A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Never in her life could she imagine that she would be able to endure taking a cock like this so deep down her throat. Sven still had his hands on her head and now moved her back and forth fucking her mouth and throat. He slammed brutally into her, and she continued taking his masculinity completely in her new love canal. It was like a second vagina. Mandy was impaled on his cock and saliva collected in her mouth.

Each time he pushed his cock fully into her mouth, her throat would tighten around it, gripping it so much that Mandy couldn’t even breathe. But the sensation for Sven was unworldly. It was as if his cock was being squeezed by her tight skinny throat.

The moment was so carnal and raw. They never made love like this. Maybe it was the power of the ‘birthday suit’. His throbbing shaft twitched inside her throat.

But, he wanted her throat to squeeze his cock even more. He also wanted to feel his cock enter her new tight love canal. He grabbed her skinny delicate throat with his large hand and began to squeeze. In doing so, he felt his cock clenched even more. While he gripped her throat, he could feel his cock moving back and forth inside. He continued to squeeze even tighter. Mandy’s life was in his hands.

Her eyes widened under his forceful hand. She felt that he would choke the life out of her, but for some reason being fucked like this so forcefully and brutally had made her more excited than any other moment in her life. She felt so submissive.

She continued to willingly suck on his cock, even though in reality she had no choice. The rhythm increased with which he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Mandy felt that she hadn’t been able to breathe for so long. At any moment, she would pass out.

Sven returned to holding her head with both hands while he fucked her oral cavity faster and faster. She knew that he would cum at any moment.

Suddenly, his body became completely tense and Mandy felt his cum explode deep down her throat. His body jerked several times, as she felt the huge warm spurts splash her insides. He had produced so much cum, that her small stomach had become filled.

They remained with Sven’s cock still lodged deep in her throat for a few moments as he recuperated. Her lips were at the base of his cock and she moved slightly to kiss his balls. She could sense his cock becoming softer in her throat and he slowly dislodged it and pulled it out of her mouth.

He looked down at her and smiled. Mandy took several deep breaths and then looked up at him.

“That was amazing, Mandy.”

“I love you, Sven,” she said. In a moment of self-doubt, she asked. “I hope you don’t think that I am a slut. Do you?”

“No, Mandy. You are the sexiest woman that I have ever known.”

Still kneeling on the floor, she put her hands around his waist, pressed her face against his tummy, and hugged him.

“You are now my little pet,” he whispered.

Hearing this, she hugged him tighter.


In this intimate moment, there was a knock on the door to their room.

“Knock, Knock!”

“Coming,” Sven yelled as he walked over naked to answer the door.

“Sven, wait! I’m not dressed and need to shower! ”


Chapter 10: Birthday girl receives 21 licks


Sven had quickly picked up the towel from the floor and draped it around his waist. He then walked towards the door. Mandy didn’t have enough time to find something to wrap around her. She began rummaging through the closet since her protests to Sven were to no avail.

“Oh, hi,” she heard Sven say to whoever was at the door. “Please, come in.”

Mandy couldn’t believe this was happening. How could Sven invite strangers into the room, while she was still naked and with his cum still smeared all over her mouth? However, it had transpired so quickly, that Mandy didn’t have enough time to ponder it so profoundly.

The next moment she knew, the two girls from the gondola were standing in front of her in their hotel room. Mandy was completely naked and her boyfriend, Sven, only had a towel around his waist.

“Well, you are once again in your ‘birthday suit’?” the blue-haired girl said with a grin.

“No. This time she is naked!” Sven interjected, jubilantly.

If the situation were not so embarrassing, it would have been comical for the play on words. However, Mandy was in no mood for semantic theatrics. Instead, she glanced toward Sven and gave him a stern look.

“We brought you a birthday present,” the girl with the braids said, holding up a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne.

Sven proceeded to uncork the Champagne. After the large “pop”, he quickly poured the bubbly contents into four Champagne glasses that the girls had also brought to the room.

“To the birthday girl!” the three of them said, raising their glasses. “And to her ‘birthday suit’!”

Mandy in her “real” birthday suit, and still with small drops of Sven’s cum on her chest and torso, forgot about her embarrassment, raised her glass, and took a sip to participate in the toast.

They stood around the room and talked about the day on the slopes. Mandy showed them the “birthday suit” that Sven bought her. And they continued to drink more Champagne.

