His Virgin

They lay together, facing each other, on her small double bed in her studio apartment. Even though she was thirty years old, this was the first time she’d allowed a man to be so close. So very close.

She moaned into his chest, his fingers sliding into her with ease, filling her to satisfaction. She slowly moved her hips back and forth, pushing into his hand, desperately riding his fingers in rhythm as he fucked her with them. His other arm wrapped around her, his hand firmly holding the back of her neck, pulling her into him, cuddling her tight into his bare chest. Her arms were around him, grasping at his back, her leg lifted around his waist with her foot on his thigh, granting him access to her wet, eager pussy. She ground against his fingers, trying to fuck them deeper into her. The still-unfamiliar sensation of a man’s touch invigorated her senses, intoxicating, addictive, driving her wild. She needed his touch, she needed him inside her, she needed him to make her feel this good.

His fingers curled slightly as he fingered her, caressing the upper side of her pussy, her moans becoming involuntarily higher in pitch, her grip on his back tightening. As he rhythmically slid his fingers in and out, he pushed his palm against her clit; imprecise, but enough to feel even better, enough to make her moan more and more. She wanted more, she needed more, she could barely think of anything else as she moaned into his chest over and over with each thrust of his fingers. Her moans left her mouth agape, with no moment of reprieve to allow her the time or thought to close it, her lips and tongue pressing against him, her lipstick smeared across his chest.

He pulled her head back with his firm grasp and put his lips to hers, kissing her with his entirety, his tongue against hers, his breath in her lungs. He fucked her deeper, the base of his fingers stretching her pussy slightly wider, filling her even more. Her moans filled his mouth as he continued to kiss her, as he almost devoured her, his lips hungry for hers.

The waves of pleasure intensified, her pussy began to contract against his fingers, submitting fully to the sensation of him inside her, fucking her. She wished so much for more, she wished he could use more than his fingers, but her virginity was important to her. As much as she wanted to feel him inside her, and to make him feel good too, she couldn’t. Not like this. But that didn’t stop her imagining his fingers were something else. Something bigger, something longer and wider. She couldn’t help but think about how that would feel, she couldn’t stop imagining him fucking her properly. She wished he could fuck her, and she wished that she could fuck him back, make him feel this good.

The thought of his cock fucking her, imaging his fingers to be his dick, feeling his thrusts as she pushed her hips against him, sent her over the edge. A wave of pleasure across her body, contracting against his fingers, the sensation becoming even stronger, feeling even fuller. As she let out a long moan, he slowed and curled his fingers into her, stroking the roof of her pussy, rubbing his palm against her clit. She grasped at him, her hands around his back, her leg pulling him in, and she came. She felt herself gush into his hand, over and over while she rode out the waves of her orgasm. He slowed as she continued to grind against him, holding her breath as she let herself go.

He gently pulled his fingers from her, immediately missing their presence inside her. He put his arm around her, pulling her in for another kiss. This one softer, sweeter. He pulled her back into his chest and held her for a moment. She felt safe. Less alone than she had for a long time. He stroked her back and caressed the back of her neck. She held him tightly, digging her face into his chest. She kissed where her lipstick had smudged on him, the salt of his sweat on her lips.

Starting to feel a little sleepy, after a few more moments she turned around in his arms and pushed herself back against him. His arms wrapped around her, one around her waist, the other across her chest, again pulling her into him securely. As he pulled her in, she could feel his still hard dick against her butt. So close to her, so ready for her, yet so far. How she wished she could simply push her ass back against him and let it slide into her. She pushed with a tease as she playfully squeezed his arms around her. He grunted as he pushed back, his cock pressing against her. He wanted it too, but he knew he couldn’t. She felt bad for him, she wished she could fuck him. She started to reach her hand back to reciprocate; she couldn’t fuck, but she could still make him feel good.

But before she could reach him, he grabbed her hand, holding her in place. His other hand grasped her breast, fondling her for a moment before bringing his fingers to her nipple, pinching playfully, gently. She squirmed in his arms, letting out a brief squeak of a moan. He let go of her hand, reaching over her waist and creeping back down, inch by inch, back to her pussy. She moaned as his fingers once again slid over her, already moistening at his touch. It didn’t take much. He reached her clit, pressing gently, as she already started to feel that need, that intoxicating pleasure returning. She pushed herself against his fingers once again, ever eager to feel him against her, inside her. As she moaned sweetly as his fingers slid back into her, where they felt they belonged, she felt his lips on her hear. “For as long as I can’t fuck you, for as long as I feel this hunger for you, I won’t stop making you feel this good.”

She moaned as the words reached her, she could feel herself getting even wetter. His fingers began to fuck her again, his energy renewed. He continued to tease her nipple, pinching and stroking while she squirmed in his arms, pushing her pussy into his fingers, surrendering to his grasp, to the sensations he brought her, surrendering to his need for her.

She never thought being a virgin could feel so good.

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