I Was Waiting for it to Happen Pt. 02

An adult stories – I Was Waiting for it to Happen Pt. 02 by LJA644,LJA644 Part Two

This will make no sense unless you read Part One.

Part one was a LW story, this is the outcome and is more of a Rom follow-up

I know very little about golf. So please excuse any details I have got wrong.

He looked at me. “The thing is I am still full of anger, you may understand that? I was going to take it out on you. Glad I didn’t now by the way. But the anger is still there. I need to shift it before I can move on and decide what to do next.”

I knew the man’s pain. I quite liked him in the short time I had known him, not so sure about Ron yet though, even if he had brought the beer, I think the feeling was mutual.

“Look, I am booked at the cricket nets tomorrow morning, why don’t you come with me and beat the shit out of some cricket balls. I will keep them coming at you and you can slog away with all you might until you can’t slog anymore.”

Pete thought about it a bit and accepted. I offered Ron a go as well, but he declined.

It didn’t work. We got to the nets, and I knew Pete played golf so I expected he could hit a ball. But I was wrong, he couldn’t hit a moving one and after ten minutes he was getting frustrated. It didn’t take a physiatrist to work out that this wasn’t working. He was getting angrier.

I stopped it and we went for a coffee. I suggested we go to my golf course for a round, I thought the concentration might calm him down. He hadn’t played there before, and it would be a new challenge. I was going to take the mickey about how he would be able to hit a stationary ball. That would have probably not gone down well.

I managed to get a slot for the afternoon. We started playing. It was obvious he was far better than me. His drives far exceeded mine and they were accurate. He was calming down, he even gave me a few tips and that was working.

Then on the tenth ​​hole he sliced the ball into the woods next to the fairway. It still went a long way. I struck my ball and it went close to where his went into the woods. He told me to go next whilst he looked for his ball. I heard the swishing sound of someone clearing the undergrowth with a stick. I concentrated on addressing the ball. I hit it well, I saw where it went and then headed to the woods to help Pete find his ball when I heard an almighty shout and the sound of something being hit hard and more shouting. It was Pete. I did not want to be the target of his anger as he had a driver in his hand.

It all went quiet, I wandered closer to where the shouting came from, after a short distance I heard sobbing. I found Pete huddled with his back to a tree. He had his arms around his knees, and he was crying his eyes out. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew his pain. I walked up to him, got down beside him and gave him a man hug. He let it all out. I wish someone had held me when I cried.

His crying stopped and I heard him take a deep breath. I stood up and left him and found my way to the fairway. Not a word had been said.

A couple of minutes later he came out, his eyes all bloodshot. He waved his driver at me. “I think I’m going to need a new one of these.” He gave a wane smile. It was well bent.

He had to use his biggest wood for the rest of the round. He still beat me.

By the time we got to the clubhouse his eyes were almost back to normal.

We didn’t mention the incident, but he did seem more settled. We had a coffee and talked about some of the more interesting holes we played, not mentioning the tenth​​.

We walked to the cars, as we got to his he held his hand out. “My course next week?”

I was dubious. “I need to sort out babysitters. Which day and what time. Give me a call?”

We swapped phone numbers. Jackie had mine, I didn’t mention that point.

Chapter Six.

Pete gave me a call on Tuesday about golf on Sunday, he mentioned that if I couldn’t get a babysitter, Jackie’s sister, Janice, had offered to do it. I did not let on that I had met Janice. After we sorted out the times he paused and said. “What shall I do?” He asked. He wasn’t talking about golf.

This is not the sort of thing you talk about over the phone. Wednesday night is quiet in pubs, so we met in town in a pub neither of us used.

He said. “I’ve got lots of friends, but I can’t ask them for advice. That would show them what a shitty situation I am in. I don’t want to do our dirty washing in public or even with friends. I am so confused.

“You are the only one I know that has experience of this. I know it’s different. I’m sure no two of these things are the same. But I have absolutely no experience.”

He’s right, you can’t expect a decent answer to a question unless you have been through the pain. Even then the answers will be different for everyone.

“I will tell you the options, but it’s up to you to make the decision. I don’t know what’s in your heart. You will have to decide the best way forward for you, Ben and Katie.

“If you divorce her, you will become a part time Dad and have to pay child support and still not see them as much as you would like. There is also the risk she will find another man and he will become a father type figure to them, and he will see more of your children than you do. That is just the way it works. The other option is you make the best of it until the children leave and then you divorce her. The risk is you will get comfortable with her and forgive her, you will have to work out if she is faithful to you until the children leave. Or you can try to work it out and see what went wrong. Maybe go to a marriage guidance counsellor. You will also have to work out whether your life will be better with her or without her and finally the big one if you go down the staying together route can you trust her?”

He sat there taking it all in.

Then he asked the question I really didn’t want him to ask. “What would you do if you were in my position?”

“I’m not in your position, mate and my split was completely different.”

I took a long swallow of my beer and started. “I would look into my heart, set some priorities. Who comes first is it you or is it the children. Does Jackie figure into it and if she does where? T​​hen work it out from there. I don’t envy you, it’s not easy, mine was cut and dried. I’m sorry mate, I’m not a great deal of help.”

He sat there for a little while and sipped his beer.

“I have to ask, was it good?”


“Pete, please do not go into this.” I paused. “But I realise you need to know. I did when I was in your position. I won’t go into details. All I am going to say is there was no kink, no fetish, no dressing up. It was two people in love having sex. I’m really sorry mate.

“She never ran you down, she never said anything bad about you. You were a great father and an excellent lover. She never appeared to compare us.” She may have done it, but she kept it to herself. That was good.

I really felt his pain again, unfortunately I knew it.

I could see things going round in his head as he looked into his beer.

“Thanks, I think.”

He came up suddenly. “You called me ‘mate’ are we friends now?”

“I hadn’t thought of it, but we’re sitting here in a pub you’re asking my advice, and I am trying my best, that’s what mates do. I just wish I could be more helpful.”

He looked at me and with a sad smile said. “You don’t know how helpful you have been, I don’t feel so alone at the moment. You weren’t any help with the questions but you at least you have given me a direction, I will just have to sort it out myself.”

He got all melancholy “All I was trying to do was make our life and future better and I was making the here and now worse, we may not have survived to get to a better life if she hadn’t met you. Weird isn’t it.”

We hadn’t finished our beers, but he got up and went and got some more. It was like a signal he had enough to think about. When he got back, we chatted about golf, cricket and the weather. He admitted didn’t understand the rules of cricket and I failed to explain them completely. He had shown his lack of ability to hit a moving ball in the nets a few weeks earlier. I asked him to come with me to a match next summer. I had already been to his golf course in Gravesend. To play a different course is always good. At about half past nine he excused himself saying he had to arrange a lift home. I hope he’s getting a taxi. He’s in no fit state to drive. My ex mother-in-law was picking me up. The family thought I was seeing a woman. They wanted me to move on from my divorce, they were very supportive.

We finished our beers. It was just before ten, when a car horn sounded outside. One long and then two short bursts. It sounded like a signal. He stood up. “That’s my ​​lift, please give me a couple of minutes.” I stood, we shook hands and he left.

I didn’t give him a couple of minutes. I followed him as discreetly as I could and peered round the door. It was Jackie picking him up. I had a feeling she knew he was meeting me. I was confused, but to be honest with you that wasn’t difficult.

Chapter Seven.

Then it happened. In a place of nearly 300,000 people in nearly 80 square miles, you do not expect to bump into the one person you do not want to meet.

I don’t often shop in Marks and Spencer’s but Sandra asked me to pick up a cake for a children’s party she was having for Gary and Beth, it was a special order, it had boats on it.

I turned a corner and there was Jackie. The anger came up quick and hard. I was in the process of turning away when I felt her hand on my arm. I was going to wrench it away, politeness be buggered. “Please have a coffee with me, please.”

A look must have passed over my face. “I will tell Pete, No I’ll ask Pete.” Before I could say ‘No’. Because I was going to, she had her phone out and I could hear it ringing. I was surprised it was answered so quickly. “Pete, I have just bumped into Jeff in M&S, can I have a coffee with him?” I heard a muted reply and then she handed her phone to me after she put it on speaker. “He would like to talk to you.” She mouthed at me ‘Please’.

