This and That

An adult stories – This and That by cerection,cerection We’d been playing around, doing this and that, when she slowly rolled over and gradually pulled her knees up under her tummy, head down on the pillow.

“What are you waiting for?” She was just itching for it.

“I’m just looking.”

She glanced back and gave me a low growl. “And you like what you see?”

It was a great bottom. Not that kind of Bettie Page hourglass, not teenage tight. just wide, round, womanly. She’s pretty with her clothes on, but that super rear always made me hard just thinking about it. Whenever we got together, watching her undress, bending over when she takes off her jeans and underpants, never failed to get me ready.

“I could like it more.”

“No. Why that? You know it embarrasses me.”

“Nothing embarrasses you.”

“Except that.” She reached between her legs and pulled apart her hairy lips, wide. It was intense. ” Mmmmmm. Please put it in me, I need to be filled up again. Mmmm?”

I gave her a lick. “Mmmm is right. You’re pussy’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. And you taste great.” My tongue swished around, taking in her goo, and started moving up. “Show me som’more.”

“Stop! It’s dirty back there. Just stick it in and do me, I need you inside now.”

We’d just showered so she knew I knew better. “You like dirty.”

“Not that kind of dirty. It’s humiliating. Why do you always want me to do that? Do you like humiliating me?”

“Sort of.” I love women, I don’t want to make them feel foolish. It’s just a turn on when a woman pushes past her boundaries a bit. “Your ass is sexy.”

“My ass is giant.” She jiggled it a little bit. “Look at my big ass all you want. Fondle it, hold it, bump up hard against it when you do me. I love that. But please don’t make me spread it. That’s just nasty.”

“I’m not going to make you do anything.”

She knew I was telling the truth. I wasn’t into forcing anything, and she’d walk out on me if I did. And she’d be right. The fun’s in going places together.

“Well, if I show you, is that it? Will you fuck my pussy then?” She knew that wouldn’t be enough. “Can’t you look and just leave it alone?”


I went over and grabbed her hips from behind and drew myself towards her, reaching underneath and touching her nipple. Her legs opened a little, and she started using me like a vibrator. She’d push the crown in between her lips, shove it around, and then pull it out, brushing her clitoris. Her breathing got deeper and she kept sloshing me in and out as she got so wet I almost couldn’t feel her skin. When my dick felt like it was about to drown she took the entire shaft and shoved it completely into her cunt.

“Ohhh, heaven. Your huge cock fucking me is completely heaven.”

“I’m not that big.”

“How would you know?! I know a big dick when I see it. Keep fucking me. Pump that big stick hard against my big, fat ass!”

“It’s not that fat.”

“What do you know? I’m a girl. I know my ass is too fat!” She kept pushing up against me “Fuck me harder!”

One last, strong bump, and I stopped.

“What? Why are you stopping?”

“Because I want to. I told you, I want to look.”

“You already looked! Now fuck me.”

“Not until I get what I’m looking at.”

“Oh, for God’s sake.” Her hands came back and roughly splayed open her cheeks, exposing everything. “OK, see? Now get back inside me. Make me cum with your cock. Please.”

Not yet, I wasn’t ready. My eyes wandered around her big derrieré (she called it, it was kind of fat, but that was just all right with me) and down to her dark starfish. The blood flowed and made feel enormous.

“Why are you looking at my asshole? It’s nasty isn’t it? Please stop looking at it and… just stop. Noooo, don’t lick it, please don’t.”

I couldn’t help myself. My saliva came off my tongue, mixing it up with the pussy juices that had leaked down.

“Hmmmm, you taste good.” My rimming relaxed her hole just a bit.

“Noooo,” she said again. “It can’t taste good, it’s my ass.” Hidden in the mattress, I could still feel her face reddening.

Hugging her from behind, we fell over, spooned. My cock had slipped up into her crack, but she knew she was in no danger of entry. Her whole body suddenly relaxed.

“Why do you do that to me? Do you really want to fuck my rear end?” She knew I fantasized about anal sex all the time, that it got me off without fail. Which, of course, she liked. Getting me off that is. She also knew I didn’t particular want to really do it. Sort of. It didn’t really feel as good as a pussy, but God, it still got me going.

But she was starting to get into the game. “Why would anyone want to fuck my stinky bottom, when my pretty vagina is just creaming to be fucked?” Her friends would never know it, but she loved dirty talk, loved it.

“You love thinking about ass fucking, don’t you? Any ass fucking. Mine, any girl’s, right? Ass ass ass ass. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Any ass fuck would make your cock shoot white sperm everywhere.” Maybe the raunch came out because she was facing away from me. Or because she particularly liked the feel of my cock in her ass crack today. Who knows, but I was ready to roll with whatever it was.