“It is an amazing birthday suit,” the blue-haired girl said looking intently into Mandy’s eyes. “Your birthday suit is so sexy and I loved you in it.”

Mandy blushed. With the Champagne, she felt that she was with Emma. Her nipples became hard, and the blue-haired girl didn’t fail to notice.


“As is customary,” the blue-haired girl said, “The birthday girl should receive 21 slaps!”

“Oh!, she was already slapped,” Sven interjected. “Maybe we can give her something else?”

“What about 21 licks?” the girl with the braids said, giggling.

“Perfect! That is a great idea!” Sven said. “But, she would have to receive and give as well!”

Mandy could not believe that this was happening. However, with two glasses of Champagne and all that happened during the day, her inhibitions were far lower than usual.

“Mandy, have you licked a pussy?” the blue-haired girl asked.

She seemed to be in the spotlight. She didn’t want to admit the truth in front of Sven so she shook her head. It was obvious to see that she was hiding something.

The blue-haired girl stepped behind Mandy, put her arms around her torso, grabbed her breasts, and with her thumbs and forefingers pulled her nipples hard until her breasts separated and lifted from her chest.

“Ouch!” Mandy yelped. “That hurts.”

“Shh… my little birthday pet,” the blue-haired girl said.

At that moment, the girl in braids came in front of Mandy, kneeled on the floor, and started to kiss her bare mound. The mixture of simultaneous pain and pleasure was so exquisite, that Mandy let herself be taken.

The braided-hair girl lifted one of Mandy’s legs so that she could fit her head within and suck on Mandy’s large clit.

“Your clit is like a penis,” the girl said in amazement. “Gosh, it is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

She put it between her young lips and sucked on it and flicked it with her tongue. Then, she ran her tongue along Mandy’s slit, tasting her flowing juices.

While the girl licked her pussy, the blue-haired girl continued to pinch and pull her nipples. She also kissed the back of Mandy’s neck and behind her ears. Pain, pleasure, and now the sensation of small tickles were driving her mad and she got goosebumps.

After several moments, they moved her toward the bed.

“Let’s get the birthday girl on her back and give her the 21 licks,” the blue-haired girl said.

When Mandy was on the bed, the braided-hair girl seemed to disappear for a moment but then returned with a fancy red bag from a shop.

“We bought you some other gifts,” they said to Mandy.

On her back, even in her state, she wondered how the girls knew ahead of time that it was her birthday. “Did they have enough time after skiing to go to town and buy her gifts?”

The braided-hair girl reached into the bag and pulled out the contents. She showed them to Mandy still lying on her back on the bed.

“Do you like your presents?”

They were hand and ankle cuffs that could be fastened together.

They distributed the cuffs amongst the three of them and proceeded to attach them to Mandy. In seconds, Mandy’s ankles and wrists were cuffed and attached together, forcing her legs up and her legs spread out.

“You are so beautiful like this,” Sven said, looking down at her. “Now, our birthday pet will receive 21 licks from each of us, and then she will have to give 21 licks to the both of you!”

Sven started. He pulled her body to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor. Her pussy was completely exposed and she couldn’t move or protect herself since she was fastened like that. He started to lick her, running his tongue from her small pink anus to her penis-like clit.

“One!….,” they all chanted.

“Two…,” they counted.

This continued until all three had finished licking Mandy. Each had given her 21 licks.

“And now, the birthday girl has to give 21 licks to her new friends,” Sven said.

Mandy was in a complete daze of sexual lust. She could no longer hide her lesbian tendency in front of Sven. She really wanted to lick the two girls.

But, being fastened, “how could she do it?” she thought.

She didn’t need to think too long about this. Suddenly, the blue-haired girl had straddled Mandy’s face. Mandy looked up and the girl’s hairy pussy, also tinted blue, was right in front of her nose.

Her smell was strong. She smelled a bit like unwashed pee and a musky woman odor of arousal. To Mandy, it was intoxicating. The girl teased her. She moved back and forth, but out of Mandy’s reach. Whenever Mandy tried to lick her, she moved her pussy out of reach.

“You want to taste my cunt, don’t you, my little birthday pet?” the girl mocked her.

Mandy’s frustrated attempts only made the blue-haired girl tease her more.

At that moment, Mandy felt something enter her pussy. Someone had inserted an egg into her depths. At first, she was startled, but her pussy was so slippery that with some effort, her vagina yielded and accepted it deep within her.

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