Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 6: Brother's Dominating Instructions by mypenname3000


A sister is wet to watch her dominating brother in action! , Incestuous Flesh Massage

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Six: Brother's Dominating Instructions

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I loved the shock in Mr. Armstrong's eyes as he witnessed what a lying bitch his wife was.

He was aghast as he watched his supposed faithful, Christian wife getting wild with my mother and me. The slender man trembled in his doorstep. His hand shook as he stared at the tablet held in my brother's hand.

Clint's plan was well underway.

My brother and I stood on the Armstrongs' porch. On the tablet's screen, you could see Mrs. Armstrong, recorded by the hidden camera in my purse I'd set up on Clint's orders, feasting on my mother's and my pussy. We were tribbing each other as she ate our pussy. She licked up and down our twats, feasting on us with a hunger that was incredible. She moaned as she devoured us.

I shuddered as I remembered this amazing delight from a few days ago.

“This… this…” Mr. Armstrong looked up at Clint. There was no color left in the man's face.

“Right now, your wife is at The Lady's Touch Massage Parlor,” said Clint, his voice powerful. He wasn't a skinny man. My younger brother had strength. The domination to have claimed every woman in our family, plus others, into his harem.

Even me. I was his sister-with-benefits. Not a lover or a sex slave, but someone who loved her brother's cock, a change of pace from the lesbian delights I normally enjoyed with Mr. Armstrong's daughter, Stefani, and other women.

“She's at that lesbian massage parlor she led the protest against,” Clint continued. “That's where she is right now. She's there, getting teased. Touched. Pleasured.”

Mr. Armstrong trembled. “Why are you showing me this?”

“I want to know what you're going to do about it,” Clint said. “Are you going to be a man? Are you going to rule your wife? You're a Christian, Mr. Armstrong. You're supposed to be the head of your household. Look at your wife. Look at how wanton she's become. Time for you to take charge of your wife.”

The man swallowed. “I don't… She… This is…”

I shook my head in disgust.

“It's okay, Mr. Armstrong,” Clint said, thrusting the tablet into my hands, my moans coming out of the cheap speakers. I turned it off as Clint continued, “I'll teach you. Let's go.”

“Go?” the weak man said.

“Yeah, go,” I said, taking his hand and pulling on him. “Let's go take care of your wife.”

Mr. Armstrong stumbled after me on the walk from his front door to his car. It was Saturday morning, the sun was out, his neighbors doing their yard work, standard suburban activity. Mrs. Armstrong pretended she fit in. A perfect wife. A pillar of her church.

A closet lesbian who shunned her daughter for loving me.

My blood boiled. I squeezed Mr. Armstrong's hand, almost crushing it. He winced as I marched to Clint's car. I pushed the older man towards the rear door. He slipped into the back seat, his eyes distant. He looked utterly rocked. His wife had betrayed him.

The cunt had to pay.

I slipped into the passenger seat as Clint drove. Mr. Armstrong made strangled noises as we drove through our town, heading towards The Lady Touch Massage Parlor. It was the brainchild of a family friend. Juana was a dominating lesbian who, with Clint's help, turned her older sister into a sex slave. Carmelita was Mrs. Armstrong's favorite masseuse.

She was taking care of the cheating bitch right now.

Clint didn't take us to the front of the massage parlor, but to a small parking lot behind the building. It was the rear entrance. We couldn't have men being seen entering our lesbian massage parlor. It was a safe place for women to be free to enjoy themselves.

Lee opened the back door and beckoned us inside. My little sister had a huge grin on her face, making her look even younger, a child with her hand in the cookie jar and not caring that she was caught. Her short, black hair swayed about her face.

My brassy hair swayed as I stood up, my nipples aching atop my large breasts. Clint wrenched open the car's back door and hauled out Mr. Armstrong. The man looked dazed. He stumbled as Clint pushed him to the door.

“Wow, Master,” Lee said, staring at Mr. Armstrong, “what did you do to him?”

“Truth sucks sometimes,” Clint said, his voice hard. He believed a man should take charge of his family. It was a philosophy our deceased father shared. He had raised Clint, molding him subtly to be ready to take charge of his sisters. With the premature loss of our dad, Clint had to step up to take charge of every woman, especially our mother drowning in grief.

“Mr. Armstrong,” Lee said, “your wife is with one of our skilled masseuses. Your wife's a regular, you know.”

“I.. I…” Mr. Armstrong said.

