Jo Part 1 – Jo With the Beautiful Smile by HungHunkwa

A literotic sexstories: Jo Part 1 – Jo With the Beautiful Smile by HungHunkwa ,

Had a bumpy start to friendship and relationship with an exceptionately beautful and sexy woman.

Jo Part 1 – Jo With the Beautiful Smile

I met Jo on a dating site on the net. We chatted online frequently for a while. We seemed to get on well and moved to talking on the phone within a week or so. I discovered she lived very close to my members only club. I asked her out for drinks at the club. Jo agreed to meet a couple of days ahead.

I was very excited as I drove to my club. I felt that this lady was very different to the usual type of lady you met on the net dating sites. For one thing she was super-hot. She had model looks, and every pic I’d seen showed her dressed sexy and classy. When I walked down the long stairway to the club entry, I could see Jo sitting near the entry waiting for me.

To say I drew in my breath was an understatement. She was mid 40s, fit tanned brunette. Piercing blue eyes, gorgeous smile with bright red lipstick. She looked very fit and her designer dress ended 2 inches above her knees. Her most obvious feature was her massive almost fully covered breasts. I guessed them to be Double G cup or even bigger. I then decided that she was quite petite, so I revised my guess down to Double E cup. We introduced ourselves and went inside. I ordered champagne at the bar and we went to the table I had booked on the balcony. We had a beautiful view overlooking the water.

Jo was feisty, intelligent, confident, very curvy and bloody gorgeous. She was clearly surprised at the tonnes of obvious chemistry between us. We spent a couple of hours drinking, laughing and looking at each other. It was a struggle for me not to look at her fabulous cleavage. Her dress had a gold diamond shape cutout showing her big tanned tits. She was demure and crazy sexy. I caught Jo looking at my tanned biceps a few times, and she even blushed each time I caught her. Wow a sexy woman, who blushes on the first date. I was becoming very excited. When she said she had to go, I walked her to the car. Jo initiated a good bye kiss. The kiss was far sexier and passionate than any of the awkward first kisses I could remember. She very obviously squeezed my biceps and said “Wow, I didn’t expect you to be so fit and hot.”

I replied “Look who’s talking. You didn’t warn me that you were such a super-hot sexy woman.”

Jo laughed and said “It’s nice to be appreciated.”

The very next night I invited Jo for drinks on the powerboat. She was initially very sceptical about having a date on a boat. Her ex-boyfriend had fucked a few different women on his boat during their relationship. I thought he must be mad cheating on her. I talked her into meeting me by promising her I would remain a gentleman until she asked me to stop. When she was on board, all was friendly and nice.

We drank a couple of bottles of chilled champagne. We both talked and the stories got longer and a little sexier. We did a lot of chinking glasses together. We found we had a lot of favourite songs in common. We even had a few dances on the aft deck of the powerboat. I must say holding her in my arms was a wonderful turn on. She moved sweetly and having her body pressed against me had me tingling and very hard.

Jo did not move a away from my obvious hard-on. In fact, I think she moved into it. Somehow, we got kissing and that became very passionate. I began touching her body and ass. Jo had her hands all over my muscled arms and my firm cyclist ass. I slipped my hand into her knickers and she helped me by removing them entirely.

Jo said “You said you would be a gentleman. I’m holding you to that. No fucking me tonight. No matter what! Kissing and a little exploring is ok though isn’t it.”

I agreed and kept kissing her. I slipped my finger between her small soft pussy lips and my hand was instantly covered in hot slippery pussy juice. I shuddered in delight. I love juicy wet pussy. Jo’s clit was large hard and was clearly functioning perfectly. Jo began taking my shirt off and squeezing my biceps. Soon we were half naked on the back of the boat.

I led Jo into the main cabin for a little privacy. She was going crazy kissing me, while I was fingering her to squirt and cum a dozen times. Jo pulled me down with her onto the big double bed. She was almost naked in a short summer dress basically covering her waist to shoulders. She had long since taken her knickers off. Jo started taking my jeans off, then my boxers.