“Hi Jeff, you alright mate. This must be difficult for you?”


“I trust you, but it is up to you. Look, we have become mates, and it is likely you two are going to meet sometime.” At that point Janice came round the corner holding up a pack of smoked salmon. She was starting to say something, she saw me and quickly closed her mouth. Pete carried on. “It may clear the air in a neutral situation, but I am leaving it up to you.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.”

“Watch out though mate, her little sister Janice is with her. She has a thing for older men and if Jackie liked you then so will Janice, you are right up her street.” He laughed. “See you Sunday at one.” He cut the line.

I looked at Janice, I could feel the heat from the blush on her face.

“Okay, you are buying.” I said.

“Thank you.” I heard Jackie say.

She reached out again to touch me. I pulled away. The anger was still there. I had not got over it yet.

As I walked to the cafe, I thought to myself that this felt organised. I never came to this shop, but Sandra asked me to collect a cake from here, special order. I had the cake and I was heading towards the checkout via the beer aisle to see what they had on offer. Jackie was in the same shop at the same time. There are other M&S stores that sell Smoked Salmon closer to where she lives. Sandra didn’t know Jackie. It was not possible to arrange this and the look on Janice’s face was total shock.

It must be fate.

I had better go with it.

Jackie went to get the drinks. Janice looked at me and said quietly. “Are you okay?”

“No!” I snapped back.

Her face fell. I felt a shit.

“I’m sorry. That was very rude of me. This is not of your making. You have only tried to help. Sorry.” I tried a small smile. I failed.

As we waited, I wondered why I was doing this, what good would it do, who was I doing it for? Myself, Pete? Certainly not Jackie. Pete had been correct. We were going to meet socially. It was probably a good idea to do it where no one knew us.

I had got Jackie’s explanation in her letter, but I had not vented my anger at her.

Fuck it, she had broken my heart, that’s twice in two years. What a stupid gullible arse I was. She was going to get both barrels.

Jackie came back with a tray of drinks. As she put my tea in front of me she said in a quiet voice. “Sorry, it’s not very hot.”

I took a sip and grimaced, she was correct. “You asked for this, the floor is yours.”

“I wanted to apologise in person.”

That made me think again this had been set up, but how? “For what?” I asked.

“For hurting you, for the pain I caused, for lying to you.” She was gripping her sister’s hand.

“Not for breaking my heart, again!”

“Yes, yes that as well. I should have broken it off when you told me about your divorce, but I couldn’t. I was in love with you, I was weak.”

“You told me in that letter that you loved your husband. I like Pete, he is a good man. What did he do wrong? All he was trying to do was provide for your and the kids’ future. What did we do wrong that you could treat both of us that way?​​

“You say you love both of us. You had to choose, but you couldn’t choose me because of what Sandra did. So you were stuck with Pete. Why didn’t you just leave me knowing how I felt?”

“He ignored me. Everyone else was more important to him than me. The kids, his boss, the bloody job and fucking golf.” She was shouting. “He wouldn’t listen to me.” Then she said quietly, with tears pouring down her face. “You did nothing wrong. I just couldn’t give you up. It wasn’t the sex, it was you.”

“Oh fucking brilliant, now I’m crap in bed too?”

“No you’re wonderful, but love is more than sex.”

She was right.

A man in a smart suit with a security guard behind him was standing next to the table, I didn’t see him till he spoke. “Excuse me. I am going to have to ask you to leave. Now! You are upsetting our other customers.”

I stood up and stormed out and headed to a corner of the car park. I was seething. Meeting her had not made it better, it made it worse. I wanted to find a litter bin to kick.

Fuck, they were all concrete. I was angry, not stupid.

I sat on a kerbstone put my head in my hands and tried to slow my breathing.

I heard two sets of heels hurrying across the carpark. Fuck, why can’t she leave me alone.

I was about to shout when I looked up and it was Janice. Jackie was a couple of yards behind her.

She sat down beside me and took my arm. I wanted to push her away. At that moment in time I wanted nothing to do with the females of that family. But that would have been rude, and I try not to be rude. Sometimes I succeed, this was one of those times. I just shuffled away from her. She stayed where she was, we broke contact.

Janice spoke. “Jeff please don’t drive like this, you will have an accident and all the people that love you and rely on you will be without a wonderful man, please.” Bloody hell she was right too.

I looked up. Jackie was standing there. She looked a mess. She was looking at her shoes.

I loaded both barrels and let fly. “You couldn’t get the excitement at home, so you used your lovers for it.” I caught the startled look on Janice’s face from the corner of my eye at the use of the plural, lovers. “And you didn’t even give your husband the chance, you didn’t talk to him about what was wrong, you gave in and took the easy way. You make me sick. Your cowardice not to face facts and make a fucking decision has hurt the people you say you love the most in this world, your husband, your kids and even your sister. I told you how much pain my cheating wife caused, and you FUCKING CARRIED ON CHEATING ON YOUR HUSBAND. To make it worse with ME!”

I took a breath. “And to think I loved you.” That made her look up at me.

“You never said.”

“Guess what, I was frightened of commitment, it appears I was fucking right.”

“She knows she hurt you.” Janice said.

“I don’t fucking count, obviously. If I did, she would have fucked off after telling me she was married when I told her about what Sandra had done.”

I felt a hand on my arm, I looked at Janice. That was the first time I looked properly at her since Jackie brought the drinks to the table. She was crying as much as Jackie was.

“That’s not true. “Jackie said.” I was lonely with Pete being away all the time. I thought I was safe in Portsmouth. that was till I met you. You changed things.”

“So it’s my fucking fault now, is it?”

“NO, IT’S FUCKING NOT, ARSEHOLE. I fucked up and fell in love with you.”

After the good times we had together I wanted to believe her. I said quietly “How can I ever trust anything you say, how can I trust anything any woman says. The two women in my life that I loved both lied to me and cheated on me.

“You both hurt me, how can I ever trust another woman ever again. Twice in two years I have been let down by you lot. I must be a fucking idiot. I bet the whole fucking world is laughing how stupid I have been.

“That is what you have taken from me. Trust in the whole of womankind. It’s surprising I don’t hate women.”

Janice reached my arm. “Please don’t do that Jeff, you’re too good a man to do that.”

Jackie pulled herself up, tears were pouring down her face. “Sorry, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. There is no way I can make this right, but I didn’t use you. I love you. You are right. I was a coward. I am so very sorry.” With that she turned and was gone.

Janice hugged my arm. I wanted to shake it off, but I was too knackered after that rant. I heard her say. “You have my number on the back of the envelope, give me a call or a text to let me know you got home okay, please.”

I just nodded. She gave me a small smile, mouthed ‘Sorry’ and rushed after her sister.

I finally calmed down. I was feeling better, still shit, but better. I think I had got most of it off my chest. Now where was that fucking cake? I stood up, took a deep breath and noticed the white box on the curb next to where I had been sitting. Well, that will save the embarrassment of going back into the shop or telling Sandra why I hadn’t got it, more importantly telling the children I didn’t get the cake for their party.

I managed to get home, wash my face and make myself look reasonable by the time Beth and Gary needed collecting from the school bus. I did think about sending a message to Janice but fuck them. I knew I was alright. I know I hadn’t killed myself on the drive home.

When I got back from collecting the children from the bus there was a strange car parked opposite our house. We don’t get many strange cars up Thames Ave unless the main road is blocked. As I approached our house I saw Janice get out of the car. I felt guilty. By nodding my head, I had agreed to contact her and I hadn’t. I just gave her a little wave and a small smile. She smiled back, got in her car and drove off.

Later that evening Pete phoned me and asked me for a round of golf. He was good, probably with all the practice he got with his boss. He was certainly better than me.

He was giving me quite a few tips, and I was getting better. But his invites were not usually to improve my golf, he generally had a question.

Not this time. In the clubhouse afterwards he told me that Jackie and he were going to counselling. She told the counsellor that whilst they were both at fault she accepted that the vast majority of the blame lay at her door.

