Atta boy 2 by Jamie

Atta boy 2 by Jamie

The story continues… I slept peacefully for several hours after my dog Barney had his fun with me. Eventually, I had to take my relentless dog outside into the yard. I felt exhausted. I had never felt such intense pleasure as when Barney was licking me, leading to multiple huge orgasms! His appetite was truly remarkable, and it felt like my body craved even more with each passing minute. I lost track of how many times I climaxed after reaching eight, yet my body still wanted more.

Yes, my pussy and asshole demanded more… much more….

Having just gone through a divorce and still feeling the sting of that experience, I wasn’t any nearer to finding a boyfriend. I wanted some time to myself regardless. I was done with the arguments over finances, intimacy, chores, work schedules, or even something as trivial as the toothpaste cap. I felt a sense of relief knowing that those troubles were behind me. My mom always used to say, “Living alone for a while is good for your soul,” and she was right, particularly because my pets are providing me with great company.

Mantissa, my cat, slumbers with me often, keeping me warm at night. Barney, my 1-year old Golden Retriever, is playful and loving, but meets a need of mine of a very different sort–a secret, nasty need. Although I hate to admit it, finding the act of “bestiality” rather sickening, several months ago I had allowed Barney access to my genitals after I had serendipitously discovered him licking the sweat salt from my pussy while I was napping. Barney licked my cunt with such conviction that I couldn’t stop him from finishing the job. And finish the job he did, often resulting in multiple orgasms at each “snacking” session.

Several times since then, I had allowed him to snack off my pussy. Most the time I would smear peanut butter all over my public hair, my vulva, my thighs, and my asshole. He would eat me non-stop (unlike my ex-husband, David) until every hint of peanut butter was licked off. Sometimes it would take an hour of constant, tireless licking. In the meantime, I would continue to have my strongly felt climaxes. As far as “relationships” go, the one I have with Barney is defintiely a give-give one.

Several nights ago at around 3:30 in the morning, I woke up in a cold sweat feeling extremely horny. It had been a long time since I had been with a man let alone being fucked by a man’s dick. I longed for something warm… something hard… something big. The cold metal of my $10 vibrator just wouldn’t do. My already soaked pussy craved to be filled and stretched by something big!

I immediately thought of Barney, but how could I possibly allow THAT to happen!? Although I had let Barney to lick my nether regions, I couldn’t possibly allow him to fuck me, right? “Too nasty and disgusting… too desperate!” were my thoughts. After all, I’m what most people would consider a very attractive woman in her thirties with a cute figure. I could probably go to any bar in the city and most men would die to buy me a drink and eventually take me home with them, if I let them. That’s the problem: “If I let them.” Perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned, but I don’t like the bar scene and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have a one-night stand with anyone. I’m just not that kind of girl.

Alone and dateless, I knew I needed to do something desperate in order to feed my pussy’s cravings. Barney, who was lying on the floor in my bedroom, was summoned by me to hop on my bed. Yes, HE would be my love mate for the night to satisfy a very lonely and horny girl. As he jumped up, he cowered because he’s never allowed to be on my bed–too darn hairy. I told him that it was alright, while petting his thick fur, and comforting him as best I could. He didn’t take long to be his old Barney self, by snuggling close to me and licking my face.

“God, how am I going to do this?,” I asked myself. “Maybe if I shake my ass in front of him, he’ll know to mount me instinctively.” Since I always sleep in the nude, I didn’t need to remove any clothing. I simply positioned myself in front of him, turned around on all fours, and waved very seductively my moist pussy in front of him, hoping the musty odor from my sparsley-haired pussy would entice him to fuck me.

He just stared at me with those sad, big brown eyes of his.

“Come on, Barney, fuck my pussy… come on, boy, here’s a piece of ass all for you!”

Barney stared dumbly, while wagging his tongue.


“Damn, how does one entice a stupid dog?”, I thought.

After several minutes of trying to get Barney to fuck me, I was about ready to give up until, amazingly, Barney got up and went straight to my perched up ass and… sniffed deeply and… “Come on boy, come fuck mama…” he licked my pussy and asshole with a giant stroke.

