Fun at a motel by Yvonne


My husband shows me off at a motel , Just a quick note from me before I start my story:
My husband is the complete opposite of how I depict him here. I have however, read of men who would like to do this sort of thing. Gosh! I wonder at what might have happened if I'd married a man like that.
Anyhow, I do so much hope that you enjoy my story and that it excites you.

I suppose that we were like any other couple, in that we enjoyed browsing the porno sites on the net. What makes us different, is where it led us to.

It was when my husband Rob began to look at the various bondage sites that the “trouble” began. He was really turned on by all of the pictures of girls tied in their various positions, and very soon we were experimenting ourselves with this new form of sex fun.
This was something that I'd never dreamt of doing, but I must admit that I too found it very sexy and stimulating. Naked and tied, I felt so exposed, vulnerable and defenceless, and as Rob so crudely put it, “just something to be fucked.”

It was one sunny Sunday morning that Rob took it into his head to tie me up stark naked, helpless, and spread eagled on the bed, and to then open the curtains wide so as to tease me with the idea that if someone came to the house, they couldn't but fail to see me in my nakedness.
Of course, after a little teasing, Rob laughingly said that while it would be fun if we were away from home and unknown, it wasn't something that could be done in our own house.
I didn't realise at the time, but this little bit of fun sowed a wicked thought into my husband's mind.

Nothing more was said of that sort of thing, until when, about two weeks later, Rob came home and announced that he'd booked a motel room, way over the other side of the city, for the coming Friday night, for us to “have some sexy fun.”
I immediately knew exactly what he meant by sexy fun, and I gasped in amazement.

“You haven't,” I said wide eyed, but he grinned and assured me that he had.
I really was dumbfounded. I felt feelings of excitement, but tinged with feelings of apprehension, although I knew that with Rob looking after me, I wouldn't be at any risk.

Well, as I say, I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say, although Rob's excited talk more than made up for my shyness on the matter.
One other reason that I didn't know what to say, was, like any other girl, I didn't want to be seen to be a slut by being too enthusiastic.

You can't imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind over the next couple of days, and especially on the Friday when this outrageous thing was planned for that very night. I was ashamed to realise that I felt incredibly excited rather than having any feelings of modesty and chastity that I should have had.

We had an early dinner, and I then showered and made myself ready, not that there was much involved in being ready.
“Fuck! This is going to be so good!” my husband exclaimed several times over.
We were soon ready to leave, having packed a change of clothes and toiletries. The only thing that Rob stipulated that I should take, was my little, pink baby-doll nightie.

About an hour's drive saw us arriving at the motel that Rob had chosen.
Having checked in and taken possession of our room, I surveyed the layout; the door being on one side of the room, with a large window, some six or more feet across and reaching from floor almost to ceiling, being in the centre of the remaining wall space. This window looked out to a large concreted area where the cars angle parked on the far side, opposite to their appropriate units. The layout of the actual building was such that it was built with a slightly concave facade that curved around the courtyard parking area. This layout allowed, if one looked from the very side of the window, to look along all of the unit fronts to see who was coming and going. Rob told me that he'd looked at quite a number of motels, and that he'd chosen this one for that very feature of being able to see if anyone was coming, and of course for the wide, expansive window.

It was still quite light at this stage, and Rob pulled the curtains wide open, then, unzipping our bag, he said with a grin, “there you are, strip off and put your sexy little nightie on.”

“Oh God,” I giggled, “this is so very, very wrong.”
“And so very, very sexy,' Rob laughed as he the window and glanced either way to see if anyone was about.
My husband was so right that it was so sexy, and although I said that it was so wrong, I had no qualms about going ahead with our plan.

My hands were trembling so much that I could hardly undo the tiny buttons of my blouse. I nevertheless got them undone with some difficulty, and I slipped my blouse off then reached back and in a moment had my bra free, leaving my small breasts naked to the world.
“Mmm, beautiful,” Rob sighed, then added as he peered out of the window, “if only someone would come and see you.”

I picked up my nightie and went to put it on, but Rob stopped me and told me to strip completely naked first.
I did as I was told, undoing the catch and zipper of my skirt to let it fall to the floor, then slipping my panties down over my legs to leave myself stark naked. I looked at the wide open window and the view out across the parking area outside. “Oh darling,” I sighed sensually to my husband, “I think I'd die of shame if someone suddenly looked in.
“Oh fuck! This is going to be so good!” Rob moaned lustfully for the umpteenth time as I slipped my arms into the flimsy, little, pink nightie, and then pulled up the tiny little matching pair of thong panties. This particular nightie, that my husband loves to see me to wear, is a sexy and flimsy little thing; it is open at the front with just a little thin ribbon tie just below the level of my breasts. The front plunges to the pink ribbon tie, and is then cut away sharply so that my small breasts are largely on display, along with my belly and legs being more or less naked other than for the tiny triangle of the matching pink thong pantie that comes as a part of the set. The little semi-opaque garment simply falls from my shoulders to the ruffled hem line that comes to a level with my hips.