Lee led the way. I smiled as we passed Room 3 on our way to Room 4. I glanced at the door, hearing the faint moans coming from the room as Mrs. Armstrong enjoyed herself. I smiled as we went into Room 4.

It was set up differently than normal. We had a large TV in here hooked up to a computer. There was a security camera feed. We had added a single spycam to Room 3, something just for today. We didn't normally record our clients.

We wanted them to have privacy.

On the screen was Mrs. Armstrong climbing onto the massage table. Carmelita was lying on her back, her Golden-Brown skin contrasting with the married woman's paler skin. Mr. Armstrong groaned as he watched his wife lick her lips and lean her head down.

“Mmm, yes, yes,” moaned Carmelita, her round breasts jiggling. She had a landing strip leading to her shaved pussy. “Get down to there and exercise that tongue. You were so mean to us. After all the pleasure I gave you, you tried to destroy us.”

“I'm sorry,” said Mrs. Armstrong. “I just freaked out.”

She pressed her face into Carmelita's cunt. She licked as Mr. Armstrong groaned. He stared at the screen, watching as Carmelita shuddered. Mrs. Armstrong had her tongue jammed in the Hispanic slave's pussy. It was incredible to watch. The MILF's round tits swayed beneath her. Her auburn hair spilled around her head. Her rump was gorgeous.

I wanted to spank that ass.

“What is going on?” Mr. Armstrong said.

“That's a live feed of what's happening in the next room,” Clint said. “Your wife is in there, getting her weekly massage. You can hear her through the walls.” Clint picked up a remote and hit the mute button. Through the walls, you could hear the faint moans continue on.

Clint unmuted it.

“Why are you doing this?” Mr. Armstrong groaned. “Why punish me?”

“Punish you?” Clint demanded, anger rising. “I want to inspire you to take charge. Your wife tried to destroy this place because she's a hypocritical cunt. She freaked out because she enjoyed the things she does here. She writhed and shuddered and came over and over, and she loved it. And you know why?”

Mr. Armstrong shook his head.

“Because you weren't a man,” Clint growled, jamming a finger into Mr. Armstrong's chest. “You didn't give your wife what she needed. It takes more than just being a milquetoast provider for your family. You have to give your wife the pleasures she needs. You have to be strong. You have to be the man of the house. When she's bad, you have to correct her. When she's good, you have to reward her. Love her.

“Make her cum.”

“Do you make your wife cum?” I asked.

He swallowed.

“That's what I thought,” Clint said. “She's found a way to cum, and she loves it. So you have a choice. Be a pussy, stay in here, and watch her soil your marriage, or go in there and take control of your wife. There's no divorce for Christians, right? There's no getting away from her. That's a sin your wife's committing. You have to take control of her.”

His back straightened. I smiled as Clint molded the man. My brother knew what to say. I could see a spine forming in Mr. Armstrong for the first time. It was amazing to witness. His fists clenched. His eyes were on the screen.

“It's your duty to take charge of her,” Clint said. “Your responsibility as the head of the household, as a Christian husband.”

It was an amazing delight to witness my brother work. It was incredible to see Mr. Armstrong becoming a man before my very eyes. He was kind of sexy now. I mean, nothing like my brother, but when a man had confidence. When he possessed a spine and wasn't a beta-male wuss whose wife would rather have a stranger diddle her twat, it was a sight to behold.

“So are you going to just stand there and watch your wife eat pussy, or are you going to do something about it?” Clint demanded.

“Do something about it,” growled Mr. Armstrong.

He marched out of the room. He wrenched open the door. I loved it. I trembled in here as Mr. Armstrong marched down the hallway. I stared at the screen, Mrs. Armstrong feasting on Carmelita's cunt, making her moan. The door crashed open. Mrs. Armstrong's head snapped up.

She froze. The color drained from her face.

“Todd!” she gasped, her hands covering her naked tits, pussy cream dripping off her chin.

“What is going on here, Ruth?” Mr. Armstrong growled.

I shuddered in delight, following Clint out of the room, my pussy itching. Stefani appeared. My girlfriend had a huge grin on her lips. She grabbed my hand as she headed into the room to watch the fun, my lover almost bubbling with excitement.

“Make that pile of flaming shit pay, Clint,” Stefani said.

My brother flashed her a confident smile. I was so wet right now. I wanted to just mount my brother right now. I wanted to ride his cock. I needed him in me. I wanted his cum spurting into my pussy. I rubbed my belly, aching for his seed to spill into me.

I was in the middle of my cycle. I hadn't taken the pill in days.