He did query with me how the chat with Jackie and Janice went. I told him it was heated, we both got stuff off our chests. Well, I did, but I didn’t want to talk about it. It was in the past. He told me that was what the girls had said. He seemed to accept that, he wasn’t happy, but had little choice in the matter.

I think he wanted to share what they had learned with the counsellors. He did not blame me for what happened between me and his wife. I was a mate now and I was the only one of his mates he could talk to. At least he brought the beer. Part of the reason she cheated was the sameness of everything, they had lost their spirit of adventure. With work and Pete chasing promotion and the children there was no excitement, risk or challenge anymore and things got stale, they admitted they got lazy.

As they were going to try again. He had changed his ways, less work and golf, more family as a whole, not just the children. She promised that if there was a problem to be firm that they talk about it, not push it under the carpet. They had both learned, I hoped.

He did let on to me that he had promised himself that she had until Katie and Ben were old enough and he might still leave her if she stepped even close to the line.

If she did as she promised me in the letter, he would stay with her. I would be happy for them if that happened.

Pete asked me. “Were you the only one?”


It appears Jackie never admitted to Pete about the other men. Janice didn’t know if I was telling the truth or was just being nasty. That was a risk and a shame Jackie would have to live with. I think she had pushed them to the back of her mind and had forgotten them.

“As far as I know, I didn’t see or hear of any others.” I lied. To repeat to him what John the barman had told me would destroy him all over again. Was it the right decision of Jackie’s. I don’t know, it was her choice. But bugger it, I was lying for her now, I justified it to myself that I was protecting Pete and the kids.

Pete had stopped his travelling away so much and gave up on the golf weekends away, he just played in the morning or afternoon. It was golf or marriage to the woman he loved. When she went to Pompey he managed to go with her a couple of times. I believe they stayed in a different hotel.

I was still lonely and after Sandra and Jackie, I was loath to form a relationship. I guess that probably put me off dating in hindsight, fear of caring for someone to have your heart broken by them.

Chapter Eight.

It was late in the summer holidays I was doing more tour guiding. I got a phone call from Maeve on the front desk asking if I could do a special tour. I have been requested by name.

If I couldn’t do it, then the party would leave and wait till I was available, even coming back another day. I was interested, was it a bunch of ex mates wanting to take the piss or was it Jackie with Ben? She told me he liked submarines. She was still on my mind. I couldn’t shake her.

As I walked in the door of the ticket office I could see I was correct. I recognised Pete, Jackie and Janice straight away, even from the back. I suspect the two children with them were Ben and Katie. I had never met them. I was tempted to walk away. but that might upset the children. I’m sure Ben had been promised a tour. Pete and Jackie had guessed I wouldn’t let the children down.

Janice turned and she saw me, her face lit up. That made up my mind that I would do the tour. She turned and spoke to the others, they turned and looked at me. Jackie looked very nervous. Pete strode across to me with his hand out. I took it and he clasped me on the shoulder. He stopped me where I was. He said to me. “Before we get going, I would like to thank you for all your help. I know we have met quite a few times now, but I haven’t actually thanked you for the help you have given me. So, thank you. Now come and meet the children.”

I was introduced to Ben and Katie. They appeared to be pleasant children, polite and well spoken.

I started the tour with HMS Gannet, a sail steam ship. I showed them lots of stuff but concentrated on the living conditions. Showing them the difference between the Captain, officers and the ratings, the ordinary sailors. I explained that the captain would have to sometimes entertain visitors to the ship and that was part of the reason he had a big cabin. Occasionally they took their wives with them on excursions. Then ​​we moved on to HMS Cavalier the World War II destroyer. I did a bit more on the armament and the living conditions. Again, the captain’s accommodation was better than everybody else’s. Ben liked the guns. Then onto HMS Ocelot, the submarine. That really opened their eyes. I had to explain what hot bedding was, the children got it straight away, the adults not so much. They had dirty minds.

Janice looked into the Captain’s cabin. “You can’t entertain many people in there. I bet he didn’t bring his wife with him.” She giggled. “Not much room in there for you know what.” She giggled again. Something flashed through my mind.

Looking at Pete and Jackie I said in a serious tone of voice. “I’ve been in the cabin that Janice is talking about. There’s a lock on the door. Why don’t you tell us how much is possible? You’ve got about 12 minutes before the next tour comes round.” I said as I looked at my watch. That was a lie, there was no follow-on tour. People may wander in, but no tour. I couldn’t believe how fast Jackie grabbed Pete’s hand and dragged him into the captain’s cabin. I heard the lock snick too.

I looked at Janice, her mouth was hanging open in amazement. I carried on nonchalantly and said. “Let’s take Ben and Katie to the torpedo room, I’m sure Ben would like to see where the torpedoes are.” About 15 minutes later a very flushed Jackie and a smiling Pete rejoined us. Pete winked at me, I just smiled in return.

We finished the tour. The kids were excited they had certainly enjoyed it. Ben couldn’t stop talking about the submarine. He would be a bore at school and when he went to Scouts on Tuesday. I thought it polite to return them to the ticket office.

On the walk back across the yard Pete asked the children if they would like an ice cream. What a silly question to ask children. The three of them walked off towards the ice cream kiosk, the children in front Pete got two paces away, then stopped and held his hand out to Jackie.

It was obviously still a work in progress. She smiled and took his hand. Pete looked at us and said. “Can we get you two an ice cream?”

“Thanks, but no, I’m working.”

Janice spoke up. “Yes he does, if his bosses get grumpy, I will take them on.”

I realised we were walking much slower. Janice slid next to me and slid her arm through mine. I tried to pull away saying. “I’m working. This doesn’t look good.”

She hung on to me, telling me not to be so stuffy.

In the gentle stroll I had time to think. I said to her. “You organised this didn’t you?”

She just nodded.


“Pete wanted to say thank you properly, Ben loves boats and ships, especially submarines and I really wanted to meet you again and I couldn’t think of another way to do it.”

The others got back to us. Ben and Katie carrying our ice creams. We thanked them. Pete and Jackie saw how we were walking and took the children a little bit further away. Again, I tried to disentangle myself from Janice. She wouldn’t let go and I didn’t want to make a scene. Actually, I was enjoying it, but it would get me a bollocking from the boss. Eating ice cream and walking arm in arm with a customer is not a good look.

We got to the ticket hall and I took them to the exit. As I walked past the ticket desk Maeve waved at me and winked with a big smile on her face.

I held the door open for them, Janice was last to leave. She stopped and said to me, In a serious voice. “Jeff.” I did not like the sound of this. “Can I ask another favour again, please.” I nodded. “Can I take you to dinner tonight? I know Sandra has Beth and Gary. You can’t then use them as an excuse.” She carried on. “Star Hotel Maidstone Rd at 19:00 hours if you want to be all military.”

“If I say yes, you won’t be able to get a table.”

“I’ve already booked it.” I recognised the confidence of her sister although I could tell there was an air of trepidation about her. I think she was frightened I would say ‘No’.

It would save me cooking or getting a takeaway. “Yes.” I said.

She smiled, it was a nice smile. “May I suggest you get a taxi; parking is awful in Chatham at night.” She was correct, it was.

I would get the bus, it was cheaper.

But what to wear, the same dilemma I had with my first time eating with her sister. But was it a date or just to chat, what was it? This time the venue gave me a bit of a hint; flannel trousers, shirt tie and blazer.

She was there when I arrived. The buses don’t always run on time.

I was glad I dressed the way I did. She looked stunning. It wasn’t quite a little black dress but it was heading that way. Her hair shone almost as much as the smile that lit up her face when I walked in.

“You’re a bit late, I was worried you weren’t coming.”

“The bus was running a bit late. It’s quite a long way from my place on the bus and there is a lot of scope for delays.”

“Well, I can’t have you catching a bus home, I will have to take you.”

How did she think I was going to get home or was it just a ploy so I didn’t bring my car. The similarities to her and her sister are becoming obvious. I had planned to take a taxi.

