A Christmas Caroling

An adult stories – A Christmas Caroling by TheJoker33,TheJoker33 Winter Holidays Story Contest 2023 Submission

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A Christmas Caroling

My wife Carol has a slight gambling problem. Now she doesn’t go out and blow all our money at casinos or on lottery tickets and the like. No her gambling problem stems from our childhood and I guess you could consider me an enabler.

My name is Mike. Carol, my wife, and I grew up next door to each other. We were thick as thieves growing up given that our parents were less than reputable in our town. Not a soul that knew us ever doubted that we would be together forever. Since we knew each other since we were kids we got along well enough, but we had our share of fights.

That’s where the gambling comes in. As children after a really bad fight in junior high school, we decided that we would never fight again. However, we would need a way to settle any disagreements before they blew up into a fight. Our fathers were both card players, always running games at one of our houses.

It was there that both Carol and I learned various styles of Poker as well as Blackjack. So we had decided that we would play three hands of either Poker or Blackjack, best two of three wins. Whoever won, won the disagreement and the other had to go along with it.

Over the years this way of deciding arguments evolved. We still used it for disagreements, but now my wife uses it to get or do things that she wants. I was lucky in this aspect as my father had taught me to count cards and stack the deck. This always gave me an edge over my wife.

I wasn’t an ass and took advantage of her, I picked and chose my battles. As our game of decisions evolved into a way for my wife to get things she wanted, we reworked the rules a bit. If it was just a standard argument the regular rules would be in play, but if the game was to be used for my wife’s wishes then we would use a different set of rules.

If my wife won then she would get what she wanted or we would do what she wanted. If I won, obviously she wouldn’t get what she wanted or we wouldn’t do what she wanted. Since this was her way of getting what she wanted, I had proposed that if I won she would then have to do whatever I told her to do for a whole day of my choosing.

Carol agreed to these conditions and our little game of decisions became a fairly regular occurrence. I let my wife win most of the time as long as the things she wanted weren’t some big life-changing or costly item or event. Sometimes I’d just let the games play out naturally.

She wanted a puppy and thought I would be opposed to it, I had no problem and let her win. She wanted to buy a sports car, I won that game as we weren’t that financially secure at the time. This is how our games played out and how it led to a pretty fun and eventful night.

It was early November and my wife was watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. This always bugged me, it was too early for Christmas stuff and it seemed like just last week Hallmark had their Christmas in July. Carol was watching a movie that was set at an Ice Hotel, where the hotel is made out of ice.

Well, she got the idea that for our Christmas Vacation this year, we should go and stay at an Ice Hotel. I wasn’t very fond of this idea but knew at this point in the year that she would never be able to book a stay at an Ice Hotel. So I let her look into it. She was disappointed of course when she couldn’t find any openings.

In her infinite wisdom, she broadened her search and presented me with spending two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness in a tent at some sort of outdoor retreat. I looked at her like she was out of her mind, at which point she got up walked out of the living room, and returned a few minutes later with a deck of cards and placed them in front of me.

“What’s the game?” I asked.

“Texas Hold ‘Em,” my wife stated.

“Who’s dealing?” I inquired.

“Let’s cut for it!” Carol proclaims. So I shuffle the deck and push it in front of her. She cuts the deck in half putting the bottom half on top. I reach forward cut the deck and pick up about one-third of the cards. Carol reaches out and grabs a small stack as well. We show our bottom cards to each other. Carol has a Seven of Hearts and I have a Jack of Clubs. I deal.

“What’s your part of the bet?” I ask as I begin shuffling.

“If I win, we spend our Christmas Vacation at the outdoor retreat in Alaska,” Carol says with a smug look on her face. She must be feeling confident. I am confident that I will not be freezing my ass off for two weeks. Not that it would be much warmer here in Syracuse, New York.

“Okay, and as usual if I win you have to do whatever I say for a whole day of my choosing. Agreed?” I questioned.

“Agreed!” My wife said as she nodded her head.

I let her win the first hand and then I won the last two. We would not be spending two weeks in Alaska over Christmas. She was definitely upset that we would not be in Alaska for vacation.

“Why don’t we go to Costa Rica instead. It will be nice, warm, and sunny” I offered.

Carol’s frown went away and she now seemed pleased at our new destination. “Okay, I like that idea too.” My wife says. “So what do I have to do for you?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.” I smile and then begin to think of a worthy punishment for my wife.

The weeks passed by and it was getting closer to our Christmas Vacation trip and I still hadn’t come up with any idea on a punishment for Carol yet. As I sat at my office desk pondering what on earth I could have my wife do, the restaurant manager knocked on my door and peeked his head in.

