A Night Alone Ch. 02 by AmythystDawn

An adult story: A Night Alone – Chapter 02: Erotic Sex Stories by Amythyst Dawn

Mike was a little surprised to hear Barbara actually asking for him to fuck her ass, but he quickly agreed. He kissed her again, dropping the sticky butt plug onto the kitchen counter and leaning her back until her ass rested against the cold surface. Barbara gasped a little as her skin met with the chilly edge, then resumed kissing Mike as passionately as she’d done before. She couldn’t believe it, herself, that she was begging Mike to actually take her this way. She’d always been afraid that it would hurt too much or not stimulate her enough for her to enjoy it, but tonight, it seemed like every nerve ending in her body was raw with the need for him.

Eventually they broke the kiss, and went into the livingroom, Mike removing his shirt, her dropping the apron, the thought of a role-playing night quickly forgotten. Barbara went immediately to the couch, and spread a small lap blanket from the back across the cushions, sitting down and motioning for Mike to join her. He came closer, and as he did, she reached out and pulled him close. She took his cock in her hand, still soft from his orgasm being so recent, and leaned forward slightly to first lick the head, then suck the length of him into her mouth. She could hear Mike mutter something, and smiled up at him, as she tasted the glaze of wetness that still coated his cock.

Barbara’s hands reached up to cup Mike’s ass, sucking on him even though she knew it might be a few minutes before he began to get hard again, her tongue wandering down occassionally as she released his cock to work on his balls. She had a thought, and wondered if she should act on it… what would he do?

Barbara scooted to the edge of the cushion, and dipped a finger in the juices of her own pussy, then reached up again to cup Mike’s ass. This time, however, she reached a little further, her hand slightly parting his ass cheeks, her slick finger sliding over his own puckered hole. Above her head, Mike gasped, then whispered, “What are you doing?”

Barbara looked up at him, with a wanton smile. “Giving as good as I got,” she replied, letting the tip of her finger gently probe a small way inside. She removed her hand, dipping again into the slick wetness between her legs, this time reaching between his slightly-parted legs for an easier reach, and massaged both his asshole and the small span of skin between it and his balls. Mike moaned, and his cock twitched, beginning to get hard again. He couldn’t believe that he was enjoying this, but it actually felt good.

Seeing his reaction, Barbara realized that this was going to go further, and moved him a little bit away from her. “I’ll be right back,” she said, and hurried back the the kitchen. She grabbed the buttplug and quickly washed it off with warm water and a little soap, then picked up the bottle of lube and returned to the living room. Mike’s cock still was not hard, but she thought she was going to be able to remedy that situation pretty rapidly.

She put a few drops of the lube on her finger, then resumed caressing his ass while she took his cock in her mouth again. Slowly, while her tongue flickered across the skin of his dick, her finger dipped a little further into his ass. Soon, her finger was all the way inside, and she had moved her hand to rub the little bit of raised flesh she felt in there, knowing from the stories she’d read that this would be the thing that would really turn him on, and she was right. A few more strokes of her finger across his prostate, and she could feel his cock getting long and hard in her mouth until she finally released it as it got as hard as she’d ever seen him. As soon as her mouth left it, Mike’s hand came down to grasp it, slowly sliding up and down, jacking himself off as she fingered his ass.

Barbara reached for the buttplug with a free hand, noticing that Mike’s eyes were closed, and removed her finger from his ass long enough to dribble some lube onto the toy, then she moved to slide it slowly into his ass. Mike had spread his legs, expecting her to do exactly that, and his hand moved more rapidly on his cock as she did it, the sensation absolutely amazing as the rippled edges caresed the inside of him just as her fingers had done.

Once she had the buttplug all the way in, and was sure it would stay, Barbara reached up to move Mike’s hand from his cock. His eyes opened, and she reached out with the bottle of lube, pouring some on his cock, then doing her own tantilizing masturbation of it for a few moments. Then she lay back on the couch, and Mike joined her immediately.

“Fuck my ass, Mike. You’ve wanted it for so long, so take me,” Barbara said, and Mike moaned, catching her legs on his arms and leaning forward to plant his hands on the armrest to either side of her head. Barbara reached down between them, guiding his cock to her asshole, and with a slow thrust forward, he was inside her. He stopped once he was all the way in, the feeling of the tight muscle ring around his cock combined with the feel of his own ass filled pushing him to the edge of an orgasm he wasn’t ready to give into yet.

Once the feeling had passed enough that he thought he could control it, he began to slowly slide his cock in and out, each movement making the buttplug in his ass shift just enough to remind him it was there, caressing his prostate in little ways that made his breathing ragged. Barbara’s hand went down between them, her fingers finding her very hard clit and beginning to trace slow circles around it that quickly became faster and more direct.

Before long, Mike’s strokes became more rapid, and her fingers found the exact spot and rhythm that would cause an earth-shattering orgasm in record time. Mike shifted enough that he could bring his mouth down to her breasts, and began to suck on her nipples, pulling at them lightly with his teeth the way he knew she liked. He heard her cry out a wordless sound and knew he’d done the right thing. He could feel her hand moving rapidly against his lower belly and knew she was rubbing her clit furiously.

Suddenly Barbara cried out again, “Oh, Mike, oh.. oh… oh…” and she began to cum, her fingers never stopping, her pussy clenching down, making her ass spasm around his cock. Mike kept fucking into her ass, feeling the ripples of her orgasm along the entire length of him as he moved in and out. The feeling was too much for him, though, and with a few final strokes, he slammed his cock all the way into her, and came, his cock filling her ass as she rubbed her clit. Just as his orgasm subsided, he felt her pussy begin to contract again, and knew she was coming.

Once they’d both caught their breath for a moment, Mike gently slid out of her ass, and reached back to slide the toy from his own. Leaning down to kiss Barbara, he said, “Why don’t we hit the shower and get cleaned up a bit? Give us a little time to rest, and see if we decide we’re up to something else later tonight?”

Barbara gave him a grin, and nodded, sitting up on the couch, feeling her ass twinge as she did so. As she stood up to join him, the phone rang. Barbara frowned at Mike, and he shrugged as she went to answer it.

“Barbara,” she heard, “this is Alice. It looks like Matt is coming down with something. I know I was planning to keep him overnight, but he said his stomach hurts and he’s running a little fever.”

“Go ahead and bring him home,” Barbara said, trying hard not to let the disappointment show in her voice. She hung up the phone and told Mike, and the disappointment was plain on his face. But that was part of being a parent, he supposed.

“I’ll go get showered first,” Mike said, “and be waiting for Alice. Then you can shower after me, okay?” Barbara nodded, beginning to pick up the things that would indicate what they’d been doing and taking them up to their bedroom.

To be continued….

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