During dinner I told her about the children, my naval career and all the places I had been. She told me about her work as a fashion designer. That made me raise my eyebrows. Not high fashion but normal High Street stuff that normal people wear. She was always hoping to have the one big creation that caught the eye of the big fashion houses. She realised after a while that that was not going to happen and resigned herself to the fact this was going to be it. She made enough money for the lifestyle she wanted and could work from home. Pursuing her dream had cost her socially, she didn’t have many friends. Most of the men around her just seemed to hit on her for one thing. I’m not surprised, she was beautiful.

I didn’t realise how late it was by the time we had finished talking. I’ve got my phone out to get a taxi. And then Janice said. “I would like to take you home if I may, part of me saying thank you for the help you’ve given Pete and Jackie.” I’d be a fool to say ‘No’ and I wonder where this was leading?

She was quite a positive driver, nothing illegal, just quite definite in what she did, a little too much throttle and then brake for my liking. But she was safe.

I invited her in for coffee, she accepted. I put the kettle on and got two mugs out. She sat at the kitchen table watching me. And then without a warning she stood up, walked into my utility room and came back with a bottle of Old Speckled Hen and a bottle of Crafty Old Hen. She lifted them up and said to me. “I’m not sure which of these you would like but I think you probably prefer one of these to a coffee?”

I took the Hen, it wasn’t as strong as the Crafty.

I smiled as I reached for the beer. “Are you trying to get me drunk so you can have your wicked way with me?”

“No, I don’t want you drunk when we get round to that.”

She really was as forthright as her sister. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised, but it did give me a worry. How similar were they?

She carried on telling her story as she cradled the mug of coffee in her hands, she was a few months away from marrying her long-term fiancé and she was sitting at her desk at work having had a design for a trouser suit rejected. That was when it hit her, she realised she was never going to make it to the big time. So, she decided to go home and think about her future. When she got there her life changed drastically. She found her fiancé in bed with his boss. She knows it’s hypocritical, when she sees two women kissing, it is sexy but when she sees two men kissing and one of them is her fiancé it’s just disgusting.

We sat in silence for a while. Then I could hold in the question no longer. “Why?”

She looked a bit confused. That was my intention. “Why what?”

“Why did you ask me out? And the real reason, not just to say thank you.”

Chapter Ten

“Jackie said it wouldn’t work.” She took a deep breath. “When I delivered the letter and phone, I saw a broken man trying to do the best he could for his children after being hurt by two women. After what Jackie told me about you, you were always going to make it. It would be hard, but you would do it. Jackie told me you can be a hard, dedicated man when you need to be. I don’t know why, but I felt proud of you, and I didn’t even know you.

“You could have slammed the door in my face when I brought the phone and letter, but you invited me in and well; sort of welcomed me into your home. I watched you over the next few days to make sure you were okay. I saw why Jackie fell in love with you. She and I are similar, we both fancied the same boys at school.” She sighed. “That caused a few issues.

“I know you are going to have trust issues with women, especially with women from our family.” She reached across the table and laid her hand on mine. “If Jackie liked you, I was going to. If you liked Jackie, you might like me, and I wanted to give it a chance. I do like you. It’s that simple.”

I didn’t think it was that simple. My mind was in turmoil. I wanted to change the subject.

I asked Janice. “Was the meeting in Marks and Sparks arranged?”

She gave me a quizzical look. I carried on. “There are five ​​shops all of them sell smoked salmon and that one was the furthest away from where you live. I could only get the cake from that shop.”

“Oh, I see what you mean. No it wasn’t, we couldn’t have set up the timing.”

“Jackie has my phone number, she could have tracked me. I leave it on so the children and grandparents and even Sandra can find me.”

“We were going to the garden centre in that retail park as well, we just wrapped it all into one. Please trust me, I know that may be hard, but please try. It was fate.” She paused. “It was good that you did, well not good really, it was awful. It was very painful for everyone seeing the pain on all sides after what she did to you. It was obvious how much you loved her.”

“And how fu… well, how stupid I was.”

She reached out and touched me again. “From what I have been told it was different from the split with your wife. She was, well, having a fling. Jackie had problems.” I was about to speak when she held her left hand up. That was when I realised her right hand was still on mine. “Yes, I know what she did was not the way to solve them. She was wrong.”

I wanted to change the subject. We paused for a bit, ensconced in our own thoughts. I had a question to ask.

“I don’t know anything about genetics, but Jackie has dark hair, so do her children and you have blonde hair. You are so similar you could almost be identical twins. Is that your real hair colour?” That question made her smile.

“No it isn’t, it’s from a bottle.” In a serious voice she said. “After hearing about you from Jackie and knowing we look alike I decided to go blonde so as not to frighten you when I came with the letter and phone.” Then she giggled. “Collar and cuffs don’t match.”

A thought flashed through my mind, I would really like to confirm that.

I thought that was very considerate of her. That showed she had compassion.

“I must go.” She said. “I’m looking after Ben and Kaite tomorrow whilst Pete and Jackie go clothes shopping.”

“Can’t they take the children?”

“Not for the sort of clothes they are buying!”

It was obvious from my face that I didn’t get it.

“Jackie’s underwear is boring. Don’t tell me you didn’t…” She stopped. Dangerous ground. “Sorry. I had better go now.”

I escorted her to the front door and opened it. The quandary, do we shake hands, kiss, lips or cheeks? What? It had been a fantastic night, and I didn’t want to screw it up. As she stood there, she proffered her cheek. Great, someone had made a decision. As I leaned in, she turned her head and our lips met, the next thing I felt was her arms going round my neck. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. It was a warm passionate kiss, after a while we came up for air.

She disentangled herself from me, she looked flushed. “I have had a brilliant evening, can we meet again, soon?”

“I’ve got the children next week, week after?”

“Next week is fine, I would like to meet Gary and Beth.”

She kissed me on the tip of my nose and walked to her car unlocking it as she went. I held the door open for her and closed it after she got in. “Drive carefully.” I said. I stood and watched till she got to the end of the road.

I sat at the kitchen table and got the bottle of Crafty Old Hen and thought through the day’s events.

As I sat there. I had been in love with Jackie. Janice was similar, were they trying to set us up to get together. I like Janice, a lot. But was it a setup, and if it was, was I against it?

Did I want to allow myself to be manipulated? And if I knew about it, was it manipulation? I thought about it a bit. Yes, it was, but I wouldn’t let them manipulate me, just let them think they did.

I had to clear this up. I don’t mind being pushed along a route, as long as it is a route I want to go along. I do not know if I want to go down a route with another woman from that family. Let’s approach this with an open mind I thought to myself.

During the week I got on the phone to Pete and suggested a meal out for all four of us on Friday, somewhere closer to my house. I told him we should go out together with Jackie and Janice sort of informally before a golfing function dragged us all together. I mentioned to Pete I could probably control my anger at Jackie if Janice and he were there. He told me he sort of understood where I was coming from.

Jackie and Pete had to find babysitters, but it was set up for Friday. My Mum and Dad had Gary and Beth for me.

I managed to get a table at a nice restaurant by the river, it was all quite mellow. Jackie was very nervous at the start but calmed down. I made an effort and was even polite to her. We had a nice chat about children, work. Pete and Jackie talked a little bit about how their marriage guidance visits were getting on. We had just finished dessert when I spotted my moment. Pete was just taking a mouthful of lager and was savouring the flavour and Jackie was taking a small sip of her wine.

“You lot have been setting me up to get me and Janice together!”

Pete spluttered into his beer and Jackie’s wine went down the wrong way. She started coughing, after some back slapping Jackie got her breath back. Pete stood up, offered his hand to Jackie. “We need to leave these two alone for a little while, let’s get some more drinks.”

Jackie reached across and gently stroked the back of her sister’s hand. “Good luck.” She looked at me and smiled. She left and followed Pete.

Janice turned her chair so she was facing me, I did likewise so we were facing each other. She reached out and took my hands in hers.

“To answer your question. Well, yes and no.”

Now I was even more confused.

She carried on. “Jackie told me all about you. You are a caring, compassionate and kind man, you are fun and a passionate man.” She blushed slightly with the last comment. What was coming next?

“Jackie didn’t go into details, but she says you’re quite good intimately. That’s not really true, she said you were very good.

“When I came to bring the letter I saw how much pain and hurt she had caused you.