“Hey, Mike. Do you have a moment?”

“What’s up, Dan?” I asked.

“There is a lady here from a local Church Choir, and she was wondering if we wouldn’t mind letting them sing Christmas Carols outside the entrance?” Dan inquired.

“When and for how long?” I replied.

“She says starting on the twentieth til the twenty-fourth from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m,” Dan stated.

“Sure, no problem. Just make sure they know we are closed Christmas Eve!” I answered.

“Okay, thanks,” Dan said as he headed back out front.

Christmas Caroling huh! Now that gave me an idea. I quickly started looking up Christmas Caroling and found out that December 20th is Caroling Day. That would make sense as the Church Choir asked to start on the Twentieth. I then checked online to see if any local groups would be caroling that night.

Sure enough, there were quite a few groups that would start caroling on the Twentieth, and one of them would be meeting up in our neighborhood. I visited Amazon and ordered a Christmas suit for Carol to wear as part of her punishment that I now had planned.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I still needed to check in with our other restaurant across town. So I decided to call and check in, instead of heading over so late in the day. Carol and I had worked hard to get to where we were. Once we graduated high school, we got married and moved away from our deadbeat parents.

It wasn’t easy being on our own but we worked hard. One day on a whim Carol dragged me into a Ralph Lauren outlet store. This stuff was way overpriced for what we could afford, but I went along with her anyway. My wife and I looked around until we came to a clearance rack we started going through it and found some really great bargains.

I pulled my wife outside so that we could talk out of earshot from the store employees. It was then, that we made a huge decision and maxed out our credit cards by purchasing all the clearance stuff we could. We then started selling the clearance items online for more than we paid but less than the original retail price.

Thus our first business was born. Once we had started banking a lot of money from our online store, we decided it was time to get into a brick-and-mortar business. We found a good chef who was doing well with a food truck and bought him out, hired him as the head chef for a restaurant, and kept the food truck for catering purposes.

With a successful restaurant under our belts, we decided to open another using the same criteria. So now at the age of twenty-seven my wife and I owned an online shopping store and two restaurants with catering businesses. We were doing quite well for ourselves which allowed us the freedom for Christmas Vacations.

Three days had passed and I got home Monday evening to find a package on the armoire by the front door of our home. I knew exactly what it was and brought it into the kitchen with me where Carol was cooking dinner. I set the package on an open counter and started looking for a pair of scissors to open the box.

My wife walked over and kissed me, “Good evening honey.” Carol said to me, “Did you get me something?”

“Actually it is for you and it’s multipurpose as well,” I answered.

“Really! What do you mean?” My wife inquired.

I started opening the box as I explained it to her. “You see, this is something for our trip to Costa Rica and it is also going to be used for your loss in our decision game last month.”

“Oh… I thought you had forgotten about that,” Carol stated.

“No, I didn’t forget. I just couldn’t think of anything until a couple of days ago.” I smiled, “So the thing that I want you to do Wednesday night, is go Christmas Caroling wearing this!”

From out of the box, I pull out a red bikini with Ho-Ho-Ho written all over it in white. I showed it to my wife.

“No Mike! Absolutely not! It is too damn cold out to wear a bikini around outside.” Carol decreed.

“I’m sorry, Darling. But you know the rules, you have to do anything I want for one whole day of my choosing.” I reiterated the rules to her, “I am sparing you and you only have to do this for two to three hours tops.”

“But Honey, I’ll freeze to death!” My wife exclaimed.

“I’ll tell you what, you can wear a knee-length winter coat while we walk from house to house. But you have to take the coat off while you sing. That’s the best I can do.” I told her, compromising just a little bit.

“Well I guess that’s fine, but I’m definitely going to get a Brazilian wax tomorrow and pamper myself at the spa. I don’t want any pubes showing while I sing Christmas Carols.” My wife declared.

“That’s fine with me. I can’t wait to see you wear this while caroling and while we are on vacation.” I stated.

The next two days seemed to drag on forever as the anticipation of my wife’s punishment drew near. Earlier I had printed out some carols in large lettering for my wife to use as reference. I left work early and got home around 4:00 p.m. Carol and I had an early dinner as I explained that the Carolers that we would be shadowing should be coming by around 6:00 p.m.

Right around half past five Carol went upstairs and changed into the Christmas bikini, she looked absolutely stunning in the red and white bikini. The bikini top barely contained her perfect 36C breasts. They stood proudly upon her chest with hardly any sag, and her nipples were quite erect, it was either from the cooler air or she was excited.

