Take Me, Tom Pt. 18-20 by Boo96,Boo96

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Chapter 18 Saturday Morning at the Hotel

We woke early, but well after the sun was up. We lay together, sweetly twisted around each other. We looked at each other and just laughed.

“Well, that was different,” she chuckled.

“Thank God for Janet, eh?” I smiled. “I think we should have her on a permanent retainer! Breakfast in bed or…”

“Mmm, that sounds delicious, Tom. Thank you…”

I leant in and kissed Chrissie, stinky mouth and all. I lifted the sheets, first to look at her, and then to clamber out and piss.

I turned and looked at my sister, her eyes on me shining.

“Here,” I said, handing her a card. “See what you like and we’ll order it, okay?” I said, as I made my way to the bathroom. I was back out and in bed in a few minutes. Chrissie pointed to what she wanted, kissed me and ran to the bathroom. I called room service and ordered a mixed fruit bowl for two, two orders of our favourite eggs Benedict, juice, coffee and tea. That would suffice, and wake us up.

Chrissie shimmied back to the bed, naked and priceless.

“What time is check-out?” she asked.

“I think ten-ish, but we’re in no hurry.”

Chrissie leant over and grabbed her phone. She called Janet to give her an update and to check all was okay. Janet didn’t ask where she was or who she was with. I heard her talking with the kids on Facetime, keeping me out of view. We had to figure out what, if anything, we said to Janet. She would, rightly, assume that we were together?

Just another hurdle, I guess…

Chrissie put some music on and we just lay in each other’s arms, safe and secure in our little bubble. If only life could be like this…

“How long ’til breakfast,” Chrissie asked, with raised eyebrows.

“Not long enough,” I sighed, knowing exactly what was on her mind.

“Humph…” she snorted.

“Fuck it,” I said, and dove under the covers, my mouth hovering over her ill-treated pussy. Chrissie laughed… then moaned.

“Ughhh, Tom! You’re such a… nasty fuck,” she groaned, as my tongue found her musky cunt.

I could taste the delirious mix of pee and our cum.

“No, Tom. Really. Shower first? Really…” but her gyrations said something different.

I tongued her still swollen labia. My hands held her hips down so she couldn’t move, whilst I went down on my sister.

My tongue played with her clit, wasting little time in getting my sister to cum in my mouth. My long, teasing lashes had her dripping in no time. God, how I loved her taste.

Chrissie’s hands were holding my head to her cunt, never mind her earlier protests.

I loved how she would raise her pussy to my mouth, making certain contact wasn’t lost. I slid my tongue between her folds, flicking her clitty as I reached the top. I brought my mouth to her and gently sucked her little nib. I was tempted to slide several fingers into her but thought better of it. My cock would fill that space better, My tongue delved between her lips again, pushing further into her. Her little hips began to fuck my mouth. I teased her by varying my strokes, sometimes hard, other times softer. I was playing with her body. Chrissie’s wetness had soaked my face, and the expensive sheets beneath us.

I sucked her earthy lips into my mouth, one at a time. Chrissie didn’t ‘like’ her fleshy lips. She thought they were weird because they didn’t look like anyone else’s. I loved them just because they were so different. I loved the texture of the skin, and the fact I could greedily suck them. My tongue lashed her whilst I slowly slid a single finger inside her. I loved it when my sister squirmed. I slid another in, a perfect accompaniment to the first. I was licking her folds as much as the juices flowing onto my fingers. I played with her cunt, moving my fingers around inside, loving the feeling of her little ridges. I sucked her clit, covering my whole mouth with it.

“So close, lover. So…so…clo…” she gasped, as my tongue never stopped stroking her.

I felt those beautiful little tremors that set me off. I sucked her hard little nib as she came into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but knew that Chrissie had more within her. I tasted the difference in her exertions, and knew she was squirting her love.

I lay there and let her cover me. God, how I loved how she smelled.

Chrissie was rubbing my face all over her gushy cunt. I let her use me. I needed her to be satisfied. This was our morning.

Her body went limp as her hips fell to the bed and her hands flopped off my head. I smiled to myself. I continued to clean my sister up, lovingly licking her sodden cunt.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned. “My God, Tom. Just…just fucking…marry me!” she raucously laughed.

I lifted my drenched face, smiled and said, “One day, darling. One day.”

I leant in and licked her again then crawled up her body, kissing and licking my way to her mouth. My stained mouth met hers and we passionately kissed. “Now!” I gasped, “where’s that breakfast!”