“She convinced me that she loved you and she regretted the pain she caused. She wanted to make it up to you, so she asked if I would help. It was just to deliver the letter. Then I saw a handsome man trying to cope the best he could after having his heart shattered for a second time. Back then I didn’t know the details of your divorce, just that you were divorced, and it was traumatic and it hurt you. I just saw a damaged man.

“I drove back past your house later on and I could see it was different. Your car was now shiny, the front lawn had been mown again.

“When I saw you that morning, I just wanted to hold you. She told me all about you, it was like I already knew you. And to see the broken man in front of me it hurt so much. I just wanted to help.

“I saw you go for a short run and your dinner being delivered. You looked different, more confident. I suppose that letter helped you. I felt good about that.”

I shook my head. “I hadn’t read it by then, I was just working up the courage to do it. It was other things that changed my outlook.”

She raised a quizzical eyebrow. I indicated that she carry on.

She took a sip of her wine. “I liked what I saw and after Jackie told me about you, I wanted to get to know you better. I talked again with Jackie, and she told me everything she knew, even the details of your divorce. I asked her if she thought I had a chance with you. She suggested we ask Pete.

“Initially he was against the idea, he quite likes you even though you’re rubbish at golf, he didn’t want you to be hurt again. He suggested we meet and see what happened. And not to use sex to sway your thinking. I remember he glared at Jackie when he said that, she cried. They were still working things out then. They still are.

“It was when Ben said he wanted to go to the dockyard that the idea came to us, so I organised it, that part was arranged. After that you and I took it from there.

“So ‘Yes’, the dockyard was a setup, and ‘No’ the rest of it is just us to see how we get on.”

She sat up fully in her chair taking hands away from me “Jeff if you want to leave, I will understand but I will be upset. But I have to tell you that I’m falling for you and I hope you can feel some affection for me. I think you do after the way you kissed me and held me last week before I left your house.”

She had brought to the surface something that had been bothering me. But I kept on pushing it down.

Did I feel something for her? Yes, I did, but the similarities between her and Jackie worried me. Most of the similarities were the things I liked about Jackie. But was she similar in other ways? Could she do what Jackie did? That is what worried me.

I took her hands in mine. “Firstly, I am not leaving.” She smiled. “And yes, I do have feelings for you. You are so like your sister. I loved her, how could I not have feelings for you. But where do the similarities end? She cheated on her husband who she says she loves. I am worried you will do the same thing if I fall for you, so I’m trying not to fall in love with you. But it’s hard because I really do like you, I like being with you. Gary and Beth will like you, but I don’t want to take the risk of them being hurt again.”

She pulled herself away from me, her eyes were glazed. I saw Pete put his head around the door carrying drinks. He turned around and went back to the bar. Janice dabbed her eyes with a napkin. She looked me straight in the face. “What happened to them will not happen to us. They both made mistakes, we will learn from their mistakes. Pete got wrapped up in his work chasing for promotion. He tried to make up with the children, he thought as Jackie didn’t complain she was okay with it.

“She did complain, he admits he heard but didn’t listen. She wasn’t happy, and she suspected he was having an affair with all the time he was away and being so tired. He wasn’t, she just thought that, by the way. She expects that will come up in counselling.

“The thing was, they didn’t communicate. I know it was a difficult time for them. That is when you have to put the extra effort in, they didn’t. She should have persisted, maybe threatened divorce then he may have listened. We will not do that!

“I have been hurt by betrayal. I know there is a risk and I’m prepared to take it. I will always be completely honest with you, even if I don’t think you’re going to like what I say. We may fall out for other reasons, money, politics, religion, we may be sexually incompatible. you may like stuff that I don’t, but from what Jackie says that’s not likely.” She smiled. I think she was trying to lighten the atmosphere, it worked.

I looked at her and she was beautiful, and not just her looks she was a beautiful person I made a decision. We will never know if it works if we don’t try it. So that was what I decided to tell her.

I smiled, she looked happy at that. I told her just that. “Janice, there is a lot of baggage in our lives, both in the present and the past, but we will never know if we don’t give it a try.” I was bold. “Shall I see if they have a room available here tonight for us?” She leapt up and dumped herself on my lap and kissed me. The whole restaurant went quiet and looked on as she sat there. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

When she pulled away, she looked at me and said quietly. “No, for our first time I want to wake up in your arms, your bed and your house.”

I saw Jackie and Pete coming back, they were smiling.

As Jackie and Pete sat down Pete looked at me and said. “You accuse us of setting stuff up and you got us here, lulled us into a comfort zone and dumped the question on us. You waited till we were both drinking before you asked the question. Git, you made me spit in my beer.” He was smiling.

“It probably improved that crap you were drinking,”

It all went a bit quiet again. Jackie was itching to ask questions. I wasn’t sure what to say but Janice came to the rescue. Looking at Pete and Jackie she said. “Can I ask you a favour?” She didn’t wait for them to answer. “I haven’t got my car, I came with you. Jeff came by bus could you give us a lift home please.”

He answered instantly. “Certainly, Jackie’s driving, she’s only had one glass of wine, well not even that after she spat it out all over the table.”

We finished our drinks, and it was time to go home. We got in the car Jackie drove off. We came to the main road and Jackie was indicating right. Then Janice realised that we were going to her place, not mine. She leaned forward and said. “If you don’t mind, can we go to Rainham please?”

Jackie hesitated and looked at Pete. He was a bit stunned. He shook himself, looked across at Jackie and said. “I’m okay​​ with that. I’m probably going to have to go there sometime to pick him up before I give him another thrashing at golf.”

This will be difficult for him. Going to a place where his wife made love to another man, even if the man was now his friend. We hadn’t been at the time. As we got into the village I leaned forward and said. “Just drop us off at the end of the road. It can be difficult to get out of the end of the road at this time of night.”

Pete turned and looked at me and said. “That’s tosh, I know you’re trying to save my feelings. but ‘No’ we will drop you at your front door.” They did. I went to the car door where Pete was, he wound the window down. I put my hand in to shake it. He opened the door and got out, smiled at me and said. “You know I don’t shake hands sitting down.” I could tell this was hard on him. I pulled him in and gave him a hug, a big man hug. As I pulled away, I said to him. “I think you’re an incredibly brave, strong man. I could not have done what you have just done. Look after yourself.” Janice and his sister were doing similar hugs on the other side of the car. I wonder what the conversation was over there?

Pete said. “We will wait until we see the door close before we go.” That was almost a hurry up please. If it was a hint, I took it. I went to the other side of the car to drag Janice away from her sister. Jackie and I just shook hands, it felt weird after what we had done in the past only a few yards away.

I hurried Janice indoors for two reasons, we waved at Pete from the door and closed it. Janice took off her coat and let it fall down on the floor behind her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. We had kissed before, but this one was different, there were sparks.

We separated for breath. “Tea, coffee or wine?”

“Bed.” She took hold of my hand and led me up my stairs into my bedroom.

She slipped my jacket off onto the floor and started undoing the buttons of my shirt. I slid my hand around the back of her dress, found the zip and pulled it down. We were kissing at this time, it was all quite crowded. I eased the dress off the shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I couldn’t miss the lingerie satin bra, suspender belt and stockings. She had the shirt off my shoulders. I think she tore the last two buttons off.

I slipped my hand around and managed to undo the bra with one hand. It fell away. I couldn’t help doing a comparison. Janice’s breasts were nicer than her sisters, not by much. They fitted my hand better. I would have to stop doing that.

Before I noticed it, she had the belt on my trousers undone and my zip was lowered. she got on her knees and pulled my trousers and underpants down in one go. And there it was sticking out in front of her, she didn’t look at me, she just opened her mouth and took me fully inside. I nearly came, I had to pull her head off with my cock.

I helped her up as I shuffled out of the trousers pooled around my ankles. I got my shoes and socks off at the same time. I gently pushed her back onto the bed and she laid down. I got on beside her wrapping my arms around her.

We kissed deeply and passionately but there was an urgency I eased one of my arms from her and slid my hand down. I found her love channel. It was sopping I played around with the clitoris and gently easing my fingers in and out. I kissed her neck, her head went back and her eyes closed.

