A College experience by Circus Junk

A literotic sexstories: A College experience by Circus Junk ,

I was your typical Male in college Chasing after girls all the time, and one in particular and how things went down

A College experience.

This is a True story , with slight changes for clarity and and avoid some of the complexity of what occured

It was the beginning of my First Jr semester at college when this happened. I had been chasing this girl, Kim who was a Sr and on the school track team. we had gone out several times in a large group to a bar or club, I never got very far. Then one Friday night her Roommate Angela, whom I was very good friends with, was going home for the weekend, and before her Parents arrived we got a bottle of some hard liquor and got Bombed on it. Kim had just got home as Angela’s ride arrived to get her. Kim comes up to me and says “John Angela is really drunk what are her parents going to think? ” I just stared into her Beautiful eyes, thinking about grabbing her and Kissing her, which I didn’t. Then after looking in my eyes Blurts out ” Your Dunk too! ” to which I was. Well Kim and I helped Angela get her stuff loaded into her parent’s car and off she went. I went back to my apartment ( which was on the 1st floor , theirs was on the 3rd floor ) after that I was watching the TV falling asleep , when Kim & Debbie ( another Girl from the track team who is Hot as Hell, who I never would think I have a Chance with ) bang on my door , ” Were going to Pub , you want to come with us ? ” I hop up “sure ” grab my coat and off we go , we go in to the bar , and all the guys are watching as we came in and I feel about 10 feet tall with a hot babe on each arm, we dance a bunch and it is awesome I’m out there with 2 Hot babes , several time guys tried to cut in , but they always turned them down. now I don’t know how many more drinks I had, but I am really really drunk. Kim says she needs to go Pee, so she wanders off to the restroom, and almost right away a song comes on ( I have no idea what it was in my condition ) Debbie says ” this is my favorite song , let’s go dance.” grabs my hand and back out to the dance floor. she puts her hands on my hips so I respond the same after some moves and the chorus, she moves her hands up to my shoulders , so In my drunk state I move my hands right up to her tits! right there in the middle of the dance floor I’m giving those baby’s a good feel , and they felt great! she just took my hands and slid them back down to her hips. She never said anything about it or seemed mad. After the song we went back to our table and Kim was back and had a fresh round of drinks. and we continued to have a great time, closing time came and we headed home, at this we are all really drunk, me the worst because I had a Head start. So walking home, we literally were supporting each other, we got back to our building, stumbled up to my room, and both girls gave me a very nice Kiss telling me they had a great time and off they went. I laid down on my bed, and the next thing I knew it was daylight and I had slept all night in my clothes with my shoes still on.

for How much I drank last night I feel surprisingly good. so, I got up and made lunch since it was that late, I basically didn’t do much so around 3 I decided to go down to the Gym and sweat out some of the evils from last night, I think I was sweating alcohol. I was on the rowing machine, when Kim is standing right in front of me in shorts showing off her edible legs . And even giving her a bit of a wedgie, making her ass look great. “so How are you feeling ? you were really gone last night ! ” I responded with ” Surprisingly good , how about you ? “, ” Fine, Debbie and I weren’t that drunk, you were alienated ! ” she continued ” anyway I had fun last night , want go to Rocco’s with me and see their house band ? ” I was thrilled , ” Sure , Debbie too ? or just Us ? ” “Just Us , Debbie is busy ” we agreed to meet around 8 and head over.

A little after 8 she Knocks on my door and off we go. It turned out she was Friends with one of the bouncers at Rocco’s so we didn’t have to wait to get in or pay the cover . But we are making small talk and I am not drinking much , mean while she is pounding them , like she is nervous , so around 10:30 it is really noticeable ,we are sitting in a booth, so I ask her ” What’s wrong you seem tense. ” She gulps down her drink and goes off ” Now don’t be mad at me or hate me for this, and if you don’t want to I understand…. ” I’m like what the hell is going on here. This feels like I’m about to get dumped. She Takes a deep breath and continues “ I want to watch you Jerk off and Squirt ! ” I’, thinking TOUCHDOWN, I’m gonna score tonight! and trying not to act excited and Say ” Sure, I’d love to do that for you. ” she lets out a sigh of relief then says “you just have to promise you won’t fuck me ! ” So I promised and slid closer to her and kissed her, we then got up and quickly left and went back to her apartment since her roommate was still gone for the weekend.

