I respond and react to this?”

She was bent over the desk with her ass completely visible to the man and to Sven. She heard and sensed his presence behind her, and could almost feel his eyes peering over her. She was so nervous. At any moment, she felt that she could explode.

He touched her and made her bend down slightly so that her ass opened and her pussy was visible from behind.

“See?” Sven said lightheartedly to Francois, “Even though she is wearing her birthday suit, we can see how turned on she is.”

Sven ran his hands between Mandy’s ass cheeks.

Her breathing was fast and shallow. She bit her lip as he touched her. Her body tensed and the muscles of her vagina contracted on the dildo that was spinning around inside her.

Mandy could feel that her skin was on pins and needles and seemed stretched to its limits. Her nipples were hard and she wanted to pull on them.

Sven gave her a love tap on her ass cheek and Mandy jumped. Mandy thought how silly her reaction was because it was just a gentle touch. But, the anticipation of a true slap was too much!

“Do you like that, Mandy?”


“Tell Francois to come close and watch how much you like it.”

Mandy couldn’t believe that Sven was asking her to do this. It seemed so out of character for him. But, this was so erotic. She wanted to orgasm so badly. And, she suddenly wanted to be submissive to Sven and please him in every way. All her humiliation and inhibitions seemed secondary. It was as if she could reveal to him the submissive side of herself. And, it felt incredible to just surrender herself in this way. It was her deepest fantasy.

“Francois, you can watch me if you want.”

“No. Tell him to come here closer,” Sven commanded, slapping her ass.

“Francois, will you come here closer please?”

She heard Francois’s chair move and she sensed his footsteps approaching and standing next to Sven. She then heard the chair move. He must have sat down and was sitting right in front of her pussy. He had front row seats for her humiliation.

She then felt Sven’s hands slide up from the crack of her ass, along her spinal column towards her neck, drawing a light invisible line on her skin.

“Why am I so nervous and tense?” Mandy wondered.

Sven’s fingers then trace down from her neck once again, leaving a red line down her back, visible through the ‘birthday suit’.

Sven then reaches around her and strokes Mandy’s body from her sides and her stomach and then up to her breasts.

His hands rub over her breasts from below. As he does this, his hands wrapped lightly around each of her breasts and his thumbs and forefinger pinch her nipples and then push them together.

Mandy lets out a gasp both from his touch and the gyrating dildo inside of her increases its speed from her excitement.


The constant pressure on her breasts and Sven’s voice, whispering how hot she is into her ear, excites Mandy even more.

“Do you like this, Mandy?” he whispered.


“Tell me how much.”

Mandy could only moan, indicating her agreement, but she managed, “A lot.”

Sven then released her breasts letting them travel down her stomach and then letting them rest over her pubic bone.

Mandy could feel his fingers spread her femininity and a finger attempted to penetrate her. But, the suit and dildo prevented his finger from entering. Instead, he rubbed her labia.

Then he stopped.

Mandy waited in anticipation for what would come next. She heard a chair move. She sensed that it was Francois, but she couldn’t be sure.

She felt a hand running along the crease of her ass. It touched her pussy and she moaned.

Then, out of nowhere, she felt a hard slap on her ass cheek. It made her jump.

“One,” Sven said.

She braced for the next slap, but it didn’t come. She seemed to wait with nervousness forever, then it suddenly fell on her.

“Two,” Sven called out.

Sven continued to spank her, making sure that his hand slapped against her labia. After the sixth or seventh slap, Mandy lost all notion of being humiliated. She was lost in the moment. It was then that Sven saw that her finger had moved beneath her and began to rub her clit. This humiliation had turned into such a sexual desire, that she couldn’t help but to rub herself.

During the entire time, even though Mandy was wearing the birthday suit, it didn’t protect her skin from Sven’s birthday spanking. Her skin bottom had become completely red. For its part, the suit made the dildo inside her jerk back and forth and the invisible nipple suctions pulsate at a rapid speed.