“You like thinking about taking my ass don’t you?” she whispered. “You want me to get some beautiful panties, that you can see through? Black? Red? Or just white? Little by little I’d slide them down and just as you see my hairy cunt I’d turn around and slip them off my huge ass.”

Her crack was barely going up and down against my erection. It was excruciating.

“You want to bend me over and so you can stare at my ass, have me spread myself?” My hand was on her pussy and it was leaking so much you’d think she’d peed. “Why don’t you put your finger there? Just touch me. Don’t go in.”

Now we were getting somewhere. I was coated with her juice so I could just slip around the rim, relaxing her muscles enough they were starting to pulse. Kissing up and down her neck helped too.

“You want to tongue my a-hole until it opens up, don’t you? You’ll stick you nose up my hole and move it around, keeping licking me until you can slip your finger all the way up my ass.” Her juice was really pouring out now, soaking the sheets. “Just put the tip in. In the back.” That’s my girl.

“Oh ohhh ohh good good. You’re inside me, you’re in my ass, you’re fingering my ass and my cunt at the same time. Keep going, fuck me with your fingers. Keepkeepkeee…..ppp. Oh shit! You’re making me cum! You’re in cunt and my ass and I cumming everywhere.”

And she was. Her whole body was bucking against my hands that were in her hold and my hard dick was waving in the air brushing against her skin every now and again. But it was enough, what with her screaming, her cumming, her squirting. I was trying to hold back, but our bodies were both heaving and my cum starting shooting out in the air almost by itself, like sex magic. We were wetting ourselves and everything in sight. But it didn’t matter.

Sex magic.

But she was just getting started. I’d already started to deflate, but she was revving up all over again.

“You’re not done, are you? I’m not, not by a long shot.” She started giving me small kisses all over my chest. “That was so much fun I need more. What can I do to get you hard again?” The kisses were going lower. “Oh, you’re all messy. Maybe I can clean you up.”

Her tongue started moving across my sensitive head, slurping up the sticky stuff. The whole head went into her mouth and over the shaft while she coated her hand with the cum on my leg.

“My hand’s all wet now, my fingers too. What can I do with all that wet?” Before I knew it a wet finger snaked up between my legs and was rubbing around. “Oh yes, a puckered up little hole. Your puckered up hole. Maybe I can figure out what’s so great back there. Do you think?”

I couldn’t believe it. I’d hinted around a couple of times when she was sucking at my balls with no reaction. And now, there it was, a wet, cummy digit right at my asshole.

“Oh, I can feel your ass opening up for me. And now it’s clamping down. Is that how it feels for you?” I moaned some kind of yes. “No wonder, it feels awesome. And wonder of wonders, you stopped getting soft.” She was damn right, her fingering had starting inflating my erection all over again. “Get on your knees, maybe I can get another finger up there. Now, you spread ’em for me!”

The tables were turning.

“That looks so hot. So obscene. I’m beginning to get your slutty anal fascination.” She slobbered all over my ass, getting it completely wet, and stuck her finger back in. Then, somehow or other, she scooted under me on her back, sucking my cock and shoving a second finger inside at the same time. In and out, I was getting harder still.

“I bet I can make you come again for once. I bet I can make myself cum without even touching myself. I’m sucking your stiff penis and fucking your asshole with my fingers. I’m going to keep it up until we both cum again.” Her mouth sucked me in again.

Yes, please. I couldn’t even get the words out, when I started shooting into her mouth. She doesn’t really like swallowing my loads, at least that’s what she always says. And then I heard her screaming, well not really, her mouth was full with my stuff, but there were these guttural noises coming from inside her throat and I saw her body bucking up and down underneath me, and piss was streaming out of her cunt.

“Oh I’m cumming again!” I kind of heard her shouting around my cocking. “Cummminnnggg, shhhhiiittt.” Her cum juices were flying everywhere and mine was spurting into her face.

“God, I never knew your ass was such a turn on.”


“But, I still don’t want you looking at my asshole like you do.”

“What does that mean?”

This was getting kind of nuts.

“I mean, I kind of get what you’re liking about it. But I still think it’s too trampy. You know, “it’s an output, not an input” kind of thing.”

“Wait a minute, what’s happening here?”

“Come on,” she whimpered, as she was cuddling all around me. “I’m still a good girl, not an ass fucker.”

I don’t know, it seemed to me she was getting pretty much into ass fucking a minute ago.