The bikini bottoms covered her vulva, but it was apparent that she had no pubic hair as the thin material clearly showed the outline of her lips. In fact, you could tell she was excited because could just make out the bump of her clit protruding out from under its hood. My cock began to twitch in excitement.

Further down my wife was wearing a pair of over-the-calf black leather boots with a two-inch heel. As she spun around to show me her backside her beautiful ass was barely covered at all. It was dangerously close to looking more like a T-back or a G-string. My wife was gorgeous and would definitely get plenty of pleasing glances tonight.

A little after 6:00 p.m. there was a knock at our door. I was sure it was the carolers. I yelled out to my wife and she came to the door wearing a puffy white knee-length winter coat. I opened the door and the carolers began to sing. We listened to them sing a couple of songs and then they moved on to the next house.

We waited for them to get down the block aways as we didn’t want to be too close to them as Carol partook in her punishment. We were pretty private people so we didn’t know anyone on our street with the exception of our immediate neighbors. We were too busy to hang around and be chummy with all our neighbors.

We had a core group of close friends and they didn’t live in this neighborhood, so we didn’t have to worry about being recognized by anyone other than our immediate neighbors. With the other carolers far enough away we ventured out and down the street.

We walked up to the front door of the first house and rang the doorbell. I took my wife’s coat and she began to sing ‘Frosty The Snowman,’ a little old lady and her husband opened the door. The old lady yelled out ‘Hussey’ at my wife and slammed the door in her face, the old man had a grin from ear to ear.

Carol put her coat back on as we chuckled. The next couple of houses pretty much reacted the same way, mostly parents not too happy that their kids saw a half-naked lady singing Christmas Carols. Finally, after a half dozen tries we got to a house where the owners enjoyed my wife’s singing and attire.

Once Carol was done singing ‘Silent Night’ the wife complimented my wife on how bold she was and how she would like to try it as well. Her husband handed me a business card and told me to call them next year if we wanted another singer. We thanked them and told them we would be in touch.

The next couple of houses were equally as receptive and Carol was really starting to enjoy it as much as the people she was singing to. Eventually, as the night got later the people that my wife was singing to really started to get into it. We climbed up the steps to the front door of a nice colonial, their front yard was brilliantly lit up in Christmas decorations and the lights shimmered across the snow.

I took my wife’s coat once again as she began to sing ‘Santa Baby.’ A gentleman in his mid-forties answered the door. “Holy Shit!” He shouted, “Ginny! Come quick you got to check this out!” A few seconds later his wife came running down the stairs.

“What the!” The wife gasped.

“Pretty fuckin hot right!” He said to his wife.

“Fuck yea!” She replied and then started filming my wife singing in her Christmas bikini. Carol moved on to ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.’ I couldn’t help but notice that the wife’s nipples were getting hard and her husband was beginning to rock a serious erection.

When Carol finished the song we wished them a Merry Christmas and headed to the next house. Now judging from what happened next; I can only assume that the neighbors started calling each other because every house we went to after, the occupants were ready and waiting with phones in hand.

At the next house, we were greeted by a couple in their late thirties by my guess. They already had their door open and phones recording. My wife handed me her coat and before she could even start singing, the gentlemen spoke right up. “Wow, would you look at how hard those nipples are!”

“Jesus! You could hang stuff off those nipples.” The guy’s wife exclaimed.

Carol began to sing ‘Jingle Bell Rock,’ when the guy shouted out. “Bounce them titties!”

“Yeah! Make ’em rock to the song!” The lady shouted as well.

I was surprised that my wife started bouncing her tits and adding a little sway as she sang. Her gorgeous ass was swaying in front of me and I could feel my dick starting to grow. She then switched to ‘Little Drummer.’ When she stopped singing we wished them a Merry Christmas.

“You have a Merry Christmas as well!” The lady replied.

“Thank you for the entertainment! Your tits are perfect!” The guy added as we turned to walk to the next house.

We had noticed that we had kind of caught up a little to the other carolers so we hung back a bit and took our time going to the next house.

“Mike, this is really starting to turn me on. Those two couldn’t stop staring at my boobs.” Carol announced.

“Well, you sure were shaking them quite a bit.” I commented, “And you looked like you were enjoying yourself as you did it.”

“It is more fun than I thought it would be,” my wife remarked.

With a little more space between us and the carolers, we went to the next house on the street. No surprise as the next people were waiting for us. Carol handed me her coat and I noticed that her areolas were starting to show. Bouncing and shaking her tits before most have moved her bikini top some.

As she sang she was more animated with her movements and was putting on a good show with her gorgeous tits bouncing about. The couple at this house were recording my wife as well and both seemed very pleased with her performance. The husband leaned into his wife and whispered something in her ear.