“What is going on here, Ruth!” demanded Mr. Armstrong as we reached the door. A naked Carmelita slipped out, a big grin on her face. She winked at us and licked her lips. She was loving this plan, too.

The protest almost destroyed her sister-mistress's dream. This massage parlor was all Juana's idea. She poured her soul into it.

“Huh, Ruth?” Mr. Armstrong demanded. “You claimed this place molested you, but here you are, doing things to that girl. You were… were… eating her pussy like a dyke!”

“Todd, I…” Mrs. Armstrong shuddered. “It's this place. They're blackmailing me.”

“Because you were cheating on me!?” Mr. Armstrong roared. “Because you were eating Zoey's pussy and that other woman's? Whose else pussies were you eating? How many other women are you cheating on me with?”

Mrs. Armstrong hunched over as she trembled on the bed. Her face was lowered. Tears were forming in her eyes. Her shoulders shook. Then the tears fell down her cheeks. She sobbed as her husband marched on her.

“Well, Ruth?” he demanded. “You claim to love me, and what are you doing?”

She just kept sobbing. Her face flushed now. Her breasts jiggled as she tried to hide them. She was hunched over, looking so pathetic. It made me wet. I gripped my brother's hands, grinning as I witnessed her pain.

She caused my lover so much grief. This cunt hurt Stefani so much, and now she was going to pay.

“Look at me, Ruth, and speak to me,” Mr. Armstrong said. “I want answers. You're my wife. You swore to be faithful to me before God, and look at what you're doing! No wonder our daughter fell into sin!”

Mrs. Armstrong flinched.

“You have to discipline her,” Clint said. “Spank her.”

Mr. Armstrong's strength sagged out of him. He glanced at Clint with this helpless look on his face. His anger was propelling him, but now he had to do something. Not just yell at her. He clearly didn't know how to handle a woman.

Clint had spanked me a few times. Especially that time when he learned I was working at a strip club and hiding it from the family. He had been furious to learn it. He gave me a choice: to be spanked and take my punishment, or to leave the family.

I was glad I took it.

“You do it like this,” Clint growled. He marched forward and grabbed Mrs. Armstrong and hauled her off the massage table. She gasped, stumbling, her auburn hair flying around her face. Her breasts bounced as Clint spun her around.

“Wait, what?” the MILF gasped as Clint bent her over the massage table. He pinned her down with his strong, left arm. His biceps bulged and flexed. He might be a college student studying law, but he was still strong.

He worked out. He was a man.


His hand landed hard on her rump. I groaned, my pussy clenching beneath my skirt. Without any panties beneath my loose dress, my juices had no obstruction. They leaked out of my shaved twat and trickled down my thighs as I watched that bright, red handprint forming on her rippling butt-cheek while she cried out in pain.

“What?” she gasped.


That sound made me shudder.

“A wife doesn't cheat on her husband,” growled Clint. “She respects him. Obeys him. Loves and supports him! And in exchange, he will take care of her.”


“She's not a whore. Not a slut. Not a bitch who makes her daughter cry.”


“Yes,” I moaned, trembling.


Mrs. Armstrong shuddered on the massage table. She gasped and shuddered, her back arching as he kept her pinned down. Her dark-red hair flew about her face. Real tears fell down her cheeks. Tears of pain, not those fake ones she tried to use to get her husband's sympathy.


“A real wife loves and obeys him. That's what a good, Christian woman does, right?”


“Yes!” sobbed Mrs. Armstrong as she shuddered on the massage table.


“So what does that make you?” demanded Clint.


“A… A… a whore!”


“That's right. You're a fucking cheating whore! A bitch who revels in her sin behind her husband's back!”


This was so hot. Mr. Armstrong watched with wide eyes as Clint disciplined his wife. That sound of smacking spanks echoed through the massage room. My hips wiggled from side to side, my large breasts jiggling in my dress. It was sleeveless, held up by an elastic band around my tits. My nipples throbbed.


This was so hot. I hoped Stefani was masturbating hard in the other room or getting eaten out by Carmelita as she watched this amazing moment. I couldn't look away as Clint showed Mr. Armstrong how to be a man.


“Do you understand, Mr. Armstrong?” Clint demanded. “How to treat your wife?”

He nodded.

Clint shifted to the side. “Well?”


It was such a limp-wristed spanking. I shook my head in disgust as Mr. Armstrong pulled back his hand. He swallowed as his wife shuddered on the massage table, her ass a bright red. The woman whimpered.

“What was that?” Clint demanded.


