High School Quarterback #4 by alexanderunderwood

A literotic sexstories: High School Quarterback #4 by alexanderunderwood ,

Senior year starts with a bang.

I walked in the door and dropped my bag at my feet. It was the Monday after my record setting performance. Usually a good game meant a light practice but today coach decided that he needed to re-establish his authority over the group and not let it become my team. I slowly bent over to untie my shoes, mumbling under my breath obscenities about my coach.

“You know coach is only trying to help.” I looked up and there stood Jennifer in a pair of tight shorts and tank top. She walked over to the fridge and got a glass of water before turning around to go back to her room. Before she left the room, she stopped to add, “Oh and in case you wondered, Bri is over doing homework.”

I guess everyone would’ve known sooner or later about my experiences over the past weekend. I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. When I got up to my room, I noticed that the bathroom door was locked and the shower was already on. Not caring who was in there but knowing I couldn’t go in, I decided to walk back downstairs to get my bag and start my homework. It was already after 7:30 and now coach was forcing us to go to morning practices so that meant getting up before 5:30 in the morning. I powered through my calculus and chemistry homework. I knew that I still had History and English to do but I needed a shower and it was after 9.

I got out of the shower and was thankful that I hadn’t had any distractions tonight. With little sleep over the weekend and a tougher practice schedule, there was no way I could be up to it. As I lay in bed trying to get some sleep, I heard the shower start up. Apparently, whoever didn’t take a shower earlier was taking one now. I figured it was Jennifer taking a shower when I heard the radio turn on. She loved to sing to the radio while taking a shower. Since I knew there was no way of sleeping, I decided it was finally time to look at the tapes for the game Friday. It was only the second game so I didn’t have much on them but at least it was something. I heard the shower turn off when I was about half way through the 4th quarter of the film and figured I could finish it before I went to sleep.

As the game wrapped up and I was about to turn off the television and go to sleep, I noticed that the radio was still on in the bathroom. I figured Jennifer accidentally left it on and I would turn it off for her when I put the tape away. Just then the door opened. I tried to act asleep so maybe whoever it was would just turn around and leave.

“Hey,” it was Jennifer. I tried to ignore her but she knew when I was fake sleeping. Then I felt a damp towel get thrown on my face. I sat up and looked at her. I couldn’t see very well in the dimly lit room but I could tell she was just standing there with her hands on her hips and it didn’t seem like she was wearing anything. I just sat there in a sleeping haze and disbelief for a minute.

“I need to ask you something important,” she whispered finally breaking the silence.

“What do you need?”

“I need to know who you want to be your cheerleader this year.”


“Every senior football player gets a cheerleader assigned to him to help with things around the school. She will get your books out of your locker for you and to the next class. She will get all your homework for you and deliver it to you if you are sick. It’s pretty much a slave for you but in cheerleader form.”

“Why do I need a cheerleader? I can do all that stuff by myself.”

“I know you don’t need one and you can opt out. But Bri really wants to be yours this year but the football players pick the cheerleader and the cheerleader must accept. Picking your cheerleader starts the second day of school so if you want her, you should ask her as soon as we get to school tomorrow. I know there are a bunch of other boys wanting her.”

“But I don’t need one. If I don’t need her, then I’ll let someone else take her that needs her.”

“John, she likes you. If you like her, then I suggest you do this to show her that. If you don’t she will think you don’t like her and you won’t get your chance.”

“But what if I don’t know if I like her?”

“Then I suggest you figure it out real quick.” The streetlight outside came to life and Jennifer became well lit. I could see her beautiful figure and could tell now that she had her nipples and belly button pierced. She was only wearing a thong. My eyes focused on her piercings. I heard rumors about her getting them done but thought it wasn’t true since she never asked my parents to sign off on it.

“You shouldn’t stare at your sister like that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I stuttered. “I just never thought the rumors were true.”

“Well since you know that they are,” she paused for a second and climbed on the bed next to me. “I want to see if the ones about you are.” With a quick kick she was straddling me while I was under the covers still. I was instantly hard feeling another woman on top of me. I wanted to have sex with everyone now that I know the feeling but didn’t want to with my sister.

“Just relax,” she whispered in my ear while pressing her breasts into my chest. “Just think of me like any of those other girls you had sex with.”

She moved around a little to slide the sheets from my crotch. I was still wearing my underwear but I could almost feel her when she settled back down onto me. I could feel the warmth and dampness through the two very thin pieces of fabric. She grinded into me for a second while biting my ear and kissing my neck. I was in heaven and was too busy trying not to moan to do anything else. Her hands started roaming my body starting with my shoulders and working down to my stomach. They came to rest with her thumbs tucked under my waistband. In one motion, she lifted herself off of me and pulled my underwear down enough to expose my hard on. She sat up straight and moved down a bit. She looked down and bent over to kiss it. With my cock in her mouth, she took of her thong and began kissing up my chest to my neck again.