Rob had casually asked, when we'd checked in, whether they were booked out for the night. We'd been told that they were. At the time of our arrival however, there were only six or seven cars parked there, and we saw no sign of anyone for quite some time.
Eventually a car drove in and an older couple got out further along from our unit. Soon after, two more cars arrived; a young couple like ourselves in one, and a single, older guy in another, both of them parking further along also.
It was beginning to get dark by then, so Rob turned on the bed lamps at the head of the bed, along with a reading light that was positioned next to the small, round table. This latter light he repositioned so that it shone onto the bed. With this lighting, the unit was suffused with light without it being glaringly bright.

More cars arrived over the next half hour, but we were disappointed that no one came near enough that I might be seen in my flimsy attire.
Rob checked on each arrival, determining just who was at all likely to be what we wanted. Of significance was another lone male, along with two men together.

We were getting a little frustrated that there'd been no chance of myself being seen, when a guy walked right past the window but didn't glance in.
“Damn!” my husband exclaimed as he jumped to the window and peered at the guy disappearing towards the street. His annoyance then turned to triumph as he saw the guy disappear into the office.
“He'll be coming back in a minute,” he exclaimed with urgency as he shoved the bed more in front of the window and repositioned the light. He then thrust a brochure into my hand. “Just stand here and pretend to be reading this,” he excitedly told me as he led me to within a few feet of the window, and on the side that the guy would have to be blind not to see me.
“Loosen the tie on your nightie so that you show more tit,” he suggested as he stood back to see how I looked.
I quickly undid and redid the little string lie that kept the front of my nightie together. My small breasts now being half visible, Rob gave his approval as he positioned himself to peer from the side of the window to see if the guy was returning.

“Here he comes,” Rob said excitedly, and he quickly ran to the bathroom at the back of the motel room, and concealed himself behind the door which he left open just the tiniest crack so that he could view both myself and the window.
I stood there almost trembling but exactly as Rob had told me to. I must have been blushing profusely and I could feel my heart racing wildly.
Suddenly I could see, out of the corner of my eye, the movement of the guy past the window. It all happened so quickly, but immediately my husband appeared from the bathroom, exclaiming “great! great! he got such an eyeful.”

Rob, straight away, was back at the side of the window peering along. “He's stopped,” he reported to me. “He's looking about.”
My heart was racing as I looked at Rob and waited for his reports on what was happening.
“Yes!” Rob exclaimed. “He's coming back for another look.”

My husband was back behind the bathroom door in a moment, leaving me on full display for the guy to view.
I tried to keep the brochure from shaking in my hand as I stood pretending to read.
I saw the movement of the guy passing by the window ever so slowly this time, then returning back again obviously taking a good look.
I longed to glance up to see what he looked like, although I knew that if I did, I would be filled with shame and must flee out of sight.

It seemed like a minute or two that he stood perving over my near nakedness. I slowly turned the pages of the pamphlet that I was gazing at without seeing.
I considered how this unknown guy was looking at my breasts more than half showing from the tenuous cover of my nightie – how he was looking at my body, virtually naked from my waist down, other than the tiny triangle covering of my panties. I teased myself with thoughts of how I'd originally bought this sexy little nightie in order to please my husband, and how I was now wearing it to please a complete stranger in a way that I'd never dreamt of.

I don't know what would have happened had not a sudden light shone outside with the sound of a car driving into the motel park. The guy was gone in a flash and I now looked up at the empty window and then immediately down at myself, admiring what I'd shown.

My husband burst from his hiding place absolutely thrilled with what had transpired. “He'll be back for more, I know,” he enthused as he peered out of the window.
I thought that Rob had enough of this game as I watched him draw the blinds, but he only drew them partly, leaving a gap of some six inches and then turning to me and telling me, “come on sweetheart, he's going to see everything you've got, and he undid the tie of my nightie and slid it off over my arms. My thong panties were next to go.
“Walk around when he comes, and let him see everything,” my husband told me as he looked out of the door, “I'll be hiding behind the cars opposite,” he added as he grabbed his phone and was then gone, closing the door behind him.

