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A weekend trip tot he office and a romp at my apartment. , Rebecca, Do My Bidding CH5

This was going to require a little thought, but it would definitely lead to a lot of fun. I sat down in my chair and pulled open my desk drawer while I compiled the commands I was going to give them. “Rebecca,” I said as I pulled the two pool balls out of my desk drawer. “Hand these to my sister and ask her politely to stick these up your pussy.” Rebecca stretched out her hands and I placed the two pool balls in her palms. “Karen, you will do what Rebecca asks you to do while we are here in my office.”

Rebecca turned around to face my sister and presented her the two pool balls. “Karen, would you please stick these as far up my pussy as you can?”

My sister looked at the two balls before grasping them. Dropping to her knees she reached out and lifted the front of Rebecca’s skirt. With no panties in the way immediately she brought the first ball up and rubbed it against Rebecca’s slit. Rebecca let out a slight hum as Karen steadily got the ball wet. When Rebecca took a small step to the side Karen pushed. The ball went easily into Rebecca, disappearing from sight in an instant. Immediately Rebecca’s nipples jutted out against her top as Karen pushed the ball into her as far as her finger would reach. Before Rebecca even had the chance to take in a breath Karen stuffed the other ball up into her, pressing up even after the two pool balls collided and pushing upward till her hand disappeared to her wrist.

“Whoo!” Rebecca said as she stepped back and wiggled her hips from side to side. “That’s nice and deep.”

“So Rebecca,” I said as I leaned back in my chair and prepared to watch the upcoming show, “Tell my sister what you and your husband did last night. Karen, you will remember everything she tells you and ask any questions you can think of.”

Rebecca turned to face my sister when she began speaking. “My husband is helping me make my pussy deeper. Last night I had to sit with the fat end of a baseball bat up inside me while we watched a whole baseball game.”

“Didn’t that hurt?” Karen quickly interjected.

“Actually no,” was her response as she shifted her weight from her left to her right and then back again. “He has been having me carry cans of soda around inside my pussy for several years now on the weekends, so I am actually used to having something that is that big around inside me. Only lately he has stepped up the game and really made me work for it.” As she said this her nipples poked out even harder against her blouse, threatening to tear holes in the thin white material. “Anyway, last night during the game, in between innings I got to stand up for a few minutes and stretch my legs, but I was not allowed to take the bat out. When the game started back up I had to sit back down, putting almost all of my weight on the bat so it would push up farther into me. When our team was at bat, a strike meant I had to pick my feet up off the floor for a second. If it was a ball, I got to take some of the weight off with my feet. And for the seventh inning stretch …well……..let’s just say that he leaned onto me while they sang.”

“Why do you want to do something like this?” Karen asked as her own nipples gave away her degree of arousal.

“Mike has this running bet with this old army buddy of his,” she said as she brought her left hand down and snaked it up under her skirt. “If we can ride all the way across the US while I have a 500ml tall boy of Guinness inside me, he will give me one hundred thousand dollars when we reach the Queen Elizabeth in Long Beach California.”

Karen smiled really big when she heard this, causing her nipples to jut out very hard against her flimsy little T-shirt. “That should be easy enough. All you have to do is put it in just before you get there and KABOOM, money in the bank!”

“There is a little bit more to it than just that,” Rebecca continued. “You see, he will be riding with us the whole way; him and his wife.”

“Wait a minute,” Karen said as she thought about exactly what Rebecca had said, “riding?”

“Yea,” Rebecca stated as she dug her hand hard into her own crotch, “we will all be riding motorcycles.”

Even I was surprised to hear this from Rebecca. She had never mentioned anything even remotely like this to me. Then again I did not ask specifically so it stands to reason that this was just as fresh to me as it was to my sister. Karen, on the other hand, had a completely different reaction than what I would have expected. “That is so cool!” she squealed as she also stuck one hand in between her legs and began rubbing at a furious rate, “when are you going to go?”

