Barbra's Reawakening-Exploration-chapter 2 by Frodov


This is a true story, a continuation of stories actually from my own past. This is about a lonely neglected woman who sought out and found friendship and so much more online during the early age of the internet. , This is a story that is based entirely on a true story from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day. I reached a way back to relive this story for everyone; I was the ripe old age of twenty eight years old at the time. Bear in mind that Cell phones were barely a novel idea at that time. The internet was taking its first baby steps and people were discovering the likes of A0L and to a lesser extent local messaging or electronic “bulletin boards”. How many of you out there remember dial-up modems? Cable TV was still mostly commercial free. Ah, good times. So in that frame of mind enjoy the memory.***

I was just sitting back down at my desk in front of my computer with a hot cup of tea when I heard my dial up modem finally connect with Nightfriends Bulletin Board. My throat was feeling sore and I was finding it hard to swallow. “Great” I thought…”Just what I need, the freakin’ flu.” Well, maybe it wasn’t the flu but until I went to the doctor all I knew is that I had a nasty t sore throat and was feeling feverish, What a way to start my three days off. I had started feeling rough yesterday morning when I got home from working all night at the plant. I took some Nighttime cold medicine and went to bed, hoping I would feel better later that day before I had to go to work. Day (or rather night) three of three. When I woke up yesterday afternoon I knew I was in for a long long night at work. Now, this morning, after making it through my shift and getting home I was waiting for my doctor’s office to open up so I could see if I could get in to be seen today. Looking at the clock on my computer I saw that it was 8:30 now, still a half an hour before the office opened. “Might as well see if anyone is online while I wait” I thought.




Prompted the screen and I entered my password and waited to be logged on. Wonder if Wildone is on this morning, probably not, it’s Thursday morning, she’ll be at work by now I would think. I check my messages and then see who’s online. I see Todd has just logged off but there are a couple of other night owls online in trivia. I decided to pop in and chat a bit while we play.

Angelica: “Hi Frodov! Just getting home?”

Frodov: “Yeah, long night and going to be a longer day I think.” I typed in while picturing Angelica in my mind. A vivacious ample redhead with a million dollar smile, a mischievous bent and a heart of gold. She could flirt with the best of them.

Angelica: “Why is that, you got a hot date Romeo? I heard you’ve been sniffing around the ladies again, even took one to dinner not too long ago. Hmmm?” She baited me, trying to get the low down on the gossip I’m sure was going around the board.

Frodov: “A gentlemen does not kiss and tell.” I typed trying to take the high road. She wasn’t having that though.

Angelica: “Ho Ho Ho Ho… Just who are YOU trying to fool? I know you better than that… I just got to dig a little deeper and I’ll get the story out of you. “

Frodov: “Normally I would say give it your best shot but I’m really not up to it today. I need to go see my doctor, I think I might have or might be catching the flu. UGH! My throat is so sore I can hardly swallow.” I typed knowing that she’s just pulling my chain.

Angelica: “Awwww, poor baby boy, you didn’t catch anything from one of your secret hot dates did you? You bad bad boy you.” She continued to tease.

Frodov: “Honestly I don’t know where I caught this, but sounds to me like you might just be jealous” I typed and sent a action to emphasize.

Angelica: “Me? Jealous? Hardly! I don’t have time for games and dating”. She typed a little too quickly.

Frodov: “You working too much too huh?” I commiserated.

Angelica: “Fuck yeah… If I don’t get laid soon I’m going to lose my mind!”

Frodov:”Well! Just let it all out in public why don’t you? “ I sent with a

Frodov: “Angelica I’m sorry girl, I’m just cranky, I know you’re just blowing steam. I thought you were pretty tight with what’s his face recently?” I hinted.. knowing that she was kind of seeing another user from Nightfriends but that no one was supposed to know about it because he was actually dating someone else.

Angelica: “Why I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She quipped a little too quickly.

Frodov:” Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive..” I typed just digging her a little knowing she would get a giggle out of it. She knew I wouldn’t tell anyone about it, in fact, other than the guy she was hinting at I was the only one besides her that even knew about it. I had become her confidant somehow over the last few months. Of course we were pretty close as friends go, closer than most sometimes. The term “friends with benefits” could have been coined from our… well.. relationship.

Angelica:” Yeah, I wouldn’t know anything about that. Seriously though, are you okay?” She asked earnestly.

Frodov: “ Cold, Flu, I don’t know. I’m waiting on my doctor’s office to open up so that I can get in and get checked out, today hopefully.”

Angelica:” I could call someone I know at the Kentucky Clinic and maybe get you in to be seen.” She offered. Working for the University had its benefits; unfortunately they didn’t accept my health insurance so I’d have to see my doctor. I’d learned that she fully utilized her health benefits working for the school, she’ d literally had thousands of dollars of work done on her mouth, her teeth were a photographers dream. You couldn’t find a prettier smile if you wanted to.

Frodov: “Thanks babe, I know you would but it’s the same old story, no insurance, no service. I’ll get in to see my doc. What are you still doing up anyway. Hoping to make a connection maybe?” I had to get in another little dig.

Angelica: “ Oh I don’t know, kind of wish I had a friend who could help me.. relax.. and get to sleep. “ she typed coyly knowing I would take the bait.

Frodov:” One of these days someone is going to take you up on that and it may not turn out nicely.” I admonished like I really meant it.

Angelica:”Yeah Yeah, I’ve heard that before, just before you come knocking on my door, right?” She sent with a

Frodov: “ If I didn’t feel like death warmed over, I’d come over and help you “relax.” I mean hey, what are friends for, right?” I sent with a

Angelica: “ I get the feeling neither of us would get much sleep though. “

Frodov: “ Yeah, might have to make it a night off in that case. Rain check?”

Angelica:” You mean ANOTHER rain check? I believe you have several outstanding as it is Romeo. What are you going to do if I ever call those in?” She huffed and sent a

Frodov: “Probably sleep for a LONG time… afterwards…” I sent with a noticing the time I went on to tell her I was getting offline to call my doctor’s office. I’d send her a message later if she wasn’t online to let her know how it turned out. Often times it was the easiest way to communicate as if I’d try to call her either her line would be busy from her being online or her roommate would be online or using the phone. If only there some way to send messages independent of the phone or computer.

I finally got a hold of my doctor’s office and was actually able to get in to see him that morning. I got dressed and headed on over to the office. I still ended up waiting for nearly an hour and a half in the waiting room before getting called back to an examination room. The nurse took all my vitals, weight, temperature, blood pressure, then left me to wait in the examination room. At least this wait wasn’t as long. My doc came in and took one look at me and said I didn’t look so good. Well DUH!

It turned out I DID in fact have the flu. I got a pre***********ion for medicines and was told to drink plenty of fluids and rest. Wonderful. I stopped at my pharmacy and filled the pre***********ions and then the grocery store to grab some soups and crackers and some ginger ale to drink. Then on home I went. I finally crawled into bed sometime around 1:00 in the afternoon. I’d been up for almost 24 hours at this point and I was worn out.

I woke up about an hour later with the phone ringing. Groaning I got out of bed and swore to myself that I absolutely had to get an extension and a second phone so I could have one in my bedroom beside the bed. Fumbling through my black out curtains to get to the kitchen I finally picked up the phone.

“FRO! How’s it hangin’ man?”

“Todd?… what time is it man? Jesus!” I all but growled.

“I’m sorry, did I pull you away from someone?” He chuckled into the phone.

“Fuck you man! I just got to sleep.” I lamented shaking my head.

“Well did I? or are you just hung over from too much pussy?” He asked sounding all too cheerful for my mood.

“Todd…” I sighed and then continued “ No man, I just got to bed, I had to stay up to go to my doctor’s office only to find out I have the flu and should be in bed resting.. where I was.. until the phone rang.” I grumped.

“Aww man, I’m sorry Fro, really. Well hell, I don’t guess you’d be interested in coming down for dinner tonight. Anne was going to put out a spread… and she’s cooking dinner too. “ He chuckled knowing that I would NOT pass up a chance to visit if I could.

“You’re a bastard sometimes Todd..” I said with a grin. “ I’d love to man, for both reasons, but I would just make all of you sick too and you don’t need that. You, Anne or the kids. I’ll just stay holed up in my apartment and ride out the bug.” I lamented.

“You check with Barb and see if she’s feelin’ okay too?” He asked seriously.

“I looked for her online this morning but she was at work so that was silly.. I’m not supposed to call her at home, she calls me. It’s a thing until she gets divorced. I’m trying not to rock the boat man.”

“I hear ya brutha. Play it smart. I told her you were cool. “

“Oh did you now?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Oh hell yeah. I know she’s been lonely and lookin’ for a spell now. I knew you were alright guy, so I might have nudged her in your direction a little. Not that she needed it. She asked me about you actually.”

“And what did you actually tell her?” I asked wondering just how deep he was in this little bit of matchmaking.

“Ah now I didn’t say much. I told her you let Judy spend the night during that big snow storm a while back. I told her she should speak to Anne.”

“And did she? Speak to Anne that is?” I asked.

“Well since Anne was sitting right here with me I put her on and they got all talky and stuff. I had to go watch tv for a while.” He said laughing.

“Well I wondered how Barb knew some things that I hadn’t told anyone about so I knew it had to come from either you or Anne.. but I never thought that they traded notes and stuff.” I admitted.