We went into her room, and I had to pee so I went to use the bathroom when I came out to see her taking her shirt off. and seeing her tits in her bra and they were larger than I thought and stuffed in there quite well. so, I take my shirt off. and she is staring right at me, unbuttons her Pants and pushes them down. Her white Panties went down a little and I could briefly see her Black pubes, this caused my Dick to become aroused, she then took her Bra off as I was taking my Pants off. her tits were big and Dropped a lot, I would have expected her working out all the time that they would have been tighter. But I got my pants off just as she grabbed a large T-shirt that she put on that went almost to her knees. And at this point I’m standing there in my Briefs and she nervously says ” Nice Tent , would you take them off ? ” so I do and she lets out a bit of a gasp and I move over and start kissing her and my boner is pressing up against her , she breaks off the kiss and lays down on the bed and I lay down next to her and I start stroking it slowly , trying to get her to help she felt my balls and a couple of strokes but not much so I’m stroking it , but it kind of awkward . so I asked for some stimulation and to show me her tits again. ” she agrees but states out ” you promised you won’t fuck me ! ” I reassured her that Wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. Then she takes her oversize t-shirt off and I see her Tits sagging down to the side and her nipples are a little bit hard. This is helping me as I stroke, I try to get her to help but no, I look down at her white panties and I can see the outline of her pussy lips on her panties and some Black pubes showing. I finally let loose. ! The first shot went over her shoulder, almost got her in the face , next 2 were on her right tit , then I put the rest of it on her belly. She was like “wow , that was Nuts ! ” went to the Bathroom, got a towel and cleaned her up getting a nice feel of her tits in the name of cleaning her. So as we are laying there I ask her if she ever Jerks off, she admitted to it . and then I mustered up the courage and asked if she would do it for me. she Hemmed and Hawed and then reminded about me promising not to fuck her , she agreed. She then Lifted her ass up and pulled her Panties down. and the view of her Black Pubes was amazing then she Spread her cunt lips played with her clit. Her lips were Nice and Pink and after a couple of minutes I started to see a Thick white goo starting to come out. She starts going faster, then gives me the towel and tells me to “quick put it under my ass , I’m gonna cum ” She arcs her back lifting her ass and I put the towel under there and she lets out an “awwwww Im cuming ! ” and a Clear liquid comes flowing out and she lets out a few more grunts then stops. watching this has given me another hard on. I told her this (hoping she would want me to fuck her) she didn’t but asked if I wanted to jerk off on her again. I started stroking myself again. when she drops this Bombshell on me ” John, I have slept with a lot of girls before, but you’re the first guy I have ever slept with ! ” I slowed my stroke down a bit on this but kept going and started asking her if she had ever licked a girls pussy and if she had ever had her’s licked . To which she laughed and said “Fuck Yeah! , last night after We dropped you off Debbie and I 69’d each other ! ” I was whoa ! but it made me really excited and between that her tits and her pink pussy lips in those black pubes I let another load rip all over her tits and belly . this time she reached down with her fingers and stared to dip her fingertips in the pool of cum on her stomach. to which I told her and took her fingers and told her to rub it in . which she did all over her stomach and tits and I helped her rub it in taking specialcare on her tit to rub some on her nipple , to which she gavea little jump. after we did that we just layed together in each others arms and fell asleep both of us still naked. at one point in the middle of the night I woke up and my arm was over her side on her stomac so I deciced I wanted to feel her pussy and started to slide my had down I gotto teh top of her pubes ( which felt nice , ) when I felt her hand grab me , and she whispered out , “don’t do that ” with that I went back to sleep.

She woke up the next morning and her movement woke me, she looked at me and Said ” thank you for last night. you are such an understanding guy, why don’t you have a Girlfriend” and then she Kissed me never giving me or expecting a reply. Then she sat up (showing off her tits) and proclaimed she needed a shower. and proceeded, buck naked toward the bathroom, She got to the bathroom door and asked ” are you coming? I need someone to wash my back“ that was all i needed and I was up and over there and she had started the water running and we got in the shower together. We started soaping each other up. and kissing each other I started really playing with her tits for the first time , even bent down, kissed and sucked her nipples a couple of times , and I had some good morning wood and she started with very soapy hands to stroke me , and it felt amazing , she was going faster and faster , once or twice she asked “am I doing this right ? ” to which I grunted “oh yeah ” in ecstasy. I slid my hand down to her mound and between her legs and she spread them a little and I put to finger between her wet cunt lips and started playing with her pussy , she just gives out an “ohhh ” and give my dick a bit of a squeeze , but she just kept the rhythm up and after a couple of minutes , I started spewing on her hands, she kept going till I told her to stop at which time she pushed my hand away from her pussy. I took my fingers and immediately brought them to my mouth to taste, I kissed her , she said ” I hope you aren’t mad, I wanted to feel what it would be like to make you cum” I told her “I’m not mad at all,” and gave her a kiss, we cleaned ourselves up in the shower and got dressed and went out to breakfast.

Unfortunately that would be the last time I would every go out with Kim. I still have fond thoughts about her. and that night still stands out as being a very different part of college sex life.

Apparently, she put in the good word for me with the women’s athletic department. Over the next year and half till I graduated I nailed 2 Girls on the track team, 1 on the lacrosse team 1 from the crew and 2 at the same time from the gymnastic team!

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