“Mike wants to make sure I am deep enough to be able to handle the four thousand mile trip with no problems,” she replied as her free hand roamed up to her chest to cup her right breast. “You see,” she said as her hips twitched hard against the administering of her left hand, “we only get one shot at this. And this summer is the last opportunity before the bet is off.” Rebecca paused for just a moment as her hips twitched again really hard. “You see, Mike’s friend has wanted to fuck me ever since we were introduced after he finished his Army basic training. I guess this is the only thing he could think of that would involve my pussy since I won’t fuck anyone else but my husband.”

I had had enough of this by now. By this time my hard on was straining against the openness of not being confined inside anybody, nor were the girls interacting with me directly to give me a hint that I would inside someone soon. “Stop!” I said as I quickly stood up. Both Rebecca and Karen froze in place like they had been instantly frozen in place by liquid nitrogen. “Compose yourselves ladies; we are going to my place. Rebecca,” I commanded as I pulled my desk drawer open, “pool balls!” It only took a micro-second before both of the balls were in her hand and then in my desk drawer. “You two will ride in the back seat of my car,” I instructed as I grabbed my keys and opened my office door. “Let’s go.”

It really is nice to have this kind of control over them because there was no arguing and no messing around. They both got up and headed out the door with me following directly behind them. Rebecca led the way like she was leaving work on a Friday afternoon. Once in my car I instructed Rebecca to eat my sister’s pussy and finger fuck her till we got to my place. It really sounded like the two of them were having a ball because Karen screamed several times as orgasms raced through her. I was approaching the point of ‘critical hard on’ as I raced toward my apartment. I am truly amazed I did not get a speeding ticket because I was definitely breaking every speed law between the office and my place.

Once inside my apartment I had the girls strip completely naked. Considering the sparse degree that both of them were dressed, it was only a matter of a zip here and a few tugs there before they were both completely nude. It is a wonderful thing to see two gorgeous 58 year old women completely nude and at your immediate beck and call. “Rebecca,” I commanded as I shucked my slacks and shirt, “on the floor and spread open wide.” Immediately Rebecca lay down on the floor and opened herself up for anything that I had in mind.

“Karen,” I commanded as I shucked the last of my clothing, “get on your knees between her legs and follow my commands.” Immediately my sister dropped to her knees between Rebecca’s wide spread legs and waited for me to get into position.

“Rebecca, start rubbing your breasts like you are seriously turned on.” Immediately Rebecca began mauling her breasts like she was hot for a serious fucking. “Karen, eat Rebecca’s pussy while you finger fuck her,” I commanded while I took up a position behind my sister. “The wetter she gets, the more fingers you are to stick up inside her.” I said as I fed my raging boner into my sisters sopping wet pussy.

Rebecca began gasping almost instantly as my sister began licking and sucking on her clit while she jammed two fingers up her slippery wet hole. I pulled back on my sisters hips while I tried to drive my cock all the way up to her throat from the inside. Both my sister and Rebecca began gasping as orgasms raced through their bodies.

“Karen,” I said as I hammered into my sister like she was a piece of chopped meat, “Every time you have an orgasm or Rebecca has an orgasm you are to add a finger into Rebecca’s pussy. When you run out of fingers you are to twist your hand back and forth till you can stuff your hand up into her and fist fuck her. Then you will fuck her just as hard and as fast as I am fucking you. Rebecca,” I said as I got really serious about fucking my sister, “say aaahh.”

Rebecca kept her legs wide open while my sister made a full three course meal out of her pussy. Leaning her head back Rebecca let out this very long and drawn out, “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,” while my sister jammed her fingers in and out of her pussy at lightning fast speed. I was grateful to be inside some pussy while I watched the spectacle in front of me. Hammering away at my sister brought her to orgasm very quickly, resulting with another finger going in to Rebecca’s wide open gash. When I reached in between Karen’s legs and pawed at her clit while I pounded away, Karen blasted into another orgasm. The next thing I knew I heard Rebecca give out a sudden moan. Looking past my sisters’ shoulder I then saw the reason why. Karen had her hand all the way inside Rebecca’s pussy and had pushed her hand in to about the middle of her forearm and she was fist punching her in her pussy at the same speed I was fucking her.

