A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

“She is not really naked,” he said. “You see, she is wearing a ‘birthday suit’.”

The manager looked at him politely but unwavering.

“Yes, Signore. I understand. But, I am the manager, you see. That is what I am,” he paused. “And we cannot allow the Mademoiselle to continue to be here naked. I would really not like, Signore, to report this to the authorities.”

He turned again to Mandy.

“Mademoiselle, please follow me.”

Both Mandy and Sven stood up. He signaled both of them to accompany him towards the ski lodge. As they walked towards the lodge, all the people on the deck, and those waiting to ski, watched Mandy pass by. They saw the girl in her new “birthday suit” walk clumsily in her ski boots. As she passed, her nipples pointed upwards and her tight ass was on clear display. All the while, the dildo buzzed happily within her and the invisible nipple suctions pulsated away.

As such, they walked slowly into the lodge following the manager. The ski boots greatly impeded their movements. The lodge was filled with over 50 people sitting on long benches drinking hot chocolates and other warm drinks. The commotion of so many people suddenly dropped to a low dull noise as Mandy walked into the lodge, seemingly completely naked.

To reach the manager’s office, they would need to traverse the large dining hall, walk by the chimney with its roaring fire surrounded by many people warming their hands, and then walk past the long line of people buying food. In this manner, all eyes were on her as she passed through the lodge, following the manager with Sven just behind her.


They arrived at the manager’s office and entered.

The manager went behind his desk. He turned to them and motioned them to sit down in two chairs positioned directly in front of him.

“My name is Francois,” he said politely.

The situation seemed surreal. Sven was in his ski outfit, while Mandy sat there apparently naked with her breasts and nipples in plain view.

“I’m Sven and this is Mandy.”

Francois bowed his head reverently with the introduction.

“So, we need to find some clothes for Mademoiselle Mandy,” he said.

“No, you don’t understand,” Sven said as if revealing something obvious. “You see, this is her ‘birthday suit’.”

He realized the absurd manner of explaining the situation and started again.

“I mean, she is wearing a new ski suit that I bought her for her birthday.”

Francois continued to look at him incredulously, and then at her.

“You see, it is a new type of ski suit that adapts to the body. However, we didn’t know that it would become transparent.”

He turned to Mandy and touched her arm and then her breasts.

“If you touch her, you will see that there is a type of rubbery fabric covering her,” he said as if offering a sampling to the manager. “Really. I am serious. Please come here and feel her.”


Francois was a nice professional man and didn’t have any intention of taking advantage of Mandy. However, he did find her incredibly beautiful and sexy. He couldn’t deny that seeing her naked had made his cock hard. Now when Sven said he could touch her, it was something he simply couldn’t refuse. He had no idea where this was going, but he was willing to play along.

He reached across his desk and touched her arm.

“Yes, you are right. It feels like rubbery latex paint,” he said amazed.

Mandy felt like an object. She looked at Sven with some amount of anger. However, her body betrayed her. The dildo continued humming within her and the suction cups occasionally sucked on her nipples. Thus, she was so aroused that there was a disconnection between her rational thinking and her desires.

“And look,” Sven said, touching her breasts. “Even though it looks like she is naked, it is because the suit hugs her body so tightly. But, you can make out the seam along her back and crotch and underneath her breasts. Come here and see for yourself.”

“Sven!” Mandy protested.

“Mandy,” he whispered as Francois was busy getting up from the desk. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?”

She bit her lower lip.


Sven smiled, realizing that this was consent on her part. They could continue this game.


Sven stood up and took Mandy’s hand, helping her stand up.

Francois was now standing in front of them. His hard cock was now visible underneath his jeans.

Sven lifted Mandy’s arms. “See, touch her breasts and then rub underneath and you will see there is a very thin seam. Also, you will notice that there are suction cups on her nipples.”

Mandy couldn’t believe what was happening. How could she let Sven show her body like this to a complete stranger? Just hours before, she was embarrassed to get naked in front of him, and now she was showing her naked aroused body to this stranger with a hardon underneath his jeans.

Francois felt Mandy’s breasts. At first, he only rubbed his hands gently to feel the seam as Sven had suggested. But then, he took her breasts and squeezed them. Mandy was mortified, but at the same time, she was more aroused than in her entire life.

“Yes, you are right. This is incredible. There is an invisible seam under her breasts,” Francois confirmed.

