Husband Submits to his Wife by alaiseq

A literotic sexstories: Husband Submits to his Wife by alaiseq ,

Sex and sexual exploration has always been a priority for my wife, Vanessa, and I. Even though my wife and I are in our fifties, we see no reason to stop having great sex just like we did in our twenties.

Sex and sexual exploration has always been a priority for my wife, Vanessa, and I. Even though my wife and I are in our fifties, we see no reason to stop having great sex just like we did in our twenties.

Vanessa asked me one night my thought process about being overwhelmed by her desire for new things during sex. “I’m willing to have a go at anything”, I answered.

Before long she brought me over to the PC to show me a sex toy site she had found. She had put a rundown of items in the cart, including anal lube, two strap-ons, restraints, and a cock cage, as well as other chastity devices.

Her enthusiasm surprised me as I usually bought our sex toys. I was happy to enter my card info and make the buys.

After two days our package showed up, fortunately it was a Saturday so we were home. Vanessa let out a little cry of delight as I put the package on the table.

“Might I open it now?” she inquired.

“Go right ahead,” I answered. The vibe of desire in her eyes was fun. I’d never seen her like this. She commanded me to undress when all the products were on display; so I did as she instructed.

I eagerly followed as she carried our purchases upstairs while I observed her sexy ass in front of me. Once in the room she went to our toy cabinet and took out a blindfold. I attempted to grab her tits yet she stopped me. The blindfold was set up and my hands were tied to the bed posts, I remained there stripped and at her mercy.

I felt something bizarre being slipped onto my cock, it was somewhat troublesome as I was semi hard. Vanessa then untied me and told me to get dressed, I didn’t dissent as I was interested to what she was up as well.

Before long she reported that we wanted to go to the grocery store, so we set off. The cock cage felt agreeable. Vanessa is an exceptionally horny woman and I can get very stimulated when she has a short skirt on.

At the point when we escaped the vehicle I saw that her skirt was exceptionally short, on top of this she was showing a lot of tit in her low profile top. This made my cock start to harden, though this was made somewhat difficult by the device strapped to me.

Vanessa saw this and looked exceptionally satisfied with herself.

“Are you are OK, sweetheart?”, she said, grinning.

I just shook my head. The store was busy and as we started filling our cart I could barely handle it, especially when she twisted down to get something from a low rack, her skirt rode up, uncovering that she had no pants on and showing off her pretty pussy.

She gave me a playful grin because she knew I had noticed, and as we went shopping, she bent over whenever she could show off to everyone else. Before long we had several men partaking in the little show. I was turning out to be exceptionally stirred and my cock was enlarging in the cock cage; Vanessa, who was having a great time, was greatly amused by this.

She inquired if I had enjoyed her behavior after the groceries had been put away and we had returned home.

“Without question,” I answered.

She pushed me toward the bedroom, looking extremely satisfied with herself. I was then forced to undress and re-tied to the bed’s bottom. Vanessa vanished to the restroom, she returned some time later in our house keeper outfit.

She laid on the bed in front of me and opened her legs to put her extremely wet, smooth pussy on display and started playing with herself. I was watching and becoming so aroused that the cock cage was cutting into my enlarged cock.

‘You’re so naught for getting off to watching your scandalous spouse,” she said, spinning her fingers around her pussy as she did so.

My cock was dribbling pre cum. She slid over and cleaned it with a cloth. Then she made me watch as she put a few of her favorite big dildos in her pussy. After she was stretched out and had a few climaxes I asked to be allowed to cum.

“You cum when I say so”, she told me. A few minutes later, after she’d sucked the taste of herself off her fingers, she came around behind me, twisted me over on the bed so I was stomach-down, and spread lube on my virgin ass.

“Stop moving” she said. I was about to respond but she took the rag with the pre cum on it and stuck it in my mouth. ” Suck on those,” she instructed.

I looked over at her and saw she was fastening a strap-on that was seven inches long around her waist. I was nervous and not sure how this would go, but hey, I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to!

The strap on was lubed and before long poking me, the following second she was pushing it into me inch by inch. Some part of me liked it despite the sensation and I yelled out for her to fuck me hard.

As she screwed me, my cock was pulsing in its cage. For me to cum she said I had to comply with all of her demands; after fifteen minutes of anal penetration and forcing me to suck on the second strap on she had bought.

Then she finally took the cage off and she ordered me to masturbate and cum on her tits and she plunged another dildo into her pussy.

Her last order stunned me; she said I had to clean up my cum with my mouth and so I was made to lick my cum from her tits as she orgasmed again.

Now, I’ve accepted my sexual role as part of out sex life. At least once a week she locks my cock up and I’m forced to do whatever she wants. Assuming I do well enough she lets me pick where I cum, whether on her or in her, the next day.

She’s always cheerful when I fill her pussy with cum and tidy it up with my tongue, or when I get to screw her in the ass and she gives me the same deal.

Now she’s getting interested in cuckolding, and I don’t think I could stop the woman if I tried!

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