“How do you like that Rebecca,” I grunted out while still hammering away into my sister.

Rebecca’s response was more of a long moan than straight out English. “Uugh my Gooooodddd!”

“Karen,” I grunted while driving into her like I was on a holiday, “as you fuck Rebecca with your fist, twist it back and forth. Pull out till your knuckles stretch her pussy lips wide before you push back in hard like you are doing now.” I slowed my pace in my sister’s pussy so she could keep up with me. I hate to admit it, but my sister has a really good snatch. She is tight yet deep enough to accommodate all of me without issue. And I like the way she has her muff trimmed so it does not show when she wears her bikini.

Looking over her shoulder I watched while I continued enjoying the incestual relationship of fucking my sister. Every time I pulled back my sister would withdraw her arm while twisting it back and forth until Rebecca’s pussy looked like her labia was going to rip open. On my next inward thrust Karen would literally punch Rebecca in her pussy. Over and over this happened as I worked my way closer and closer to an orgasm of my own. Rebecca was cumming so much she had made a big wet spot in the carpet while her girly cream had my sisters arm colored a pale white. We were all building to a block buster orgasm that was going to shake the house.

“Karen,” I asked while not slowing down, “have you ever eaten another woman’s pussy before?”

My sister lifted her head just long enough to give a quick answer. “No.” she replied before she dove back in to licking Rebecca’s clit.

“Why not?” I had to ask.

“I just can’t,” she responded before re-attacking Rebecca’s clit with her tongue.

For me, just knowing that my sister was doing something that she would not ordinarily do sent a chill through my nuts, threatening an early release even though I was not done enjoying her. “Rebecca,” I queried as I began thrusting into my sister really hard, “have you ever had your pussy eaten by another woman?”

“In college I did,” she gasped out as another orgasm slammed through her. “But since I married Mike, I have not let anyone else inside me.”

That did it. With that one line I lost it and began spraying sperm inside my sister. I pulled back hard on her hips while I extended my hard on as far into her as I could. “OH I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” I shouted out as I tried to drive my cock all the way through my sister. When Karen felt this she leaned forward with her all of her weight and pushed her arm as deeply into Rebecca as she could and held her place while her hips bucked up and down against my spurting erection.

When Karen pushed her arm into her, Rebecca clasped her hands on her own tits so hard I thought they were going to pop. Rebecca’s mouth dropped open while her fingers turned white from the pressure she was applying to her own tits. “OH YES!!!!!” I hollered out as my nuts drained into my sister. This was not just good, this was exquisite!! “That’s it Karen,” I gasped as my hips jerked forward hard in an attempt to force the head of my cock into her uterus, “take my cum.”

We all stayed locked in place and motionless until my orgasm finally subsided. With a few sporadic jerks I pulled my withering boner out of my sister and sat back on the floor. When Karen began to withdraw her arm I stopped her. “Oh no,” I said as I leaned back against the front of my favorite chair, “Do not pull your arm out of Rebecca. Push up into her and stay in place till I get back.” Immediately my sister leaned in hard, forcing her hand and arm back up into the darkest reaches of Rebecca’s ever deepening pussy.

I didn’t waste any time in putting my pants back on. Then again, heading out of my apt commando was not something I had ever done before, so the sensations were quite different. In just my slacks, T-shirt, and shoes with no socks, I made a quick trip down to the store on the corner. Rebecca needed the practice, so we were going to help her out. I bought a Budweiser tall boy and a Fosters Larger in the can before heading back to the house. Rebecca was just going to have to deal with the fact that they were both cold.