“This is how you spank a woman.”


“Look at her moaning. Listen to her accepting her discipline. She knows she's a slut. That she deserves this.”

“I do,” the woman sobbed, tears spilling down her cheeks. Pain burned in her voice, but something else. Something I heard in Mom's or Lee's or Aunt Vicky's voices when Clint spanked them.



Mrs. Armstrong was growing aroused. Her bush was soaked with her juices. I could see her plump pussy lips peeking through those dark-red curls. Her excitement dribbled down her thighs, overflowing her bush.


“Do you see?” Clint growled. He then shoved his hand between Mrs. Armstrong's thighs. He rubbed the married woman's cunt before her husband. “Have you ever seen your wife this wet?”

Mr. Armstrong shook his head.

“When a woman knows she deserves to be spanked, when it comes from a strong man, she can't help her reaction,” Clint said. “Her body responds. The pain fuels her anticipation of pleasure. She needs it, and you've denied it to her. She's found it from other sources. Not from you. If you were a man, she never would have cheated on you. My women don't cheat on me.”

“No, they don't,” I moaned. Melody was horrified when she almost did, which she came so close to with another boy. It devastated her that she had flirted so close with infidelity.

She needed to be disciplined hard that night.


“Try again,” Clint growled.


My brother growled in disgusting, shaking his head.


“Make her moan!” Clint snarled.


“Make her beg for your cock!”


“Listen to her. She needs it. She needs a man to fuck her.”

“Right, slut?” he growled.


“I… I…” The woman shuddered. “I need something. I'm so turned on. It hurts, Todd, but… but…”


“Beg for it,” my brother growled. “Beg for a man to fuck you! I know you love cock as much as pussy. You're a whore, aren't you?”


“I am!” she moaned. “I'm a slut. A dyke-whore. A cunt! I need it! I'm such a terrible wife! I need a man to fuck me! I need something! Anything!”


The zipper rasped. Not Mr. Armstrong's. He just stood there watching stunned. Clint pulled out his cock. My pussy clenched hard as my brother thrust his dick into Mrs. Armstrong's cunt. My lover's mother gasped in delight as Clint's big shaft filled her. Her flaming butt-cheeks rippled.

The woman's back arched. My hand plunged beneath my skirt, sliding up my airy dress. I found my sopping pussy. I stroked my shaved lips as I watched my brother fuck the MILF right before her husband. He just stood there, watching as his wife moaned and bucked and savored being fucked.

“This is what your wife needs!” growled Clint as he buried again and again into the married woman's twat. “She needs a man to fuck her. To control her. She's wild. She's a sinful cunt.”

“Yes!” I hissed, thrusting two fingers into my pussy. “Fuck the bitch!”

I churned my cunt up to a froth as Mr. Armstrong watched my brother cuckold him. The older man swallowed, his cheeks growing red. I loved it. He was so pathetic. The man had disowned Stefani for loving me as much as that cunt gasping on my brother's cock.

He deserved this as much as that slut.

My fingers frigged my cunt. The heel of my hand ground against my clit. Pleasure surged through my body. My twat squeezed around my pussy. Juices soaked my hand. My tart aroma filled my nose as I loved my cunt.

“Yes, yes, fuck her like a man,” I moaned, my brother's jeans sliding down his ass. He thrust into the married MILF, his dark-blue boxers clinging to his cute butt. “Pound the slut.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned, delirious with joy. She humped her cunt back into my brother's strokes. Her tear-stained face twisted with passion as she tossed her head. “Pound me! Oh, my god, this is incredible.”

I thrust a third finger into my cunt. I shuddered as I stretched out my own cunt. A delirious rapture rippled through me. Every time I buried my fingers into my cunt, my orgasm built and built inside of me. My pussy drank it in. This wonderful delight fluttered through me.

My brother pounded her while her husband watched. Clint was such a hunk. His muscles flexed beneath his t-shirt as he fucked her. His balls smacked into Mrs. Armstrong. His crotch spanked her cherry-red ass. The massage table creaked and rocked as he pounded her.

My cunt squeezed around my fingers. The friction was incredible. This pleasure was incredible. My toes curled in my sandals. I glanced back at the camera, knowing my lover was watching the fun. She was having a blast seeing her mother bucking on my brother's cock.

“Are you going to cum on my dick, slut?” growled my brother as he buried into the MILF's married twat.

“Yes!” she moaned, her voice throaty with bliss. “I'm going to explode.”

“While your husband watches?”