My heart was racing and I felt so lustfully sexy in my total nakedness.
The phone rang. It was Rob. “He's at his door looking up and down,” he excitedly whispered. “Here he comes. He's at the window now,” then after a pause, “what are you doing at the moment?”
We kept up a whispered conversation on the phone, with me telling Rob everything that I was doing.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs for him sweetheart,” Rob suggested.
I did as my husband wanted, and kept up a description of my every move.
“He's jerking off for you,” Rob lustfully reported.
A moment later I heard my husband exclaiming “damn, he's going.”

A minute later and Rob re-entered the room. “He jerked off for you love,” my husband grinned with satisfaction, “I could see his cum running down the window.”
I was thrilled, some men have told me that they've masturbated over the stories that I've written, and the idea of it always makes me feel so sexy.
We were both so fantastically excited and we kissed passionately.
We couldn't stop talking about what had happened, and the more that we spoke, the more worked up we both became.

The next hour or so was very disappointing, and very frustrating with nothing at all happening. I'd donned my sexy nightie again, and Rob had the curtains half open for anyone to see me if they happened to look, but no one came.
We were beginning to despair of any more excitement for the night, when a car drove in and parked further down. Rob looked out and determined that it was a man by himself.
Quickly, my husband's brain came up with a scheme. “The guy's left his car door open, he must be going back for something,” Rob told me. “I'll go to our car on the pretence of getting something. I'll call out to you to ask you some question, and you'll step out into the open when I call,” Rob quickly laid his plan out for me. “Surely he'll see you and get an eyeful,” he added with a grin.

I had no time to agree or even to comment on this scheme before Rob disappeared out to the car, leaving the door wide open. I peeped out and saw the man walk across to his own car. I heard them exchange a brief hello, then I heard Rob, in a slightly louder voice call out, “Yvonne, did you get the toothbrushes?”
I, scantily dressed as I was, took a deep breath and stepped out of the motel room door into the night air. “I thought you were bringing them,” I answered.
My voice had been soft, but it was enough to attract the attention of the guy who then looked up and gazed at me. I pretended that I didn't see him there, although the interior light of his car was on, and I could hardly help but notice in the darkness of the night.
The guy stood gazing across, no doubt admiring my sexy attire and semi-nakedness.
“I'll have to go and get some,” I heard my husband telling me as I then turned, trembling with excitement, and went back into the motel room.

“Excellent!” my husband exclaimed when he moments later came back into the room. “I asked that guy if he knew of a nearby store, so he knows that I'll be gone briefly. Hopefully he might come and take a look while I'm gone.
Rob accordingly drove off a minute or two later, leaving me hopefully on display.

It turned out even better than we had hoped for, because, a minute after Rob had driven away, there was a light knock on the door.
I nearly went into shock when I heard it. “Oh my God,” I thought to myself in a panic, “what should I do?”
The events of the evening, along with our mutual excitement, had left me feeling so lustful, and it was that feeling that determined my course. I, blushing profusely, opened the door.
The guy knew that Rob was away, and he had no qualms in looking me up and down with a lecherous grin on his face, all of which made me blush even more.
Eventually, after having had a really good look, he proffered a new toothbrush in a packet.
I stammered as I thanked him for the offer, but told him that “my husband has gone to get some.”
“Yes I know,” he said, looking at my half exposed breasts rather than at my face.
He finally looked me direct in my face, which made me ashamedly lower my own gaze.
“You're so sexy,” he said, stopping all pretence, and in such a tone as to engender great sensual feeling.
I looked up to his face embarrassed, and murmured, “thank you.”

The guy seemed torn on whether to take things further, but after a pause he muttered, “I wouldn't be leaving you alone if I had a slut like you,” and he turned and went back to his unit.
I stood there trembling with nervous excitement, thrilled with what had happened, and knowing that my husband would be thrilled when I related the events to him.

Rob indeed was thrilled when he returned some minutes later. “Fuck,” he exclaimed, “how can we exploit this situation?” his brain going into overdrive. “I'll just play it by ear and see what happens,” he said after a moments thought.
He took out his phone and dialled mine. “You can listen in,” he told me.

Rob went out the door and I excitedly listened to the phone.
I heard the knock on the door, then, after a moment's delay, I heard Rob saying hello and thanking the guy for the offer of the toothbrush.
The guy sounded to me to be very hesitant at first, no doubt thinking that Rob might have been wild at what had happened. Rob made some frivolous comment though, and his friendly manner seemed to chase the guy's suspicions away.
“…. damn nuisance having gone for the toothbrushes,' I heard Rob saying, “I've got to go out again and I could have got them then.”
Rob thanked the guy again, and then returned back to our room. “Well did you hear all of that,” he grinned.

