A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods


Chapter 2: A Gondola to Heavenly Delights


They were in the queue to get the next Gondola. The gondolas were mostly glass, and the skiis were fastened on the outside. These were Gondolas for 6 people, so they expected that they would enter with the older couple and the two girls that were behind them.

“Watch your step,” the attendant said as he helped Mandy onto the Gondola.

“Thanks,” she said as they moved in and waited for the next couple to enter.

When they were inside, the doors to the Gondola closed, and it began to make its long journey toward the summit of the snow-covered mountain.

They smiled at the two couples and greeted them. However, for the most part, the two couples carried on their own separate conversation as they looked at the spectacular views offered at this height.


As the gondola made its ascent to the icy summit, Mandy peered out the window. In the distance, the mountain peaks towered above them on all sides. All the peaks were snow-covered and they glistened in the mid-morning sun, which tried to warm the cold air.

She pressed her forehead against the glass to look downwards some 30 meters towards the snow-covered slopes beneath them. Her warm breath made the window fog in a small circular spot.

“Oh, Sven, it is so pretty here!” she said. “This is the best birthday present I could ever have.”

She glanced at him and smiled, revealing her cute dimples and beautiful white teeth. A wisp of her hair covered her left eye. In what was an involuntary mannerism after so many years, she tucked it up over her delicate ear, only for it to partially fall out again.

Sven put his arm on her thin shoulders. He noticed that the suit seemed to hug her body with the passing moments. He was impressed with how well the suit fit her. While she looked outside, he glanced down and admired the back of her sexy body. The suit hugged her bottom so much that he could see the crease of her ass. His cock twitched.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said, thinking about how he would like to have her naked.

She breathed again on the glass, this time purposefully. The condensation was more pronounced and she proceeded to sketch the shape of a heart with her index finger. Within the outline of the heart, she wrote “M+S”.

Still looking at her artistic masterpiece, framed some 30 meters above the snowy mountain, she became lost in her daydream.

“Do you ‘really’ love me, Sven?”

“Yeah, Mandy. I do.”

It made her feel warm inside. She didn’t know why, but she needed to hear it. She wondered if sometimes Sven thought she was just a silly girl. With his reassurance, she felt content and giddy like a schoolgirl who had fallen in love for the first time.

“Me too.”

He moved his hand down from her shoulder, tracing her spine, and then to her bum. He rubbed her ass cheeks, then he slipped his hand between her legs.

Mandy jerked around quickly, and pushed his hand away, trying not to be conspicuous.

“Sven!,” she whispered with a cringed brow, but with a grin. “Stop that! Not here in front of these people.”

“Oh come on, they are not watching. They’re too busy looking at the mountain,” he whispered into her ear.

He moved behind her so as to block the view of how he was touching her. He returned his hand between her legs. His fingers rubbed back and forth. Even though the fabric of the ski suit was thin, she still wished that he was rubbing her bare pussy. Nonetheless, the pressure felt good and she was becoming aroused.

This was crazy. They were in a small gondola with four other people, and Sven was touching her between her legs, only hidden by his large body blocking their view of what he was doing.

She tried with all her might to not react. However, she had to feel his cock. She reached behind her and rubbed her hand over his crotch. He was rock-hard. She felt her nipples become stiff and she felt a twitching in her abdomen.

He continued to rub her.

“Sven,” she whispered. “Stop. You are making me so turned on. Not here!”.

She moved to make him stop. If not, she would not be able to control herself.

She turned around and sat in the chair next to them and facing the two other couples. Sven then sat down beside her. The other two couples had also been standing looking out the window, but almost at the same time had also decided to sit for the rest of the trip.

Between the couples, they exchanged pleasant gestures but did not speak.


Chapter 3: The girls from Saint Andrew’s School


The two girls talked quietly. They were Mandy’s age or perhaps slightly more. They giggled occasionally and their conversation seemed very intimate; more than simply two friends.

Mandy thought how pretty they both were in their own way. One of the girls had short blonde hair that was colored blue to match her eyes, was very skinny, and was somewhat androgynous. She could be mistaken for a very cute boy, if not for her remarkable figure and high cheekbones. The other girl wore her brown hair in a Dutch Braid Ponytail, having the appearance of Heidi from an old movie.