“I like that, more of that please.” She muttered. I did some more and then I slid lower and kissed her nipples gently. “That’s nice, I like that.” She said my fingers were now inside her gently moving backwards and forwards and occasionally slightly sliding all the way out and across her clitoris. I paid more and more attention to that, and I can feel her getting hot. Suddenly she grabbed hold of me and shuddered.

I waited till she came down from that. She was ready, the look on her face told me everything I needed to know. I reached across to my bedside drawer to get protection. I wondered fleetingly if they were still in date? I had them left from my time with her sister in Pompey.

She reached across and placed her hand on the back of mine. “You don’t need that.”

I entered her slowly not wanting to hurt her. I rested on my elbows so I could see her face. I pushed in as far as I could, she lifted her legs, so I went further in. It felt wonderful. I started slow and picked up the pace watching her beautiful face to judge how I was doing. I got the rhythm and depth that I thought was about right when she wrapped her arms and legs round me and pulled herself unto me. She grunted loudly and relaxed, her eyes closed, breathing heavily. I picked up the speed and went as deep and as hard as I could. She screamed as she came and this time the pulsing of her pussy brought me off.

I just rested there as I went soft. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I eased myself off her and lay down. She quickly lay her head on my shoulder. She looked up at me. “Thank you, that was wonderful.”

I fell into a contented sleep.

The sun was just coming up when I was awakened by a warm feeling on my cock. I didn’t take much to work out what it was. When I was hard, she moved herself on top and impaled herself. I quickly managed to meet her with a thrust. We both came, she fell forward and then kissed me. It was her turn to roll off.

As I fell asleep again a thought flashed through my mind, I realised that if she did not have blonde hair, it could have been Jackie. I could probably use what I learned to please Jackie to please her sister. But I would keep that to myself. What worked for Jackie might work for Janice.

In the morning she wore the shirt I had on last night, unbuttoned, and her lacy knickers. She made tea and toast. The look on my face watching her was lust. She saw it and dropped the shirt on the floor. I hadn’t made love on the kitchen table for many years.

It was very comfortable sitting at the kitchen table with her eating toast with blackcurrant jam and sipping tea. I had to wipe the odd bit of jam off her cheek. I used my lips to do it.

I asked. “So why me, what made you make a play for me?”

“I have already said after Jackie had told me so much about you, I felt like I already knew you. I saw a broken man in front of me. I just wanted to hold you. I just wanted to help.

“Jackie thought you would be OK when you had the children around you. It was when you were on your own, so we watched when Sandra collected the children. But got Pete to keep you partly occupied. That helped Pete as well. He came home quite calm after playing golf with you. The plan was we would introduce me and Jackie into the mix sometime. Like we pick you up from golf or meet you in the clubhouse, but the Dockyard idea came up, to meet on your turf so you would feel comfortable. Pete quite quickly worked it out what we planned and told us to be careful. He likes you,”

Then she stunned me. “When do Gary and Beth get back from your parents?”

“I’m due to collect them at eleven and stay for lunch.”

“Can I come with you and meet them, if you’re okay with that? You can take me home after that if you want.”

“I would like that. I had better warn Mum and Dad. I was planning to drop you home first then collect them.”

I phoned Mum and told her I was bringing someone with me, a female. She seemed happy at that. I told her I would still be there at eleven when Janice started waving her arms about. I asked my Mum to hang on for a moment and I put my thumb over the microphone on the phone. I always struggle to find the mute button. “I can’t meet your parents and the children in the dress I wore last night, it wouldn’t be proper. We will have to pop into a shop to get something decent.”

“Mum, we might be a bit late. We have a spot of shopping to do.”

“Okay, we will see you when we see you. Do you want us to warn the children about your friend?”

I had not thought about that. “Yes please Mum, it won’t be so much of a shock to them. Sorry I have to rush. See you later.” I hung up.

Janice said to me. “I need to phone Jackie to see if she is okay after last night.”

“Okay, I’ve got a call to make as well after I get dressed.”

I got halfway up the stairs when I realised I had not asked if Janice wanted to borrow my toothbrush. We had swapped enough fluids last night that sharing a toothbrush once would not hurt.

I got back to the bottom step and I could hear them both on the phone. Janice must have done it on facetime.

“How did it go when you got home, is everything alright? I was a bit worried about you.” Janice asked.

“It was fine. Pete was very quiet on the drive home.” There was a pause. “He was a little rough when we, well you know. It was like he was staking his claim.”

“Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

“No not at all, he got the job done. I enjoyed it, actually more than I thought I would. It may be something to explore in the future. He is much calmer this morning and he keeps apologising for being rough. Enough about me, how was your night?”

Janice giggled. “You’re right he is bloody good. He is a wonderful lover.”

“Did he throw you all over the bedroom in haste?”

“No, he was gentle, caring, loving and powerful, he knows how to please, he might need a little tweaking as we learn about each other. He could teach my Ex a thing or two.”

“Don’t worry, he learns quickly. What are your plans for the rest of the weekend? He has the children this weekend.”

“I’m going to meet them and his parents today.”

There was a bit of a pause before Jackie replied. It was a bit quiet. I could hardly hear her. “Perhaps I should have done that?”

Janice’s voice was harsh. “No, you shouldn’t. Don’t be silly. I don’t agree with what you did. But you played it the best way you could. At least the kids didn’t get to meet you and get to like you. That would have hurt them.” Her tone mellowed. “I’m never letting this man go, so I need to be friends with Gary and Beth, and this is the first step. Meeting his parents is a bonus too. Look I have to go, we have shopping to do before we go to collect the children. I’ll phone you tonight to see how you and Pete are?”

Whilst I was listening to this, I had already decided what I was going to do. No secrets.

I stepped off the bottom step. Janice had her phone held up and I heard Jackie say. “Shit, He is behind you.” Janice turned, looked at me and said. “Oh Shit.” Her face went bright red. “Did you hear all that?”

“Pretty much.”

“I’m sorry.”

She realised the line was still open when Jackie’s voice came from the phone. “Did Jeff hear all that?”

“I think he did.” Janice relied.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, he did.”

“Shit, I had better leave you two alone for a bit.” Jackie hung up.

“There was nothing there to apologise for. Complete honesty. Remember.” I smiled. “I would be interested in the tweaking through.”

Janice’s face was returning to its normal colour. “I found out how loving you can be last night. I was wondering how kinky and adventurous you can be.”

As I headed back upstairs to get dressed and make my phone call, I said over my shoulder. “I am sure you will find out in the next couple of weeks” I forgot to ask her about the toothbrush.

Chapter Eleven.

We went to a local supermarket. Janice got a smart skirt and blouse, her shoes would do a trip. She pointed out a pair of leggings she had designed. She asked me to select a bunch of flowers that my Mum would appreciate, more importantly, not ones that she does not like. I picked Pink carnations, all mums like carnations, I think?

Whilst I was doing that Janice rushed off and came back with a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap in the shopping basket.

She pointed to them and said. “Is it too soon?”

I smiled. “Not at all.”

She reached up and kissed me.

We got to Mum and Dads about half eleven. Although I had a key, I rang the doorbell. The door opened instantly. I think Mum was watching for us.

“Mum, this is Janice.” I handed over the flowers.

Janice put her hand out. Mum took it then pulled her into a hug. “Nice to meet you at last.” It is hard to hide things from parents and children.

“These are nice, thank you.” Mum said, looking at the flowers. “He has been a bit up and down over the last nine months, looks like you two went through a rough patch. But if you have come to see us we assume it’s all sorted out.”

Mum was assuming a lot and got it wrong. I will have to have a chat with her and Dad to tell them the full story away from little ears.

Mum invited us in. I Introduced Janice as my ‘girlfriend’. I think Gary and Beth would understand that. I’m sure Beth would.

Mum had the children’s favourite sandwiches and tea ready.

It was all gentle until I mentioned that Janice might be staying at our house sometimes.

Beth looked at me and said. “Daddy, does that mean there will be squealing noises in your bedroom like when Mummy was with us?”