Instead of stopping there, however, he seemed unable to control himself and continued to rub her breasts and flick her nipples.

Mandy suddenly jumped. As Francois rubbed her nipples, the suit’s dildo, still lodged inside her, began to vibrate faster. It was as if the ski suit knew that she was becoming more aroused. Or perhaps, it knew that her body was being touched. As a result, the energy that Francois was applying to her breasts was converted into more energy for the dildo.

“Oh!” she moaned. “That feels so good.”

Sven felt encouraged. Francois now had realized Mandy was not simply naked but was wearing her ‘birthday suit’. He turned Mandy around.

“Look, Francois,” pointing to the crease of her ass. “There is another seam here. Come here and feel this. It is right here.”

Francois did as Sven instructed. He rubbed his fingers between Mandy’s ass. He could just make out the seam of the birthday suit that Sven described. Even though it felt like rubbery paint, he still could feel all the details of her body.

As Francois moved his fingers between the crease of her ass, his fingers touched the back of her pussy. Now the vibrator inside of Mandy started to move wildly, gyrating as before within her abdomen and buzzing at a very high frequency. Mandy did all she could to hold her balance.

“What is happening to her?” Francois asked Sven, very concerned at her sudden reaction.

“That is something else that is just unbelievable about this suit. It has its own dildo that becomes larger and responds to her ‘birthday suit’ being touched.”

“You are kidding me! This is scientifically impossible.”

Sven didn’t want to embarrass Mandy any more than she already was, but he felt compelled to show Francois.

“Feel her lower tummy,” he said. “You will see what I mean.”

Francois touched her tummy. Immediately, he felt the dildo inside her gyrating in circles, periodically making her tummy bulge.

“This is incredible,” Francois said and began to whisper to himself in French. “Magnifique!”

Mandy moaned as the vibrator made her lose all notion of the present situation.

Francois couldn’t help himself and his hands slipped down and touched her bare mound. He slipped a finger between her legs. The suit molded perfectly to her labia, but he could tell that it was then covered. He felt the hard transparent dildo buzzing inside her and blocking her entrance.

“You see what I mean?” Sven asked.

“Yes. Magnifique,” Francois continued to say in awe.

“Now do you believe us?”

“Yes. Of course!” he said, realizing that he was still rubbing Mandy’s labia while touching her breasts.

When he realized what he was doing he suddenly stopped, as if aware and worrying that he had overstepped his “professional inspection”.

Francois looked at Mandy, “I am sorry, Mademoiselle Mandy.”

She smiled. “It’s ok. Really. I understand.”

He breathed a sigh of relief.

“I liked when you touched me there,” Mandy said to put him at ease and smiled.


Francois looked at Sven, once again trying to take on his managerial role. He returned to a procedural demeanor.

“So, Signore, what shall we do? The Mademoiselle is clearly wearing her birthday suit. There is no question about that. But, of course, even with this magnificent suit, we cannot have her like this in front of the other guests.”

“Yes,” Seven said. “I see. Well, what do you propose?”

They were both at a loss. Mandy was not paying any attention. Her mind was focused on the impending orgasm that would overtake her at any moment.

Suddenly, Sven had an idea that seemed to at least break the immediate creative impasse.

“Well, there is one thing we can do while we think about the general problem.”

“Oh yes? What is it?” responded Francois.

“Mandy has not received her spanking for her birthday. Perhaps we could each give her a good-luck spanking. She is 21 today.”

Francois’ cock suddenly twitched again.


Chapter 7: 21 Birthday Strokes


Mandy had been sitting in the chair during this last part of the conversation. She did all she could to focus on her tremendous arousal. Her concentration was on wanting to have an orgasm. She wanted to masturbate, but she couldn’t do that here in front of these men. The vibrating dildo and suction cups were driving her mad and edging her beyond all belief.


She was startled out of her state of orgasm denial.

“Uhm, yes Sven?” she paused, sitting up. “I’m sorry.”

“While we think of a solution to the immediate problem, Francois wants me to give you a proper birthday spanking.”

Mandy’s eyes became wide.


“Yes. C’mon it will be fun. Besides, birthday spankings always bring good luck!”

Mandy looked at him incredulously, however, her body once again betrayed her. She felt a sudden twitch of her nipples. The suit seemed to sense her increased arousal, and it put the dildo once again into overdrive!


“Mandy, stand up and turn around!” Sven commanded.

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