My dancing pt. 3 Autumn pt 1 by chance52

A literotic sexstories: My dancing pt. 3 Autumn pt 1 by chance52
As my teaching went on both in the studios and independently, I joined a social ballroom dance club not far from where I lived. I met a lot of interesting people and a lot of great dancers. Most of the people there were an older crowd which I did not mind in the least. I had grown a slight fascination for older women as it was, however, that’s a story for a different time.

During my time at this social club, I had danced with various women and there was one in particular I enjoyed dancing with the most. Her name was Autumn. She has long curly hair with was a favorite for me. It was a nice dark brown that I was totally attracted too. She had all the right curves, nice sensuous thighs, a great bust, nice firm wide hips, and great legs to follow. This girl could have easily been a model. Every time she came out to dance she wore outfits that accentuated all of her features. She knew what areas of her drew attention and she had no problem showing them off.

I eventually drew up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. I was a bit surprised to say the least. I figured the woman was way out of my league. She was a professional woman, took care of herself, and I figured that I was nowhere near her level. However, she accepted my invitation and I was in no way disappointed.

We planned to meet at a nice sit down restaurant to have dinner. We met up and had a pleasant evening. Me being the shy guy that I was, a little insecure with myself still, didn’t make a move on her. I let things play out. We texted back and forth, kept things innocent and chatted about day to day things. We met up at the social dance week after week and enjoyed dancing with each other. We made it a point to look for each other on certain dances because no one else there was on our level of dancing. She was really friendly and helpful in some areas of dancing that I hadn’t quite grasped. We helped each other out with new moves that one of us might know and the other didn’t. This opened a great opportunity for me.

A few months later an amateur competition opened up at one of the nearby colleges. It happen to land on my birthday. I asked her if she would be my partner as a birthday present for me. She said that I didn’t have to con her into it that way and that she would have done it anyway. I was very grateful and took her out the night prior in appreciation for her acceptance.

The day of the competition came. I met autumn at the reception podium where we were to sign up as competitors. One of the judges met us there. I immediately recognized him as one of the patrons of the social club I was a part of. This was going to be an easy competition since we both knew him so well. Since most of the competitors were younger and less experienced than me and autumn, this was going to be easy for us I assumed.

The competition began with an announcement for the smooth dances. Autumn and I didn’t bother dancing through these as we both know we had a much better chance with the rhythm and latin dances. Boy, were we right. We stepped on to the dance floor for the rhythm and latin portion of the competition and won first place in every category. Damn we were good. There was no question about it. We ended up getting the first place for all around latin and rhythm dancing as well as first place for all of the dances we performed. Since we didn’t dance any of the smooth portion of the competition, we ended up with second overall in the entire competition.

After the competition, I took autumn out to lunch. We enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon together. I hadn’t messed around with the idea of getting personal with her as we had so much fun together and seemed to carry on a bit of a professional relationship together. After lunch, I walked her to her car and sent her off with an invitation to my friend’s house for some drinks as a celebration of our success. I had no intentions in mind, I assure you as she made I very clear our relationship was just as friends and competitors, nothing else. After some nagging, she finally accepted my invitation. I called my friend up and told him of my plans to have a little get together at his house for my success in the competition. The smart thing would have been to ask him first. Being as good of a friend as he is, he of course accepted and made the arrangements. I was obviously excited. I had been excited and teased by autumns body for months. This night would finally be my night, or so I thought.

That night, everyone showed up as planned, autumn made a fashionably late arrival, however, she was dressed to the point that I’m sure no male that was there cared and all the females felt a little jealous. As I said before, she know what she had to offer, and she knew how to put in on display. A low cut halter top and some nice tight shorts let little to the imagination as most of the guys had the mouths wide open and the girls just snickered at her, trying their best to steal attention from the guys, but failing miserably.

The night was finally coming to a close and I advised autumn against driving home as she had drank more than her fair share. She accepted the invitation to stay. Everyone else had pretty much left. My friend opened his big mouth and told her that if me and her planned on doing anything sexual, he could put us in the camper out back, otherwise, we could share a bed upstairs. What the hell was his problem? Talk about cock block of the year.