It didn't take us long before I was naked and tied spread eagled to the bed, with a number of pillows positioned beneath my bottom so that my pussy was thrust upwards..
Rob had pushed the bed more central to the window and shone the lamp directly onto me like a spotlight.
“I'll just go and see what you look like from outside,” he laughed as he went out of the door.
“Perfect,” his report was upon returning.

“OK,” my husband told me, “I'll drive out but just park the car in the street and slip back in and hide behind the cars opposite.” He prepared to go, and as he was going out of the door he grinned and said, “you never know, you might end up getting fucked,” and the door closed behind him.
A minute later I heard the car start up and drive away. Silence settled.

It was only a couple of minutes later that I heard a soft knock at the door. The guy certainly didn't waste any time, he must have been listening for Rob's departure and had come straight away on some new excuse to lustingly look me over again.
“Oh God, what is going to happen now,” I thought to myself. I felt, and indeed was, so totally helpless and vulnerable with my wrists and ankles securely bound and tied so that my body was available to anyone who wanted to do whatever they liked to me. This condition, rather than making me feel scared, had the opposite effect of making me feel so incredibly sexy and lustful.

I held my breath, everything was so quite. There was a pause and then a slightly louder knock on the door.
“Oh my God, he only needs to turn the handle,” the thought ran through my mind. Rob had indeed made a point of telling me that he was leaving the door unlocked.
“Yvonne …… are you there?” I heard him softly call through the door. He remembered my name from when Rob called me out earlier. Oh God, what should I do, should I call back or remain silent.
I chose the latter.

Rob later on told me that he'd only just come back from parking the car in the street, when he saw the guy already cautiously moving along to our door. He'd watched him softly knocking on the door and then calling, then, having got no reply, had seen him go and peer through the window. Rob had been over the moon knowing just what the guy was seeing through our window.

Anyhow, at the time, I had no idea of what was going on outside.
Hearing no further sound after the guy had tried knocking and calling, I assumed that he'd gone away, perhaps thinking that we'd both gone out.
It was only a minute later that I heard the door handle turning, and I twisted my head around expecting to see my husband entering.
The door seemed to open slowly and cautiously, and then I gasped in shock; it wasn't my husband but the stranger, eyes gleaming as he stared at my nakedness and situation.
“Fucking in-cred-ib-le,” he muttered, stretching out the last word into its syllable parts to stress just how incredible he did indeed find the situation.
He just stood there taking it all in and feasting his eyes on my naked body. “Unbelievable,” he muttered lecherously.
The guy turned and looked back outside, listening and looking. It was getting later in the night by then, and save for the sound of the odd car on the road out the front, everything was still and quiet.
He turned back towards me, grinning wickedly, and took the few steps to be standing over me. His hands went to my shoulders, and then slid lightly down over my breasts, my belly, and to my wet, gaping pussy. A couple of fingers entered and explored my oh so slippery vagina.

I was trembling, not with fear but with sensual excitement. I was wide eyed as I gazed at him. I gave a little whimper as thrilling sensations ran through my body at his touch.
The guy, still grinning broadly, and no doubt still marvelling at the unexpected situation, reiterated the words he'd earlier said: “if I had a slut like you, I wouldn't be leaving you alone,” and he chuckled out loud.

I was panting with excitement as his hands ran over and over my body. “You really are a slut aren't you, and your husband treats you like a slut,” the guy sneered.
I felt a little trickle run from my pussy and make its way down the inside of my thigh.
“How long will hubby be away?” the guy sneeringly asked.
I didn't answer immediately, thinking of how my husband would be outside and wondering what was happening.
The guy must have thought that I was reticent because of being scared. He laughed, not expecting any answer, or perhaps expecting an untruthful answer that my husband would be back at any minute. I surprised him by saying, in a tiny voice that came out in a whisper, “he'll be away quite a while I think.”
“You slut, you love this!” he exclaimed. “Long enough for me to fuck you, and for you to suck my cock eh?” he grinned. “You do suck cock I suppose?” he asked.
My lust overcame my shame and embarrassment, and I answered in a soft but distinct voice, “yes.”