“OH BRUTHA!!”Todd laughed out loud. “You got a LOT to learn man, women talk! And if you treat them right, your name gets around. But if you do one wrong! Oh son, you might as well just up and move, cause that shit gets spread even faster!” He laughed again.

“Sounds like the voice of experience to me.” I quipped. And then added. “ Todd I’m going back to bed. Tell Anne that my heart is breaking that I couldn’t come down tonight, truly, but I gotta crash till this bug has finished with me my friend.”

“All right Fro, rest easy my friend. I’ll break the bad news to Anne, but you’re gonna have to give her a rain check .” He said before we hung up. “Great.. another rain check. “ I thought to myself and smiled as I trudged back to my bed and collapsed.

I woke up sometime later that evening, burning up but shivering at the same time. When I stood up to go to my bathroom I nearly fell over from the wave of dizziness that swept over me. Luckily the toilet was rock solid and the world wasn’t spinning so much after I’d done my business. I knew I was dehydrated so I got some ginger ale and a handful of crackers from the kitchen before going back to my bedroom. I pulled the comforter off of my bed and wrapped myself in it as I sat at my computer and dialed up to get online. Logging on I saw a few of the regulars were in trivia, while I checked my messages. I did have one from Wildone, so I opened it.

Jim, hi. Sorry I missed you tonight; I had to meet with my sister and her husband this evening. One of our aunts has passed away and they were in town helping with arrangements. I didn’t have to do anything but I am family so I’m there with everyone else. I don’t know what time I’ll be home tonight so I might not see you online tonight at all. But if you think of me, smile. I certainly do when I think of you, and that is very often lately. A girl at work asked me what’s changed, that I seem happier than usual. Wouldn’t she like to know? I heard that you were not feeling very well this morning. I hope you’re not catching anything. I’ll call you tomorrow morning sometime from work. If I recall correctly you are off tomorrow. We can talk then. For now, rest up…. And thank you for being you. Barb.

I had to smile reading this, in the three weeks since our first meeting in person we had managed to see one another, quietly two or three times a week. Always at a restaurant or simply right here at my place. I’ve cooked for her, but then I’ve cooked for many ladies over the years. Apparently my cooking is at least okay because they never complain and are all willing to come back again. I look at the cracker in my hand ironically as I recall barbequing my most recent dinner in for Barbra. Just then I get a private message from Angelica.

Angelica: ” So you’re still amongst the living? I thought you were going to call me and let me know what you found out at the doctor’s office.”

Frodov: “ Yeah well when are you or your roommate NOT on the phone or online?”

Angelica: “Oh okay, there is that. So? What’s the prognosis?”

Frodov:”I have the flu. Bed rest, plenty of fluids, yada yada yada.”

Angelica:”Poor baby. I’d offer to cuddle but I don’t want to get sick too.”

Frodov: “You’re all heart sweety.”

Angelica:”Yeah yeah.. it’s not my heart that.. uh.. never’re sick right now anyway.”

We carried on flirting and jibing for a while longer then I felt the need to lay down again, I guess the medicine was kicking in or the flu was kicking my ass, either way I was going back to bed.

I woke up again around four in the morning, or rather my bladder woke me up. After stumbling to the bathroom to relieve the pressure I made my way to the kitchen and opened a can of soup to heat up in the microwave. With a mug of soup and a handful of crackers I parked myself on my couch and turned on the boob tube to see if there was anything on to watch. I ended up on the history channel watching a documentary about letters home from soldiers at war over the years. Although I usually would have found it interesting, that night I was still pretty out of it and it made for good snoozing material at best. As I lay there on the couch covered up with my blanket in a fog. I heard them talking about often soldiers in world war two would ask their wives or girlfriends at home to send them a pair of “soiled” underwear. “What?” I thought.. and opened one eye to see the tv and paid closer attention. I watched and listen to how they would ask for the girls to excite themselves and wet their panties thoroughly then mail them. The soldiers would of course smell them and be reminded of what they were fighting for. I got a chuckle out of that. I guess I dozed off soon after that though. Later I moved back to my bed.

Around eleven, later that morning I was again awakened by the phone ringing. Upon answering the phone in the kitchen thinking it was going to be Todd again I was pleasantly surprised to hear Barbra’s voice instead.

“Hi there. “ She said, a little shyly. “How are you?”

I turned the receiver away as I coughed a moment or two then spoke. “I’ve definitely been better. I’m down with the flu.”

“Awww poor baby, have you been to the doctor yet?” Barb asked.

“Yeah, I went yesterday morning, I’ve got pre***********ions and soup and a warm blanket, I’m supposed to rest and take my meds.” I lamented.

“I wish you felt better, I’m getting off a little early today because I’ve got funeral leave. I thought I might swing by and… see you.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice and I felt it myself as well.

“I wish I felt better too, I would much rather spend time with you in bed than be alone with this bug instead. “ I pined.

“Is there anything I could bring you or do for you?” Barb asked sweetly. “You have food and something to drink?”

“Well… “ I paused, thinking of that segment I saw on the history channel last night and wondered if I should ask Barb. “I’ve got plenty of soup and ginger ale, but there might be something you could do for me though.” I paused again thinking if I should dare.

“What then? “ She asked sounding hopeful. Crossing my fingers I went on to give her a brief de***********ion of the segment I watched talking about how the soldiers would ask their girl back home to send them a pair of their underwear soaked with the juices of their pussies. I sheepishly told Barb that since I would be down for a few days and she was going to be attending to family matters, maybe she could leave me something to think about each time I sniffed.

“ So you want me to get myself wet while wearing my panties and then bring them to you?” She asked hesitantly but with a hint of interest or perhaps excitement.

“Very wet, very very wet.” I said. “I want to smell your sex almost as if I had my nose in it for real. I would much rather smell it that way but the panties would be a wonderful reminder. “ I said blushing even though I was by myself in my own apartment. I could hear Barb chuckle in a low breathy way as if she were looking around to see if anyone overheard her conversation.

“Alright, I can do that… for you… I get off at noon and will stop by not long after that. See you soon. “

“See you soon then, bye.” I said and smiled as the line was broken and I hung up. “Wow!” I thought. I couldn’t believe I asked that of Barb, or that she actually agreed to it! Smiling I grabbed a can of ginger ale from the fridge and went to lay down on the couch to await nurse Barbra and her care package.

I must have dozed off because it seemed like only a moment before I heard the knocker on my door rattling to get my attention. Groaning I got up and went the door. Looking out the peep hole I saw a distorted view of Barb standing there holding a plastic grocery bag and a nervous smile on her face. I opened the door and smiled and asked her in. Barb’s smile faded a bit as she saw me up close and raised her beautiful hand up and felt my forehead and cheeks with the back of her hand.

“Well you’ve certainly got a bit of a fever still, are you feeling any better?” she asked with concern.

“Yeah, my throat isn’t as sore as it was two days ago or even yesterday, so I guess I’m on the mend.” I told her. And tilted my head quizzically looking at the grocery bag. She noticed and smiled that million watt smile again and said.

“Rainbow sherbet. My mom use to feed it to us as kids when we were sick. Yeah, Chicken soup, saltines, sprite and rainbow sherbet if we finished our soup.” She said as she took it to my kitchen and put it in the freezer.

“You really didn’t have to do that Barb, but thank you.” I told her standing leaning against the door frame from the hallway into the kitchen. She reached out and took my right hand into hers and squeezed it reassuringly. I smiled and said.” Whoops.. you touched me, now you got to go disinfect yourself..” and chuckled which devolved into a bout of coughing . Barb asked me if I’d taken my medicine before she got there and I told her I had so she led me by my hand back into my bedroom and made me lie down. Then she said.

“ I got your letter… that special request you asked of me… I’ve been working on it ever since.” She looked at me and raised on eyebrow questioningly.

“Oh have you now?” I asked smiling “Was that hard to do?”

“Not at all, all I had to do was think of how you touch me and how good it feels when we kiss and I was soaked in no time.” She smiled as she eased up the hem of her skirt a little at a time wiggling her hips slowly from side to side. “ I will confess that I had to go to the bathroom at one point because I just got too hot and I needed to relieve myself.” And the skirt kept inching upward over her knees and halfway up her thighs now… I could see the tops of her nylons as her hips swayed side to side. My heart beating a little faster with every inch the hem climbed.

“So you went to the restroom at work and masturbated? Thinking of me?” I asked incredulously.. amazed at the very thought of her fantasizing about me.

“Uh-huh… I was hot.” She nodded seductively, her eyes never breaking from my own, watching the look of fascination and awe on my face as she swayed and drew up her skirt until it was bunched up near her hip. I could see her silky light blue panties and how they were darker from being wet where they covered her aroused sex. Barb lifted her left leg and put her foot on the edge of my bed and ran her hand with those manicured slender fingers along the inside of her thigh from the knee to her crotch. Then continued on to run those fingers over and then up and down her puss making sure the panties were sopping wet. Even with my sinuses mostly stopped up from the flu I could still smell her arousal, that sweet musky feminine perfume. The heady scent made my mind whirl and I could feel my cock swelling in my sweat pants. I must have reached a hand to my cock and been unaware of it but Barb saw it and smiled like the cat that ate the canary then bit her bottom lip as she hooked her fingers under the band of her panties and slid them down her legs. Replacing her left leg to the floor so that she could step out of that soaking wet garment. She picked them up and handed them to me.

