Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my

A literotic sexstories: Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my ,

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves latex, orgasm, parasites, symbiote, experiment, and mind control. If you’re not into any of that, this is your last chance to navigate away. Enjoy the read!

It sounded simple enough on the surface: Spend some time over the winter break at the university, make one thousand dollars, and earn six college credits. That was what the advertisement in the school paper said, at least. After Diane went to the office and inquired about the position, it was a much more than just staying through the break.

The research was being conducted by the university’s College of Physical and Agricultural Sciences. Researchers from various departments had been studying the exoskeletons and shells of animals from across the tree of life. They had identified a member of the butterfly family that grew a hard shell over its torso, where no butterfly had previously been known to do so. This shell seemed to double the life span of this species, in comparison to other butterfly species. It also provided something of a counterweight for flight, allowing it to fly better and faster than other butterflies.

The primary compound in the shell had been extracted and diluted for future reproduction. The purpose of the study would be to see the effect of the compound on humans; trials on mice and smaller animals found that the compound could form a shell around whatever animal had been exposed to it within at least two weeks. The animal itself remained unharmed under the surface of the shell, and its other bodily functions went unimpeded. The shell became symbiotic with the target, providing nutrients and physical support to its wearer. It could be removed with relative ease. The effects of the compound on humans, however, were unknown.

This was all they were legally allowed to say up front. The rest was obscured behind stacks of legal documents and red tape. In this day and age, scientific experimentation on humans was allowed and encouraged. If there was enough information provided up front by the experimenters, and if the experimentee was consenting, it was fair game. Diane was eager to sign on almost immediately. She was always fond of bugs and insects, though never in an intellectual way, and was eager to see what might happen. She had no winter break plans, and could use some extra money.

Diane sat with the lead researcher to go over the full terms of the research. Over the course of four weeks, she’d be provided with room and board at the research lab. Diane would have the freedom to do what she wanted during the day, but she could not leave in the morning until after 10 AM, and had a curfew of 9 PM. Everything else was up to her.

She talked about the research with her parents, who were nothing but supportive. Diane moved some stuff out of her dorm room and checked into her new room at the lab. It had all happened so quickly, Diane was surprised by the speed and efficiency with which the researchers worked. Once she was in the door, things moved so much quicker than she had thought.

The action didn’t stop. The actual exposure to the shell compound would happen the next day. It consisted of a total skin exposure to the compound via bath; this meant Diane had to be completely nude and shaven from the neck down. She didn’t mind the shaving as much, but she was concerned about being nude in front of a bunch of old guys. One of the female researchers offered to have them record the exposure instead of watching it live, but Diane turned it down, citing how it would harm the integrity of the experiment.

When Diane entered the exposure room, she noted that the compound was stark black and reflective; it swirled slightly in the pool, but was otherwise calm. The student disrobed to reveal an average female figure; nothing great in terms of her physique, but not flat as a brick either. When given the cue, Diane stepped into the pool. It was a very thick mixture, like oil but with a greater consistency. Diane had been instructed to submerge her body for five minutes, and her head for one minute.

The liquid was surprisingly warm, and seemed to shift in her hand as she scooped it. It also provided a pleasurable sensation that Diane had trouble resisting. She had been told to just let the compound sit and soak into her skin, but she was finding it harder not to rub it into her pores. The lead female scientist, Maria, noticed this and encouraged Diane to hold on for just a little longer. At one minute, Diane took a deep breath and submerged her whole head into the compound.

She opened her eyes, noting the total blackness around her. Underneath the surface, things were extremely quiet. Time came to a standstill as Diane relaxed her muscles. The liquid around her seemed to caress every nook and crevice of her body, sinking deep inside of her. Her mouth was coaxed open, letting more liquid into her body. The solution had an indescribable taste, and propelled down her throat under its own power. Air was provided to her nostrils by the liquid.

A soothing pleasure overtook her body as the liquid sunk into her ears and around her eyes. Diane shifted slightly to enable access to her vagina, which the liquid took advantage of. Her anus met a similar fate as liquid slowly poured into her. Black tendrils wrapped around her fingers and toes, coating her nails with a black polish. The rest of her hands and feet became similarly encased by the liquid.

Diane’s entanglement began only a few seconds after dipping her head under the water, and kept up until a loud alarm pierced through the liquid. It pierced through the haze and Diane’s mind, and she picked her head out from under the compound with a large splash. Diane rose up the steps of the pool, noticing how the liquid left behind sticky trails over her skin. They completely coated her body from top to bottom. She dried off with a towel before putting on her robe. As she did so, Diane felt the swishing of liquid inside of her. She didn’t know if there were cameras under the surface of the pool (or even if they would do any good), so she did her best to hide her reaction to this newfound sensation. Glancing down quickly, she saw that her stomach was as flat as ever, leaving her to wonder where all the liquid had gone.

However, Diane was alerted to how awakened her senses seemed to be. Every part of her body seemed to be more attuned to her surroundings; her bare feet on the tile, her hands wrapping her towel around her body, pulling her hand through her hair, all elicited feelings of unfiltered pleasure. Her pussy began to drip, and even that caused more pleasure to course through her body. It felt like Diane’s entire body was now a giant pleasure center, and it took a great deal of willpower for Diane to calm herself and not get lost in orgasm.

Maria guided Diane back to her room and debriefed her on the experience. If Maria could see what was happening to Diane, she wasn’t saying anything. Cameras and sensors in the room would monitor Diane for the night. The tapes were not constantly monitored, and were only for archival purposes. Maria showed her a console to be used in case of an emergency. If something were to happen overnight, she would be able to let the researchers know for them to evaluate what was occurring. Maria left the room to let Diane prepare herself for bed.

As soon as the door was locked, Diane turned off the light, threw off her robe, and rummaged under her bed for a special something she’d brought with her. Now that she was perfectly alone, she could let down the walls of pleasure that had been building inside of her. Grabbing the opposite end of her vibrator, Diane fumbled with turning it right-side up and hitting the button before slamming it against her soaked pussy.

All the pleasure that had been building inside Diane released all at once, like a monsoon of sensation. The liquid inside Diane’s body conducted the vibrations and sent them to every corner of her physique, catapulting the sensations tenfold. Pussy juice splattered into her bed sheets as she ground her nude form in her bed, causing even more pleasure to build up. Her erect nipples roughing against her bed caused even more pleasure to build up.

The orgasm lasted for a minute or two before Diane sunk her head into her pillow, the vibrator still buzzing in her pussy. She brought her legs up to her chest, forming a fetal position to keep her body warm and rub her hands over every part of her body. This sensation rocked Diane to another orgasm almost instantly, tangling her body in her bed sheets wildly. The wrapping of her blankets around her body caused another orgasm. Diane’s face on her pillow caused another.

This went on for another ten minutes, until the seemingly infinite battery of sexual energy ran dry. Diane’s body was soaked in sweat and her juices. Unknown to Diane, her pussy juices also contained the shell compound which she had expelled and spread all over her body. As sleep took Diane’s mind, the liquid began to collect and form black sleeves over her feet and hands. It stopped on each of her wrists and Achilles tendons. These socks and gloves dulled the sensations Diane felt, allowing her to fall asleep…until next time.

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