The guy took his pants off and I was thrilled with his gorgeous big cock. It was big in that it was both long and thick; it was so hard and rigid, and it looked so beautiful.
In a second he was astride my head, and my mouth was eagerly taking the wonderful cock in while I used my tongue to good effect working on its length.
I'd completely forgotten about my husband and what he might be doing, all I wanted was this stranger's delicious cock.

Rob and I had talked much about what might happen on this venture, but at no stage did we ever think of my being fucked by some unknown stranger.
I sucked and sucked eagerly on the guy's huge, thick cock, using my lips and my tongue to such effect that he was soon moaning lustfully in such a way that men did when about to fill my mouth with sperm.
The guy didn't let himself reach orgasm though, he pulled away, calling me a filthy, cock sucking harlot, and telling me that he wanted to fuck me. Of course I had no say in the matter, bound hand and foot as I was, but in truth there was nothing I desired more.
He mounted me up, sliding his gorgeous cock easily into my pussy which was so wet and slippery that his cock made little squelching noises as he lustily fucked me.

Soon it was my turn to be moaning and groaning, but no more nor less than what this stranger was as he fucked me with great lust and vigour.
“Oh God, oh God,” I moaned with the ever increasing feelings of lust at my approaching orgasm.
The guy was more crude and explicit, groaning and moaning “fucking whore, fucking dirty slut.”
Oh my God it was so wonderful, so beautiful, so delicious to be fucked in this way by a total stranger whose name I didn't even know.
He started to thrust his cock into my pussy with such energy, and with such groaning, that I knew he was about to cum. I likewise bucked my hips, as much as I could under my restraints, and let myself go.
His body stiffened and he groaned and moaned with uncontrolled lust as his sperm gushed into my vagina.
My body was wracked with delicious but excruciating feelings of fantastic delight and I moaned and groaned also uncontrollably as I gave myself totally to him.
“Oh fuck,” I gasped, using an expletive that I didn't usually.

The guy slumped on top of me in total exhaustion, then, after a moment, slowly withdrew his now half-hard cock, all glistening with my pussy juices along with his own cum.
We were both panting as if we'd run a mile.
“What are you going to tell your husband when he finds you like this?” the guy laughed.
“I won't need to tell him anything,” I smiled up happily.
“He doesn't mind you fucking about?” the guy questioned.
“He likes it,” I replied, for the first time wondering what my husband was doing.
“If he likes it, tell him to send you along to my room in the morning, and I'll fuck you again,” he laughed, I think not knowing whether to believe me or not.

Now that he'd had his fuck, the guy pulled up his pants and was gone. Rob then appeared, grinning from ear to ear. “Wasn't that so absolutely fabulous,” he raved in sheer exhilaration. “Look at your cunt,” he said, using that so obscene word, “what a fucking cum bucket. “

Rob untied my bonds, and I winced as I stretched my arms and legs which had gone numb from their long time in the one position..
“Now then you unfaithful little slut,” my husband grinned lustfully, “tell me all about your filthy infidelity,” and we excitedly talked about every aspect of what had taken place, Rob had seen the most of it through the window. No detail was left untold, and never had we felt so wonderfully sexy.
Soon we were fucking, my husband marvelling at how “sloppy” my pussy was.

That night we were both so ecstatically happy, our night had been absolutely perfect and we couldn't have wished for any more.

The next morning, after a lovely sound, blissful sleep, Rob reminded me of what I had told him of the guy's words about fucking me in the morning.
I really needed no reminding, as I'd been thinking of it myself.
Accordingly I dressed myself in no more than my bathrobe and prepared to go the few doors along to the guy's room.
“Just a moment,” my husband said, grabbing up pen and paper. He scribbled briefly and then handed the paper to me with a grin.
I read what he'd written:
“Good morning.
Here's my wife for you to fuck as you requested.
Enjoy her.”
I giggled happily and went on my mission, barefoot and clutching my robe about me.

The motel manager, just happening to be walking towards his office, looked at me askance as I knocked on the guy's door and let my robe fall open at the front.
“You fucking whore,” the guy declared in some amazement when he opened his door, but his face immediately breaking into a grin.
I said nothing but handed him the note. He read it and grinned even more. “Unbelievable!” he gasped, pulling me inside the room.

A half hour later, I stumbled, dishevelled, from the guy's room and returned to where my husband was waiting.

“Fabulous,” Rob lustfully moaned as he once more sunk his hard cock into my sloppy, sperm filled pussy.

Later, as we were preparing to leave the motel, I giggled and asked my husband, “are you going to make a booking for another night?”
“Slut,” Rob laughed, then added “I already have.”



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