She could not have timed it better. Mum spat a mouthful of egg mayonnaise sandwich all over the place and started coughing. Dad choked on his tea, that went everywhere. My face went redder than a fire engine. Janice was the only one to keep her cool. “Oh, I hope so. But if we get too loud you tell us in the morning and we will do something about it.”

“No, I like it. I like it when people sound happy.”

We had not got over the last coughing session before that hit us. Gary just looked bemused by the antics of the adults.

Dad and the children cleared up the mess that was the kitchen table.

Mum said quietly to Janice.​​ “Was the dress you were wearing last night that scandalous?”

Mum looked at me. “There are two microphones on your phone dear.”

“No,” Janice replied. “Just not the sort of thing to meet your future fiancé’s children and parents in.”

Now it was my turn to splutter into my tea. ‘Future fiancé!’

I do wish these people would time it better. We were running out of paper towels clearing up all the mess.

Janice and I took the children home via the park and let them ride the miniature train, Gary loved that. Janice and I drank tea and watched the world go by whilst they ran around wearing themselves out.


Now what? I just nodded.

“Can I stay tonight please?”


“Same bed?”

“I think Beth is older than you think, I’ll try to be quiet.”

I smiled. “I will try to make you loud.”

I spoiled the children with pizza for tea, it’s a treat in our house. Beth was on her second slice when she looked at Janice. “Are you going home today?”

“No, if that’s alright with you.”

“I don’t mind.” She looked at me. “You had better tell Mummy.”

Children! “I already have done sweetie.”

I had given Sandra a quick call this morning after Janice told me she wanted to meet Gary and Beth. I told her that the children were going to meet a female acquaintance of mine. All she asked was if it was serious with my new acquaintance. I told her it was. She was happy with that.

I could understand her question. She wouldn’t want them to meet a plethora of different women passing through my bed. Like that was going to happen!

I got the children ready for bed, we had a system. Janice did not try to help. I think I could see what she was trying to do. Just be there, help if she was asked, but not interfere.

We sat and talked about the day. It has been a new experience for all of us. She quite liked my Mum but thought my Dad was a bit reserved. She was correct, he would tell me his thoughts later, I had no doubt about that.

She took hold of my hand and said, “I think Beth is asleep now, and I am a bit tired. Can we go to bed please?”

I don’t think sleep was on her mind. She proved that as soon as we got to my room, she took all her clothes off, I almost beat her getting naked.

I laid her on the bed and laid beside her, I nibbled, I fondled, I played with her ear lobes, her neck, her boobs, I used my fingers to excite her, my fingers entered her. I felt her have her first orgasm. I slid down the bed, eased her legs further apart and gently applied my tongue to her clitoris. I had my fingers inside her searching for the ‘G’ spot. I must have found it. Her body went completely stiff. I saw her grab a pillow and pull it over her face. It muffled the scream.

She was wide awake, a bout of drowsiness hit me, but I did not want to go to sleep, I was enjoying having her in my arms when she whispered. “We are both going to bring things from our former relationships.” That worried me a bit, but it was true. Then she startled me. “Can we play I-Spy in the dark? It sounds fun.” Just how much had Jackie told her sister?

We did play. I wonder if Jackie told her our final question.

I could tell she was getting drowsy as well.

“I-Spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘L’.

She responded with a drowsy. “Lamp?”


“Light switch?”

“That’s ‘LS’ silly, so ‘No’.”

I could tell she was struggling to stay awake.

“Do you give in?” I asked.

“Yes, sorry, I’m shattered. You wore me out.”


I sensed her smile.

It became a tradition whoever wanted to go to sleep would say. “I-Spy something beginning with ‘L’.” Even if it wasn’t their turn.

She did sleep in my arms again.

The children were playing outside, Janice was helping me clear up after breakfast, I looked at her and said. “You are very much like your sister.” After I said that, a worried look must have crossed my face. She reached across and took my hand. “Yes, we are very similar, I could see why she fell in love with you. But one big difference is I know the pain the cheating can cause. I have seen what it has done to Pete and you, and I’ve experienced it myself. I like you and I never do that to someone I like. It might be brutal to be honest with someone that you have fallen out with or have a problem with, but it’s less painful than the heartache that cheating can cause.”

There were tears in her eyes. “I would not do that to you, or anyone.” I 99% believed her, but she is her sister’s sister. Then she said something stranger. “Please, take the risk. You won’t be disappointed.”

She left mid-morning by uber after saying goodbye to the children, Gary asked her when she was coming to see us next. She glanced at me and said. “Soon sweetie I hope, soon.”

I smiled and nodded at her. The sun shone from the smile on her face.

I made a quick phone call and managed to get a table at a family pub restaurant. I invited Mum and Dad. Whilst Gary and Beth were outside playing in the playground, I told Mum and Dad the whole story, Jackie, Pompey, Pete and his baseball bat, Pete and Golf and finally Janice, all of it.

Throughout Mum’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.

When she got time to talk Mum asked. “What are you going to do about Janice?”

“Don’t know Mum, for the moment, just suck it and see. But I do like her, I’m just worried about, you know, being hurt again and the kids.”

Dad had not said much, that was his way. Mum did most of the talking. He is a watcher, a studier of people. “I think you will be okay, the way she watches you, touches you and looks at the children. It is a risk, take it son.” That was my Dad, a man of few words but generally spot on.

The children were worn out with all the excitement of meeting Janice, playing in the park, and going out for dinner on Sunday.

Gary was like his Grandad. As I tucked them in that evening, he said to me. “We like her.” I kissed him on the forehead and left.

Interesting, ‘we’ not ‘I’.

Three weeks later when Sandra was collecting the children she met Janice. It was a cool meeting. I think Janice arrived early on that Friday, just to make sure she met Sandra. Crafty woman, but it broke the ice.

I got a text message from Sandra later that evening. ‘She seems nice and the kids like her, just be careful’. When she brought the children back that weekend she asked if we could have a chat, alone.

I cracked a bottle of red as she put the children to bed and I waited for her in the kitchen.

I had a glass poured for her, it was obvious something was on her mind. You are not married to someone for as long as we were without picking up on that.

“Thanks”. She took a sip. “Can I ask for your advice?”

“Always, but you might not like my answer.”

“Richard, my boss has asked me out. I don’t know what to do.”

I knew Sandra had got a job in a local estate agent. She was never going to teach with her record. Her notoriety had increased the footfall into their showroom. That helped sales. It also meant she could work every other weekend so she could have the children. She seemed to enjoy it as well.

“Is he single?”

“Yes, divorced.” She looked down. “He got caught cheating on his wife.”

Oh gosh, I so wanted to say something, ‘Pot, Kettle, Black’. I thought to myself. but I held my tongue and took a long drink of my wine.

Sandra looked at me. “Thank you for not saying anything.” She took a sip of her wine. “It was with a friend of hers. Not a customer.”

“Has he been completely honest with you, do you think?”

“I think so. It was a while ago but his ex-wife still comes in, she owns part of the business and she warned me to look out for my friends. She was a bit snarky. So, I asked for her side of the story, she told almost the exact same one, she just couldn’t forgive him. She tried, but it didn’t work.”

“Have you been completely honest with him?”

“Not completely, he knows most of it. I just haven’t set it all out in order.”

“I suggest you tell him the story, completely and honestly from start to finish and see if he still wants to go out with you? He can even come and talk to me if he wishes.”

“You would do that for me?”

“I loved you, some part of me still does, you are the mother of my children. You have paid for your crimes. Now I just want what is best for you. And by extension the children, if you are happy, then they are happy. If they’re happy so am I.”

That had obviously given her something to think about. We talked about what we both had planned for the coming months to sort out times and dates. We actually finished the bottle of wine. I escorted her to the front door and opened it for her. As she left she reached up and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m so sorry I fucked up, I still love you, but I know we can never get back together. Janice is nice. The kids like her, I like her. I’m not sure she likes me though.” She walked out, got to the front gate, waved to me then walked to her house.

Sandra told me later she told Richard everything, he still asked her out and they made a promise to be completely honest with each other. She asked me if I minded him meeting the children. I knew of him. I had seen him around town and at the golf club. He didn’t seem a bad sort, so I didn’t mind.