“ You don’t know how much I hate being sick right now.” I said.

“you don’t know how much I hate you being sick right now too.”Barb parroted. And gave a heavy sigh. “I also brought something else to keep here if you don’t mind.” She said.

“What’s that? “ I asked curious.

“Just a few bottles of Massengill . I like to freshen up after playing like we do. A girl has to feel fresh and clean you know.” She smiled and winked. Bringing back thoughts that we don’t use condoms because she can’t get pregnant. Therefore, well, things get messy when there’s not a condom being used to catch the mess.

“I don’t mind, but if you had told me what to get I would have gotten it for you. “I offered.

“So now you know what I usually use, you can get more when this is used up.” She said.

“Deal. But Barb..?” I asked somewhat hesitantly.

“What?” she asked.

“Thank you for the reminder. “ I said holding up her panties and smiling then continued. “Since your here right now though, I wonder if I could touch you to smell you on my hand until I have to clean up?”

“Heh heh… I think I’m okay with that..” She purred as she turned away from me and slid her skirt back up again but all in one motion this time. Then looking over her shoulder, GOD what a seductive look on her face! She stepped her feet apart slightly and bent over showing me her gorgeous ass with her still dripping pussy with her lips slightly parted and distended as if begging for attention. I reached out with my left hand and let it glide across her ass cheek, my fingers finding her crack and followed it down. Each finger in turn bumping gently across the puckered pink rosebud of her asshole, like a speed bump. Then sliding, gliding really, across that super sensitive patch of skin between her sphincter and the opening to her sex. I let my fingers run along one side and my thumb along the other side only to meet again where the folds of skin formed a hood over her clit. The clit was sticking out like a button longing to be pushed or manipulated. So I did. I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it lightly while pulling ever so gently. Barb gasped and I felt her legs quiver. I could have sworn I felt her clit pulse as well. Releasing her clit I drew my fingers back down the lips, parting them, both the outer and those inner pinker ones that were literally dripping with her excitement. I heard Barb moan softly, then another gasp as I pushed first one finger then two followed by a third finger into her vagina. Hooking the ends of my fingers I tickled and probed looking for that g-spot. Barbs legs shook again and she abruptly stood up straight and stepped away just far enough that I couldn’t reach her any longer. I pouted a little bit when she turned to look at me.

“Oh ho ho.. That’s ENOUGH!” She said smiling and squirming as she lowered her skirt back down and straightened it. “You need to rest, and I need to get going. I made the mistake of telling my sister I was getting off early so she’s expecting me to ride with her and her husband to the funeral home.”

“I’m sorry Barb.” I said sobering up at remembering why she was able to come by today.

“Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t close to my aunt really, but it was mom’s last sister, now they’re all gone. Just me and Gail and a few cousins left. Gail was closer to my aunt than I was, but then Gail always was a bit more protective and conservative, or maybe just nosy and a busybody. But she cared. So I’ll humor her. She can’t stand Jes, never did like him and made no bones about it. Anyway, I’m going to go wash my hands and then leave. I’ll lock the door on my way out, you just lay still and sleep if you can. I’ll talk to you later lover.” She said and smiled that beautiful smile again.

“I will, and you take care Barb.. I miss you already. “ I chimed in as she went through the blackout curtain and to the bathroom.

“Soon Darlin, soon.” Then I heard the water running in the bathroom sink and a few moments later the door to my apartment opening and then closing. I held those silky blue panties up to look at them and sniffed them and smiled, then looked at my left hand and sniffed it.. my eyes rolled back in my head and I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

My stomach woke me up sometime around eight that evening. I was hungry. After emptying my bladder I washed my hands, pausing to look and smile with the memory of earlier in the day. I opened another can of soup and heated it up. I took my mug of soup and some crackers to the computer desk and made myself comfortable with a blanket wrapped around me. Dialing up I logged onto Nightfriends. I had a few messages asking how I was doing and wishing me well . It seems my little community of online friends were keeping each other informed about me, or at least the ones who were my friends anyway. After responding to the messages I joined a few of the regulars in trivia to chat and pass the time. There was another round of questions about how I was doing and well wishes. I hadn’t realized how many people even cared about me enough to mention it or wish me well. I did find it interesting that most of them were females. I smiled as I played the game and chatted.

Around ten o’clock I saw where Barb logged on and in moments she was whispering to me in private messages.

Wildone: “Hi… remember me?” She sent with a

Frodov:” Why yes, your scent is rather familiar.” I sent a

Wildone: “And have you been naughty?” she asked

Frodov: “No, but not for the lack of interest I’m afraid. In my mind I ravished you, repeatedly.” I sent.

Wildone: “Ravished huh? I like the sound of that. Maybe you can show me that sometime soon.”

Frodov: “Count on it lady love. Again, that was very nice of you… or should I say.. “naughty” of you to come by earlier today and leave me with that wonderful reminder. And for the sherbet. I’ve not had any of that yet though, maybe later.

Wildone: “well you’re welcome to both. I kind of got a kick out of it too. Even if it got me in a little bit of trouble. “ she said.

Sitting up straighter at reading the bit about trouble I asked.

Frodov:”Trouble, what kind of trouble?”

Wildone:” Well… I didn’t have time to go home after stopping by your place so I went directly to my aunt’s house to meet my sister and her husband. My outfit was okay but I guess I was still a little fragrant so to speak. I don’t think my brother in law caught it but my sister sure did. Going commando didn’t exactly help either, constant state of arousal. Anyway, Gail pulled me aside when we got to the funeral home and interrogated me. I told her that I stopped by to see a sick friend and drop off some sherbet. Then she asked me why I smelled like fresh sex. Damn! So I had to own up to seeing someone. Not that she cared that I was cheating on Jess, for that she would cheer me on over, but that I hadn’t told her anything about it or who. You know all the things that a nosy sister has to know. I told her it was none of her business and to just drop it. “

Frodov:” And did she? Drop it that is? “ I asked .

Wildone:”No… ended up telling her all about you. How sweet and caring you are, and what a wonderful lover you’ve been to me. I guess I couldn’t stop myself.” She added a action.

Wildone:” She said she wouldn’t say anything as long as I told her who you were and where you lived in case something happened or I went missing. Like I said, over protective and nosy.”

Frodov:” Well I don’t care that you tell anyone about me I just didn’t want to cause you any trouble you know that right?” I told her.

Wildone:” I know, and I appreciate that. But just so you know, I gave her your name and address so she could check with you if anything ever happened to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a call from her sometime. She’s such a prude. I love her but she drives me crazy sometimes. “

Frodov:” Okay, I’ll try to make a good impression if she does call. “ I sent a

We whispered in private messages for a little while longer before Barb had to sign off to go to bed, she was tired, it had been a long day for her. I was feeling better but I was tired too so not long after she signed off I went back to bed too.. walking all three or four paces across the room to plop down into my bed. Pulling that silky blue pair of panties out from under my pillow for a quick sniff, I smiled as I drifted off to sleep again.

Saturday morning I woke up and took my medicine and had another can of soup. I planted myself on the couch and napped off and on all day watching cable tv. I logged onto Nightfriends in the evening for a few hours to chat and play.

Sunday morning, more medicine, more soup… more cable tv… more online. I got a whiff of myself while sitting at my desk and realized I’d not showered in a few days. That would simply not do, I didn’t even bother logging off and just told everyone I’d be right back. I shucked my clothes and went to take a shower. A long hot shower, shampooed, shaved the whole shebang. Fresh and clean, deodorized, teeth brushed, gargled. I even put on clean sweats and tee shirt and socks. Looking at my rumpled bedclothes I decided to go ahead and change those out too. Fresh sheets and pillow cases, a clean comforter. I loaded up the dishwasher with all the empty dirty mugs and bowls from my soup eating. I was feeling much better now. I sat back down at the computer and was getting into the trivia match when I heard someone knocking on my door. Who in the world?

Going to the door and looking out the peep hole I saw a woman standing in front of my door with her purse in one hand and a scrap of paper in her other hand. Curious I opened the door and asked.

“Can I help you?”

She looked up and said. “Are you Jim?”

“Who’s asking? If I may? “ I asked with knitted brow.

“Hi, I’m Gail, Barbra’s sister. Can I speak with you?” She asked rather bluntly. She seemed a little aloof if that’s the right word. Now that she told me who she was I thought I could see some familiar resemblance between her and Barb. Gail’s hair was brunette rather than dark red, and only shoulder length with a slight wave on the ends. She was a bit taller than Barb, but then Barb would have been a good five or six inches taller had she not had scoliosis of the spine. Gail’s face resembled Barbs but her eyes were harder as if questioning everything she saw, her lips were full but set in a firm line, not quite a scowl but certainly not a happy smiling face either. She was dressed rather conservatively, much like a librarian going to church maybe. Either a dress or a long skirt under a jacket or blazer with a blouse maybe. I took all that in with a flash, backing up I invited her in. Closing the door behind her I motioned to the couch then realized that there was still a blanket on it from where I’d camped out the last day or so watching tv. I quickly gathered it up and folded it and set I on one end of the couch. Gail sat down on the other end of the couch closest to the door, clutching her purse like a shield resting it atop her knees with both hands.