“I can't help myself!” she moaned. “I'm so weak. And it feels so good. I'm sorry, Todd. But… but… His cock is amazing.”

Mr. Armstrong groaned. He squeezed his cock through his sweat pants. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead. He watched another man fuck his wife. Watched my brother turn Mrs. Armstrong into his whore.

My brother was amazing.

I squeezed my breast through my dress. I massaged my large tit as my fingers plundered my cunt. Pleasure rippled through me. My nipples ached. I pinched my right nub through the fabric. I rolled it. I twisted it. I tugged on it. This was a hot delight.

“Fuck her,” I moaned. “Pound her! Make that whore cum!”

“Yes!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned. “I'm getting there. What a cock! I didn't know a dick could make me feel this! Oh, yes, yes!”

Mr. Armstrong groaned as he watched his wife bucking into my brother. Mrs. Armstrong's pants and moans grew louder and louder. I could feel it. She was building towards her orgasm. I tugged down on my dress, popping out my large breasts. I squeezed my tit directly, my fingers digging into my pillowy mound.

“Cum on my brother's cock, whore!” I howled.

“Yes!” squealed the married MILF.

My brother groaned as the MILF squirmed on the dick. Her hair tossed. It was clear that she was a cumming hard. Cumming like a whore. It was incredible to watch. My brother slammed into her cunt, fucking that spasming whole.

My thrust my fingers deep into my cunt. My clit throbbed against the heel of my hand.

I joined her.

“Yes, yes, flood that slut!” I moaned as my pussy convulsed around my fingers.

“Do you want my cum, slut?” my brother demanded while waves of rapture rippled through my body. Stars danced before my eyes. “Huh, you married whore? Do you want me to cum on in your pussy?”

“Yes!” the cumming MILF howled.

“Cum in her!” I moaned, my mind drowning in waves of ecstasy.

Pleasure rippled through my body. Juices gushed out of me. I drenched my hand as I trembled through my bliss. I whimpered and moaned as my brother buried to the hilt in the married MILF. He growled, his face handsome twisting.

He fired cum into her filthy cunt. He spilled his seed into her married twat while her husband watched. I loved it. My orgasm intensified. The pleasure surged out of my pussy. Darkness washed across my vision.

“Yes, yes, yes, flood that whore!” I moaned.

“Fill me!” howled Mrs. Armstrong. “Fill my cunt!”

“Your dirty, cheating cunt, whore!” growled Clint.

“Yes, yes, fill my dirty, cheating cunt!”

“Ruth,” her husband croaked as he witnessed my brother's cuckolding.

My brother shuddered a final time. Then he ripped his cock out of her cunt, her pussy juices dripping off his shaft. I shuddered, my orgasm peaking. I quivered on the edge of my orgasms as my brother's white cum dribbled out of that dripping pussy.

“Now you do it!” my brother growled. “You be a man, or I'll keep your wife as my fucking bitch. I'll make her my cock-loving whore. She'll be collared, pierced, and on her knees worshiping me day and knight. I'll give her to my friends. We'll take turns using her slattern holes. Her pussy. Her asshole. Her cock-sucking mouth! Or you can be a fucking man and take control of your wife!”

With a wild, primal growl, Mr. Armstrong rushed forward. He pinned his wife down like my brother had. I trembled, watching in awe at the fierce look passing across the man's face. It was… sexy. I shuddered at the sight.


“Todd!” Ruth gasped as her butt-cheek rippled, a brighter spot forming on her rump. “Oh, Lord, Todd!”


“I was such a bad wife!”


“I was such a terrible cunt!”


“I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!”


“I cheated on you because I was weak!”


“No!” growled Todd. “This is my fault!”


“I was weak! I wasn't the man you needed!”


“I failed you, too!”


“I won't!”


“I'll control you!”

“Yes,” I groaned, trembling.

My brother grabbed my hips. He shoved me onto the massage table beside the couple. My big breasts heaved. I trembled, my pussy juicy. My brother knelt behind me, pushing my thighs apart. I shuddered as he exposed my shaved pussy, my short skirt sliding up my legs. I whimpered, my brassy hair swaying about my face.


I glanced up at the camera as my brother kissed up my thigh, his stubble rasping on my sensitive skin. I knew my lover was in the room, my sweet Stefani. I winked at the camera, hoping she was cumming. That she was getting off hard on what was happening.


“Damn, Zoey,” my brother groaned. “You are soaked. Did you cum hard?”