“Oh, Sven,” she moaned, anticipating each spank.

For the last few spankings, he made her wait in anticipation. Instead of spanking her, he put his hand between her legs and began to rub her back and forth. He was so turned on that he wanted to flip her over on the desk and fuck her hard with her ‘birthday suit’ on. However, he knew that was impossible with the suit on. Also, Francois was watching the entire time.

As he rubbed her between her legs, he saw her finger rubbing her clit while she lay across Francois’ desk. Her entire body was squirming, as her pelvis gyrated up and down.

“You are so hot, Mandy! Do you want me to continue to spank you?

“Yes,” she could only whisper.

“If you don’t speak louder, I will have to give you at least ten more spankings!”

“Yes, Sven, I want you to spank me,” she giggled. “Please, Sven!”

To give him the best angle possible to slap her right on her pussy, she shifted her ass up in the air. At that angle, he had a clear view of her pussy and could slap her in the way that she so desired.

He slapped her a little harder each time. With each slap, the girl flinched and he then stop briefly to rub her pussy. Mandy was so aroused by the mixture of pain and then pleasure. It occurred to her another perverted desire. She wished that he would flip her over and slap her breasts. “It would hurt so much!” she thought. “However, how delicious it would be!”

With this thought, her nipples seemed to get bigger and bigger. The suction cups pulsated, drawing out the tips of her nipples even further as if to suck the sweet nectar out of them.

As these thoughts and sensations swept through her, Sven slapped her pussy hard. Mandy felt that every inch of her body was aroused. She thought about his hard cock. She thought about it rubbing vigorously between her legs, tracing the contours of her slippery lips. She imagined it at her entrance, wanting it to break through and be lodged deep inside her. She also imagined it pushing at the entrance of her anus.

Just then, she felt another slap.

She imagined wriggling underneath him, clinging to him as he pushed inside her. Her swollen and aroused nipples would rub against his chest sending shock waves through her.


The slaps seemed to never end. How old was she? It seemed more than 21 slaps! She had lost count. But at that moment, she wished she was 90 years old or 100 years old just to continue receiving slaps. She wanted that until she could orgasm. She needed the contact and pressure there, even if it was through pain.

“How do you feel, Mandy?” Sven asked.

“I am so aroused,” she whispered through her gasps. She felt embarrassed and it was obvious in her voice. “Gosh, Sven, I feel like a river of pleasure is running through my entire body.”

Sven stopped slapping her for a moment and let his fingers crawl over the delicate skin covered by the thin “birthday suit.” His hand moved between the crack of her ass and towards her anus. He circled her pink button and applied pressure. Even though the suit didn’t let his finger enter her, she seemed to push her bum towards him, as if wanting it to penetrate her.

The vibrator of the suit continued to gyrate within her insatiable pussy. She felt her juices soaking the inside of her suit and running down from her entrance, making her entire thighs feel wet. Some of her juice had even covered her pink anus.

With so many slaps, her little pussy lips felt red-hot, and the vibrator in her pussy jumped to another level of intensity. Her large clit is so hard she wishes she could stroke it like a cock, as she sometimes does when she is alone.

Finally, she could feel her orgasm so close and she just wanted to feel any type of pressure there, even if it was mixed with pain.


With this, his hand came crashing down on her ass. It hit her right on her kitty, sending shock waves throughout her body. She wasn’t sure if she just had a slight orgasm, but she didn’t want it to stop.

“Happy 21st birthday!”

He stopped spanking her for a moment and returned to rub her between the crack of her ass. First, he moved up and down, with his fingers and then his entire hand smearing her wetness within the suit. After a few moments, he used his thumb to gently and slowly apply pressure against her small virgin anus.

“Oh, Sven!”


Chapter 8: Going down at the Summit


“Lie on your back in the middle of the desk and open your legs,” Sven told her.

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