“would you like something to drink? I have some ginger ale or a coke or pepsi? Cans I’m afraid but I have clean glasses if you prefer. “

“No, but thank you, I don’t intend to take much of your time. I just wanted to talk with you about Barb.” She said clearing her throat. I got the impression she’s practiced this line before she said it. “ I tried to call you several times yesterday and more today but your phone was always busy. So I chose to come in person.”

“I’m sorry, if the phone was busy it was probably because I was online with the computer. What would you like to know?” I asked.

“Yes, being online would explain it, Barb too has that problem. I can never reach her at home because she’s so often on the computer. I take it that that is where you met her?”

“On Nightfriends,yes. Barb and I are both on that bulletin board. It has live chat and people can play games like trivia while talking. It’s also local, not like the big national chat rooms where you talk to people all over country or the world. I mean that’s interesting but what are the chances that you’re going to actually meet those people? With the local boards you get to meet those other people if you like. I’ve made several friends from acquaintances I’ve made online. Barb is one of them. “ I explained.

“So you’re just “friends” with my sister then?” She looked me in the eyes intently as if seeking a truth or a lie.

“Well honestly, we were friends, at first, and still are I would like to think, but we are more than just friends as well.” I said with sincerity with the feeling that Gail would know if I lied to her or tried to dodge her questions.

“You do know she’s married, right?” She asked.

“Yes, Barb told me that, and she also explained that she was married in name only and that she’s in the process of getting a divorce. From a man that cares very little for her at best and is cruel and insensitive at worst. “ I added . I saw the hard look in Gail’s eyes soften a bit at that and she broke her steely gaze to look around as if searching for something. Finally she looked down at her hands and said.

“ Well there is that. Jess is a bastard. He’s been cheating on her for years, before she even became aware of it. At first he made her happy so I held my tongue and didn’t tell her what I knew. I didn’t want to hurt her. She’s my only sister, even if we don’t agree on much, I still love her and try to look out for her.” The last was barely a whisper as if she were telling this to herself and not to me.

“She’s a lot tougher than people give her credit for I think, but you’re right about one thing, she does need love.” I offered.

“Do you.. do you love her?” Gail said and locked her eyes on my own once again. I could have sworn she was holding her breath waiting for my answer.

“I think I do.. no, I know I do. I’m not sure if I’m “In Love” with her if that’s what you’re asking, but yes, I can say I do love her. Before anything else happened between us I was her friend and she was mine. What we have together might end up only being fun and games but whatever it turns into I will love her still. I think she needs that friendship and that love. Does that sound like what you wanted to hear? Or are you going to warn me off?” I asked almost sternly.

Gail sat there as still as a statue for what seemed like minutes, her gaze locked on mine, not blinking, just studying me. Finally she blinked and seemed to come to a decision or at least to ponder another decision. She looked down at her hands again and for the first time I noticed that they were trembling ever so slightly. She asked in almost a whisper.

“So you won’t hurt her?”

“Never. She’s been hurt too many times as it is.” I spoke softly.

“More than you are probably aware of. “ Gail intoned . “I know what Barb told me of you, how you were gentle and kind to her. Thank you for that.”

“No thanks necessary, I was just treating her as I would anyone. I don’t see what’s so unusual about that.”

“You really are a kind man Jim. I came over here expecting to find another guy who’s just using Barb, getting his jollies from someone so lonely and vulnerable and insecure. Oh she’s very good at hiding her insecurities but they are there. Like her long hair and her scoliosis. You don’t realize how deeply you touched her by not seeing her as a freak or as something damaged. “

“I saw the woman within, the kind heart and soul. “ Her body is beautiful to me. If I can make her feel loved and wanted then I’ll do all that I can.”

“But you’re not.. “in love” with her. How does that work?” Gail asked glancing at me then finding other places for her gaze as if she was uncertain if she wanted to know my answer.

“I don’t know really, it just is what it is. Have you never loved someone but not been “in love” with them? “ I asked.

Glancing back up and locking her eyes on my own again, she responded evenly. “Yes I have. In fact my own husband. I love him dearly but I haven’t been in love with him for a long time. Not since..” She trailed off and looked away as if looking into the distance or the past.

“since? Since when?” I left the question hanging for a moment then intuition set in and I looked at Gail in a whole new light. “Since he cheated on you?” I added.

Her eyes shot to mine as if to ask how… then they softened again and she looked down at her hands once more. “ you really are sensitive aren’t you?” she asked.

“It doesn’t take much to see the hurt in someone else if you open yourself up to it. I’m sorry if I hit a nerve or reminded you of your pain.” I spoke softly.

Gail’s eyes seemed to glisten and I noticed two things that I hadn’t up till this point, one, they were the same deep soft brown as Barbs eyes and two, there was something familiar in her furtive gaze. As she glanced up at me with her head tilted down, gazing through her lashes and eyebrows as if in shyness or being timid, I saw a longing in her eyes. And as I was realizing it was the same look that Barb gave me not too long ago when she was deciding to take a chance and be with me.

“Jim, would you…” She swallowed and flexed her delicate hands nervously. “ would you kiss me?” she nearly whispered as she drew her bottom lip into her mouth and bit it nervously to keep it from trembling.

I was stunned. I repeated her question in my head maybe a dozen times over thinking I must have misunderstood what she said but each time it was the same. Had she really asked me to kiss her? Was this some sort of test? Was it some sort of joke? I really needed some more input of understanding, I began. “Gail… I.. ah..”

“I’m sorry, really I am. I shouldn’t have asked you that.” Gail said hurriedly as she stood abruptly as if to make for the door.

I stood as well and then it hit me. She might not have come over here looking for this but when she realized that I indeed did have no ill intentions for her sister and that I was open and honest that her own longings for understanding and affection overwhelmed her. She might not have thought it through but it took a lot of nerve for her to risk that one question.

I reached out and gently took her right arm by the elbow with my left hand. She stopped in her tracks. Still not looking at me, standing there with both hands still clutching her purse in front of her. I reached up and gently took her chin with the fingers of my right hand and turned her face to mine. Her gaze finally seeking mine out and locking once again. Those big soft brown eyes, nearly brimming over with tears. I quietly asked her… “Gail, could I kiss you?” her head slowly nodded, her eyes never leaving mine. I leaned in and turned my head slightly so that our noses wouldn’t bump into one another like bumper cars. My lips brushed hesitantly against hers. I could feel them quiver. Gently I drew her upper lip between my two and pulled back a bit. Gail’s eyes slowly closed and she leaned in to me, her purse lowering as if to put her shield aside. Our lips brushed again and melded together. Daringly I let my tongue graze along the line where her two lips met, as if asking for permission to explore, to meet her own tongue to dance. Her lips parted and her tongue met mine exploring for herself. I literally felt a wave of tension wash from her body.

I’m not sure when but Gail’s purse ended up on the floor at our feet, her arms bent and her hands palms out pressed against my abdomen, my own hands holding her arms at the elbows, gently drawing her into me. Her kisses were getting hungrier and more forceful as if desire were taking over and pushing out any temerity and shyness that she might have held up till this point. I could feel her desire and longing as if it were a flame, fanning hotter by the moment. The turning point was fast approaching and I knew I would have to let her make the decision to go further or stop here. Running my hands up and down her arms. We both leaned back a bit studying one another as we caught our breath.

“Gail… whatever this is… I can’t hurt Barb, and I don’t want to hurt you. If you want to explore or go any further know that. If it will hurt Barb or in any way hurt you or between the two of you, then I don’t want it. It can’t change how I feel about her, but will it change how you feel about her? No guilt no cheating. Anything between you and I, is only between you and I. I won’t speak of it, so… it’s up to you. I’ll respect your decision.” I spoke softly and honestly.

Gail looked at me with turmoil in her eyes. So many emotions fighting for control of her face, Desire, trepidation, her eyebrows knitting and softening, her lips and jaw trembling. I could feel her whole body shaking I could almost hear her heart racing. Her breathing coming in short ragged inhales and exhales. She all but whimpered until finally she came to a decision. Steeling herself she swallowed and stood a little straighter looking me in the eyes as she had when she first arrived at my door seemingly ages ago. Taking a deep breath she asked me. “ This will remain between us and only us?”

“Between us and only us.” I answered.” Whatever you decide.”

The decision was made. Nodding once as if to affirm to herself, she smiled shyly and said “Jim, make love to me, if only this once… for today. “

I smiled warmly and pulled her into me and wrapped my arms around her, leaned in and kissed her slowly again, but her hunger drove that kiss into a tongue lashing frenzy that soon had both of us gasping for breath again. Somehow we ended up in my bedroom; I’m still not sure who led who though it must have been me because we had to navigate the blackout curtains over my doorway. However we got there we were soon removing each other’s clothes. Gail lost her shoes on the way from the living room to the bedroom her jacket too fell somewhere along the way. Her blouse, a frilly French peasant looking thing had a puffy collar and somewhere in the folds and pleats there were buttons to be found to undo but after managing to find the two top most buttons I simply pulled the tails from her skirt and drew the blouse up over her head as she raised her arms to assist me. Next she was pulling my own shirt over my head. As I reached for her skirt and unfastened it so that if fell from her hips. Standing there in her nylon stockings complete with garter belt and straps nude colored panties and bra. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and the differences between herself and Barbra. Gail was taller by nearly half a foot, she was a bit slimmer as well but smaller in the bust and her behind was flatter. That’s not to say that Gail was in any way unattractive. In my opinion any man would be flattered to be with Gail. And here I was disrobing her as she stripped me. Her sense of urgency was contagious but I didn’t want to hurry too much. I wanted to make this special for her, especially if this did turn out to be a one and only time. Make it precious for her I kept thinking.