Although it felt good, I was SO disappointed. My pussy needed a big, warm cock INSIDE it, not a wet, warm tongue playing with it. I decided not disappoint Barney, so I let him finish his “meal” while I experienced a mini-orgasm and quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning dissatisfied, puzzled, and still very horny, I though about Barney. “Of course he licked my pussy,” I thought. “When he sees my pussy he associates it with food. Somehow, I need to have him associate my pussy with mounting me and fucking it. But how?…

YES, I’ve got it! I’ve taken enough college psychology courses to know how to train my dog to fuck me.”

I spend the next several minutes going over my plan… Then…

“Barney, here boy…” I said excitedly as I patted my bed. Having licked my pussy last night, it had smelled a littly “fishy,” which made Barney even more excited about wanting to lick it (he loves seafood). While lying on my back with my legs spread wide, I placed big Barney on top of me in a 69-like position. Although I didn’t feel comfortable at the moment to lick Barney’s cock and balls, I decided to stroke his cock at the same time he was savoring my pussy. By doing that, he would associate the sight, smell, and taste of my pussy with sex and hopefully… wha la!.

Barney immediately went to town on my clit and pussy opening and I immediately grabbed Barney’s rather large member and stroked slowly at first, then increased the motion of my hand. His cock quickly became very hard and huge! We spent several minutes perfecting this very symbiotic process.

Then, while still holding onto Barney’s member, I quickly positioned it so that he was facing me, but still on top. I guided his erect cock close to my pussy and… YES! Instinctively, Barney knew what to do from there. He plunged that big, warm cock inside me. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! Just what I had yearned for several months: my own big and real cock I can play with anytime I desired! He pounded my cunt with incredible speed and surprising skill. Also surprising was how much his cock was able to fill my slippery hole. Since his balls had receded high into his body, they became perfectly angled to brush up against my hardened deep-red clit at each forward plunge. Barney’s hairy balls strummed my clitoris like a banjo string–very fast and methodical until…


I didn’t expect to cum so quickly and strongly. My ex-husband, David, always complained about me taking too much time to warm up, which I internalized by blaming myself for our sex problems. Now I know the problem WASN’T me. It was just that David couldn’t fuck me like Barney can. I held back a snicker as best I could while Barney was still deeply pounding my sopping beaver.

As I was quickly approaching my second major orgasm, Barney was unloading his warm, sticky sperm into me. The warm fluid felt good inside my cunt. Barney immediately pulled out and, strangely, he began to lick his own cum that had spilled all over my public hair and vulva. Of course, just a few broad strokes of his wet tongue were enough to put me over the edge once again.

Ohhhhhhhhh, Barney!

But Barney wasn’t through. He continued to be relentness in whatever endeavor he sought. Turning over onto my stomach, I wondered what he would do if I stuck my ass high up in the air waving my now drenched pussy near his face.

Evidently, Barney is a quick learner. He sniffed deeply the flaps of my vulva and the wrinkle of my asshole, then placed his fore paws and elbows on my hips and began immediately to penetrate my cunt with that lovely cock of his. Since the walls of my sex were sore and spent after several minutes of penetrationfrom Barney’s cock and tongue and orgasmic contractions, I pulled his fast-pumping dick out of my vagina and guided it into my well-lubed asshole from Barney’s saliva that remained there from his most recent licking.

Being fucked in the ass was a brand new experience for me. I had never let David, or anyone else for that matter, intrude my anal cave. Funny, how it turns out that I allowed Barney to parts of my body that were not allowed by anyone else. What a sick woman I have become!

Yet, what a strange and wonderfully erotic feeling I had deep in my bowels as Barney was pumping away like a steam engine. Instinctively, my hands played with the curls of my pubes, while intermittently toying with my clit and massaging Barney’s balls. My low-pitched moans of pleasure were mixed with Barney’s groans and whines of apparent satisfaction. He couldn’t get enough and neither could I.

While plunging deeply into my asshole, a well-timed finger or two in my pussy would take me to my third climax. Yes…. yes…. yes……..

Ohhh, yes… Ohhh, yes… Fuck me with your big cock, Barney…. Yes, boy… fuck meeeeee!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!

My spent legs collapsed underneath me and I laid flat on my stomach. Of course, my tenacious dog was still licking my bum as I, again, breathed deeply after having spent all my energy. Too tired to shoo him away, all I could say was, “Atta boy, Barney… atta boy.”

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