An adult stories – Caught by BGJones,BGJones Authors note

This is part one of a two part story. I will be releasing part two soon. This is a work of fiction. Please enjoy.

Part 1


I’ll admit I have a problem. The problem is I like to watch people fucking and for said people not to know I’m watching. I love to watch people’s most intimate moments. Like for example, once I snuck into a house when noone was home, hid in their attic and watched hrough a small hole I inserted in the closet and I waited for them to come home. I wasn’t disappointed. The couple came home around 10 pm. They proceeded to get undressed and lay in the bed. Soon the woman, who had by the way, the nicest tits I had ever seen. They were perfectly round, with nice big nipples and nice brown aerolas. Her ass was round and shapely with not a hint of cellulite. She was skinny as well. The total package. I watched as she took her lovers cock in her petite mouth. She appeared to swallow the large cock. She expertly sucked on his member. I could hear slurping noises mixed with groans of pleasure.

I could feel my own dick tingle. I took off my shoes and socks and then…

I pulled down my pants and pulled them off, followed by underwear and my shirt. I stood there naked. I grabbed my cock, which by now was at full attention.

I watched as the man pulled his cock from her mouth. She drew up on her knees as he inserted his cock into her dripping pussy and began to pound into her.

I watched transfixed as he fucked her doggystyle.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I worked on my cock as I watched him fuck her. He was working slowly in and out. Then he picked up the pace. She moved in rhythm with him grinding against his cock. They both moaned at times.

I continued to play with my cock moving up and down on my shaft as I watched the two lovers expertly fuck.

I remember her coming letting out a shout as she came. That was all I could handle. I stiffled a grunt as I came in long spurts covering the attic floor with my seed. Just as I finished the man did as well filling his lovers cunt with his cum.


So as you can see I’m a sick man. The story I’m about to tell you almost got me arrested and put in jail for a long time.


In case your wondering I have had girlfriends. But unfortunately just straight sex has little appeal to me. Many times I would be fucking them and just couldn’t come. We would argue and eventually drift apart and break up. This has happened four times. I’ve given up. I even told one of my girlfriends about the urge and tried to convince her to enjoy it with me. She called me a fucking creep and left.


So I decided I needed a more permanent plan and access to more sexual content. The problem was video and pictures just didn’t do it. I needed live content and the people involved couldn’t be aware. That was my issue. So I embarked on a mission to find more content and it was almost my undoing. There was a gorgeous girl I worked with at the store that I found unbelievably sexy. I couldn’t help but fantasize about her sexually. She had large breasts, a shapely ass, and buetiful full pouty lips. I really wanted to see her naked and not let her know. I knew she would always come to work and change so I came to work early and snuck into the staff bathroom, locked the stall door, and waited for her to come in. Finally I heard her come in. She locked the door. I watched as she pulled off her top. She was topless. She took off her pants as well and much to my disappointment she pulled on her uniform bottoms, added a black bra and pulled on a shirt. And then left. I kept that image in my mind as I beat my meat.

The next day I decided to follow her home so I could formulate a plan. As I followed her it didn’t take her long to make it to her house. I pulled up right next to her car. I waved at her and grabbed the phone I had taken from her purse.

She looked shocked. I met her at the window.

“You left this on the counter,” I said, handing it to her.”

“Oh my god, thanks,” she stated and then to my delight added, “want to come in for a drink?”

I couldn’t resist.

“Sure,” I answered back. This was better than I thought.

We entered her house. A man sat at the table. She introduced us. Apparently it was her boyfriend. She explained what happened and he thanked me. The three of us sat in the living room, sipping beers. Finally, I thanked them and left.


It took a week of watching the house and learning their patterns that I came up with a plan. I returned at 6 am the next morning with some tools. Getting in was relatively easy and I left no damage. I quickly scooted upstairs and found their room. Luckily it appeared that above their room was an attic. Getting into appeared to be an issue. Apparently you pulled down and a ladder came down but once you were up there you couldn’t pull the ladder back up. It appeared I would have to make some changes.