She said “I feel I can trust you to not force yourself on me. We are not going to have sex tonight. You have made me cum so much, and I love the squirting. God you are good at making me squirt.”

Jo moved down the bed closer to my thick hard pulsing cock. She looked into my eyes, then licked my cock from the base to the head. She was paying a lot of attention to the cock slit, licking up all my pre-cum. After long minutes of her gently licking my thick long cock, Jo put her lips around my cock head. I could see she could barely fit the fat head in her mouth. She was running her tongue all over my cock head. Jo went down on me, taking the full length into her mouth then throat.

She pulled off my cock saying “It’s only fair, that I do something for you. You’ve made me cum and squirt so much.”

She was sucking full deep throat, plus sliding her tongue over my balls. Her throat pulsed on my cock beautifully and she had a fabulous hand action. She had my balls wet from her tongue, and gripped them tightly with one hand. My cock was leaking pre-cum and was super slippery with her saliva. She had such an expert sucking technique. It was almost like she’d been professionally taught and done it a lot. She was licking my balls and even my ass hole, with my big cock fully in her throat. Her blow job felt fabulous and she sucked till I blew down her throat. I was pumping an unusually big load and Jo swallowed it all. She didn’t gag once.

Not once before she sucked me, had I thought that she would do that on our second date. Once my cock was down her throat, she made it totally clear she wanted me to cum in her mouth and throat. She was a confusing girl.

I said to her “My god, I think you are the first woman ever, who can easily make me cum sucking my cock. Thank you so much. I think I am becoming addicted to you in just one date.”

Jo smiled beautifully and said “Why thank you sir. That is a wonderful cock. I bet you have lots of ladies wanting a repeat visit with that big boy. I bet they all ask to come back after they first sample it.”

I replied “Why thank you mam. Guess I am going to have to join your fan club too. Seeing as how you trust me and I promise I won’t take advantage, do you think you could take your dress off. I would love to lick your nipples. I haven’t even seen your nipples or titties. Yet I have almost pulled a muscle in my dick, with how hard you had me shooting down your throat.”

Jo sat up and smiling she took her tight summer dress off over her head. She revealed a fabulous tailored bra barely able to hold her massive tits in. She was a slim 125 pound (58kg) girl, maybe five foot three inches tall. Being petite made her big tits look even bigger. Jo put both her hands behind her back, and unclipped the bra. She took a big tit in each hand and shrugged her shoulders, allowing her bra to fall to her lap. I saw the label in the moonlight, it was 34GG.

I looked into Jo’s eyes and said “May I see them please beautiful.”

Jo nodded and moved her hands slowly while holding my gaze, displaying her Massive Double G tits. They were tanned, totally unmarked by stretch marks, with perfect shape and big stick out hard nipples.

We began kissing and I soon had my hands all over her fabulous tits. I was loving licking and biting her fat hard nipples. Jo was extremely connected to her tits and nipples. Kissing licking and biting her nipples and tits, while rubbing her clit or fingering her g spot had her cumming hard in minutes. We spent another four hours kissing, touching and orgasming. Jo came frequently and squirted on the bedding a lot. I had spare bedding so I didn’t care. She sucked my cock a lot. It was clearly a favourite thing for her. I know she made me cum in her mouth five times. We had done a few rounds of tequila shooters. That kept the party going, but made my memory a bit hazy in the early morning hours. It could easily have been more as I lost count. We spent an hour with her on top of me doing sixty nine. I loved the wet of her pussy. Her taste was fabulous.

We awoke at dawn and she sucked me a final time. She squeezed my balls expertly at the perfect time to make me ejaculate in her mouth and give her the last of my fluids. Her pussy was soaking. For some unknown reason Jo would not let me fuck her. At dawn she would not let me make her cum either. I rowed her to shore and she refused a lift home, saying “I want to do the walk of shame to go home. I need it after all that.”

Does anyone want me to work on a part 2 of this story. It gets a lot more involved and quite a bit dirtier.

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