She put one hand on my shoulder and used the other to guide my cock into her warm pussy. She lowered herself slowly onto it and when she finally took it all in, let out a deep moan into my neck. She sat back up and arched her back in ecstasy. I saw my chance to finally attack the breasts that have been my dark fantasy for so many years. I quickly grabbed one in each hand and kissed the space between the two. I worked my way over to her left breast and flicked her piercing with my tongue. She started rocking on my cock, making sure to grind her clit into me. Her hands went to my back and pulled me closer to her, scratching me a little which turned me on even more. I scooted lower in the bed and laid flat pulling her with me and keeping her breast in my mouth. She started bouncing on my cock and took one of her hands and started playing with her clit since it wasn’t receiving any more attention. I could feel her convulsing on my cock and every so often she would shutter as orgasm after orgasm would pass by.

She took her hand away from her clit and placed both hands on my shoulders, pressing me into the bed. Her movements started to quicken again and I was mesmerized by the swaying breasts. Once in a while, one would get close enough for me to stick my tongue out and flick her nipple. I could feel another orgasm building inside her as mine was fast approaching.

She mashed her face against mine and moaned into my mouth and continuing to kiss me. I grabbed her hips and slammed them down on me one last time while thrusting my manhood deep inside her and shooting my load into the farthest reaches of her vagina.

She continued the kiss while breathing heavily into my mouth trying not to make any more noise than necessary. When her final orgasm subsided, she rolled off of me to lie next to me.

It finally hit us that the radio was still on and we heard the bathroom door to her bedroom open. It was Bri coming to look for her. She quickly jumped off of me and I pulled the covers up to cover myself. Luckily, the light outside had overheated again and had turned off so Bri couldn’t tell that Jennifer was naked although it was obvious that she didn’t have a shirt on. Bri walked into the room and assessed the situation.

“Were you going to come?” she asked before adding “We still have homework to do.”

“Yeah, I was just asking John a question about tomorrow,” Jennifer replied. “I was just about to come back.” Bri turned around and headed back to Jennifer’s room. Jennifer quickly found her thong on the floor and hurried after her.

I looked at the clock: 11:30. I guess I’m in for a long day tomorrow.

I woke up at 5:00 to start getting ready for school. I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. Both of my parents had already left for work and Jennifer and Bri were both still sleeping. As I was putting my plate in the dishwasher after breakfast, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I paused a second to see who it was. It was Bri in a small cami and boy shorts. As much as I wanted to take her right there, I didn’t have the time. I’m sure over the course of the season, I would have plenty of chances.

“John, can you give me a ride to school? I need to get there early today so I can get help with my homework,” she asked.

“Yeah but I need to leave in just a few minutes.”

“Ok, I’ll quick change and be down.”

After a minute she was back downstairs looking stunning in a plaid skirt with white leggings, a plain white button up long sleeve shirt and red heels. She looked more like slutty catholic school girl than anything but I didn’t have time to tell her that she should probably change. I had already started my Mustang while she was changing to take off the morning chill. We rushed out to the car and started the 30 minute drive to school. I could see her staring out the window like she was looking for something. As soon as we reached the road to drive through the state forest, she turned to me and reached for my pants.

“I’ve been wanting this thing in my mouth again ever since Friday,” she said as she unzipped my pants and exposed my quickly hardening cock. She then unbuttoned her shirt and I noticed she didn’t have a bra on. She leaned over and started licking the head of my cock and guided my right hand to her swaying breasts. Her nipples were rock hard as it was still a little chilly in the car. After a few licks, she wrapped her warm mouth around the head and took its full length in instantly. The head started down her throat and I could feel her trying to swallow more. I took my hand from her chest and pulled up her skirt. She was only wearing a thong so I moved it aside and started playing with her pussy. She was fairly wet and I easily slipped two fingers in. She slowly stroked the skin between my ass and balls before cupping my balls.

I could feel the end coming as she massaged my balls and not before long I was shooting my sperm deep into her mouth. She kept bobbing up and down on my cock swallowing all of my seed. When I finished, she reached behind her and took my hand from her pussy and sat back up in the passenger seat.

“Could you pull over please? I really should change into a more appropriate outfit for school,” she asked. I pulled over to the side and she grabbed her bag and walked into the forest. In ten minutes, she returned no longer wearing her slutty school girl outfit but a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

We finished the rest of the trip to school fairly quickly with hardly any conversation. When we arrived at school, we climbed out of the car and started small talk. I noticed a couple of the guys waiting near the door. I stopped and pulled Bri into my arms.

“Will you be my cheerleader?” I asked. Before she had a chance to respond, I pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss. When it ended, she looked up at me, nodded and jumped up into my arms and kissed me for second time. After she broke the kiss this time, she looked over by the door, the guys had left knowing that they won’t get their chance to ask her. We walked into the school hand in hand, showing everyone that she was mine.

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