“You have no idea,” I moaned. “You have no fucking idea. Holy shit, I exploded on my fingers when you fucked her.”

My brother buried his mouth into my pussy. I gasped as he gave me what he needed. He loved making his women cum. He didn't think it made him less of man to go down on us, because he knew that he gave us pleasure. That he controlled the rapture flooding our bodies. When we cried out in ecstasy, it was because of him.


His tongue churned me up as Mr. Armstrong disciplined his wife. It was incredible. I watched his hand falling on her rump, making her moan and gasp. He cracked his hand all around her butt-cheeks and thighs while my brother's cum dribbled out of her.


“Clint!” I moaned, trembling in delight. This was such a hot thing to witness. My body was on fire. My cunt clenched as waves of delight shot through my body. “Oh, Clint, I love you! I love my sexy brother.”


His tongue jammed into my cunt. He churned it around inside of me. He stroked me, teased me. He drove me wild. His eyes stared up at me, dark and hungry. I grabbed at his short, black hair. I gripped him as he feasted on me.

He looked so much like Dad.


My moans mixed with Mrs. Armstrong's groans. My body trembled, the pleasure rippling through me. My brother's tongue whipped through my cunt. He stimulated me. He fluttered his tongue through my flesh and gave me such rapture.


I trembled, my big boobs jiggling as he feasted on me. He devoured me. It was incredible to share this moment with my brother. My eyes kept flicking to the small camera. I felt Stefani watching me, loving this wicked, incestuous sight.

“Damn, Zoey!” growled Clint. “Your naughty cunt is just begging for it, right?”

“You have no idea!” I moaned. “I want your cock. Your cum!” I trembled, my breasts jiggling as I squirmed, my pussy juices flowing into his mouth.


“I want to explode on your cock!”

He grinned at me, my pussy cream coating his lips. “You will. When I'm ready.”

He sucked on my clit. I gasped at the jolt of pleasure surging through me. My eyes squeezed shut. My back arched, my breasts thrusting forward. They bounced together, so soft and pillowy. As big as our mother's tits. My toes curled as my hair danced about my face.


Clint flicked his tongue back to the folds of my pussy. He teased me while Mrs. Armstrong whimpered beside me. Her whorish moans flowed around me as I enjoyed my brother's hungry tongue exploring my pussy.


“You're going to be my whore!” snarled Mr. Armstrong. “I'm going to control you!”


“Yes!” the slutty wife moaned. “Yes, yes, yes!”


I shuddered, my pussy clenching around my brother's probing tongue. He thrust it into my depths and stirred it around. He gave me such wonderful delight. This amazing bliss flowed around me. I savored it. My eyes fluttered as the rapture swelled and swelled in me.

His tongue licked me everywhere. He caressed my folds. He stroked my clit. His lips nuzzled at my labia. Nibbling, teasing, driving me towards my climax. My fingers dug through his short hair, gripping him like a lifeline keeping me tethered to reality.

I would float off into ecstasy if I didn't.

My pussy clenched as his tongue swirled around my clit. Then he latched his lips onto my bud, sucking.

“Clint, yes!” I gasped, this wonderful pleasure surging through me. “Oh, damn, Clint.”


“Todd!” whimpered Mrs. Armstrong.


“Make her cum by spanking her ass!” I hissed. “She sounds so close. She's a fucking whore!”


“I am!” the MILF hissed.


I loved those sounds. My brother sucked hard on my clit while his hands moved. I gasped as he slid his fingers up my thigh and found my shaved folds. He nudged around the entrance to my cunt then plunged two fingers into my depths.

I gripped them, reveled in them. My body trembled as he nursed on my bud. My brother wiggled his digits around inside of me, teasing my silky flesh. They were thicker than my fingers. Rougher. Better.

“Clint!” I groaned as he ripped them out and slid them down. “Oh, you're such a wonderful brother. Do it! My asshole!”


My brother thrust two thick digits into my asshole. My anal ring swallowed his pussy-lubed fingers with ease. That rough, velvety delight surged through me. My back arched, breasts bouncing before me. My eyes squeezed shut.

I exploded.



My pussy convulsed. My asshole writhed about his fingers. Juices bathed my brother's face. His tongue fluttered over the folds of my pussy as the incestuous thrill shot through me. I bucked and groaned, stars bursting before my eyes.


This was incredible. This was amazing. The rapture rushed through my body. I bucked and heaved, the massage table creaking. My brother drank my cream. He loved it. His fingers fucked in and out of my asshole as he feasted on me.