Chrissie playfully slapped me. I gave her that one.

We lay there, soaked and reeking of her essence. There wasn’t a better way to start any day. I lay on her chest, my tongue still active enough to lick her breasts. Chrissie held my head tight to them.

It must have been five minutes later when there was a knock at the door. We looked at each other, questioning who was going to answer. We both laughed, knowing full well it would be me.

“Coming,” I called out, whilst grabbing my robe and hurriedly putting it on.

A woman, dressed in the requisite hotel uniform, had our food caddy. I opened the door and let her wheel it in. She had a quizzical look on her face as she looked at my dishevelled, coated face. I could only smile. She professionally placed the food on the dining table, whilst trying not to look at Chrissie, chastely under the covers, but having that sweet, post-orgasmic look in her eyes.

Chrissie muttered a quiet, “Good morning,” to her. She was too professional to say anything back but, “Good morning, ma’am.”

I rummaged around in my trouser pockets and found some bills for a tip. I handed her a healthy tip and just, “Thanks. We appreciate it.”

“Have a wonderful…breakfast,” she smiled, looking at me and then Chrissie.

“We are,” I whispered.

I let her out and burst into laughter. Chrissie hid her head under the sheets, but I could tell she was laughing, too.

“C’mon, you tart. Breakfast!” I grinned.

“Tart, eh? Humph,” she replied, as she threw off the covers and ran over to the table.

I laid out our breakfast and we both took a deep breath. Chrissie grabbed a croissant, buttered and jammed it, and wolfed it down.

“Someone’s worked up an appetite, eh?” I laughed.

“Pass me the marmalade, please,” is all she said, sticking out her tongue at me.

Our view of the park in the morning set the tone. Chrissie’s company just added to the ambience. We relaxed, chatted and just basked in each other’s company.

“So? Are we heading home when they kick us out of here, or what?” I asked.

“We probably should, don’t you think? I’ll give Janet a call and let her know we’ll be back by midday, just in case she has plans. I’ll say it again, Tom. I love our life.”

“Well, we gotta keep the spark going somehow!” I laughed. “It’s been two weeks now, so no slacking off!”

Chrissie threw a croissant at me, and smiled.

“The eggs Benedict are just a bit better than yours. Or mine!” I smirked.

“I was waiting for that,” she sneered.

We finished what we could, and went over to the settee and sat. My arm went around Chrissie’s shoulder and I pulled her in. I leant down and inhaled the scent of her hair. It was the second-best fragrance on Chrissie.

They had left a Tribune for us, so we shared the paper and lazily flipped pages. After ten, maybe fifteen minutes, Chrissie turned to me and whispered, “Shower, sweetheart?”

God, how I loved those words.

I stood up and helped Chrissie stand. Her legs were still a bit wobbly from her morning orgasm. I finished the last of my tea and took Chrissie to the bathroom.

“Let me figure this out,” I said, as I went into the shower and began fiddling with dials. In no time, a fine stream of hot water was flowing.

I helped Chrissie, and we walked under the showerhead. They had a variety of lotions and potions to choose from so I grabbed one and lathered up my washcloth. Chrissie did the same with hers but with a different scent. We stood in front of each other and slowly washed each other. I loved this part of our mornings. I leant in and kissed her little nose and continued to wash my sister down.

I knelt first, Chrissie knowing exactly where I was heading.

I was getting so predictable!

She squeezed her washcloth and a trickle of soap suds ran down her body, over her tits, down her toned stomach and dripping onto her cunt. I knelt forward and rubbed my nose into her sparse, red hair. My tongue abused her pussy, again. Chrissie slid from my grasp and turned around. She deftly soaped up her cloth again and squeezed it out, all over her ass. I knew what she wanted.

I ran my fingers through her little valley, pressing a single finger onto her little puckered hole. I could feel her push back, just a bit.

I brought my mouth to her ass and bit her, then kissed the little red mark. I bit her again. And again. I slowly slipped a finger into her tight, little hole and kept it there. Chrissie’s ass was arched up, ready for any intrusion. My cock was leaking onto the floor of the shower, my patience quickly floating down the drain. I wanted her. I needed her. I pulled Chrissie by the hair and pushed her against the far wall, out of the mist of the shower. I grabbed a bottle of gel and poured it on her delicious crevice. I poured the same on my meaty prick.

“Bend over,” I barked.

Chrissie seductively bent her waist and stuck her butt out to me. I slapped her ass, the sound reverberating off the bathroom walls.

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