When I walked back into my apartment the girls were still in the same position I had left them in. Rebecca was on her back with her legs spread wide and her hands full of her own tits, while Karen knelt between her wide spread legs with her arm up inside her past the middle of her forearm. I could see how this was not a difficult task for Rebecca. In losing the weight, my sister’s arms were not exactly like tree trunks. Her small hands and slender wrists really did not give Rebecca much of a challenge. That was about to change.

“Ok Karen,” I said as I tossed my keys onto the counter, “you can pull your arm out of Rebecca.” Still adding the twist to her arm, Karen pulled her cum soaked appendage out of Rebecca and stood up. Talk about a sight, Rebecca’s pussy was dilated open about the size of a tangerine, allowing for a decent view all the way up inside her to her cervix. “Go and take a long 20 to 25 minute shower Karen,” I said as I approached Rebecca with the Fosters in hand, “And make sure you wash out the inside of your pussy really well.” Without a word my sister headed off to my bathroom.

“Ok kiddo,” I said as I knelt down in between her wide spread legs, “this might be a little cold.” As I said this I lowered the can of Fosters between her thighs.

“That’s fine,” Rebecca responded as she pulled her pussy wide open. “When I have been mean to Mike he makes me carry cold ones around till they are warm.”

That works for me. Placing the can at her gaping hole it only took a small twist to the right before the can started to slide up into her. “You will keep this can inside you for the rest of the day while you are at the office with me,” I instructed as I pushed the can deep into her. “You will also remember that you told me about the trip across America with a beer in your pussy, and that you let me put this can inside you today. You will not tell Mike about this, but you will remember that you practiced while you were at work. Do you understand?”

Rebecca looked up and me and gave a simple reply, “Yes.”

I pressed down one last time as the can virtually disappeared from sight. When I let go, and removed any force I was applying, there was only an area about the size of a fifty cent piece that was visible. “Alright,” I said as I leaned back on my heels to admire my work. “Let your pussy close up.” When Rebecca removed her fingers from her labia her pussy closed up almost completely. Only a small hole about the size of a dime remained open while the rest of her pussy took on its normal appearance. I was impressed to the point that I just had to have a blow job for my efforts. Pulling my cock out of my slacks I looked down at Rebecca. “You will now give me the best blow job you are capable of giving,” I said as I grasp my fist around the base of my hardened shaft and aimed it toward her mouth.

Rebecca didn’t need any more prompting as she quickly rolled over and got on her knees. I had barely finished speaking to her when her soft mouth closed around my shaft and she began giving me the blow job from hell. “When you feel me cum in your mouth,” I said as I leaned back to enjoy the magnificent sensations blasting through my cock, “you will become fully aware that you are giving me a blow job and you are very happy about it. It will turn you on so much that you will cum on the can in your pussy. You will consider this as my reward for helping you stretch your pussy and you will gratefully swallow every last drop before sitting up to thank me for cumming in your mouth. Do you understand?”

Rebecca never even raised her head or let go of my cock from her mouth. As she continued to bob her head up and down she gave a “Umm hmmm,” from deep in her throat while she continued her work. She really is skilled in reference to orally pleasuring a man. Her grip with her mouth will loosen as she lowers her head to engulf more of my cock. As she pulls up, her mouth closes tighter around my shaft while her hand pumps up and down faster around the base of my shaft.

“Holy fuck you’re good at that,” I said as I looked down at the top of Rebecca’s head while my cock disappeared and reappeared from inside her mouth.

Rebecca continued her administrations to my cock as I looked on in amazement. While her right hand was gripping my shaft so expertly, her left hand came up between my legs and gently cradled my balls while she continued her best Hoover imitation on my cock. Gently her soft hand cradled my jewels while the suction from her mouth urged me to unload onto her tonsils. It was only when I noticed a slight shadow move across Rebecca’s back that I looked up to see my sister standing in hallway with only a towel wrapped around her.

It was right then that I realized that I had not given my sister any kind of instructions of what to do in a situation like this. This explained the somewhat shocked expression on her face along with her mouth hanging wide open. “It’s ok,” I said in a reassuring tone as Rebecca massaged the head of my cock with her tonsils. “This is kind of hot, isn’t it?”