The wife smiled and lightly nodded her head. Carol had moved on to her second song, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.’ I stood just behind her and slightly to the right so I couldn’t see that her tits had sprung completely out of her top.

When she stopped singing the lady pointed out that her tits had popped out. “Oh dear, Miss. It looks like your breasts have come free of your top. Let us fix that for you.” Much to my surprise both the lady and her husband reached out, each of them grabbing a breast and slowly and carefully adjusting her top back into place.

“O-oh. Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas!” Carol said to the couple and then turned to me. We headed down the walkway and back to the sidewalk. Carol stopped and looked at me. “That was so freakin hot! I didn’t realize that my boobs had popped out and then when they touched my tits, I just about creamed myself.”

“Did you like showing off your tits to strangers?” I asked.

“I did! It felt exhilarating. I want to do it again!” She exclaimed.

“If it makes you feel good then you should,” I told her.

We got to the crosswalk and checked the street before crossing over to the next house. When we were safely on the sidewalk Carol opened her coat and moved her bikini top to the sides so that her nipples were uncovered but her breasts were still partially covered.

When we started up the walkway to the house the door swung open and we were greeted by a man in his early fifties. Carol handed me her coat and strode right up to the door and started singing. The man had a handheld digital video camera and was quite intent on filming my wife’s boobs which by the shaking she was doing had to be completely exposed by now.

As she started singing the second Christmas Carol I noticed the man pan down her body and focus in on her pubic area. This excited my curiosity. Once she had finished and wished the gentleman a Merry Christmas, he spoke.

“You know, you have a gorgeous rack and you should just ditch the top completely.” Then he added, “By the way, your bottoms are soaked!” He then closed the door.

My wife turned to me and her face was beet red. I looked down at her bikini-covered vulva and saw that they were indeed drenched.

“You must really be enjoying this,” I remarked. All she did was nod in a cute little embarrassed kind of way. She took her coat and put it on her but didn’t close it, instead, she readjusted the top once again to where her nipples were slightly exposed. And we were off to the next house. A young couple were waiting on us at this house, phones already recording.

“HO-HO-HO!” The young lady shouted pointing at her bikini top. “You sure are a Ho ain’t ya! Take the top off Ho! You know you want to!”

I had certainly never thought that someone would call my wife a Ho because Ho-Ho-Ho was written on her bikini. I was a bit taken aback, and even more so when my wife took off the top and handed it to me. Carol began singing ‘Frosty’ again as she had cycled through all the songs I had printed for her.

As she was singing, the couple both reached out and began playing with her boobs. Her singing began to get a little labored as her nipples were being twisted and pulled. The couple weren’t being too rough as they groped her boobs. Carol was going along with it so I let it slide.

When Carol started in with her second song the young lady reached down between my wife’s legs and began massaging her pussy. My wife’s singing rose an octave or two at the first touch. The young man had focused his camera phone on what his wife was doing to my wife.

Soon my wife couldn’t sing at all as the young lady’s hand was rapidly moving between my wife’s legs. I moved forward to see that the lady had two fingers inside my wife’s pussy. Carol began moaning and she started grinding her pussy on the lady’s fingers.

“That’s it slut! Cum for me Ho!” The lady shouted at my wife. Less than a minute later my wife had an orgasm thanks to the ministrations of a stranger. Carol’s knees started to buckle and I grabbed hold of her to hold her steady. After a few moments, my wife was able to stand on her own.

The lady then grabbed Carol’s bikini bottoms and yanked them down. “You won’t be needing these anymore tonight Ho!” Carol stepped out of the bottoms and the lady then handed them to me. My wife thanked them and I wished them a Merry Christmas. I gave Carol her coat and I walked her to the sidewalk.

“We can go home now if you want,” I said to her as I held her arm in mine.

“Not yet,” she mumbles. “I want to finish this block. Then we can go home.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “That was so hot! I was not expecting that.”

“I wasn’t either,” I agreed. “And it was very hot!”

We crossed the street and the next couple of houses were pretty tame. Pictures and videos were taken of my naked sexy wife as she sang Christmas songs for them. One couple even gave us some hot apple cider, it warmed me up and I’m sure as my wife stood outside their door in all her glory that the hot cider warmed her up as well.

We were getting closer to the end of the block, just a few more houses to go. Then there were some retail and commercial buildings before those there was a vacant lot that was being used to sell Christmas trees.

As we approached the next house the front door opened up and two women were waiting for us. They both had grins from ear to ear as they recorded us coming up their walkway. As we got to the door my wife handed me her coat and was just about to start singing, when one of the ladies bent down and ran her fingers through Carol’s pussy lips.