Janice visited the next weekend Beth and Gary were with Sandra. Janice showed me her underwear was not boring. I now have a thing for corsets. Especially if she designed it for herself and had it made. When she went home she left most of her underwear behind, she took the items that needed washing.

The following Friday evening was great, we played a board game with the children, which Gary won. Getting them excited was a good way of wearing them out.

I woke up in the morning and the bed next to me was empty. When I fully came round, I heard the noise of little people chattering in the kitchen. I guessed Janice was sorting out breakfast or the children. I pulled in a pair of trousers and an old T-shirt then went downstairs. I stood by the kitchen door. Beth and Gary were at the kitchen table Janice was in front of the cooker she was frying eggs and four slices of bread sat next to her. Egg banjos for breakfast had become a treat when Janice visited.

I studied her long flowing blonde hair, her figure and the concentration on her beautiful face so she didn’t burn the eggs and still had the yokes soft.

She did look very much like her sister. Even with her concentrating she must have sensed I was there. She looked at me and smiled as she placed the eggs into the bread. She cut their banjos in half and opened them slightly to let the egg yolk run out. She placed them in front of the children and gave them both napkins. They were going to dribble the egg yolk everywhere.

“Okay​​, this week it’s Gary’s turn to decide where we will go, so think about that while you’re having your breakfast.”

“The zoo.” Came an instant reply from Beth through a spluttering of bread and egg.

“Best not to talk with your mouth full, sweetie. The food goes everywhere. I think we went to the zoo two weeks ago. Let’s go somewhere different. And it is Gary’s turn to suggest something.”

I just stood there leaning on the door frame smiling at the domestic scene. A warm feeling came over my body as I looked at Janice.

She looked at me. “Banjos or toast?”

“Toast please”

She grabbed two pieces of brown bread and put them in the toaster and popped it down. She poured me a cup of tea and brought it to me in the doorway, as she handed it to me, she did not let go. She looked me in the face and said and whispered. “I love you too.”

It was a good job she was holding the cup. “You haven’t said it, but it’s written all over your face. I thought I would say it first.” She said.

She let me have the cup and I went and sat next to the children. She came back a couple of minutes later with toast for both of us and she sat down. With a cheeky grin on her face, she leaned across and whispered in my ear. “Let’s hope it’s not just lust.”

A little voice on the other side of the table popped up. “What’s lust Mumtie?” Blast, my daughter has got big ears.

“It’s something people have when they love each other.” Replied Janice. I suppose that’s pretty close.

She carried on. I think it was a distraction technique. “How about we go to Canterbury Cathedral, have ice cream and then stop at the seaside and on the way back to get fish and chips for tea?” That went down well.

I looked at Beth. “You just called Janice Mumtie, where did that come from?”

“Mummy said that we should treat Janice like a mum too. But we can’t have two mummies, so mummy is number one and Janice is mummy number two. Like mummy-too. So, it’s like mummy with auntie at the end.” The minds of children. I think there were tears in Janice’s eyes.

Things settled down. Janice would come over most weekends, she would look after the kids whilst I went playing golf with Pete or my mates. And it was one of these times that Sandra found out that Janice did like her when she phoned her for help. Janice told me later, how she could dislike someone who threw me away so she could have me.

She was not going to say anything to her about that, that would be cruel and rude.

One thing that I did have a question for.

We were lying in bed playing I-Spy. My letters were ‘BB’, which she didn’t get. It was Bottle Blond.

“Are you staying blond?” I asked her.

“Don’t like the collar and cuffs not matching?” She asked with a smile.

The following weekend she sorted that out. She had me tie her spread eagled to the bed to stop her moving. I got to shave her pubes. I used my electric hair clippers and then an electric razor and then the wet razor to finish off. I spent a pleasant half hour or so using my tongue to explore her now bald love cave.

It was a good job Beth wasn’t here, she may have complained about squealing noises this time. We may have to investigate gags. A couple of weeks later she got her revenge, and it was me tied to the bed being shaved. I didn’t squeal. Keeping trimmed down there became normal for us, as did the tying up but that was more for teasing than actual bondage.

The next year Pete, Jackie, Janice and I were at a Golf Club dance. ​​Sandra was there with Richard, she had asked for my advice earlier, it appears it was reasonable advice. I had seen him in the club, we never spoke, but we knew who each other was and sometimes nod to each other as an acknowledgement.

She introduced him then she introduced all of us and me as her ex-husband. He seemed okay, then Sandra surprised me, she laid a hand on Richard’s arm and said. “Do you mind if I ask my ex-husband for a dance?” He shook his head.

She looked at Janice and said. “Janice, do you mind if I ask my ex-husband for a dance?”

“Please go ahead and thank you for asking.”

I was stuck, it had been rude not to do so, so I led her on to the dance floor. It was a slow one. We kept an inch or so apart when the song was nearly finished she leaned in and said. “I did tell Richard everything about our divorce, no secrets. I think he’s going to ask me to marry him. What should I do?”

Shit, what a question out of the blue.

“Go with your heart. Be honest with him and especially yourself. That is the only advice I can give.” I was tempted to say don’t cheat on him, but I felt that would be nasty.

The music stopped, she kissed me on the cheek and we left the dance floor. We said goodbye to Sandra and Richard and they returned to their table holding hands.

I got a text the following morning from Sandra. ‘He did ask, I said yes. Thank you for your good advice’.

Chapter Twelve

We got an invite to the wedding. It was a small affair. It was Sandra’s weekend with the children. We all went to the ceremony and the reception. We took the children home with us. It wasn’t our turn, but we had them for the next two weeks whilst Sandra and Richard had a honeymoon.

Richard thanked me later and said. “We will do the same for you when you tie the knot, and by the way what are you waiting for?”

My Dad said something similar. “Stop dithering boy. What are you waiting for? What would you do if she asked you to marry her?”

He was correct, I knew the answer to that.

We married six months later.

Pete gave Janice away, Jackie was Chief Bridesmaid, Beth was the flower girl and Gary the ring bearer, he wanted to be the sword bearer, but he had to make do with a ring.


Janice and I talked a lot, we rarely got into arguments. We learned from Jackie and Sandra’s mistakes. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than your own. Jackie, Pete, Sandra and Richard did learn from their own mistakes and never repeated them.

Richard passed away a couple of years ago and Sandra moved back into her old house in Thames ​​Avenue. I know her keeping that house was a bone of contention between her and Richard. But she pointed out to him that whoever was left, the house they now lived in was too big for one person, and anyway whoever moved into Thames Avenue, be it her or him, they would be among friends.

We had all become friends and let bygones be bygones, well mostly. When we would say goodbye to Sandra she would look at me and say ‘I still love you’ or look at Janice and say ‘I still love him’ but she never said it when we were alone. It piqued Richard in the early days but she would turn to him and say, “I Love you.” Then she would kiss him, he loved her, and she does love him, so he got over it. He was a bigger man than me, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have done it.

I sat beside the bed holding her hand. Her hair was no longer blonde. It was a platinum grey but still shone and bounced when she could walk. Gary and Beth were both here sitting on the other side of the bed. Gary had got compassionate leave from the Navy. Beth had left her husband looking after their veterinary practice just outside Bristol. They had tears in their eyes. But Janice was smiling as she looked at them and whispered. “Look after him until he joins me.”

“We will Mumtie.” Beth and her husband had a flat for me in Bristol if I wanted it. But I didn’t want to leave Thames Avenue. Gary’s wife had moved in with me when Janice became ill whilst he was away. He was due out of the Navy in a few years, and he would have the house anyway. We had sorted that out between us.

She looked at me and said. “Thank you, we’ve had a good life. I have enjoyed every minute of it. But for one last time, I spy with my little eye something beginning with L.” She closed her eyes.



“Lamp shade.”

“No, that is LS.”

“I’m tired sweetheart, I give up.”

She gently squeezed my hand and said. “Lovers”.

She didn’t breathe in after she said that as the machine she was hooked up to sounded an alarm. I held on to her hand until the doctor came.

I do have the full long story that Jeff told Pete. I wrote it as part of the story then realised it was too big, so I extracted it and made it a separate stand alone story if anyone is interested.

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