“Todd!” squealed the MILF. I knew that sound. She was climaxing. “Oh, my Lord, Todd!”

“You're cumming,” he groaned. “Just from being spanked. You're such a slut, Ruth.”

“I can be your slut!” she moaned. “I need a man to fuck me again! Clint's busy. Be that man, Todd! Please, please, be my man and my husband!”

I shuddered through my orgasm as a fastener popped and a zipper rasped. I shuddered as Mr. Armstrong pulled out his respectable-sized cock. He thrust it into his wife's cum-filled twat, experiencing my brother's sloppy seconds.

I came harder.

“Clint!” I howled as the incestuous rush shot through me. “I need your cock in me. Your cum! I need you fucking me! Please!”

Clint ripped his fingers out of my asshole and rose. His cock thrust out from his boxers. They were still bunched around his waist. I groaned, shoving them down as he lined up, freeing his balls to swing into me. I gripped them, squeezed them.

Felt them full of the cum I wanted.

My brother buried into my pussy. I released his balls so they could smack into my flesh as I rejoiced at being filled by his cock. His big dick filled me. This amazing rapture shot through my body. Delight burned through me. My eyes fluttered. I groaned as I savored my brother being in me.

It felt so right.

“Clint!” I hissed, my tits heaving. I ripped up his t-shirt, wanting to see that sexy body of his.

I threw his shirt to the side and rubbed at his muscular pecs. He worked out. So fit and strong. I shuddered as my brother plowed into me. He was such a man. His women would never fuck another guy in front of him.

They would never fuck another cock.

My pussy clenched around his dick as he buried into me. He slammed hard. Deep. He fucked me with vigor. His balls slammed into my taint as he fucked me. My breasts heaved as his arms went around me. He pulled me closer.

He kissed me with tart-stained lips.

I melted against my brother, my pussy clenching around his cock as I savored the taste of my pussy on his lips. What a delight to experience. A wondrous gift to enjoy. I shuddered against him, my breasts rubbing into his flesh. This wicked heat surged through me. My nipples throbbed against him. Tingles raced through me. My cunt clenched about him.

Wonderful bliss surged through me. This amazing delight that had me shuddering against him. My tongue darted through his mouth. He plowed me hard. Fast. He reamed me again and again. His cock filled me to the hilt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned. “Oh, Todd, I wished you'd fucked me like this before! I wished you'd pounded me. Oh, Lord, I love this!”

“Fucking slut!” he growled.


“I am!” she moaned. “I'm so sorry! Fuck me! Pound my cunt!”

I shuddered at her passion. Her husband used her hard while my brother enjoyed me. Clint growled into our kiss, his hands grabbing my ass. He squeezed tight. My nipples throbbed against his hairy, muscular chest. Tingles raced through me as I breathed in his manly musk.

The salty scent of a man who worked. That delicious aroma. I could almost feel my ovaries releasing my monthly egg to be fertilized.

My tongue danced with my brother's. I clung tight to him. My thighs squeezed around his waist. I humped my hips against him. I stirred around his girth, savoring every moment I could with it. This was incredible. It was amazing.

Our tongues danced. It was a wild treat. A delight. My nipples ached against him. I felt so loved in his strong arms. Stefani was my girlfriend, the woman who owned my heart, but she could never make me feel quite as sexy as being in my brother's arms.

She would agree. We both loved fucking Clint.

It was sexy. Deliciously wrong. My brother's cock was in me. Fucking me. His heavy balls pounded my snatch. Pleasure rippled through me as he buried over and over into me. It was an incredible experience.

Rapture. Ecstasy. Bliss. Euphoria.

All those words could hardly describe what I felt. Joy. Happiness. Vindictive satisfaction.

So many emotions boiled through me as I clung to my brother. His tongue swirled through my mouth. He growled as he thrust into me. I shuddered and loved it. My cunt squeezed around his dick. It was a delight to experience.


I broke the kiss, panting. My heart pounded in my chest as I stared into his eyes. “Yes, yes, Clint, I need it. Your cum.”

He grinned at me. “You're going to get it. I'm going to fill you up.”

“Yes!” I whimpered.

I glanced over at Mr. Armstrong. He fucked his wife almost as hard as Clint drove his dick into me. My brother plunged his cock into my silky depths. My cunt clung to him, increasing the friction as he pulled back, building another orgasm in the depths of my cunt. My clit throbbed when he buried into me, his pubic bone grinding on my little bud while his wiry pubic hair massaged my shaved pussy.

