A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

Mandy did as Sven instructed. She moved the papers to one side, lay back on Francois’s desk, and then bent her legs up so that the heels of her feet were on the edge of the desk. She tried to hide her sex with her hands and had her legs tightly closed together. In this position, the buzzing and gyrating dildo could be seen bulging and moving in her tummy.

“Oh Sven,” Mandy said completely lost in her sexual trance. “I want to orgasm so badly!”

Sven pulled her legs apart as if opening the petals of a flower. He moved in so that his mouth was on her sex and started to kiss her reddened labia. It still stung from the birthday slaps. Nonetheless, the fact that she was wearing the ‘birthday suit’ did absorb some of the pain from the slaps. Also, she wished she didn’t have the suit on so that she would be able to feel Sven’s tongue better.

Francois watched Sven. He rubbed his bulge pushing against his tight jeans. This was entirely unprofessional, but he couldn’t control himself watching this sexual scene unfold.

At one point, while Sven was busy licking and rubbing Mandy’s pussy and Mandy was in utter ecstasy with her eyes closed, Francois undid his zipper and started to stroke his cock. He could not take his eyes off the scene that was unfolding in front of him. He had been so excited that after only a few strokes, he started to shoot loads of his cum into the air.

Meanwhile, Sven rubbed his fingers between her pussy lips rubbing back and forth. Each time, he applied more pressure. He stroked back and forth.

Mandy wanted his fingers inside her. But, with the suit and the dildo buzzing inside her, it was impossible. Nonetheless, she wanted to arch her hips at a different angle to make his fingers slip inside. She remembered that the suit wouldn’t allow that.

“Sven, you are driving me crazy!

He pushed one of his fingers along the outside of her entrance while he still applied pressure on her anus with his thumb. She felt her orgasm approach. It was like a wave that started deep within her. It was a tension that would break at any moment.

All of a sudden, she shuddered and collapsed. She exploded in a flower of needles that pricked every pore of her body. The avalanche of orgasm shook her. Wave after wave rolled over her.

She suddenly felt numb from the pounding of her orgasm, and she felt a different sensation. The dildo was not in her pussy. She realized it was against her buttocks and small anus. It entered her and began to rotate again and again. She gasped.

“What is happening now?” she thought.

Involuntarily, she clenched the muscles of her ass to try and stop its penetration. A tingling burn shot through her and exploded in her breasts. This repeated continuously as the “birthday suit” continued to ravage every hole of her body. With the movement and deeper penetration of the dildo in her anus, the tingling of her prolonged orgasm spread over her entire body without letting up. In fact, she felt that the sensation only increased.

Mandy had another orgasm. This time was very different from the first. She continued to shudder with aftershocks for many minutes afterward.


After a while, Mandy finally stirred. Sven helped her get up from her lying position across her desk.

“Ouch!” she said as her bum settled down on the chair.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes. A little bit. It stings, especially between my legs.”

They looked into each other’s eyes and laughed.


After her orgasm, the suit slowly started to become opaque and returned to the way it was previously. It loosened up and didn’t hug her body. With each passing moment, the suit became a regular ski suit.

“So now we know how this ‘birthday suit’ works.”

“We better take advantage of the moment and ski down the mountain,” Sven said.


“Mandy here is sure to get turned on again soon.”

They thanked Francois for his “help” in resolving the complicated matter and left his office to head for the descent down to the base lodge. Hopefully, Mandy would not get turned on prior to arriving at the bottom of the mountain.

But, with Mandy and such sexual arousals, one could never be too sure.


Chapter 9: Down the slopes and then hers


As Mandy and Sven left Francois’ office and the ski lodge, they encountered the two girls from the gondola drinking hot chocolate on the lodge deck. As they passed clumsily in their ski boots, they made a gesture to greet them.

“Found your ski suit?” the blue-haired girl said, slightly amused.

Mandy blushed. “Yeah,” was all she could muster.

She didn’t want to talk about the suit again and get excited. At this point, she just wanted to ski, and hoped her birthday suit would not act up!

As they descended the wooden steps of the deck to fetch their skis, the blue-haired girl yelled out to them, “See you later today!”

Mandy was mortified that they really had the intention of meeting them back at the hotel.


The afternoon finally progressed as any other normal ski vacation. Fortunately, Mandy’s birthday suit did not turn on her and acted like a normal ski suit. She was relieved! Finally, she felt that they could enjoy their time on the slopes. In fact, they had ascended and descended the mountain two other times during the day.

