My Sister Meg._(1) by TAZX

A literotic sexstories: My Sister Meg._(1) by TAZX ,

Please excuse any mistakes, this is my first story.

I felt her crawl into my bed.

It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning, and the movement of her getting comfortable had woken me up.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“The wind broke the window in my room. Dad said he’ll fix it in the morning, so I’m sleeping in here until then.”

My older sister Meg mumbled to me as she adjusted herself in my bed.

It being early Fall and knowing how hard the wind blows around this time, I understood and began to try and drift back to sleep.

Meg’s dyed deep red hair made it’s way onto my pillow as she snuggled herself closer to me.

Her hair smelled like peppermint shampoo and her body radiated warmth.

She was wearing a loose white tank top and pink booty shorts.

I was already quickly drifting off, but my close to unconscious mind focused on thoughts of her butt, which was now firmly nestled into my groin.

My dick got hard, pressing against her, just as I fully fell asleep, with thoughts only of my sister’s nice ass present in my head.

The sun was just starting to shine in my room, when it happened.

I awoke in the same position, my dick still hard.

Only this time Meg was reaching behind, rubbing my cock through my boxers.

“Meg, what’re you doing?” I groaned, knowing what she was doing was wrong, but not wanting to stop her.

She stopped rubbing for a moment and flipped onto her other side, now facing me, smiling very big.

Our eyes met and her hand went back to my cock.

She moved her mouth closer to my ear and whispered,

“Are you going to stop me?” she said sensually followed by a very short, very cute, breathy giggle.

I couldn’t speak, but I didn’t move away or try to stop it.

She smiled big, “That’s what I thought.” she said as she now pulled my dick out of my boxers.

Her warm hand slowly stroking me felt so good, I prayed she would never stop.

She began to kiss me, and I kissed back.

We started off slow, but became more and more passionate over just a few minutes.

“I haven’t able to sleep over the past couple hours with your hard cock begging for some attention from me.”

I couldn’t even believe that this was happening, that my own sister had been turned on by dick pushing against her perfect ass.

Again, I didn’t say a word.

“All I could think about was pulling it out…”

I groaned.

“…Going under the blanket…”

I groaned again.

“And wrapping my mouth around that…




She whispered, squeezing my dick in between every word.

“Would you be alright with that?

If your big sister sucked your perfect cock?”

“Please.” I practically begged.

She giggled again.

“Since you asked so nicely.”

She slowly lowered herself under the blanket.

Nothing happened at first, but then I felt her slowly wrap her wet lips around my dick.

I thought I was gonna cum right there.

She moved tortuously slow, slowly gaining speed, and within minutes bobbing her head up and down my dick.

“Oh Meg, that feels so good.”

She moaned around my cock.

I pulled the blanket off of her, I had to see her beautiful face with my cock in her mouth.

She looked up at me, with her beautiful brown eyes, and continued to bob on my dick, looking at me the whole time.

I closed my eyes and just laid there, savoring it.

Then suddenly she popped off.

I opened my eyes and saw that she had sat up on the bed, peeling of her tank top, revealing her perfect C cup breasts.

“Oh my god.” I basically gasped.

She giggled, and hopped off the bed and turned her back to me.

She slowly bent over and began to peel off her shorts.

Her ass was even more perfect than I had ever imagined.

She turned back to me, now as naked as the day she was born, and climbed back onto the bed, and slowly crawled onto me.

I had forgotten to breath as she reached behind and lined my cock with her sopping wet slit.

“Is it alright if your big sister fucks you?” she whispered, smiling, as she slowly eased herself on my cock, not waiting for an answer.

We both got caught on a quick breath, as I slowly entered her.

She began to ride me, building a nice slow rhythm.

“Is this what got your dick hard, huh?

Thinking about your older sister’s ass bouncing on your hard cock?”

Her dirty talk turned me on even more.

“Are you gonna fuck your sister ’till she cums?

‘Till she’s begging for you not to stop?”

“Absolutely Meg, you feel so fucking good.”

“Oh, you like your sister’s wet pussy, do you?

Tell me how much you like it, baby.”

“I fucking love my sister’s pussy.”

“Keep telling me how much you like it”

She begged, riding me faster and faster.

“You feel so good Meg,

So fucking wet and tight.

I love fucking my sister’s pussy.”

“Your turn.” she said out of breath, as she stopped gyrating her pussy on to my dick,

wanting me to do the work now.

To which I happily obliged.

I began to thrust into her keeping the pace, faster and faster.

“Oh my god, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she begged

I kept fucking her, harder and faster, as she came all over my cock.

“Oh my god baby, you’re fucking me so fucking good!”

She said as my cock slammed into her.

I was getting close, and had to slow down, just as her orgasm subsided.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said.

She removed my cock from her pussy and returned her mouth to it.

“Cum in your sister’s mouth, let me taste our cum together, right off your perfect cock.”

Her words sent me over the edge.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” I exclaimed, as she continued to suck my cock, faster and faster, desperate for my cum.

I shot my load, rope after rope into her mouth, all of it going down her throat as she savored the flavor.

I had never cum so much in my life, but she swallowed it all, moaning the whole time.

She crawled back towards me swallowing the last bit of leftover cum in her mouth.

She laid down, and returned her hand to my still very hard cock.

I pulled the blanket back over us, as she continued to stroke me.

She slowly began to stop stroking me, as we both began to, for the second time, drift back to sleep.

My mind was filled only with thoughts of my sister’s perfect ass, as I began to think of what the future held for Meg and I.

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