Elly fucked in the canteen by NineSparrow

A literotic sexstories: Elly fucked in the canteen by NineSparrow ,

The world of FTF Law–women will let you fuck them anywhere anytime, and to society it is perfectly acceptable.

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Since the laws were passed Elly found herself getting better grades. It was crazy that being installed in the male toilets, halfway through a wall with her naked bottom half hanging out for any guy to use would actually give her more time to study, but hey, what else could she do while her asshole was being railed so hard that she could barely move?

It was a Thursday afternoon and Elly’s last count at how many different cocks had penetrated her was sixty-seven, though in reality it was probably more. The FTF (free to fuck) laws had only been approved for Swallow Falls Highschool two months ago; the boys were having fun with their new activities, she supposed. Prior to the law all men over the age of 18 in the school had to get their daily (though more usually hourly) fucks in before and after the 9am-3:30pm school day, leading to a lot of frustration. For those poor men, 6 ½ hours was the most they’d ever been without a good cumdumpter to drop their load in. Most schools had been picky in enforcing the laws within school grounds in case underage girls were targeted—so the Fuck Station was invented, where year 12 girls over the age of 18 could get some study time while helping the male students for extra credit.

That station was, in essence, a hole in the wall that a girl laid through, with benches and even cold drinks on her side, and her naked lower half on the other for men to pleasure themselves. It was actually quite cushy inside the station, and she usually had fun chatting to the other girls at the stations as well. In that sense, it was social as well, right?

Elly reflected on this while she wrote her debate speech. The debate was on that very issue: should the FTF law be implemented in schools? She had to argue no, though her opinion was opposite. If the law wasn’t getting in the way of things then there was no problem, right?

As she penned that argument she felt a new wave of hot cum blast inside her pussy. The hard fucking that had been going on for the last six minutes (this one had lasted a long time!) finally slowed, and the thick, long cock was pulled from her hole. Almost immediately another cock took its place, sliding wetly into her asshole instead. Anal wasn’t painful for her—after hard months of fucking she had gotten used to it—so she didn’t mind which holes they used. The other boy had probably gone to the clean-up station where other girls would suck him clean. They had the tough jobs—they couldn’t write and do a proper clean-up at the same time. But they got better credit and other perks so they enjoyed the job.

Elly finished writing her last dot point just as her wristwatch beeped. That was two hours: time to go to lunch. She patiently waited for guy to finish fucking her asshole, and when a fresh wave of cum washed into her she pushed herself out. The boy was well-built and she recognised him from her class; he nodded to her appreciatively as he went over to the clean-up station. The girls there—naked from head to toe—each had their mouths open, and one eagerly went to work on his sticky cock.

Elly waved to a friend Joy waiting outside the toilets and stretched a little. Wearing nothing but her tiny school skirt, a loose white shirt showing off her 32-D breasts, and the hundred-off strings of cum dripping around her ass and pussy, she went off to meet Joy. 

Disclaimer *after this point i switch to first person for a more intimate feel 😉 *

Joy was the classic redhead Angel. She drew looks wherever she went, and not just for her perky tits and round ass. She was one of those fire-haired naturals; she usually wore a tight white shirt over her enormous tits, nipples hard more often than not. Her freckled face split into a smile as she saw me walk out, cum soaked from the bottom down, into the daylight.

“ELLY! How’s the ass?”

I laughed, it was the first question she asked whenever I finished glory hole duty.

“Sore,” I said.

“I think Grace was on Guzzle Girl duty now,” Joy said. “I saw her in the east wing corridor. Let’s catch up with her before we have lunch, okay?”

I nodded. Guzzle Girl duty–both of us were jealous of our friend. The “Guzzle Girl” was usually a university group, bit since the FTF law was introduced in Swallow Falls, students had petitioned until one was allowed at school.

The Guzzle Girls group gave job experience for a blow job career, one of the best references you could have, and paid a salaray as well.

Basically the Guzzle Girls were paid a dollar for every load they sucked out of dicks during their time on duty. Funded by the school and donations from students, they were the hardest workig fucktoys at school. They had to be if they wanted to be paid.

We searched the corridors and it turns out that east wing corridor was where we found her–mouth full of cock, head bobbing back and forth as she sucked it with all her might. She was giving it an impressive go!

Her blonde bombshell ass stuck out, the iconic GG logo proudly showing over her only item of clothing, a pair of white panties, her pigtails bobbing. The boy getting the angelic blowjob looked at me.

“We’re just after Grace,” I said.

“She’ll be done in a moment,” he replied. He grabbed her by the pigtails and gave her such a thorough face fucking that even a pro like Grace was gagging. I almost felt sorry for her! After twenty seconds the boy grunted and moaned and slowed, and I knew that he had came hard into her throat. From that far in her throat she gagged, but kept her cool like a professional.

After a few moments she pulled her head back, mouth slowly sucking the remainder of the cum from his member as she moved, until the entire dick was out, spotlessy clean. Her mouth full of cum, Grace smiled at the boy she had just sucked off.

“That must have been one of the best blowjobs I ever had,” the boy said.

Grace swallowed in one big gulp. “Thanks!” she said in her high-pitched voice. “You know you can always donate to the Guzzle Girls if you want.”

From inside her panties she pulled out a folded, cum-soaked sheet of paper, and turned around so the boy could sign it on her back. She saw Joy and me standing waiting patiently and squealed in delight.

“Elly! Joy!” she screamed, a thick droplet of cum spilling from the corner of her mouth and running down her chin, “it’s so good to see you!”

“Hard at work as always! Almost finished?” I asked.

She nodded. “Ten more minutes on my shift. Maybe I can squeeze in three or four blowjobs if i’m lucky.”