“My God, Honey. Look at this,” the lady said as she showed her mate the juices on her fingers. “She is leaking girl cum!”

“She sure is,” the other lady answered and then sucked the others fingers. “Tastes good too!” She then dipped her fingers into my wife’s pussy and then presented to the other lady. “Try some!”

Sure enough, the other lady sucked the juices of her mate’s fingers. My wife just stood there, maybe partially in shock or waiting for what was going to happen next. I don’t think Carol or I were surprised at all when the first lady knelt back down, however, we were shocked when she dove right in and started eating my wife’s pussy.

My already semi-stiff cock had now gone fully hard and its current position was quite painful. The other lady was paying no attention to me as she concentrated on filming her lover eating my wife, so I did not hesitate to reach inside my pants and adjust my throbbing member. Carol started breathing a bit faster and she reached out for me.

I took her hand in mine and she squeezed it hard, an orgasm must be on its way. The lady that was eating my wife stopped and stood up, she then offered my wife’s pussy to her lover. She took the phone from her partner and continued to record as the other lady took her place between Carol’s thighs.

Carol was beginning to squirm now, I knew from experience that this is what happens right before she has an orgasm from having her pussy eaten. The lady eating her out grabbed my wife’s ass to try and keep her squirming to a minimum. Not long after my wife went rigid.

“Ohhh FUCKKKK!” Escaped from Carol’s lips as her hips began to buck against the face of the lady eating her. Her hand squeezed mine and she pulled me closer. I steadied her as her orgasm washed through her body, she went slightly limp. The lady stood up with my wife’s juices dripping from her face.

She turned to her lover and they kissed. Her lover then proceeded to lick my wife’s cum from her face and share it with her as they kissed passionately. Carol and I just stood there watching these two lovers devour each other with kisses. My wife let go of my hand and moved it to my crotch where she began to rub my cock through my pants.

The two lovers stopped kissing and the one who had instigated the pussy eating looked at my wife and said, “I do believe you owe us a couple of Christmas Carols!”

To my wife’s credit, she quickly snapped out of it. The other lady then looked at me, “Why don’t you get in there nice and close and play with your wife’s tits and pussy!”

I stood behind my wife looking over her shoulder. She began to sing ‘White Christmas’ as I began to massage her large breasts with my hands. Her nipples were rock solid in the palms of my hands. I slowly slid my right and down her body and found her very wet slit. As I started fingering my wife and playing with one of her nipples, I noticed the two ladies had slipped hands down each other’s pants and were now playing with themselves.

My wife had at this point reached back and unzipped my pants and managed to pull my cock out. She stroked my cock as I fingered her and the the two ladies fingered each other. With this amount of action going on it did not take long for me to blow my load on my wife’s back and ass. Somehow I managed to keep my legs from buckling and redoubled my efforts to please my wife.

I could not believe how this night had turned out. I knew it was going to be hot watching my wife in a bikini sing Christmas Carols to strangers, but I never would have guessed that we would be having this kind of interaction with them.

My wife was certainly liking the attention, in fact, I would say that she is probably quite okay with being an exhibitionist now.

I did not mind as I loved seeing this side of her and it excited me to see her like this in front of strangers. It had turned me on so much that I had all I could do to keep from bending her over in front of these ladies and fucking my wife. Carol’s singing was becoming sporadic as she was approaching another orgasm from my fingers.

The two ladies were breathing quite hard as well as their hands furiously pleased each other. The only thing that would have made it even sexier would be if the ladies had dropped their pants so we could watch them finger each other. Soon my wife and the two ladies screamed out almost in unison.

I held up my wife with a firm grip on her left breast and with two fingers in her pussy. The two ladies had leaned against one another for support. When they removed their hands from each other’s pants they offered their cum covered fingers to my wife and she did not hesitate.

My wife sucked the cum from their fingers and I figured what the hell. I pulled my fingers out of my wife’s snatch and offered them to the ladies, they both took turns sucking my wife’s cum from my fingers. Once all of our fingers were clean, we thanked and wished each other a Merry Christmas. I pulled out my wife’s bikini and used it to wipe my cum off of my wife. With just two houses left on the block, my wife didn’t bother putting her coat back on.

While walking to the house next door I noticed that while the outside lights were on, there were no lights on inside the house. I doubt there was anyone home unless they went to bed very early. “Darling, I don’t think anyone is home here.” I pointed it out to my wife.

“Well, that really sucks. I wanted to show off more and there is only one house left on the block.” My wife exclaimed. She was embracing this new exhibitionist side of her.

“We can still ring the doorbell and see if anyone’s home,” I suggested.