To my dismay, she said a room upstairs would be fine as she didn’t think anything was going to happen. “Damn it!” I yelled out in my mind. The three of us walked upstairs and got settled in. My friend had bunk beds, the one on the bottom being bigger than the top, so Autumn and myself shared the bottom one while my friend slept on the top. I rolled over and as planning on falling asleep. From what autumn had said earlier, I for sure as hell wasn’t expecting anything to happen at this point.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, pressing my to turn over. As I did I looked straight into Autumn’s eyes. They were on fire. No one could ever mistake that look. She pulled me towards her and our lips met. We started to kiss, softly at first, and then passionately as she moved her tongue passed my lips and into my mouth caressing my tongue with her. My hands roamed her body, reaching for every luscious curve she had to offer. I slipped a hand down into her shorts and started to run my finger up and down her slit. I slid two fingers into her warm wet pussy and started to finger fuck her hard and fast.

“Can I play?” came a voice from above us. “What the fuck are you talking about? Go back to sleep John,” I said. “Stop fucking around or else I want in,” said John. “fuck off, John.” I said, I rolled over and went to sleep with a hard dick and pretty pissed off at what just happened.

I woke early in the morning to someone nudging me. I rubbed my eyes and saw Autumn sitting up next to me. “I was gonna take a shower. Do you want to join me?” she said. Did I? I jumped out of bed and followed her into the bathroom. She turned the water on and stripped down right in front of me. I finally got a good look at her luscious body. Her tits sagged a little bit from the weight of being 34DD but I was not about to complain. She had a great ass I had imagined previously and her thighs were nothing to complain about either. Her completion was a milky white color, just like a glass of milk you’d like to drink down .

We got in the shower and my hands immediately began exploring every inch of her body. I brought my lips down to her tits and began to suck on her luscious and tantalizing nipples. I sucked one into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it as she ran a hand through my hair. She pulled me tighter against her breasts as I kept feeding on them and slid a hand down to her pussy. She was hotter and wetter than the night before. I slide my fingers into her folds and began to finger fuck her fast and hard not wanting to waste any time. She leaned against the wall of the shower and moaned deeply, feeling extreme pleasure from what I was doing to her. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my dick and started to stroke it. “I want you inside of me,” she moaned. I was in no position to protest.

She turned around, pushing her ass out towards me, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks giving me a great view of both her pussy and her tight little ass hole. I slowly lined up my dick with her gorgeous pussy and slowly began to slide into her. She moaned deeply feeling me enter her inch my gratifying inch. Once I was in to the hilt I withdrew and started to work myself into a nice steady rhythm. Given the limited space, we didn’t have much to work with. I reached around and started toying with her breasts again and also sliding a hand down to her clit. I wanted to give her the maximum amount of pleasure, showing her what she had been missing out on these last couple of months we had danced together. The more I teased her the moan she groaned and moaned, letting me know that she was enjoying every second of what I was doing to her.

I brought my hands down to her hips and grabbed them firmly. As I squeezed her, she bent forward a little more allowing me to sink my cock into her a little deeper. I began to thrust in and out of her harder and faster with every thrust until I couldn’t anymore. I felt my cum boiling in my balls. I wasn’t going to be able to hold off any longer, regardless of how much I tried. I shoved deep into one more time and then I felt myself about to cum. I pulled my dick out from her pussy and began to spray my cum across her ass. As soon as she felt the first squirt, she turned around, went to her knees, and took hold of my dick, bringing it to her lips. She sucked the tip into her mouth letting the rest of my cum empty into her mouth. I was on cloud nine. This felt great. As my cum shot into her mouth, I could feel her keep swallowing it. Once she had milked my dick for everything it had, she got up, rinsed off and exited the shower. I stayed a bit longer, washing myself and getting myself clean. As I got out of the shower, I heard her car start and drive away. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to let this be my last time with her.

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