A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Emma kissed Mandy tenderly and repeatedly on her cheek, as she caressed the side of her face and pushed her hair behind her small delicate elvish ears.

“You are very pretty,” she would whisper.

Then, she kissed Mandy on the mouth. It was the first time that Mandy ever kissed another girl. First, they were small short kisses — as if “staccato”. Each like a small moist touch.

She stopped. Emma looked into her eyes to gauge Mandy’s response. At first, it was an intense gaze, Mandy’s eyes moved nervously back and forth, and then she giggled.

She liked it. She moved in and now it was her that kissed Emma. This time the kiss became passionate, their full youthful lips that seemed like soft pillows pressed together, opening, and allowing their tongues to dance together.

Emma brought Mandy towards her and put her arms around her thin waist. The bath towel covering Mandy’s naked body became undone and fell to the floor around her ankles. Mandy blushed and made a move to retrieve the towel.

“Leave it. It is ok. I like you naked like this,” Emma whispered, kissing her on the mouth.

She then stepped back towards the edge of her bed, bringing Mandy with her still in their embrace. She sat down while Mandy remained standing naked. Emma’s face was at the height of Mandy’s flat tummy and she kissed her belly button. She planted thousands of small kisses on her smooth tummy and moved down towards her mound.

Mandy’s large clit was hard and looked like a small penis sticking out from her labia. Even when she was not aroused it was visible with her small amount of pubic hair, but now that she was excited, it hung like a small cock. At any other moment in her life, she never let anyone analyze so closely her “deformity”.

“I think you are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen,” Emma said.

“No. I am ugly and don’t have any shape. My body seems like it will never turn into that of a woman’s. And, with this stupid thing!” she says looking down.

“Don’t be silly, Mandy. You are the sexiest girl in the whole school. The other girls are jealous of you. That’s why they make fun of you.”

Emma continued to kiss down her tummy. At the same time, she rubbed her hands over her bum, slipping her fingers between her asscheeks and touching the back of her pussy. A burning desire went deep into Mandy’s abdomen and she moaned softly. Thousands of impulses ran through her entire body in a way that she never experienced before. She wanted Emma to touch her.

Emma ran her finger over Mandy’s sparse pubic hair. She quickly got on her knees, spread Mandy’s thighs even further, and looked at her clit. She took it between her fingers and stroked it gently.

Mandy wanted to feel her tongue between her thighs. She felt the longing twitch and pushed her lower body further towards her. Emma gently rubbed her fingers over her moist lips and then over her protruding clit. This made Mandy gasp and push toward her.

Emma moved in and explored her velvety skin. Extremely slowly, she ran her tongue over her clitoris, over the thin line of her whispy sandy-blonde pubic hair. She then took Mandy’s long clit between her mouth and sucked, swirling her tongue over its tip. At the same time, she slid a finger down her wet slit. Moaning, Mandy pushed her hips towards Emma, grabbing her head to bring it closer so that her tongue would apply more pressure to her clit.

Finally, Emma pushed up one of Mandy’s legs, putting her mouth fully over her wet pussy, tasting every drop of her pleasure. She licked her womanhood over and over again as if she couldn’t get enough of the juice it produced. The feeling was so intense that Mandy threw back her head, and gave herself completely to Emma.


Mandy was transported in her mind to another moment. It was the end of Spring.

“C’mon, Mandy, let’s escape this morning to sit by the pond in Adam’s Farm,” she said, grabbing Mandy’s hand.

“Emma, we can’t. We’ll get in trouble!”

“Don’t worry. We will say that it was my fault,” she smiled, caressing her face. “Besides, I want to be alone with you.”

“But, the Reverend Mother will castigate us!”

“I don’t care. I need to spend time with you alone. I need it for my soul.”

Mandy melted. She couldn’t resist anything that Emma wanted from her. She would obey and go to the end of the world with her.

They were lying in the high grass of the field, looking up into the endless sky. They had removed their uniforms and lay naked together side by side.

“It seems so vast,” Mandy whispered, as she watched the large puffy clouds roll by.

“As vast as love,” Emma answered dreamily.

Emma reached for Mandy’s hand. They stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity but disappeared like an echo. They watched the warm Spring clouds change shape, interacting with their fantasies.

“Do you love me, Emma?”

Emma turned and looked into Mandy’s eyes. She didn’t answer. Instead, she tucked the small daisy, which she had been twirling between her fingers, behind Mandy’s ear.