“Okay,” Carol said. We walked up to the door and I pressed the button for the doorbell, we waited for a few minutes but there was no answer. Turning and heading back down the shoveled path to the sidewalk Carol was looking across the street at the last house. It was then that she noticed that next to the house at the Christmas tree lot, there were three men.

“Look Honey, those men at the Christmas Tree lot are recording us.” My wife informed me as she pointed to them across the street.

“It certainly appears that they are doesn’t it,” I stated.

“Oh, Mike. This is getting me so hot. You will definitely be fucking me as soon as we get home tonight!” Carol insisted.

I smiled at my wife and pulled her in close to me. We checked the street and saw no cars in sight so we crossed to the sidewalk on the other side. We walked to the stone path that led to an open farmer’s porch on the last house. Climbing the steps and up to the door, Carol rang the doorbell and we waited for the owners to come to the door.

Carol and I were shocked to be greeted by a man and woman who were both completely naked. The man was sporting a huge erection, at least ten inches in length. It was a long thin cock, longer than my seven inches but nowhere near as thick as mine. The women had medium-sized breasts, about a quarter of the size of my wife’s. She was shaved bare but poking out between her pussy lips was the tail or antenna for a Lovesense remote control vibrating egg.

I have been checking out remote-controlled vibrators lately, thinking about Valentine’s Day coming up in a few months. I thought it would be a nice gift for my wife. After the initial shock of being greeted by a naked couple, my wife began to sing ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ The woman had her phone out and was recording Carol’s naked body as she sang and shaked her tits for the couple.

As she sang, I noticed she kept looking down at the mans dick. Which was slightly bouncing up and down as it throbbed, obviously from watching my wife. When Carol finished the first song the man spoke, “Go ahead and touch it. I saw how you were looking it at, you know you want to!” The man implied.

My wife turned and looked at me. It was clear from her expression that she was asking for my permission. I nodded my head yes. She then reached out and grasped his shaft, wrapping her fingers around it.

“Stroke it!” The woman declared as she continued to record my wife with her phone. Without hesitation, Carol began to stroke this man’s cock. “Sing!” Commanded the woman and my wife broke into song. She was trying to do her best singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ from memory. With her attention on jerking of the man in front of her, she did not bother looking at the lyrics in her free hand.

After a minute or two the man announced that he was about to cum. His wife I’m assuming, pushed my wife’s hand away and crouched down in front of her man. She opened her mouth and the guy shot his load into her. We watched as rope after rope cum burst from the tip of his dick and filled her mouth. As he was cumming in her mouth, my wife began playing with her clit.

Once the man had stopped cumming in his wife’s mouth, she turned and showed both of us her cum filled mouth. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed a few times. She then opened her mouth to all of us showing that she had swallowed all of her man’s cum. It was at this point that the woman noticed my own wife playing with herself.

She stood up reached between her legs and pulled out the vibrator. She handed her husband her phone, and now with a hand free she grabbed my wife’s hand and pulled it away from her pussy. The woman placed her slick Lovesense vibrator into my wife’s hand. “Use this on your clit!” The woman said and she then dragged my wife over to their porch swing.

“Masturbate for us!” The woman demanded. Carol sat down on the porch swing. With a wicked grin on her face, she spread her legs wide, showing the three of us her wet swollen pussy. Her lips were open, offering a view of the inside of her vagina which the man with the phone zoomed in on. My wife placed the vibrating egg on her clit and began making circular motions with it.

As Carol began to moan she quickly pushed the papers with the Christmas lyrics out to me, shaking the papers to get my attention. I quickly snatched them out of her hand, and just as quickly her hand was between her legs inserting a couple of fingers into her box. Her fingers were making a wet squishy sound as they plunged in and out of her pussy.

Her moaning intensified as she worked the vibrator on her clit and fingers in her vagina. Her hips began to buck a little as they gyrated at the same. The couple began cheering her on, begging her to cum for them. Her breath started to become ragged and I could see her body begin to quiver.

“Oh… Ohh… OHHHH FUCKKKK!” My wife shouted as her body tensed up and started spasming. Her juices squirted out of her almost hitting the man and woman in front of her. They joyously shouted encouragement as my wife continued to finger herself, squirting even more juices out and onto the porch between her legs.

Eventually, she couldn’t take anymore and stopped. Sinking back into the porch swing, she gasped for breath. The woman took the Lovesense vibrator from her, they both thanked my wife and then went back inside their house leaving us alone on their porch. After a few minutes, my wife recovered from her orgasm. I helped her to her feet and offered her, her coat. She pushed it away.

“Don’t you want your coat?” I asked. “It’s time to go home.”