More kissing, we explored one another’s bodies now nearly absent of clothing but still with enough to tease the imagination. I ran my hands up her sides from her hips to her underarms, squeezing and lifting and pulling her closer to me. Her hands running over my shoulders and holding my head by the neck on either side of my head. Her legs were rubbing mine using her knee to run along the outside of my leg. Lowering her back down I let my hands search Gail’s back and found the clasp for her bra and unhooking it, letting her shake off the lacy garment. Her breasts warm and soft with hardened points of her nipples smashing against and pressing into my chest as my hands continued downward along her spine to her hips and then her ass. I gripped one cheek in each hand and squeezed and lifted her to her tip toes. This awarded me with a deep guttural moan strait from Gail’s soul into my mouth.

Gail’s hands were a flutter, a blur. They seemed to be everywhere all at once, on my shoulders, on my chest, on my back, on my ass, and suddenly at my waistband of my sweat pants under my abdomen. She was trying to pull and push them down but they were hung up on my trouser hook. My fully erect cock was sticking up and the waistband got hung. I reached down with one hand and pulled up and out so that the band cleared the hook and then they dropped to my knees. Gail dropped to her knees as well and continued pushing my pants down till they were pooled around my ankles. Suddenly she was eyes to eye with my cock. I may not be overly large but I’ve certainly never had any complaints about my meager six and a half inches of love muscle. Gail seemed to like what she saw and glanced up at me and smiled a beguiling oh so sexy smile, like a child that has found a favorite treat and was anticipating a wonderful taste. Licking her lips she returned her gaze to my cock and leaned in to taste it with the tip of her tongue. A small drop of pre cum had pearled at the tip and she swiped if off with one deft lap of her tongue. Again Gail moaned with delight as she reached up with both hands and one grasping my cock at the base and the other gently taking my balls and sack as if weighing them. That studious tongue began licking the underside of my cock’s head, circling it before sliding her lips over it and engulfing it. I shuddered and my knees felt weak. My right hand found itself to the back of Gail’s head, holding it lightly as she began to bob back and forth while her tongue lashed the head of my cock, her hands stroking and massaging my shaft and balls. Perhaps it was the weakened condition from still getting over the flu, perhaps it was a sense of guilt I don’t know but I felt that I was the one receiving too much and I should be giving instead. I brought my other hand to the side of Gail’s face and with both hands drew her off of me and then to her feet. Her eyes questioning me as if she thought I might have disapproved.

“No, it’s okay Gail, that was wonderful really, thank you, but it would be too easy to get carried away and then.. well.. I’d rather be doing something for you instead.” I whispered breathlessly into her ear as I nuzzled and kissed her neck eliciting a low drawn out moan as Gail continued to grip and tug at my cock between us. My own hands circling her breast with one in each hand, squeezing gently, massaging them. The small hard nipples feeling like fleshy stones tickling the palms of my hands until I captured each one between thumb and forefinger to pinch and roll them pulling them as if to draw her closer to me. I kissed along her right collar bone to her shoulder. Gail trembled almost violently as if shivering from the cold. Easing her backwards a step or two until her legs met the edge of my bed. Taking her head in my hands again I kissed her long and slow on those trembling moist lips looking into her deep brown eyes.

“Lie back and try to relax.” I told her, as she felt the surface of my bed with her hands and leaned back reluctantly. I leaned over her putting my hands on either side of her just under her arms to support my weight. We locked lips again seeking that breath of life, of passion. The flames of lust roaring and growing with each heartbeat. Pulling away to breath I look down into her eyes and smiled. Slowly I kissed along her chin then down her jaw to her neck. Soft little pecks and puffing warm air across her passion sensitive skin seeing the goose bumps rise in the wake of each kiss or puff. Down her neck to her breast, between them but not to the nipples. Instead I kissed along the underside of each breast then downward I resumed, across her quivering abdomen pausing to circle her belly button with my tongue. I could see Gail’s hands clenching the bedspread as if to keep from floating away from the bed, her soft moaning growing louder with each new sensation. Soon I found my chin and then my lips brushing against the waistband of her panties. The fine lace pattern tickling my skin. Not wanting to rush things I left them in place and continued my exploration of her quivering body further down, approaching the heat that was coming from her panty covered crotch. Kneeling down to the floor to draw my head closer to the source of that heat and heady scent I was picking up, I drew my hands lightly along the skin of her flanks. Drawing my fingers like feathers across her abdomen then her hips, to the tops of her legs. My chin brushed against the raised bump of her pubic mound, the thin panty material separating skin from skin. My hands slipped around Gail’s legs and under her backside, gripping a handful each and squeezing before sliding further down her legs to behind her knees. My nose buried in the crotch between her legs I inhaled deeply her womanly scent. The aroma lifting my desire to even greater heights of anticipation, my mouth watering.

“Oh… my… god…” Gail gasped as I felt her hands upon the back of my head, her hips rising pressing me deeper into her crotch. Spurring me onward with wanton abandon. I took hold of her legs and lifted them from the floor and pushed her knees up towards her chest causing her crotch to open up like a book, the book of Eden I thought, the garden of love. Her panties straining to cover her swollen womanhood and sodden with her juices. I traced the edge of the material along each side with my lips and tongue teasing the bare skin just outside. I kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs down to where they met the cheeks of her ass.

“Ooooooh….” Was the only coherent sound that I could make out coming from Gail’s mouth, her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall rapidly, her breasts shuddering with each breath. With my left hand I hooked the edge of her panties where it was stretched tightly below her puss, I pulled them out and to the side revealing her sex in all its wonder, free at last from the material constraints. Her puffy outer lips already parted, her inner lips engorged and pouted begging to be kissed and more. So kiss them I did, just as I had the lips on Gail’s face, softly and gently at first, exploring, tasting, immersing myself in the experience. My tongue could not be constrained and it too was exploring and tasting, licking and lashing and darting about with abandon.

“Gaaah.. Gaaaah..GODDD!” Gail gurgled out as her entire body tensed and she launched into an orgasm. I continued to lick and kiss and taste her suddenly overflowing vagina. I could have sworn even her labia were quivering as she rocked in the throes of that first orgasm. I finally pulled my head back when I felt the pressure from her hands finally released and her legs came flopping down onto my shoulders. Catching my own breath I watched Gail as she heaved breath after ragged breath. Her hands came up to her head to run her hands through her hair and scalp as if to regain her wits. Then she stretched her legs and arms to their fullest extent as if waking up from a long nap.

“Oh… my…. God…” She exhaled ending with a slowly building chuckle that abruptly stopped. Her face took on an odd expression and she pulled her right hand out from under my pillow holding a silky blue pair of panties. She held them up before her face and then looked at me questioningly then suddenly a light went on behind her eyes and she let out a loud belly laugh and just kept on laughing as if she’s just heard the world’s funniest joke.

“Oh Jim! “ She rasped out between the fit of giggles that the laughter had devolved into. “I didn’t’ believe her when Barb told me about the panties… yet here they are! This is Hilarious!” All I could do was grin sheepishly and shrug my shoulder that was still weighted down with her legs.

“So.. do you approve or disapprove?” I asked

“Oh I think it’s kinky as hell, but I like it!” She giggled.

“You do do you? Not too weird? “ I edged.

“There are stranger things, just not something I’ve ever heard of before this.” She purred looking down at me as I nudged and kissed around her inner thighs edging my chin closer and closer to her clit that was all but standing erect under the folds skin that hooded her magic button. With my right hand I eased her left leg off of my shoulder and pressed her knee back up towards her chest, spreading her crotch again at least to one side allowing me to move my mouth closer to her smoldering sex pot. I bent closer and slid my tongue again into that steaming entrance tasting her juices again and then traced up the inside between those inner lips to the top where they rejoined again. My tongue made an abrupt hop and stabbed at her clit. A moan and the return of one of Gail’s hand on the back of my head told me that she was just as eager to continue as I was. I lashed at her clit like Zorro, flicking and darting and stabbing directly and with glancing blows never keeping up a constant rhythm. Each contact rewarding me with a different gasp or moan, Gail’s hand both clutching and pulling my hair and pressing my head deeper into her crotch, silently pleading for more. I eased my right hand up and traced my fingers along the fiery wet lips and folds parting and pinching and prodding and pulling until I slipped first my index finger into that tight clutching entry way as it wept still more wetness. The long low moan Gail exhaled could be felt all the way through her body. Slowly I pushed my finger in all the way up to my palm, I twirled it as if stirring a cup of liquid. Gail’s hips rose slowly but steadily. Taking my mouth away from her sex for a breath I saw that she had her eyes clamped tightly shut, her mouth was agape, her neck stretched and stiff in her hand she still clutched Barb’s blue panties pressed tightly to her chest. Leaning back in I again flicked at her clit and licked the hood covering it, pushing it back baring that magic button. I pulled my index finger out only to slide it back in with its neighbor, now two fingers twisted and turned and wriggled inside Gail’s steaming sex pot. I bent the ends of my fingers to form a hook and began to scratch at her insides searching for that super sensitive elusive g-spot. At the same time I wrapped my lips around her clit and drew it into my mouth so that I could close my teeth around it gently. The result was electric! Again Gail went stiff, rigid, every muscle strained to the breaking point. I continued my manipulations with my fingers scratching and stroking in and out, faster and faster. I rolled her clit between my teeth while sucking on it and then began lashing it with my tongue all at the same time. That’s when the damn broke. All that pent up energy and I suspect frustration in Gail simply exploded. Every muscle and nerve in her body began to spasm and twitch her limps vibrating out of sync as if they were just flopping about uncoordinated. The noises coming from her mouth were simply screams of release.