After a day of skiing, they returned to their room at the hotel. Mandy’s ski suit was such that she could take it off without heating it up again with the hairdryer, as indicated in the instructions, but sufficiently tight that it required some effort.

“I will take a shower first,” Sven advertised. “That way you have time to remove your suit.”

With great effort, Mandy finally removed the tight-fitting suit entirely. She stood naked and put it on a hanger. Examining its incredibly small size and thin fabric, she was amazed that this mere garment could have kept her warm.

She also grinned. “How could this crazy suit cause her so much embarrassment as well as turn her on so much?”

She felt the small “nub” in the crotch area. “This is impossible!” she thought. “How could this tiny rubber bump turn into a dildo?”

At that moment, she began to doubt whether all that happened somehow had been invented in her mind. Maybe she fell asleep on the gondola ride.

“Oh my gosh!” she became slightly frantic. “Imagine if all that was invented and didn’t happen. Am I going mad?”

At once she thought about asking Sven. She was just about to enter the bathroom to ask him, but then thought, “If it was my dream, he would think that I am crazy!” She decided against it. The best option was not to talk about it.


“Your turn,” Sven said, emerging from the shower with only a towel covering himself.

Mandy was still naked in the middle of the room. She still had been arranging their clothing in the closet. Upon seeing her like this, Sven’s cock immediately became hard, creating a large bulge in the towel.

She turned around when he emerged. She saw how his erect cock lifted the draping towel like a tent.

“Naughty boy!”

“Mmm, it’s your fault,” he said, approaching her and putting his arms around her.

“Stop, Sven or we will never finish!”

“What’s the rush?”

Sven moved his hands down to her bum, between her ass, and rubbed a finger against her anus and then the back of her pussy.

“C’mon Sven, I want to shower!” she half-heartedly protested.

Sven let the bath towel fall to the floor. Now his cock pressed against her smooth tummy. It was impossible for her to resist. The sensation of his hard cock against her body made her nipples hard.

“How about if we just play for a little while.”


He looked into her eyes and applied pressure to her shoulders, signaling what he wanted her to do. She looked down at his cock between their naked bodies, and then up into his eyes. He didn’t need to say anything.

She obeyed. She wanted to please him.

She sank down to her knees. She kissed the side of his cock, tilting her head, and kissed around the long thick shaft.

“Mandy, my little pet,” he gasped. “Open your mouth and put it in.”

She was shocked! “How did he know?” she wondered. “How come all of a sudden he called her his little pet?”

As he commanded her, she took the head of his cock between her pouty lips of her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Sven groaned in approval and delight. As Mandy did this, she slipped a hand between her legs and her clit was already hard as a small penis. She rubbed it back and forth, using her slippery female juice as lubrication.

Sven pushed forward so that she would take more of his cock into her mouth. She felt as though it was getting bigger and harder each moment. He took Mandy’s head with both hands and pushed his member deeper into her mouth until it seemed to stop. Lost in the moment, he continued to push. He knew that the next step would be to ram it down her throat.

They had never done it this “hard” before. It was as if they were entering new territory.

He continued to push and she suddenly had a gag reflex and stopped, pulling away. She coughed and her eyes were filled with water.

“Are you ok, Mandy?”

For a few moments, she couldn’t stop coughing. Sven bent down and kissed her on her forehead soothingly.

“I’m sorry, Mandy. We can stop.”

“No,” she blurted out. “I’m ok,” she reassured him and rapidly took his cock into her mouth again.

She stopped for a moment. She looked up into his eyes and whispered in a low voice, “Try and force it down my throat. I want you to do it. Please, Sven.”

Hearing her say this made him filled with more sexual desire than he had in his entire life.

Mandy started once again to suck on his cock, moving her head forward as far as it could go. Sven once again took her head in both his hands and now pushed with greater force. When his member reached the back of her mouth and at the entrance of her throat, he once again seemed to stop. Even though her lips encircled his shaft tightly, it didn’t seem that it would go any deeper.

This time, however, Mandy adjusted the angle of her mouth, and all of a sudden, Sven’s huge cock quickly pushed through the impasse, suddenly moving deeper down her throat. Like this, Mandy didn’t have a gag reflex. It was as if she learned how to open her throat to him and it was another sexual organ. Her throat had become another love canal to receive his cock. She engulfed his entire cock down her throat until her lips were kissing the base of his cock and his balls.

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