In a flash Karen’s right hand was under her towel and in between her legs and moving rapidly from side to side. “Hell yea!” she stated as her nipples forced their presence through the tightly wrapped towel that was confining them. “It makes me wish that big thing was stuck up inside me!”

Rebecca suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock to give this retort. “Sorry honey,” she said as she looked over her right shoulder while she continued to pump my cock with her right hand. “This meal is all mine,” she stated as she licked her lips and swallowed before re-engulfing the majority of my cock in her mouth.

“It’s ok Karen,” I said as I concentrated extremely hard so I wouldn’t blow my nuts down Rebecca’s throat immediately. “Go and get a beer from the fridge and fuck yourself with it in front of me while Rebecca sucks my cock.”

‘Beam me up Scotty’ would not have done this situation justice considering how fast my sister vanished. One second she was there, and the next she was gone. I didn’t even have time to really look down and enjoy the blow job I was getting before Karen came back and began fucking herself with the long neck of a beer bottle on the floor right in front of me.

For the briefest of moments I thought I was the king of the word. Here it was I had a beautiful woman sucking my cock while another equally beautiful woman was pleasuring herself with a beer bottle while I enjoyed the blow job from the first? It does not get any better than this! But all good things must come to an end. When Karen arched her back and came on the neck of the bottle I fired down Rebecca’s throat. Immediately I saw the expression change on Rebecca’s face as she suddenly realized she was sucking my cock. This only made my orgasm that much more intense and the second shot threatened to blast a hole through the back of Rebecca’s neck. Uncontrollably my hips bucked and jerked every time Rebecca swallowed.

“Oh that is so fucking hot!” I heard my sister say as Rebecca gulped down every shot of cum I gave her. I looked over to see Karen with the bottle pressed up hard against her crotch while her left hand rubbed her clit with such ferocity, her fingers were just a blur.

With her last swallow Rebecca leaned back on her heels and looked up at me. “Thank you Dave,” she said in a very sincere voice. “That made me cum too.”

I would have loved to continue the three way romp fest but I really did have some work that needed to be done. I gave my sister a few instructions to enjoy herself for a while after Rebecca and I left before she was to wake up and go about her day. As for Rebecca, I had my sister push the large can of Fosters up into Rebecca before we departed for the office and the conclusion of the necessary work. Once Rebecca and I were back in the office I gave her the command to wake up from her trance. Immediately her hand went to the pit of her stomach and a very nice smile graced her lips. “What’s up?” I queried as I looked at the tall thin beauty standing in my office.

Rebecca rocked back and forth gently from side to side as her hand slowly caressed the bulge below the pit of her stomach. “I really don’t know how to thank you for helping me stretch my pussy,” she responded with a very straight forward but pleasant tone. “I never imagined that someone from the office would be involved in this in any way whatsoever, much less even know about it.”

“Your secret is good with me,” I replied as I pulled a bunch of paperwork out and began sifting through it. “Besides,” I said as I raised an eyebrow and looked up at her, “You did already give me the most phenomenal blowjob I have ever had in my life.”

Immediately this coy grin came across her face and her cheeks flushed just a little when I reminded her. “Yea, I did, didn’t I?” As she made the admission I noticed her nipples stand up hard on her breasts. “But Mike will never find out, will he?” she stated with just a slight bit of worry to her tone.

“Never in a million years,” I replied quickly as I handed about half of the stack of papers to her. “Take a look through these and mark up anything you find. By the way,” I continued as she took the papers from me and slowly started toward the door. “When is your trip?”

Rebecca stopped right in the middle of my office with her legs parted enough to have her short skirt pulled tight against her muscular thighs. “After the baseball game last night Mike said he was going to call his buddy today and set it up. From what he hinted at, we are most likely going to leave this Friday morning.”