Her fluids were running hotly over my fingers and down my hand and arm as well as down across her rose bud and to the crack of her ass soaking into my bedspread I released her clit and leaned back when she had begun to spasm uncontrollably. Her hips had been rising and falling too quickly to remain attached. I merely sat there on my knees watching the waves of pleasure roll through Gail’s body. I never tire of seeing a woman climax especially when I know that I was the cause of that climax, that pleasure. Feeling an odd jolt of pleasure myself I looked down and realized that I had absentmindedly began to touch my cock with the hand that I had so recently been working in Gail’s puss. My fingers, soaking wet with her juices,lubricating my sensitive flesh of the head and shaft as I rubbed and stroked slowly enjoying the sensation.

Gail had stopped moving all but the rising and falling of her heaving chest as she regained her composure coming down from that climax high.

“ A… girl.. could get… used.. to this… “ She panted… “ Oh My.. god.. “ Then she began to giggle quietly again.. slowly growing louder and louder until it was again a full out belly laugh, she was howling with joy until once again she fell silent for lack of air. Both hands drawn to her chest as if pulling a blanket or a towel tightly or hugging a thought. It was an odd sight but somehow endearing. Finally breathing nearly normally again she opened her eyes and turned her head searching me out. Locking those limpid deep brown eyes on my own she purred out.

“Jim… I need to be kissed… deeply… repeatedly… urgently..” She raised both hands beckoning me to her. I stood and allowed her to scoot back on the bed a bit and turn so that her legs were no longer hanging over the side. I climbed onto the bed and lowered myself onto my right side as she turned to me putting her right arm over my side and draping her right leg over my legs. My left hand pressed into her back between her shoulder blades pushing her into me as our lips reconnected with a passion. Our tongues began their tangled dance anew. I felt Gail’s left hand move down and wrap around my straining cock between our two bodies. She stroked it slowly up and down, her hand rolling over and palming the head each time she stroked upwards. I was now moaning into our kisses. Gail’s right hand was running her fingers through my hair and toying with my ear and the side of my neck, still exploring my body. Her nylon stocking covered right leg was rubbing up and down my legs as if measuring me, sensing my eagerness, looking for an opening. The third or fourth time was broke to catch our breath Gail lowered her chin and looked up through her lashes and eyebrows with that lusty wanton gaze and panted ..

“I think it’s your turn lover.. roll over and let me do something for you…” Her right hand pushing at my left shoulder guiding me to lay flat on my back. I complied having a good idea what she had in mind. Once on my back Gail trailed her delicate hand and fingers across my chest and toyed with my nipples smiling when I gasped reflexively. Drawing her hand further down tracing a line down the middle of my abdomen into my hair above my crotch, she pinched a few of them between her thumb and index finger and pulled gently, teasingly before sliding on down and stroking the flat of her hand across the head of my cock and down the length of the shaft to my balls. She cupped her hand and grasped them gently and squeezed and pulled as if judging their fullness.

“Gail… I’ve got condoms.. “ I began only to be waved away and she smiled and said. “I have an IUD, it’s okay.” Smiling at the look on my face, she rolled my balls around pulling lightly on my sack eliciting another moan from me as I shivered. Gail leaned in and kissed my cheek then closer and kissed my lips lightly, pulling my bottom lip into hers and biting gently pulling with a little growl . I lay there watching with fascination as she transformed from a quivering, smoldering, compliant feminine beauty into a wanton aggressive driven sex hungry animal. There was fire in her eyes as she pushed herself up onto all fours and picked up her right leg and draped it over my torso to straddle me. Gail lowered herself onto me, rubbing her crotch into my own. Her engorged clit rubbed along the length of my cock as she slid forward and back. I could feel the hot wet lips of her pussy painting over my balls. Oh my god what a feeling! I lifted my hands up to her hips wanting to hold her but not wanting to give her any direction. I was happy to let her do her own bidding. This was her moment. She smiled down at me knowingly nodding her head almost as if she could read my mind. Her hair now a dark billowing cloud like halo framed her head and draped in front of her face not quite obscuring my view of those focused gleaming brown eyes. Gail slowed her grinding and leaned forward a bit, reaching down she took hold of my cock and guided it to the waiting entrance of her pussy. The lips parting and making way for its slow advance deeper and deeper as Gail lowered herself onto me wriggling a little to one side or the other grinding as she settled till finally we were skin to skin and I was all the way in. she took both hands and put them to our crotches, her palms flat on her own abdomen, she drew her hands slowly and firmly up her abdomen across her belly to her breasts, lifting both of them squeezing and pressing them to her chest then ran her hands back down in reverse across her belly and her abdomen till her fingers were grazing deep into her crotch until they were on my skin. She stroked her hands in unison fingers leading the way up from my crotch across my abdomen and belly to my chest where she pressed down and dug her fingers into my flesh her nails actually breaking the skin causing me to both moan with pleasure and flinch from the small pain. Gail then curled forward arching her back to lean down and draw her breasts across my chest, the nipples brushing through the hair on my chest as she leaned down to kiss me in one of the most seductive kisses I’ve ever experienced before or since, not once for even a moment taking her eyes off of mine. Still with that look that I will forever identify as hers, her head tilted chin down, her big brown hungry eyes looking up through her lashes and eyebrows. Gail began to grind her hips gyrating in almost a circular motion as if she were using my cock as a stir stick, stirring her insides. I’ve got to tell you that was just about enough to blow my mind but I was soon to find out that that was not her only trick. Not by a long shot. This woman may present to the rest of the world as a conservative, refined and even demure example of femininity, but she had transformed into a sex driven demon bent on satisfying and inner urge. There was a hunger, a fire inside of her that she was sharing, or perhaps using me to sate herself. The growl came out again, quietly.. slowly growing with intensity. Likewise her movements became more intense, the gyrating grinding started to evolve into a sliding rocking motion forward and back much like when she first lowered herself over to straddle me and grind on my cock as if to measure it and me. Now I was inside and the motion took on a whole new more complex feeling. I felt her stockinged feet slip over the tops of my legs as if pinning me to the bed, giving herself more control of her motions. Her hands and arms pressing and pumping down onto and into my chest. The low growl grew louder and was broken with grunts at the ends of each stroke. Faster and faster she went, grind, slide, grind, slide gyrate, grind slide. The grunting became erratic and her growling almost constant as she panted through her movements. I could feel my own orgasm approaching swiftly and wondered if I was going to be able to hold off until Gail got her fast approaching climax. Her movements were becoming jerky and uncoordinated, she closed her eyes and her head tilted back as if her hair was being pulled behind her. Mouth opened in a silent scream of rage or perhaps conquest , I felt Gail suddenly tense as she froze with me buried to the hilt inside of her. Her nails biting into my chest in a death grip. Heart beat after heart beat tensed and straining to the breaking point until finally the wire was tripped and she convulsed and fell into a mass of spasms and flopping arms and legs. I could feel the inner walls and muscles of her pussy clenching and gripping and releasing my cock like a million sets of hands stroking and pulling me in a million different directions. My balls suddenly were washed with a steaming hot flow of her juices as they leaked out around my cock.

I felt the death grip of Gail’s hands on my chest release as she collapsed on top of me. Her breasts smashing flat onto my chest as her head came to rest on my shoulder, her cloud of dark brown hair covering my face. I slid my hands up along her sides from her hips to her shoulder blades and idly stroked her back with my right hand, tracing her spine up and down from her waist to the middle of her back. Feeling her body rise and fall with her breathing as she began to subside. When her breath had all but returned to normal again she began to giggle, again. Just a soft chuckle at first, then a full on giggle like a giddy school girl eventually giving way to a breathless belly laugh. I lay there marveling at the transformation yet again. I also realized that I was still completely hard as a rock and I was still deep inside Gail. I had yet to gain release of my own climax but I was so close earlier as to almost be painful.

When her breathing was finally back to a light panting I felt Gail stirring, she began to stretch her limbs again as if she were waking up, arms and legs fully extended and reaching. She arched her back and her neck. Finally turning her head so that she could see my own face, she smiled so sweetly with her eyes only half opened.

“Oh… that was sooooo nice.” She purred dreamily. You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve felt this good.” She said as she stroked my side with her left hand and nuzzled into my neck and kissed me lightly and repeatedly. I twitched my hips a little and she suddenly realized that I was still firmly inside of her and still, well.. quite firm.

“Oh my god!.. are you still… Jim!” She chuckled and drew her head back to look at me in amazement. “You.. you didn’t finish?” She asked.

Shaking my head with a slight grin I said “No ma’am.. I was too distracted by the show you were putting on. I gotta tell you girl that was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It’s like you became an entirely different person, like you were.. I don’t know.. Possessed maybe. It was almost scary in a way. “ I admitted.