“Can’t we just go back to normal sex? I know you’re wasted, but I still need a little more loving.”

Right, she still wanted to cum some more, and she’s trying to go back to the innocent “I don’t do dirty things” mode. There was something about this woman that wanted to go kinky, but the sexiest way for her was to be pushed into it. OK, I can do that. I started rubbing her pussy. Barely touching like she liked it.

“Slow, slower, slower, yessss. I love it when you touch my clitty. A little harder. Suck my titty too. A little slower. Suck it. Yesssssss.”

A lot of little orgasms came and went while we were both getting revved up again. My cock and balls were getting some fondling too, soft as they were, trying to get filled up again. But those hands seemed to be working hard to stay away from my ass. My hands, however, were doing overtime. As I was tonguing her nipple I moved my thumb onto her clitoris, leaving wet fingers to do a little exploring.

“MMmm, don’t go in, OK? It feels good outside, but I can’t let you go in again. OK?”

I moaned an answer, neither yes or no, but she seemed satisfied for the moment.

“Wait a minute, I’ve got to pee.” She scrambled off and was back in a flash.



“Just stop, stand there, I want to look at you.”

She looked gorgeous naked. Especially naked after sex and orgasms. Her body was completely relaxed. Not slack, just comfortable. She’d let her hair go completely grey, beautifully silver, utterly sexy. Her breasts were large, not too large like she thinks, but nice. A bit droopy, sexy droopy, hanging in a totally fertile female way. Suckable. Her way long (still dark) pubes were wild. I know it’s fashionable to be shaved, and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t sometimes wonder what her naked lips would look like, but it’s hair that does it for me. I guess I just think hairy cunts are exciting.

After a few seconds she started coming towards me. “No. Turn around.”

“Come on, no. We did that. No.” I think she was scared it was going to turn her on again.

“If you want some more of me I’m going to need a lot of help. A lot. So let me see your fat pumpin’ ass. Turn yourself around. Do what you’ve got to do to make me hard. You want my cock in your pussy again, don’t you?”

“Whatever you need, pervert.” She made a big deal about stamping around with her hands on her hips. “OK?”

“Bend over.”

A resigned sigh. “OK? Like my big, jiggly butt?” And jiggled it, in case I didn’t get the message.

“Spread your legs a little. And wet your finger with your cunt juice.” I was starting up again.

“No, I’m not putting my finger in my ass! I’m not.”

“Do you wanna cum again?”

She knew I was serious so her middle finger started snaking back. “It feels funny.” But she kept going.

“Open up so I can see it going in.”

“What kind of perv are you anyway?”

“The kind of perv you love to perv with, right?” I felt her moan yes. “The kind of perv that want to see that wiggly butt open up for me, so I can see it, lick it, finger it, and fuck it. OK?”

Her cheeks were spread, her finger was in, and she nodded with another groan. “I can’t believe I’m doing this for you. It’s so crude. Sexy, but really dirty. Can I come over to the bed now?”

She came over and climbed on top of me. “Can I fuck you now, please? My way? Without all this ass talk?” She heaved her pussy crack over my erection and moved it up and down, showering it with her cream. “That’s better. Just good old penis pussy creamy normal sexy sex.” And she grabbed me and stuffed it up her cunt. “Oh god yes. Grab my tits, no let me shake them in your face, no squeeze my nips, no bite them, noooooo, yessss…… Shittttttt, I’m cumming again! Oh god!” Her cunt kept jamming down on my cock.

She settled down for a minute. “Can I sit on your face now? I want to feel your tongue up my puss.” She knew I was always up for that and settled onto me before I could answer. “Oh yes, move it around. Yes.” Another small orgasm came and was drenching my face. “It’s like pee, isn’t it? But it’s not, is it? It’s just my cum juice all over your face,” she squeaked out as another spasm hit her. “Hey, what’s that? Where are you going? I thought we were done with that.”

“Just go with it,” I gurgled through her gushy lips. My thumb made it up her bum while her cunt was spewing more and more juice almost drowning me.

“Ohh, more. I want you deeper in my ass, I want your tongue in my cunt. Fuck me everywhere while I fuck your face.” She started cumming. And then she stopped.

“Fuck me again with your cock. Please.” She lifted herself off my face, lifted her pussy and started fucking me for real. “I love your cock so much, it feels so hot in me.” I held her hips and started grinding her around. “That sooo sexy when you hold me like that. Hold open my cheeks now. Push me in more.” Her lips were totally open on my penis now, her ass cheeks too. “I’m so open to you everywhere. Mmmm, kiss me.” And now her mouth was kissing me too. “Now, touch my ass. Lightly.”

