A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Finally, the blue-haired girl lowered herself down onto Mandy’s mouth. In a motion, she rubbed her labia over Mandy’s nose and then down on her mouth.

As the blue-haired girl ran her pussy over Mandy’s face, nose, and mouth, they all chanted, “One!…”

Just then, the egg inside her pussy came to life with a sudden vibration. It shook the inside of her abdomen as if she had been jolted with electricity.

She waited a few moments, and during that time, the egg stopped vibrating.

Then, they all shouted, “Two…”

The blue-haired girl once again rubbed her pussy slowly over Mandy’s face, starting from her forehead, running down her nose, and then finally on her mouth. When she began the long slow stroke of her pussy over Mandy’s face, the egg once again started to vibrate wildly inside Mandy’s womanhood, sending shocks throughout her abdomen.

Each time the girl’s pussy rubbed all over Mandy’s face, she covered her in her female juice. The girl’s smell was strong and pungent as if she had just urinated. But, this only aroused Mandy even more.

This process continued until the 21st lick. Then, the braided-haired girl took the blue-haired girl’s place and the process started all over again.


Just like the blue-haired girl, the braided-haired girl rubbed her pussy slowly over Mandy’s face. However, she was far more vocal and was already at the point of orgasm.

“Mhm…” she sighed as she felt Mandy’s tongue begin to lick her wet pussy. She seemed accustomed to having another woman do this!

“Oooh, yes, lick me, oh yes! Lick me, you little sexy pet! You are so beautiful and sexy…” she moaned as Mandy found her clit and swirled her tongue around it.


“Oh damn, I could fall in love with you, Mandy. That feels so good,” the braided-haired girl moaned, pressing Mandy’s mouth firmly onto her pussy.

Mandy flicked her tongue over the girl’s clit while her hands and legs were bound.

Finally, towards the end of Mandy’s “birthday licking”, the braided-hair girl was at the point of orgasm.


“Gosh, I’m coming!” she screamed as her cunt erupted and a long steady stream of her juices splattered all over Mandy’s face and into her mouth.


When the braided-haired girl orgasmed, Mandy felt her own shattering orgasm overtake her. The combination of the egg buzzing inside her, someone rubbing her clitoris, and the girl squirting all over her face was too much. Wave after wave of shocks rippled through her body.

At that moment, all three of them wished her a Happy Birthday. While she was still bound, they took turns kissing her on her mouth.


It was time for the girls to leave. Mandy was still naked, although they had removed her ankle and wrist cuffs. She and Sven accompanied them to the door.

“Thank you so much for the impromptu birthday party,” Mandy said to the two girls.

Of course, it was an understatement to call this a birthday party. It was the most sexual moment of Mandy’s life — sex with two girls and her boyfriend at the same time.

“Thank you,” the blue-haired girl said. “We had been looking forward to this for a while.”

This last comment caught Mandy by surprise. What could she have meant by that? But, it was so late and she was so tired, maybe she heard her wrong.

They said good night and the girls left. Mandy and Sven were finally once again alone in their hotel room.


Sven took Mandy’s thin naked body in his arms.

“Mandy, I hope you had the best 21st birthday possible.”

She smiled and hugged him tightly, resting her cheek against his large chest.

“I did. It was very embarrassing in my “birthday suit” at times, but definitely, one that I will never forget.”

They hugged.



“What did the blue-haired girl mean?”


“She said that she had been looking forward to my birthday.”

“Did she?”

“Tell me, Sven.”

“Ok. Mandy. I will tell you. You must promise not to be angry or to become sad.”

He went and retrieved another package. It was another gift box. The box was elegant and black. It seemed to be from an expensive store.

“This is for you from a dear friend of yours.”

Mandy was perplexed. Who could her “dear friend” possibly be? Then, she felt a sudden pang. “It couldn’t be?”

She opened the box. Inside, the contents were covered by tissue paper, but on top of the paper, there was a letter. On the envelope, the writing said:

“To my dear Mandy.”

Mandy’s heart sank. She had a premonition. But, how could it be?

She opened it. Her hands were shaking.

“Dear Mandy, I am sorry that I can’t be with you on your 21st birthday. You can’t imagine how much I would have liked to. But, you know how this is just impossible now. Since I cannot be there, I have tried to do the next best thing. The blue-haired girl was supposed to be me. And the other girl represented Bela. They are my friends and agreed to do this for me. It was more than sex. They are good people and when you think of what happened, I hope you think that you made love to me just one last time.

You are now grown and it is time for you to be set free. I am sure you will find happiness that has been so elusive in your life.

Also, I hope you like the gift that I am giving you. I once told you that you were my pet. And you were. It was your biggest fantasy. Now, I am setting you free.

From this point, you can be the sexual pet of anyone you wish.

I will love you always, Emma.”


A tear fell from Mandy’s eyes and she looked up at Sven in disbelief.

“You knew all along about the girls?”


“But, … how?”

“Don’t be angry. She wanted to set you free. And, she wanted you to have a remarkable 21st birthday. She planned all of it. I only helped with the execution of the trip.”

He paused, “And, I really love you.”

She leaned and kissed him.

“How did you know about Emma?”

“She contacted me. Before… well, before,” he couldn’t get himself to say the word. It didn’t need to be said.

“She loved you very much, Mandy. She told me that.”

Mandy’s eyes turned red and she began to cry.

“Don’t cry. She wanted you to be happy. Especially today.”

He caught the large tear that fell from her eye.

“Besides, you still haven’t opened her gift.”

Mandy peeled back the tissue paper. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her nipples immediately became hard despite the sadness that had overtaken her.

A smile managed to come to her face.

It was a collar and a leash. The tag had a simple engraving: “Mandy. A Pet to ….”

There was another note underneath the black collar. It said:

“To be worn always, especially with your ‘birthday suit’.”

——— THE END ————————-

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