As the gondola continued its ascent towards the summit, Mandy held Sven’s hand as they sat in silence enjoying the scenery.

The more that she observed them, she found it uncanny that the two girls reminded her so much of the only two girls in her life with whom she had “relations”: Bela and Emma. She had been in love with each of them at different moments in her life. In fact, when she saw the girls entering the gondola previously, she had felt a sudden pang, thinking it was her two previous lovers there together.

Maybe she sees Bela and Emma in every girl she sees. It’s like that, isn’t it? I mean, when you were in love. Sometimes, even after the breakup, there is a part of you that is still in love. There is a part of you that yearns to be back in your lover’s arms. You see their faces in so many other people.

How strange this was. What was the chance of such coincidence that both girls should look so much like her past lovers? Bela sometimes wore her brown-auburn hair in a French braid. And, after Saint Andrews, Emma went through a period with hair colored blue. Mandy had a strong sense of “Déjà vu”.

She imagined thousands of scenarios of the lives of these two girls. The short-haired girl “was perhaps a gymnast, or maybe musician,” she thought, while the other girl “was certainly a dancer”. They are in love. They have been in love and came here where nobody knows them. Yes, perhaps, that is it! They escaped their towns to elope on the slopes!

Mandy was pleased with herself for having deduced so much with so little information. Of course, all this was in her mind, and she knew it. Maybe their lives were completely different from this invented history.

As Mandy watched them, the girl with the short blonde hair tinted blue leaned into her friend and kissed her on the mouth. The kiss turned passionate, and the girls didn’t seem to have a notion of the others in the gondola.

Mandy squeezed Sven’s hand and they glanced at each other, grinning slightly. What was not communicated between them was what Mandy was really thinking. The sight of these two girls kissing was not only highly erotic, but it evoked memories.

Very strong memories.

At once, she felt her nipples twitch and her clit begin to get hard.

“The girl with the blue hair looks a lot like your friend Emma whom you introduced me to a while back,” Sven said.

He had no idea what relationship she had with Emma. All he knew was that she was Mandy’s roommate from boarding school. He couldn’t have imagined what Emma really had been for Mandy.

And, now. It still hurts. Mandy still hasn’t gotten over it. She had a sudden feeling of profound sadness.

Mandy was transported back in time. In her mind, she was back in boarding school at Saint Andrew’s. They had turned 18 and they still had to use the common showers after gym class. She felt so terribly embarrassed. She was so under-developed for her age, and “over-developed” in another aspect. Some of the girls began to point at her and laugh. Then several other girls came over to join in on the joke. Mandy was the focus of much merrymaking and jocularity, but not in the way she would like.

“Look at Mandy,” one laughed, buckling over in laughter. “Hahaha! She is really a little boy! Is that a clit or a cock?”

Another joined in, “Mandy you don’t even have any tits or pubic hair!”

Even though they were all her friends and it was all in jest, this humiliated Mandy far more than she let on. In fact, she tried to act as if she was enjoying the jokes, but in reality, she felt miserable. For her, her androgynous body was a taboo and sensitive topic. She hated it and scorned herself for never apparently passing puberty. Why was she cursed with this stupid clit between her legs that looked like a small cock? And why couldn’t her tits grow just a little bit instead of being completely flat? She hated it and everything about herself.


Her thoughts transported her again to another scene of her life. She was back in her room. She was draped in her towel and still wet from the shower. Emma was in the room. Mandy couldn’t hold back the tears and her face was red.

“Don’t cry, Mandy,” Emma said, touching her face gently. “They don’t mean any harm. You know that they wouldn’t want to really hurt you.”

When all the other girls made fun of her for her large clit and flat chest, Emma was gentle with her.

Back then, Emma didn’t have her hair tinted blue. The nuns wouldn’t allow it. Her hair was dirty blonde, short, and she looked like the girl in the movie Lucy, but with deep blue eyes. Emma was like a mother to her. She seemed older and more mature than her age. Her body was athletic and full. She seemed at the peak of womanhood at this young age. Her features were sharp; high cheekbones, blue eyes, and a thin nose that pointed up at the tip.

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