I stretched myself back there, my dick pushing in even more, harder than ever.

“Lightly. Just rub it around the rim. That’s right. Fuck me and rub me.” I’m good at that. “You are so hot.”


“You fuck me so good, I love fucking with you.” She started slowing down a little. “Stop, let me try something.”

Her hands grabbed me between the legs, wet, cold. From out of nowhere she’d gotten some lube and was working it all over me. My erection was straight up in front of her slit, like she was trying to find a slot to fit it in. Talk about a vertical smile.

She sat up and held her breasts out to me. “Now, look at my big tits. I love it when you stare at my naked titties, you make me feel like your personal slut. Your whore.” My wobbling probably said it all and then she started shaking them in my face. “Keep looking at my titties and think about your dick shooting all over them.” She took my lubed cock in her right hand and was moving it across her slit, grunting all the time, and then started moving it back.

“Pinch them, pinch my nipples so hard it’s almost too hard.”

I was a little scared to pinch that hard, but before I could stop she put the crown of my dick right at her asshole. “More.” Her eyes winced in pain and at the same time I heard a wet plop and I felt my penis go in. “Oh, squeeze squeeze squeeze my nipples more! Oh, you’re in, your cock is in my ass! Oh God oh God oh God.”

And I was. I was fucking her ass and she was liking it.

Then she stopped moving and stopped talking. “Are you OK?”

“Shhhh,” she whispered. “I’m getting used to it. Shhh.”

I wasn’t going to say a word.

Gingerly, her body started moving, in a tiny, tiny circle. Her words barely croaked out, “I can’t believe I got your big penis in my little asshole. Oh yeah, that’s it, just sit there and let me move. It’s immense. Ah. I thought it was big in my mouth, but up my backside it feel like it’s going to split me open. But it’s not! It’s just fucking my…. Ohhhhhh God it’s amazing.”

It was, it was amazing watching her head thrown back while she figured out the feelings she was getting from me inside her dark hole, her back arched. Her whole bush was exposed and gaping, creaming constantly. I reached out to massage her opening.

“That’s good baby. Slow. Barely touch it. But. Touch. It. Yessss.”

Her hips were hardly moving up and down but I could feel her cheeks pushing on my legs.

“Mmmm, it’s so different than your cock in my pussy. I can feel every millimeter of you, I know where every vein in your cock is.” I had no doubt. “Put your thumb in my pussy, play with it.”

Her cunt sucked me completely in and her bum kept clutching at my cock.

“Oh baby, you’re in me everywhere. I’m so full of you. Everywhere. It feels so good, so sexy, so whore-y.”

The deeper my dick was up her ass the more cunt juice was spewing out. “It’s so hot to be fingering my pussy while you’re fucking my ass. You feel even bigger. My tits feel bigger, my cunt feels bigger, my ass even feels bigger. It feels so good.” She reached back and found my sack.

“Careful or I’m going to shoot that cum right now. I’m on the verge.”

“Don’t! Not yet! I’m just getting used to being a butt fucker. If I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow, I want it to last as long as possible. I wanted to feel what you balls felt like up against my ass. Hmmm, they feel so full. I wish I could see them there.”

“Next time we’ll set up a camera.”

“Yes, next time. It would be so sexy to see you in my ass, wouldn’t it? Do you think we could catch your cum dripping out?”

What has happened to this woman?

Suddenly, she stopped again. “I have to cum.” Was I arguing? “But let me do. Let me make myself cum, let me make you come. Let me make the whole world cum!” She obviously liked being in control of our ass fucking. “Just lie there and let me use my slutty body to get us off. I want to be the best whore in the world.”

She leaned over an fed me a nipple. “Ah, that pulled your dick out a little. Lick my fingers.” She took my saliva and slathered it on my penis. “Yeah, slide it in a little more. Yesss. Now, suck my tit for all it’s worth.” She pulled it out of my mouth and pinched it herself, using the other hand to manipulate her clit. As her cum was surging out she was fucking up and down my shaft.

“You like my ass, don’t you? I can’t believe I waited this long to give it up. You like fucking my ass, my cunt, my mouth. You like fucking every hole I have. Yessss…. Keep it pumping inside me. Faster, fuck my asshole faster deeper. Uhhh, you’ve so deep, you’re fucking me up to my throat. Ohhh, thank you for fucking me so good, ohhhh, fuck fuckfuck. Give me all your white juice, I want your cum deep in my asssss, please. Shiiiitttttt, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard with your hard dick up my ass.”

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