“You look so pretty with this in your hair,” and she leaned over and kissed Mandy on the lips, touching Mandy’s flat breasts.

Their lips were as puffy as the clouds. They wanted to grab hold of such innocence forever and never let it go. However, each knew that despite all effort, one cannot hold on to a cloud for more than an instant.

“Yes,” Emma said to Mandy, looking deeply into her eyes. “More than anything in the world.”

Mandy leaned up towards Emma’s lips and kissed her passionately.

The morning turned into afternoon. The two still lay there naked in the field next to the pond.

“What is your deepest fantasy, Mandy?”

“I am afraid to tell you.”

“You can tell me anything.”

“I want to be your pet. I want to always be with you and for you to protect and love me.”

Emma turned her head and they looked intensely into each other’s eyes. Emma looked at her with a deep sense of caring.

“I know, Mandy. You already are my pet. But, someday, you will need to be set free. Because that is what true love is all about.”

A tear fell from Mandy’s eye.


Chapter 4: The Birthday Suit responds


These memories had aroused Mandy while she sat watching the two girls kiss in the chair in front of them on the gondola.

“Sven,” she said.


“I feel something weird is happening to my suit,” she said. “It seems like it is shrinking by the second.”

“That’s impossible, suits don’t ….”

Just as he was beginning his next phrase, Mandy did start to notice that the suit did seem to become slightly tighter around her ankles and bottom legs. It wasn’t uncomfortable or restrictive, but she noticed ever so slightly that the fabric seemed to have contracted.

Then she noticed that the material continued to contract at places up her leg. Once again, it just seemed to hug her body more than before. Now it contracted along her back, her crotch, and torso. The fabric was becoming snug to her body everywhere. It wasn’t uncomfortable but with each passing moment, the suit seemed to shrink to the shape of her body as if it were a second skin.

“Sven, what is happening?”

“My God. It is adapting to your body. It is a new material, but I had no idea that this is what it does! They didn’t explain it like this in the store.”

After a few minutes, it had completely adapted to the form of her body. It followed the shape of her breasts so much that her nipples could be seen. It adapted to the crease of her bum, and the crease of her pussy.

After two more minutes, and as they were trapped within the gondola with these total strangers, Mandy’s suit had converted into what looked like body paint. It was as if she had a thin layer of paint but other than that was completely naked.

She looked down at herself. The suit was now stuck directly to her body. It was as if she was completely naked. She was not cold. But she was naked, except for the color.

The two couples didn’t appear to notice at this moment. The older couple was engrossed in the scenery, while two young girls were still locked in a sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. However, at this point, the form of Mandy’s pussy and breasts was on complete display.

“Sven, I am so embarrassed,” she said, trying to hide behind him.

After a few more moments, the color of the suit, which originally was a light mauve, had started to dissipate. It was as if the fabric or rubber, or whatever it was, had started to lose the tint and became transparent.

Now the suit, which first was like body paint, had become completely invisible. Even the outlines of the seams could barely be seen.

With each passing moment, her naked body underneath was becoming visible to everyone on the Gondola.

“Sven!”, she said frantically with a loud whisper. “What is happening?”

“I don’t know. They told me that it would become snug, but I didn’t know that it would be this snug! And transparent!”

She stood up and moved to the corner, bringing Sven with her. She tried to hide behind him, but they were in such a close space and now there was no way to cover herself. Sven’s ski suit was one-piece, so he couldn’t offer her a piece of his garment.

Good thing they were in a corner and Sven was hiding her from the other people in the gondola. But, at any moment they would realize and see her naked.

“Gosh, Sven, what am I going to do?”

Mandy felt something else. That small nub that was on the suit, that lodged up against her pussy, had now grown considerably. It had entered her pussy and felt like a six-inch dildo lodged into her.


“Yeah, Mandy?”

“There is something else.”


“I don’t know how to say this, but the suit is filling me down there.”

“What do you mean?”

“There was a small nub before, but now it has grown,” she said somewhat alarmed.

“How do you mean it has grown?”

“Sven, I am scared. It is filling me. It is like a large dildo and has entered me.”

“Are you serious?” Sven seemed pleasantly surprised, if not amused.

Just then, the nub that had turned into a full-fledged dildo began to vibrate. At the same time, the suction cups on her nipples also started to pulsate, as if milking and sucking on her breasts. The sudden sensation it caused sent shock waves through her body, and her legs involuntarily gave way. It was a good thing that she could hold on to the rails in the corner, that she used to support her weight, as the waves of pleasure began to overtake her.

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