It was incredible.


I squeezed my pussy around his dick. I reveled in this moment as he buried again and again into me. He plundered me. It was a treat to enjoy. This delicious passion. My cunt clenched in ecstasy around his cock.

“I'm going to cum!” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, me, too!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned, glancing at me. “I'm going to cum, too, Zoey!”

“Fucking slut!” I moaned. “Mmm, first you were my dyke-slut now you are your husband's whore!”

“I am!” she moaned, her face scrunching up. “Oh, Todd, yes, yes! Fuck me!”

“Cum in her!” growled Clint, burying his dick into me.

“And cum in me, Clint!” I gasped. “ I want my brother's seed in me.”

He stared into my eyes and I nodded. Understanding flashed across him. He kissed me hard as he buried into me. He knew what I wanted. What I was finally ready for. His dick slammed to the hilt inside of me.

My clit drank in the force of the impact. My pussy absorbed the silky friction of his cock caressing my sheath. The sensation swirled through my core, feeding my impending rapture. I squeezed my eyes shut, my body trembling.

He drew back, stimulating me more.

I came.

My pussy convulsed as his dick buried in me again. Those rippling waves of rapture shot out of me as I squealed in delight. The passion surged out of me. Stars burst across my vision. My head swayed. I bucked and groaned. I loved it so much.

It was the best.

I milked him as he pumped into me. My pussy was so hungry for what his heavy balls held. Incestuous bliss shot through me, but it could be even better. I just needed one more thing sweeping through my body.

“Cum in me!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned.

I groaned into my brother's lips, begging for him as he fucked me, keeping my orgasm alive.

“Flood me with your cum, Todd!” she purred. “I need it.”

“Yes!” Todd growled. He slammed into her and I heard him grunting. “Take it! You're my whore!”

I shuddered as I knew he was cumming. A moment later, my brother buried into me. He grunted into our kiss. His cum spurted hot into me. My eyes widened as I felt his incestuous seed flooding my fertile pussy.

I broke the kiss and howled, “Yes, yes, give it to me! I love you, Clint! I need it!”

“Zoey!” he growled as his dick spurted more and more jizz into my convulsing twat. His hands squeezed my ass, gripping me. “Damn!”

I glanced at the camera as my pussy wrung his cock dry. I shuddered against him knowing that Stefani was watching this magical moment. Her mother and father groaned beside me as Clint spilled the last of his jizz into me.

“Goddamn, Zoey,” Clint growled. “That's what you need.”

“Hopefully,” I gasped, feeling his seed in me. So warm and delicious.

“You'll get it,” he whispered. “Trust me.”

I nodded then gasped as he ripped his dick out of me. I felt so empty. Beside him, Mr. Armstrong pulled out of his wife's pussy. The man panted, his cock going soft. He looked flushed, wild, and shocked like he couldn't believe this was reality.

“Now,” Clint said, grabbing a fistful of my brassy hair and pulling me off the massage table, “you have your woman suck your dick clean.”

I fell to my knees before him on the linoleum tiles, my big breasts heaving. His cum flooded out of my pussy as I didn't hesitate to suck his half-hard cock into my mouth. I sucked my tart juices off of him, shuddering in delight.

Mrs. Armstrong gasped as her husband yanked her off the table. She grunted as she leaned on her knees. Then he gripped her head and forced his cock into her mouth. He groaned as his wife sucked her tangy juices clean off his cock.

“She's never done this,” Mr. Armstrong said. “Never sucked on my cock. I had no idea. Oh, wow.”

Clint grinned. “You have a lot to learn.”

“You can… teach me?” the older man asked. “How to… to…”

“Be a proper husband? How to keep your wife from straying?” Clint grinned. “We can start the lessons. $100 a session.”

“Deal,” the man groaned.

I loved it. My brother would teach Mr. Armstrong how to make his wife into his sex slave. Mrs. Armstrong would receive more punishment. She would be put in her place. I couldn't wait. I knew Stefani would love it.

My brother was awesome.

I shuddered as I nursed on my brother's cock, loving the feel of his cum inside of me. More of him leaked out, but I knew enough remained in me. His little sperm worked through my womb, swimming up to my Fallopian tubes where my ripe egg waited.

No more pill. No more birth control. I was finally ready for motherhood. I wouldn't be a bitch like Mrs. Armstrong. I wouldn't ever make my daughter cry in despair like that cunt made Stefani.

I would treasure my daughter.

Or my son.

I would be the best-damned mother ever.

To be continued…



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