“No,” she huffed. “Not yet. I want to give the guys next door at the Christmas Tree lot a show before we go home.”

“Okay.” I agreed.

We walked down to the sidewalk, turning towards the Christmas Tree lot. We saw that the three lot attendants were standing out front with their phones recording us as we headed toward them. As we got closer my wife started singing ‘Deck the Halls.’ When we got to them my wife turned and walked into the lot, away from me and the men.

She sang as she walked down to the little camper trailer that the men had to go in and warm up in. It was well-lit there, turning back towards us she motioned us to join her. While walking back to her I took note that two of the guys looked to be in their early twenties and the other guy was probably late forties or early fifties.

As we stood around my naked wife in the light I could see that all three men bore a striking resemblance to each other. They had to be father and sons. Carol sat down on a simple bench. There was no back to it to lean on. She spread her legs and began rubbing her vulva. Running her fingers between her lips before showing some love to her clit.

Carol continued to sing, not as well as she had been since she was now masturbating for us. It wasn’t too long before the three men had pulled their cocks out of their pants and began to stroke themselves as they recorded my wife. I too was getting uncomfortable in my pants, so I took out my prick and started stroking as well.

I guess having four hard dicks in front of my wife was too much for her. She stopped singing, “Mike, I need you to fuck me right now!” My wife demanded. She grabbed her coat and laid it down on the bench, then went back to singing. She straddled the bench and sat down on her coat. Laying down on her back, I moved over so that I was now straddling the bench as well. I shuffled closer to my wife until the head of my shaft was nestled up against the opening to her vagina.

The three men also moved closer and surrounded her upper body, getting a closer shot of the fucking I was about to give my wife. Carol’s pussy was leaking so much juice that I didn’t even bother to lube up the tip of my cock before plunging all of my seven inches into her snatch.

She had been singing at the time of my full penetration. “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la FUCKKKK!” Came from my wife I shoved my cock inside of her. The three men laughed as the lyrics turned into more explicit. Carol was barely singing now as I began to thrust my shaft in and out of her pussy.

Her snatch felt so good around my shaft, warm, nice, and tight. I kept plowing into her over and over, watching her large tits bounce with each thrust. She was so overwhelmed with lust that she was now jerking off the two sons who stood on each side of her. The father looked me square in the eyes and pointed to his cock and then to my wife’s mouth.

I nodded and he moved closer to my wife’s head. He took his knit hat off and also grabbed his son’s hats as well. Bunching them up he then lifted my wife’s neck up tilting her head back and placed the hats under her neck for support. My wife quickly caught on and opened her mouth, waiting for the father to feed her his cock. I knew she would be able to handle him as he was roughly about the same size as me.

I was really glad that I had cum earlier this evening or I would have lost it when my wife began sucking this stranger’s dick. I was loving every minute of this, watching my wife with two cocks in her hands and one in her mouth as I was fucking her cunt. Her moans were muffled by the dick in her mouth, but they were getting louder.

She let out the loudest moan yet as her pussy trembled and gripped my shaft. I saw her stomach ripple almost like a belly dancer’s as my wife had an orgasm. I continued to pound her pussy right through her orgasm as I didn’t want to lose the synchronization I had with the father as he fucked Carol’s mouth.

“Dad, switch out with me.” The son on my wife’s left pleaded.

“Sure son!” He replied and he swapped with his son.

His son wasn’t as well endowed as his father but he still had a decent-sized cock. He placed his cock in my wife’s mouth and pushed most of it inside. Soon he got the rhythm going with me. As I pushed into my wife’s cunt he pulled his dick almost out her mouth, as I withdrew he would push into my wife’s throat. I can even see her throat bulge a little with every thrust inside that he made. The three of them were taking turns playing with Carol’s tits, squeezing them, lightly pinching and twisting her nipples.

After a while the other son grew anxious. “Jimmy, how about giving me a chance to fuck her throat?” He asked.

“You got it little brother! She can really suck cock.” Jimmy told his brother.

They switched positions and the youngest brother put his cock into my wife’s mouth. His dick was the same length as his father’s from the look of it but it was slimmer. He had no problem pushing all of his cock into Carol’s mouth and down her throat. Carol was doing a phenomenal job taking his cock down her throat and when she could moan, it was evident that she was enjoying herself.

I felt her pussy spasm around my cock once again as yet another orgasm rippled throughout her body. She had momentarily stopped sucking and jerking off the other cocks. I even stopped fucking her pussy for a few moments as her orgasm subsided. As soon as she started working the other cocks again I began plowing into her snatch.

From the sounds the father and sons were making, I could tell they were getting close to cumming and I wasn’t that far off either. The father pulled away from my wife’s hand and addressed his youngest son.