I knew I had at least four hours. So got my ladder and tools. Using a saw I cut I perfect piece out of the ceiling and removed it. I cut a round hole in it and added a handle to it.

Then I put a handle on the part that would go in the ceiling. Then I swept up the mess and took the piece I cut up threw the original attic pull down ladder. Now I went downstairs brought up my supplies. Food, water, and a literal pot to piss in. Satisfied I put the ladder in the hole, walked up and got into the attic. I pulled the ladder up and laid it across the beams.

I then fitted the cut out part back into the hole in the ceiling. I pulled on the small handle on the smaller piece. Surprisingly it pulled out easily and through the tiny hole I could see the entire bed and part of the room. I could lay down on a beam and see fine but I don’t think they could see me. It was a tiny hole but I couldn’t risk a bigger one. I replaced it and sat down to wait.


He came home first. I heard the car in the driveway. I had moved my car down the street to a gas station and walked back before my final preparations had been completed. Fortunately he stayed downstairs. I munched on snacks and drank some water. I checked my watch. Like clockwork she arrived home at around 9 pm.

She didn’t disappoint. I pulled up the peephole part and watched as she came into the room and pulled off her shirt, bra, and pants. She had already removed her shoes and socks somewhere else. She stared at herself in the mirror. I watched as she scrunched up her breasts and then used a hand to tweak her nipples. She used her right hand to slip into her slit. Then her man was behind her. He gripped her shoulders massaging her.

“Starting without me?” He asked. He had stripped quickly and was pressing his cock into her ass.

“I need to take a shower,” she answered.

“That can wait,” he said,”I need you now.” He reached around and held her boobs in his powerful hands.

I could feel my erection growing. I slipped my hands into my pants and began to fondle my growing cock.

He led her to bed and they laid there kissing for a moment. I watched enthralled as she took his huge cock into her mouth and began to suck. She took big gulps of his cock going all the down the shaft all the way to the balls and then back up, letting it come out of her mouth and then going right back down. I lay on the beams stroking my erect cock which I had removed from my shorts and underwear which lay next to me another beam. As I stroked I could feel the beams shudder. I hoped I wouldn’t fall through the ceiling.

I watched as the love making continued. He likely couldn’t take much more without busting so he had her stop and he used his fingers on her slit. She laid back in the bed, her eyes shut as he massaged her clit with his fingers. She moaned as he continued to fuck her with his hand. Finally she pulled him on top and he entered her fucking her. Suddenly she bucked and came. But amazingly he hadn’t yet.

“Fuck my ass,”

His dick was so wet from her pussy it slipped in her ass with a plop and he began to screw her ass. She moaned as he thrust deeper and deeper into her.

I continued to work on my own erection as I watched.

Soon I watched as he finally came filling up her ass.

I couldn’t take it any more as I came. I think I was loud as my cum flew from my dick and landed on the ceiling. I gasped.

I was afraid they had heard me.

But what was worse was in my explosion I knocked over my bucket of piss. And it was leaking everywhere. I was trapped. And it would soon be leaking through the ceiling. I quickly got dressed. I hoped they would go to sleep soon.

I was rewarded with the sounds of snoring soon. I looked down. It appeared they were both passed out. I waited a few more minutes to be double sure.

I slowly and carefully got my ladder and pushed it into the hole and set it down on the floor. I knew it would creak as I went down it but I had to try. As I did I heard drip drip and noticed my piss was already leaking through the ceiling and dripping onto the floor. I started down the ladder. I was right. It was creaking.

I was halfway down when she woke up. And screamed.

Her man was up in half a second. I bolted for the door.


I was no match for his speed or his strength and within seconds I was in custody of the naked man. He tied me to a chair as his girl brought him his clothes. Once dressed he turned on me.

“What the fuck?” He began.

“I’m sorry,” I began.

“Shut up,” he yelled. “We trusted you and this is how you repay us.”

My coworker just stared at me.

“Are you going to call the cops?” I asked shaking.

He laughed.

“When we are done with you, you will wish we had called the cops.”

To be continued…..

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