Gail looked at me and cocked on eyebrow up and smiled mischievously and said. “I’ve been told that before, but it’s been a long time.. a very long time. “ she added as her smile faded and she became a bit somber perhaps, as she looked away.

“Gail… it’s okay, I’m not judging you.” I offered softly. She shook her head sadly and looked back into my eyes and said.

“No Jim, it’s not you. I guess it’s just that I feel neglected, not desirable enough for my own husband . I know he has cheated on me, hell he probably still is cheating on me. He used to love me and make love to me with a passion but that has faded to the point that I wonder if it even exists any more. Seeing Barb going through the same thing with Jess broke my heart. I couldn’t tell her that my own husband is a cheat and stay with him after telling her so many times to leave her own and get out. The worst part is I really do still love my husband. I don’t know if I could ever leave him, but to tell Barb one thing and then I do something else… I can’t do it. So I pretend. I pretend for everyone else, our children, my family. I pretend for myself. I thought I was managing, I was making it work. That is until today. Yesterday when Barb came to our aunt’s house before we left to go to the funeral home. I noticed a glow about her. For the first time in such a long long time she seemed happy. There was joy in her eyes that I didn’t know where it might have come from. Then when I got close to her sitting in the car on the drive over I could smell her.” She almost giggled as she reached over and picked up that silky blue panty from beside the pillow and held it up for me to see. “I knew then that she had someone in her life that put that smile there, that happiness. I was as jealous as I was happy for her but I also feared that it might be something else.”

“ You mean like someone just using her for their own benefit. Someone that might break her heart or worse her spirit?” I said softly.

“Exactly. I know all too well what that feels like and I couldn’t bear to let her get hurt. When we got to the funeral home I pulled her aside to where we could talk in private and I got her to tell me what was going on. She told me about meeting you online and then in person. How you were so kind and gentle with her. How you made her feel loved and beautiful… I’m ashamed of myself now for doubting her, I had to find out for certain. I had to talk to you and find out what you were doing and why. When I couldn’t reach you on the phone I finally decided to confront you in person. I told the family I had to go see a sick friend while we were still in town. My aunt’s body is being cremated so the funeral won’t be until tomorrow. The rest you know….” She grew silent as I digested what she had just told me.

“Gail…? I asked softly after some time… she tilted up her face to look at me questioningly. “do you regret coming over to meet me.. or doing what we’ve done?”

She studied my face for a few heartbeats or perhaps studied her own thoughts then focusing on my eyes once more she said. “Regret… no.. not in the least. I do feel a little guilty.. well maybe a LOT guilty though.” She said with a sad expression in her soft brown eyes.

“ Guilty about what?” I asked even though I pretty much knew what she meant.

“Guilty for feeling like I’ve cheated on Barb’s happiness, like I’m sneaking around behind her back. Guilty for putting you in a position that you might feel guilty for the same. I’m sorry if that’s what’s happened….” She fell silent still looking into my eyes.

“ You have nothing to feel guilty about Gail. As I said before we even came to this, when I let you decide if you wanted to even go here… what we share is between us and only us. This doesn’t.. can’t change how I feel about Barb. I think we both love her in our own ways.. you her big sister, me a dear friend… well.. okay perhaps a bit more than just a friend, but a friend none the less. Barb has never suggested that what we share is anything more than just fun and games between friends and I’ve never expected or implied anything differently either. I would do anything for her but I’m not in love with her. I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about me. “ I smiled warmly and stroked Gail’s face with my right hand. She captured my hand in hers and drew it to her lips and kissed my fingers. And whispered.

“ She’s a lucky girl my sister… you’re a one in a million Jim. I’ve not met anyone like you before now. I can see why she’s happy. “ Her eyes widened as I twitched my hips again and reminded her that I was still quite firmly inside her . “And I can FEEL why she’s so happy. I’m still jealous. “ she added in mock plaintiveness.

“Don’t be jealous… you still have me all to yourself for now. Let’s enjoy our time together for all it’s worth. I know I won’t soon forget you and this day, if ever. “ I smiled and leaned in for another long slow sensual kiss. Breaking off only when I twitched again and Gail moaned softly and dug her nails into the skin of my wrist. Placing my hand on the small of her back and the other along her side I raised up and rolled us both over so that Gail was now on her back and I on top of her. She spread her legs and bent them at the knee drawing them up along the sides of my hips, her arms wrapping around my neck pulling me down for another long breathless kiss. Slowly I pulled my hips back pulling my long buried cock slowly out of her form fitting love box, the walls of her pussy gripping me tightly not wanting to let go. When only the head of my cock was still within her pouting wet lips I paused then slowly pushed my way back in. Gail moaned softly and her eyes half closed as she gasped when I bottomed out fully inside of her again. Taking a note from her playbook earlier I twitched my hips a little side to side while still fully inside of her then began to withdraw again but only going halfway out before slamming back in to the hilt. This took Gail by surprise and her eyes slammed open in surprise and she gasped.. but then her face broke into a big smile and I saw a glimpse of that animal that I knew lived deep inside of that sedate refined face. Again, I twitched from side to side a few times and began to ease out.. this time again all the way out except for the head of my cock.. I paused and twitched a couple of times side to side then suddenly slammed into her up to the hilt again.. Again her eyes grew wide with surprise and she gasped.. then a long deep moan came as she dug her nails into my shoulders. She bit her bottom lip as I just stayed there.. waiting for me to move again.. I looked down and her and smiled my most evil grin and slowly began to withdraw… slowly… slowly… I could feel her tensing , anticipating… her knees pressing into my hips as if to hold me in place.. I pulled all the way out..making a slight popping sound as the head of my cock came completely out of her grasping pussy. Gail’s brows knitted and she pouted like a little girl. I pressed the head back in and stopped. I could feel her tense as she anticipated me slamming in again.. but I didn’t .. I slowly sank in little by little until at the end of the stroke I was once again bottomed out. This time she groaned in frustration perhaps. I chuckled a little which earned me a dirty look and she stuck out her tongue before pouting again.

I twitched from side to side and backed out halfway before slamming in up to the hilt again. But immediately pulled back out halfway and slammed in again. I repeated this three or four times until I thought she had gotten the rhythm then I stopped again… this got me a loud groan and nails digging into my shoulders and then that growl again. I knew the animal in Gail was about to make an appearance again. I was baiting her drawing her out. I wanted to make love to the beast. I got my wish. Staring into my eyes I could see a flinty hardness and burning desire, Gail’s smile devolved into a snarl. I could feel those beautiful long stocking covered legs draw up the back of my thighs and lock around my waist. I withdrew my cock almost all the way out and began to push back in with the pace of my heart beat. I got slowly faster and faster with each stroke… Growling Gail began to match my every thrust with her rising hips, slamming her pussy into my groin, my balls smacking against her asshole with a wet slapping sound. Her juices were flowing making every thrust and withdraw sound wet and squishy. The growling growing more intense and louder with every breath she took. I was grunting with effort now too as I felt my own climax swiftly approaching. The tingling in my balls growing intensely expanding like a balloon inflating, I could feel my cock swelling and stiffening even more than it already was. Suddenly I realized that I was hearing myself growl as Gail had begun to chant loudly, almost screaming.

“Yessss Yessss Yessss Yessss Yesssssssssss Y….. Yesss…. Y AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Her legs clamping shut so tight about my waist I thought I might pass out. Her pussy began that grasping contractions and that finally pushed me over the edge and I too exploded into full blown orgasm.. My visions tunneled down to a pin point and I went black drifting away on a cloud of orgasmic bliss…

I don’t know how long I was unconscious but when I did finally regain my senses I felt my head being stroked gently and another hand stroking my side. I realized that I was still laying heavily atop of Gail and was probably smothering her with my own body weight. I lifted myself up on my arms and looked down into the softest most contented smiling brown eyes. I couldn’t resist leaning down and kissing her softly. I parted and looked deeply into her eyes again and whispered “Thank you..”

And rolled off to lay beside her. Gail rolled onto her side to face me and draped her arm over me and looked at me quizzically and asked. “Why did you thank me?”

“Because you made me feel so good, why would I not thank you for sharing yourself with me and making me feel so wonderful?” I said in all seriousness. Her eyebrows shot up and her mouth hung open as she just shook her head slowly from side to side.

“I have never… ever… been thanked before… Where did you come from? Are there anymore like you there?” she half laughed and smiled a quirky half grin with a smile and curiosity in her eyes, cocking her head to one side. I laughed and asked her. “Really? No one has ever thanked you before? I thought that was a given, I mean it’s a gift between two people… you always say thank you to the person who gives you a gift right?” I said. Gail just shook her head slowly from side to side and smiled at me in wonder as if I were some sort of alien from outer space. And then it began.. that all too familiar tingling in my spine, the feeling of the hairs on my body all standing up and dancing with static electricity. The feeling grew from the bottoms of my feet creeping up the backs of my legs to my knees. I could sense it but I was too late to warn Gail of the spectacle she was about to witness. I just hoped she didn’t freak out. I gripped her upper arm trying to warn her as the electricity raced up the backs of my legs to my crotch.. hitting my spine and racing into my balls.. it hit the back of my neck and then exploded into my brain. I saw the fireworks and felt my body go rigid, every muscle straining and pulling tight nearing the breaking point, my back arching my breath stopping and finally the flip of the switch. Everything broke loose spasms and twitching flopping and gasping like an epileptic seizure. I am told it only lasts a few heart beats but to me it seems like minutes or even hours sometimes. The aftershock. Usually there’s only one but I’ve been known to have more than one, each one not as intense as the first one though. It’s as much an orgasm as… well.. as an orgasm only more drawn out in my brain and with no ejaculation. I look at it as my body hitting the reset button. It’s not painful at all but for anyone witnessing it for the first time it can be scary. I’ve had women literally freak out not knowing what was happening. When I finally came down and regained my senses I looked up almost sheepishly afraid to see just how Gail reacted. I needn’t have worried though.