“Ronny, I’m getting real close and I want to cum in this beautiful lady’s mouth, so step aside son!” The father ordered.

“Sure Dad,” Ronny answered as his cock popped out of my wife’s mouth.

“I’m close to cumming as well!” Jimmy stated.

“Me too” added Ronny.

“You boys, cum on my tits while your Dad cums in my mouth.” My wife told the father and sons. She then lifted her head and looked me in my eyes, “Honey, you had better pump my pussy full of your jizz!” We smiled at each other and then she laid her head back and the father put his cock back in her mouth.

Quickly the two of us found our rhythm again and pounded away at my wife’s holes. She continued to jerk off the cocks on each side of her as the father and I fucked away. Everyone’s moaning was getting louder and more frequent. Carol’s ass was squirming which was a pretty good indicator that she was about to have a really intense orgasm.

“I’m going to cum!” Announced the father as he slammed his cock down my wife’s throat.

“Me too!” Said the sons in unison.

I watched as the father’s cock twitched through my wife’s throat as he blew his load. This triggered my wife to start cumming, her pussy clamped down on my shaft. She released her grip on the son’s cocks and they quickly began pumping their dicks. Within seconds they both let out some loud grunts of joy as they released rope after rope of semen, covering Carol’s tits.

Seeing my wife’s throat twitch from the father’s cock cumming in her throat and the two sons covering my wife’s large breasts, was just too much for me. I rammed my cock all the way into her pussy, pushing the head of my shaft into her cervix. My balls pulled up tight and unleashed my hot jizz into her womb. My dick twitched and throbbed as I shot round after round of my sperm deep into my wife’s belly.

The father withdrew his cock from my wife’s mouth and she instantly swallowed any cum that hadn’t gone down her throat and then she sucked in air as quickly as she could. As she began to regain her breath the three men recovered as well. I remained balls deep in my wife, enjoying the feeling of her warmth around my shrinking cock

Carol, finally sighed in contentment. I shifted my feet so that I could pull out of my wife and stand up normally. As the three men noticed that I was about to take my dick out of my wife’s pussy, they assembled next to me camera phones pointed right at her snatch. I slowly pulled out and let the men record my shaft glistening with the combined juices of me and my wife.

As the head of my cock slide out, cum began to ooze out of my wife’s gaping pussy. The father and sons recorded it as it flowed out of her cunt, down her ass, and pooled on her coat beneath her. My cock began to twitch again, but I quickly put it back in my pants and zipped up. Carol must be getting cold, now that we aren’t doing anything to generate body heat.

“Gentlemen, I think it’s time I got my wife home and out of the cold,” I informed them.

“Yes, we understand.” Replied the father. He and his sons stopped recording and put their cocks away. “Let me get you some paper towels, to clean yourself off with ma’am.”

“I’m okay. No need for that, but thank you just the same.” My wife commented.

She then stood up and put her cum covered coat on and zipped up over her cum painted tits. The father and sons thanked us and we thanked them as well for a pleasurable experience. Carol and I walked back towards our house arm in arm.

“This turned out to be quite the night didn’t it?” I asked.

“It sure did,” my wife answered. “I had a lot of fun. It was great showing off my body to strangers and the sex was fantastic!”

“Yes, it was.” I agreed.

“And I just love walking around out here with your cum leaking out of my pussy and running down my thighs.” Carol added, “I wish that someone would walk by and see it running down my legs!”

“Hmmm. That is a great sight to see. Would you like to show your body to strangers again?” I asked.

“Most definitely. It was exhilarating.” She replied. “And I just loved them recording me as well.”

“You will probably be an internet sensation by the end of the week.” I laughed as we walked home.

Once we got home we threw my wife’s coat in the washer, her bikini would have to wait as she didn’t want her white coat to turn pink. After that, we both jumped in the shower and cleaned each other off before we both decided that sex in the shower was needed. When we were done and dried off we went to bed.

We woke up later than usual to find a bunch of messages on our phones from our close friends. Apparently, it didn’t take too long for our exploits last night to go viral. We replied to our friend’s messages, grabbed breakfast, and began packing for our trip to Costa Rica tomorrow.

As we were packing I received an email alert on my phone. Looking at it I noticed it was my email for the restaurant, so I opened it up. It was an offer for my wife and I to talk about doing a porn video from some adult entertainment company. Apparently, the older gentleman with the handheld digital video recorder last night is a porn producer.

I showed the email to Carol. She said nothing, just smiled, and went back to packing. We did end up talking about it while on our Christmas vacation and came to a decision, but that is a story for another time.

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