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Things had at times got a little predictable in our sex life and my wife and i had experimented with porn,toys, etc which livened things up for a while,but then we drifted back to hum drum stuff.We have 2 kids and Elaine was raised catholic and still followed rules about no contraception,and using the rythmn method which restricted us to times she was least likely to conceive didn't help being spontaneous. I had told Elaine that I liked the idea of “other people” and just would not even chat about it. Elaine is from an Irish background and she enjoys a good drink on special occasions. Not regularly,but when she drinks she really lets her hair down. We had family christening coming up and on the day there was a big party afterwards. Elaine was putting a few vodka's away and we ended up going into town to hit the pubs. There were alot of Polish and eastern european guys in as the meat packing factory was taking on labour. A band was playing in a bar and Elaine loves to boogy on the dance floor. She is 32 and has a good body which she moves very well. I kept her glass topped up and soon she was really going for it. Elaine was sort of just doing her own thing but a guy was dancing close to her and watching her gyrate and shake.He came to the bar to get a drink and I struck up a conversation with him. He was Ukrainian and had a family back home. I steered the talk and told him Elaine liked to come and dance with men and that sort of gave him the green light to get back on the dance floor and soon he was up close on her and she was really boogying. Every time her glass emptied I filled it and by 10 she was ready for going home. I invited Osip to come back for some food and a drink and we got a cab. Elaine was singing loudly and getting quite flirtatious on the way. We got home and I put music on and got drinks. Sarah had kicked off her shoes was dancing in the lounge. Osip started to dance with her and after a couple of rock tracks I put a slower track on. I danced with Elaine, pressed together and we kissed. Then as I stopped to get more drinks Elaine danced slow with Osip and I said ” He is a long way from home Elaine. Give him a kiss” She giggled then they were kissing gently at first,then deeper. Sarah was unsteady and she staggered back and ended up on the sofa with Osip. They continued to kiss and Osip's hands were stroking Elaine's legs My heart was thumping like crazy watching her with him. He pushed her skirt up and then his hand moved between Elaine's legs. She kept them together at first but then she slowly parted them and let him touch her pussy through her panties. Elaine looked over at me and her voice was slurred and eyes half closed.She said “What you looking at” ? and giggled. Her hand moved down and she fumbled as she unzipped Osip's flies.She pulled his pants open and his cock sprang out already erect. Elaine shuffled clumsily off the edge of the sofa and she was on her knees on the rug. She looked over and wagged her finger at me drunkenly and said “You are naughty.I know what you want and thats what you will get” Then she leaned down and took THe guys cock in her mouth and started to suck him. After a few minutes she stopped and even more slurred said “Is thish wodge you like Ray” ? I nodded and watched as Osip unfastened Elaines top and then unclipped her bra. He pulled it up and helped Elaine back onto the sofa. He started sucking her nipples and she held his head with both hands. His hands slid up under her skirt and he pulled Elaine's tights and panties down to her knees and she lifted her bottom to help him. I shuffled over on my knees and tugged her underwear over her ankles and feet and threw them to the side of the sofa. Elaine got laid on the sofa on her back and Osip moved on top of her. She parted her legs and he moved between and guided the swollen tip of his cock between Elaines legs. It was an unreal moment,beyond words for me. I knew had sex the previous weekend when Elaine was in her safe period and now she was letting a man we had bumped into in a bar have intercourse with her. Elaine gave a small moan as Osip nudged his shiny, purple glans between her pussy lips then he penetrated her and she was pushing herself up against him to help him slide deeply inside her. Elain threw her arms around his neck and kissed him,mouth open as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Their kiss broke apart and Elaine's hands moved down and gripped his buttocks pulling him into her and making wailing noises she orgasmed strongly. Osips pelvis was banging against Elaine's and he started to groan, then jerking rapidly he came, spurting deep in Elaine's pussy as she began to orgasm again. The stayed locked together for a little while the he rolled off her and I could see her splayed labia and his semen running from her. Elaine was like a different woman and 10 minutes later they were fucking again.Osip eventually went off in a cab in the early hours and it has changed our marriage in more ways than one.}




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