My Mom and Bomb by Naughty7777777

A literotic sexstories: My Mom and Bomb by Naughty7777777 ,

My name is Jake Brennon. I am 17, 6’3, and 140 pounds of mostly muscle.

I live at home with my mom and our dog, Bomb. A little about my social life, I am a senior in high school and have a lot of friends. I have had a couple girl friends but these days relationships are so petty and meaning less, I get bored of them fast so I don’t really date. I have never had sex, never even gotten a blow job. Not that I have not been offered, and definitely not because I’m a sap who wants to wait for marriage or some shit. I just was really never into anyone. 17 and a virgin may be lame these days but I mean hey, if anyone has a problem with it, they can say it to my face so I can punch their shit out.

Everyday I ride the bus home, chill in my room and do stuff like homework, listen to music, smoke weed, read a book, normal stuff. My mom gets home from work around six and we eat whatever she brings home. She is a chef at a country club so we eat whatever they serve for dinner that night.

Tonight felt off, my mom seemed really stressed but was trying to hide it.

“What’s wrong mom?”

“Nothing baby, just some stupid rich people thinking they are entitled everything at work today.”

“Do I have to beat someone up?” I asked, getting up from my chair. Bomb stood from his layed down position at my feet and chuffed.

She laughed. “No dork, now sit down and finish your dinner.”

I sat down slowly. “Okay, but if anyone ever messes with you, just tell me and I’ll kill them.” My mom gets harassed a lot. Mainly by men. She is gorgeous and most men don’t really know where to draw the line between flirting and harassing so I am used to protecting her when we’re out together. Sometimes I even make it seem like we are a couple, which is a pretty solid way to keep guys away. It’s not hard to believe, my mom looks really young and I look older than 17.

We finished eating and did the dishes together like usual but I couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong with her.

I stayed up kind of late, mom was already in bed. But I don’t have school in the morning so whatever. Like a normal teenage boy, I watch a lot of porn and I was jacking off for about an hour when I started to get really thirsty. Ah porn, it’s hard to leave but at least it will always be there when you get back!

On my way downstairs, I heard groaning coming from my mom’s room. Maybe she’s sick and that’s why she was so off tonight. I knocked on her door, “Mom?”

She groaned again so I gently pushed the door open. What I saw made me forget porn and being thirsty completely. There was my beautiful mother, totally naked with her legs spread, and our dog Bomb going crazy at her pussy. “Bomb!” I whisper shouted. He jumped and stopped what he was doing to turn around and chuff at me with his tail wagging and tounge lolling. “Get down right now!” He just turned back and started lapping at her again! Her hips hunched into his tongue, her moaning starting back up. I stepped into the room to grab him when I realized my boxers were straining. My dick was hard, I was unconsciously more horny than I have ever been in my life. I shook my head, that’s my mother.

I picked the dog up and pulled him away, which is not exactly easy, he’s huge. He twisted out of my arms and fell into the back of my legs, tripping me and making me fall. Face first into my mother’s vagina. It smelled so nice, without even thinking about it I latched onto her clit which pushed her over the edge and she came right in my face. I quickly pulled away to see if she woke up but she was still sound asleep. Oh right, she takes pills to help her sleep.

I reached out and brushed her leg, she didn’t even twitch. I got up on her bed and kneeled next to her face. She’s so stressed all the time, this is the most relaxed I’ve seen her in awhile. I pushed some hair out of her face and slowly let my hand travel downwards to her breast. After a moment of hesitation, I touched her nipple with the palm of my hand and started to play with it. God she’s gorgeous, killer face, DD breasts that barely sag, cute dusky brown nipples, and just a shapely body all around. Perfect hour glass figure with nice hips and a great ass, long shapely legs, her stomach and thighs weren’t void of fat but she wasn’t chubby. I like a woman with meat on her bones. Then I groaned, this is my fucking mom, what am I doing?

Right when I was going to pull away, her head turned toward me and her mouth fell open, giving me a crazy sick idea. -More sick than sucking your mother to climax?- A voice in the back of my head asked. My hands were shaking with nervousness as I pulled my hard 8 inch cock out of my boxers and held the tip over her mouth, feeling her warm breath flow over it.

Very carefully, I put the tip in her mouth and nothing happened so I put about an inch in. She closed her mouth around me and started licking me. I groaned and almost fell over. She then started moaning again, sending vibrations down my shaft straight to my balls. I looked down and saw that Bomb had started licking her again. She was still tonguing me so I started gently thrusting in and out of her mouth. By far the best blowjob I have ever recieved. Oh wait, it’s my first. My mother is giving me my first blowjob without even knowing it!

“Yes Mom that’s right, suck your son’s cock.” No clue where this was coming from but I just went with it. “Fuck you are doing it so good and you’re not even awake! Imagine how good you would be conscious.” I chuckled, like that was ever going to happen. While she licked me I leaned over and fondled her clit to help her out while Bomb tongue fucked her. Her legs tensed up and she prepared to cum again. I was almost there too, pushing into her mouth even faster. She started to cum so I pulled my dick out really fast and started jacking off over her boobs. My eyes were closed when I felt a strong lapping at the head of my dick. I looked down to see Bomb sucking me off! But I had no time to think of how crazy that was because I was cumming, I directed the stream to her nipples while Bomb continued to lick me. After I was done he moved down and cleaned off her breasts. Best orgasm I have ever had! I looked at her beautiful naked body. I won’t be able to stop this. As horrible as what I did just was, I know I’m going to come back again.

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