“What, you make them cum in two minutes now? Talk about professional,” Joy grumbled. “I only get one every half hour in class.” Joy was a member of the third fuck group at swallow falls: the Study Aid. Apart from the Glory Hole attendants and the Guzzle Girls, the Study Aids were the last school-sanctioned fucktoys that were, arguably, the most important.

Study Aids spent their time in many classes under the tables ritually sucking off boys from the start of one class to the end–they had to have extra hours of schooling to make up for the time they lost. A good Study Aid could suck two or three loads out of the same cock during a 1 hour class, and there were studies that showed that while a Study Aid was sucking a boy off, his attention on the class material materials was markedly higher.

We waited for ten minutes around Joy as she went from cock to cock, indeed only taking minutes, or at some times, seconds, to finish them. When at last she was finished she pulled off her panties, showing that the Guzzle Girl was now off duty. A few boys looked disappointed to see that.

“Ah, I swallowed so much today! Let’s get some lunch,” Grace said with a cum-soaked smile. She wiped the last dregs of her hour’s work from her face and licked her hand clean, and together, me, the brunette wearing no panties, a miniskirt, with cum dripping down my legs; Joy, the redhead, with her amazing tits bouncing up and down under her tight shirt as she walked; and Grace, face still sticky from cum and wearing not a stitch of clothing, all went down toward the canteen for lunch.

The canteen was packed for lunch like always. The enormous room was filled with students at the lunch tables, some eating, some studying, some talking, some fucking, and some lining up for their food. I followed Joy and Grace to line up, liking the stares that Grace drew us. Guzzle Girls were like celebrities here, and it was cool just being with one and being associated with them.

We chatted about the upcoming debate in class but when it was our time to collect our food, Joy backed out of line with a frown and went to find a seat. I was a little confused but I got my tray and ordered a hot chocolate on the side–my favourite.

The man behind the counter prepared the hot drink and after a moment’s groaning he came into the top of the cup. The cum floated on top of the liquid and I watched it for a moment before he slapped the lid on.

“Extra cream for you,” he said with a smile. I took the chocolate, smiled back, and went to sit down with Joy. It was a little uncomfortable sitting down with so much wet cum in my asshole, but my legs were tired so I had no choice.

“So why aren’t you eating?” I asked her when the three of us were together again.

“I’m getting fat,” she pouted. I looked over her body and it looked plump, curvy, but not fat.

“You’re not fat,” I said, smiling. “The only thing fat about you is your tits.”

Grace smiled an evil grin and reached around Joy, grabbing the redhead’s breasts one in each hand. She squeezed them and jiggled them around until Joy squealed in embarrassment.

“Your body is fine,” Grace said when she’d finished, going back to her food.

“My mum put me on the all-cum diet,” Joy replied, looking wistfully at our food. “I eat so much cum in my work as a Study Aid that along with meals I can’t help but put on the pounds. So I’m cutting out the food until I shed some weight. It’s just cum for me from now on. I don’t know how you do it, Grace.”

“Plenty of exercise. Being a Guzzle Girl is a hard job,” Grace said with a shrug. “If it was easy then anybody would do it.”

I took a sip of my hot chocolate and the liquid warmed me up from the inside out. There was a faint cum-aftertaste but after so long being a public cumdumpster I was entirely used to it, so it didn’t bother me at all.

“I’m sooooooo hungry,” Joy moaned.

“Aren’t you doing Study Aid after lunch?” I ask curiously.

“Yeah, I’ll have a chance to eat then. Usually one boy’s good enough for three or four cumshots, and we switch halfway through the lesson so maybe I’ll get my stomach full. I’ll wave hello if I manage to get my head above desk level,” Joy replied.

“I’ll need all the encouragement I can get. It’s debate day,” I groaned. One of the students from another table, I think his name was Scott, pulled me up off my seat and sat down under me. He pulled his hard cock out of his pants and I slid myself down onto it. The dick slid up into my pussy and I began to bounce up and down, still chatting with my girlfriends.

“I can’t believe Mr Grant made you argue against the FTF laws. I mean, who would argue against them?” Grace said, stuffing forkfuls of food into her mouth. “Sure, sometimes I swallow so much cum I think I’m going to burst, but it’s basically life experience, and a job too!”

“I don’t think I can win, but I guess I’ll have to see how I go,” I said, as under me, Scott grabbed my hips and thrust into me over and over again with gusto. All of a sudden a fresh wave of hot jizz spurted up into me and Scott groaned with pleasure. He pounded me a few more times before lifting me up and leaving.

“Um, Elly,” Joy began, eyeing my dripping pussy.

“Go ahead,” I sighed, and without even waiting a moment, Joy’s read hair was beneath me and she was sucking the cum out of my pussy. It felt better than a rough fucking, Joy’s practiced tongue, and I won’t pretend that it didn’t turn me on. I tried not to moan, or Grace would have never let me live it down!

When Joy was finished she sat up and licked her lips. “Thanks Elly.”

The bell rang and all of a sudden I realised I had barely even touched my food. I was so nervous about the debate that even though my stomach was rumbling I couldn’t eat a bite.

“Good luck today,” Grace said, grabbing my bread roll and munching it as she walked off, her perfect ass swaying as she moved. Did she just pack all the fat into her ass? How? She ate more than any of my friends and swallowed more loads in a day than I did in a week and she still had that perfect figure.

“I’ll need it,” I muttered as I stood up. I took Joy by the arm and together we walked toward class. All she was thinking about was getting enough jizz to fill her up; I wish I could be like that. I wish I was spending the class sucking off the boys instead of making a speech!

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