“Ok,” I responded even though I was a little bit struck with the fact that my favorite fuck toy was going to be out of the office for several days. “And how long is your trip?”

“Mike has it all planned out already,” she responded as she sat down on the arm of my office chair and ground her pussy into the cushioned top. “If we leave this Friday morning, it is going to take us 6 days to get to California.”

“Wow!” I responded at her statement of time. It struck me as being a bit long because I have driven all the way to Oregon before in only 4 and a half days. And the trek to California is about 1000 miles shorter. “Why so long?” I asked in genuine curiosity.

“Mikes buddy is insisting we stop at the Grand Canyon and a few other places along the way,” she said as this odd little grin came across her face. “Could you just imagine me walking around the Grand Canyon amongst all of those tourists with a can of beer up my pussy?”

“Yes I can,” I responded quickly as I scoped up and down her long and lean body. One thing was sure; I was definitely going to miss my ‘in office’ fuck toy.

The week flew by at a rate that surprised me. It seemed like only an instant since my weekend romp with Rebecca and my sister before Thursday afternoon rolled around. As I was finishing up the last few tasks I had Rebecca strode gracefully into my office sporting a million dollar grin. She looked like she was floating on air as she sat down in my spare office chair and spread her legs wide apart. She sighed loudly as she settled back into the chair with her nipples jabbing out against the material of her top.

“Excited?” I asked as I looked over the top edge of the papers I was holding to gaze not only at her bare pussy, but at the elegant woman that was now gracing my office.

“Oh yea!” she smiled as she wiggled her hips back and forth to expel the two pool balls from inside her. “I have been looking forward to this all week!”

“I’ll bet you have,” I responded as I set one stack down to inspect the last one for the day. “So tell me, have you practiced riding any with the can inside you?”

Rebecca looked over at me with just the tiniest bit of worry in her eye before she responded. “No I haven’t,” she responded. “And that was one of the conditions for the challenge. I was not allowed to get any practice riding with a can inside me before the trip.”

“Wow,” I replied as this started to sound a little more difficult. “At least you will get some relief when you overnight.”

“Oh no,” she responded almost instantly. “I don’t get to take the can out at night time.”

“You’re kidding,” I retorted as I shuffled the papers together in an attempt to get them aligned into a nice stack.

“Oh no, not kidding. Once the can goes in, it does not come out till we hit long beach.” As she said this her nipples threatened to tear holes in her shirt.

I let out a little chuckle as I set my papers down and looked her squarely in the eye. “Scooterfish.” Instantly Rebecca’s gaze went blank as her eyes stared out at the empty space between us. “Tomorrow morning, as soon as you sit down on the bike, you will have your first orgasm. After that you will have an orgasm every five or ten minutes for the duration of the ride. Understand?”

“Yes,” she replied quietly.

“We will talk about the rest when you get back.” I said as I extended my hand towards her. “Pool balls please.” Without hesitation Rebecca reached in between her legs before producing the two wet pool balls. Taking them from her I placed them into my jacket pockets before returning my attention to her. “On the count of three you will wake up and feel fully refreshed and ready to go on your vacation. 1..2..3.” Immediately Rebecca’s eyes came back into focus and she looked at me with a pleasant smile. “Good luck on your trip tomorrow.” I said as she stood up and prepared to leave my office. “I hope you have a ton of orgasms.”

“Mmm,” she said as she stopped just inside my door before turning around. “That would be nice,” she said as a small frown came across her face, “but I have never had an orgasm on the back of Mike’s hog.”

“There’s always a first,” I said.

“See you in two weeks,” she responded as she started out the door.

“Two weeks?”

“Yea,” she said as she paused and leaned against my door jam. “Its six days to get out there, and then six days to get back.”

“Oh yea.” It felt like my chest had just been jumped on. I had not even thought about the trip back. “Good luck.”

Rebecca gave me just a little wink before she spun around and headed off with just a tiny hint of spring to her step. Her adventure was really going to be something.

The End Ch5




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