“Jim… that… was… AWESOME!…” she said in awe and giggling a little. “What WAS THAT?” Gail asked, her eyes wide in amazement.

“You noticed that huh?” I asked sheepishly grinning shyly

“UHH! “noticed”? I think your upstairs and downstairs neighbors NOTICED that! Whether they are home or not. WOW!” she blurted still eyes wide and grinning.

“That was an “aftershock” … or at least that’s what I call them. I’ve asked my doctor about it and he said he had no clue but it didn’t sound like there was a problem so not to worry about it. I get them every time I have sex. Usually a minute or two after I climax.” I explained. “I’m sorry I didn’t think to warn you beforehand. Most girls tend to freak out when they witness it. “ I added softly embarrassed.

“Oh don’t be silly, Amazed yeah, shocked, yeah.. but not freaked out. Wow! And this happens every time you have an orgasm?” she asked.

“ Well an orgasm with a partner while.. uh.. after sex. Not when I masturbate. I guess it’s just not as good alone. “ I offered with a bashful grin.

“Oh my god I am so jealous of Barb now..” She looked at me softly and smiled stroking the side of my face with her left hand. “Jim…?”

“Yes?” I asked.

“Thank you. She smiled and I saw a small trembling in her bottom lip and her eyes welled with tears.”

“Gail.. please.. don’t cry. It breaks my heart to see a girl cry. Especially if I think it might have something to do with me.” I pleaded and pulled her tightly into my arms tucking her head into the crook of my neck. I felt her bark a short laugh then suck in a deep breath and sob softly into my neck squeezing me tightly as if her life depended on my holding her. So I held her stroking her head with my hand as she sobbed until she regained her composure and relaxed into me. With a long deep shuddering breath she exhaled and I could feel the tension leave her body.. I knew she had come to some sort of decision or an understanding. I waited patiently , holding her and stroking her head and hair until she pulled back to speak.

“I’m sorry Jim, it just all hit me at once. The enormity of what I just.. what we just experienced today. It’s nothing you did.. well that’s not true it’s everything you did, but it’s not your fault. You were and are a perfect gentleman. A girl, any girl would be lucky to know you and even luckier to spend time with you. You’re so gentle and tender.. so genuine and open. Thank you for just being you. I learned a lot about myself today thanks to you. I realized that I still want things I want to feel I want to be made love to and I want to make love to someone who appreciates it. I feel so alive right now and it’s been a long long time since I last felt like a woman, felt desired. I really do envy Barb, my own little sister, but in the same breath I could not think of anyone else I would want to make her feel the same way you made me feel.” Gail paused, her smile only trembling a little now and her eyes were clear if a little puffy, no more tears, only love and affection.. and something else… admiration? No.. friendship. That’s acceptance I see in her eyes. A treasure that cannot be faked. She reached out and again took my hand in hers and brought it to her lips and kissed it then held it to her chest tightly. I felt a lump in my throat, but smiled warmly as I gazed into her eyes.

“Still no regrets?” I asked softly.

“None at all.” She said and smiled. Then closed her eyes and the smile faded a little. “But I’m afraid this amazing day is about to end, it’s getting late and I should be going shortly.

“Gail….?” I asked…

“Yes?” she responded.

“You should shower before you leave… would you join me in the shower?” I asked hopefully.

Gail giggled and squeezed my hand closer to her chest and said she would love to. She asked if I had a blow dryer and I told her yes. And then a thought occurred to me and I gave a short chuckle.

“What?” She asked looking at me.

“Um.. Until a day or two ago I never would have thought about it but your sister brought some Massengill to keep on hand for.. uh.. clean up. “ I told her a little embarrassed.

“That was thoughtful of her, that’s my Barb, she always has been a clean freak.” Gail said smiling warmly. You’ll have to replace it though, if I use one. “ She added.

“I’m on it.. I told her I’d keep her stocked as long as she wanted me to. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. As much as I hate for this to end and you to leave, it’s only right to not put you in a spot.” We sat up and Gail began unfastening her garter straps and rolling down her stockings. I’ve always loved watching a woman either put them on or take them off there’s just something so sensual about it that it makes my balls tingle. After rolling down the other stocking, Gail stood up and removed the garter belt and laid it on the bed. She pulled her waistband of her panties out and slid them down her legs to step out of them. Standing up she held them in her hand and looked at them for a moment before grinning a most decidedly evil grin she held her panties out to me and said, “Something to remember my by?”

I had to smile as I reached out and accepted them, bringing them to my face to sniff slowly before laying them on the bed next to the silky blue ones that Barb gave me a couple of days ago. Looking back up to Gail’s eyes I said. “The panties are nice, thank you but trust me when I say I will NEVER forget you lady.” Reaching out I took her hand in mine and drew it to my lips and kissed it softly pressing it to my cheek. Then standing up I led her by the hand to the bathroom for a shower.

There was indeed further exploration and fondling of one another as we soaped each other up and rinsed one another clean, a long watery embrace under the hot water kissing so deeply that our souls mingled as much as our tongues and breathing. When the water finally began to run cold we got out of the shower and slowly dried one another off, careful not to miss even a single drop of water. I stood behind Gail at the sink with the hair dryer and a brush, stroking and blowing her hair till it was dry, taking every opportunity to nuzzle and kiss her neck. When she took over the brush and began to style her hair as she likes it I reached around her from behind and ran my hands over her abdomen and chest, holding and fondling lovingly her breasts, marveling how her soft pink little nipples got hard and erect. How each roll or gentle tug would make her moan or gasp again and lean back into me. When she felt my cock standing with renewed interest poking at the cheeks of her ass Gail sighed and pressed back into me and muttered that she wished she could stay and take care of that for me. I kissed her neck under her ear and whispered that I understood and would not make her feel bad about it. I squeezed her tightly hugging from behind before releasing her to walk to the bedroom and redress in my sweats and tee shirt. Helping Gail find her other clothes after she put her stockings and garters back on. Oh my god that was so sexy. Pulling her skirt up and fastening it after putting on her bra and pulling her blouse on over her head. She giggled and said she felt so naughty with no panties on. I smiled and told her she needed to do that more often, even if she were the only one to know it. It’s okay to feel sexy, it’s for her not for anyone else after all. She smiled a little sadly and remained silent. We walked to the living room collecting shoes and her blazer and eventually her purse. Gail opened it up and took out a bottle of fragrance. She spritzed a little on her wrists and rubbed them together and then a dab behind each ear. She took a business card from her wallet and handed it to me. She told me it had both her home phone number and her work number on it. Should I ever need to contact her about Barb, or any reason, to just call those numbers. Then she took the card back with a grin on her face and spritzed it with the same fragrance before handing it back to me with a smile. I sniffed it and my eyes widened in surprise. Lavender with hints of lilac and vanilla…. The same scent that Barb often wore. When I commented on that she told me that it was their mother’s favorite perfume and that they both adored it too. She paused for a moment thinking about what she said and looked me in the eyes hesitantly and added.

“Now there are two things that Barb and I both adore…” Her voice catching slightly and her eyes glistening but smiling warmly. I pulled her in for one last long sensual breathless kiss. Wishing it could go on and on. Finally pulling back Gail smiled and whispered. “ Thank you…” squeezing my hands in emphasis. I opened the door for her and smiled sadly nodding, not trusting myself to speak at that moment. As she stepped out into the hallway she looked back and smiled and said. “ I was never here.. “

I smiled and said “ but you will forever be here..” I said tapping my chest over my heart still holding the business card she gave me. Gail took a deep breath and sighed and said “Oh GOD! You are so mean!” and laughed as she teared up and turned to go down the stairs to the building’s entrance, never looking back. I watched her long sexy legs and the sway of her long skirt smiling thinking that she was bare to the breeze under that garment. Without realizing it I raised the business card up to my face to sniff the fragrance. I knew that if I lived to be a hundred, I would never forget her or this day. Closing my door, I wandered in a fog back to my bedroom replaying the entire day in my head marveling how sometimes the fates toy with our lives and wondering what I did to earn their favor for such a reward as today and Gail. Seeing her panties on my bed next to Barb’s I knew that I would have to keep this day as I had told Gail earlier, between us and only us, I would never be able to tell anyone about the joy and love I experienced with this complicated woman. Let alone the most amazing sex I’ve ever had. Smiling I took her panties and sat down at my desk and turned on my computer wondering if there was anyone online at Nightfriends, maybe play some trivia. As the familiar sounds of my dial up modem making contact with the net and then the bulletin board I sat and smiled and silently wished Gail only good thoughts and happier days.




To be continued…



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