Personal Services Manager. Pt 1 by teufelturm

A literotic sexstories: Personal Services Manager. Pt 1 by teufelturm ,

An experienced supplier of services finds gainful employment


Discrete experienced service and maintenance person for permanent position in a disabled person’s establishment. Applicants will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform in difficult situations.

Reply to Classified Ads, Box 3579.

It looked innocent enough, but reading between the lines, I decided that the advertiser was seeking someone to have sex with a disabled person (or persons) possibly an amputee, not that it mattered.

What I wanted to know was, apart from regular sex, what inducements were being offered. I had to move out of my rented accommodation at the end of the month and it could take some time to find a place where the landlady would do what my current landlady had done and accept regular sex as part payment. I had to leave now because her husband was coming out of prison next month.

I replied to the Advert by giving my mobile number and nothing else.

Three days later I had a reply, which was a series of questions posed by a woman with a very refined voice; they were tersely put and just as tersely answered:

“What is your first name?” “Alan.”

“Are you unattached?” “Yes”

“Are you a father?” “No, vasectomised.”

“What age are you?” “Thirty-five.”

“Physical appearance?” “Caucasian. 6ft. 180lbs. Dark Hair cut short.”

“Can you drive?” “Yes, clean licence.”

“Do you have any health issues?” “No.”

“Do you, or have you ever, taken drugs?” “No”

“Have you ever taken part in group sex activities?” “Only with women.”

“Are you living in rented accommodation?” “I am in lodgings”

I had obviously passed the first hurdle because I was asked to be at the main railway station buffet in one hour’s time. I was to be carrying a copy of a well-known women’s magazine with the name clearly visible.

I did as instructed, aware that as I walked down the concourse I was being studied by someone, somewhere. I entered the buffet and purchased, as instructed, a hot chocolate, then sat at a small table at the rear of the room.

I waited for ten minutes before a pretty, shapely, and well-dressed young woman approached and sat opposite me.

“My name doesn’t matter for the moment, I wish to ascertain that you understand what your task will be if you are selected.”

“Then I’ll keep this brief. I believe you want me to provide sex for one or more disabled people.”

“Just for one amputee, but you will be required to service other persons occasionally. Are you willing and able to provide this service regularly?”

“Before I answer, I wish to know what the terms and conditions are and what inducements are being offered.”

“I would prefer to continue this conversation in my vehicle if you are agreeable.”

“Where is it?”

“In the multi-story car park.”

The ‘vehicle’ proved to be large SUV with tinted windows, and very comfortable.

“If you are selected…”

“I think you should admit that there are no other applicants for the post and just tell me what the conditions are.

“You must be prepared to move into the accommodation provided and live as part of the family community. You will be expected to perform whatever sexual activities that are requested of you.”

“You will be paid eight hundred pounds each calendar month, but your employment will be terminated immediately if you prove to be untrustworthy or refuse to perform your contractual tasks.”

“I accept.”

“There is one more item to be covered. Please undo your trousers and show me your manhood.”

I happily did as asked and kept quiet as she began to masturbate me until I had a rigid bar growing out of my groin. I had wondered when the ‘toolbox’ would be inspected, but what I did not expect was her leaning forward and taking me in her mouth.

When she came up for air, she told me that as I hadn’t attempted to interfere with her when she fellated me I would certainly be acceptable for the position.

“When am I expected to begin my employment?”

Sometime, somewhere I must have done something extremely marvellous.

“You have begun Alan, direct me to your present address and we will collect your belongings.”

“Having removed my few belongings from the room and kissed my ex landlady goodbye I was taken for a drive into the countryside until we eventually passed through very imposing gates which began to close the moment we were clear of them.

I could see a long driveway to the frontage of an extremely large house, but after a short drive, we turned off the drive and stopped beside what could only have been the dower house, but this itself was an impressively large house.

“What happened to my predecessor?”

“He was a very poor choice, but before we had to sack him he found that he had a cancer and so he ‘retired’ himself.”

“Now come and meet my mother.”

The woman in the wheel chair was an older version of my interrogator, who had removed her street clothes to reveal a slim, but curvy body and long legs. Her mother was just as lovely as her daughter. She was aged about 45yrs old, with a larger bust than her daughter’s was, but unfortunately, without the long legs.

The conversation was surreal, and very erotic in content

“Alan, meet my mother, her name is Alice. Mother is the matriarch, she makes all decisions regarding the family and she likes to be screwed, often.”

“Mother, meet your new lover, his name is Alan and he’s hung like a horse.”

“Now that is good news, tell me Alan, have you ever fucked an amputee before?”

“Yes I have, twice, and funnily enough it isn’t any different from fucking a whole bodied woman, in fact there are a few advantages because it’s possible to get into positions that can’t be done with legs in the mix.”

“I do like plain speaking; now I know we are going to get along. You know why you are here, but I must warn you that you have agreed to provide a service not only to me, but also to any member of this household. You are going to find life extremely exhausting. I need to have sex often. I have a very strong sex drive and I always want more so I suppose I’m a nymphomaniac.

I don’t care what it’s called I am what I am and I’m wealthy enough to pay to ensure that I get what I want, it’s the only real exercise that I get.

My daughter doesn’t like me to be so open and direct, and she hated your predecessor because he was so coarse. I can tell that she likes you because she’s still in the room and I think that I will soon find out if you can perform as required.”

“Mother, I wish you wouldn’t discuss me like that. I’m going to have a bath, show Alan where your bedroom is, he’s going to need to know that if nothing else.”

“Here is a little background information for you, the large house at the head of the drive is a burnt out shell. It suffered at the hands of an incompetent electrician carrying out some alterations. The financial repercussions ruined the company responsible and all we lost was a house that was ruinously expensive to run.”

“We moved into the ‘Dower House’ which is fitting because, since my husband died, I am now the Dowager. The manner of his death meant that we were the beneficiary of more compensation and insurance pay-outs which mean that I’m better off financially than I have ever been.”

“I make light of the situation, but my husband Gordon, died because two light aircraft collided above a small airfield. We were in a small clearing in the woods close by the airfield fence. Part of the wreckage fell on my husband and killed him. Unfortunately for me; or perhaps fortunately, I’m really not sure, he was fucking me at the time and my legs were round his waist.”

“I lost him and my legs and I miss him the most because he was a stallion and I have found it difficult to discover another one whom I actually like. You now have to show me why I should keep you here.”

“Alan, I want you to follow me down that corridor to the last door on the right, it’s my bedroom and because I haven’t had a fuck for three weeks I want you to fuck me.”

As I undressed her, Alice told me that her daughter’s name was Anne. She was 22yrs old, and that she probably would in fact want me to fuck her, but she would never tell me that, I had to seduce her.

I stripped Alice to the waist and then enjoyed her expression as I stripped off to reveal my semi-erect cock, which I grasped and began squeezing until it began to swell. As soon as it was sticking out in front of me, I moved to her chair so that she could take hold of it.

She stroked me for a few moments and then I sat on the edge of her desk so that she could roll her chair between my legs and take me in her mouth. She had to work hard on my cock, but eventually it was sliding down her throat. This was her show so I allowed her to do this as much as she wanted because very soon I was going to do as she’d said.

I eventually stopped her from choking herself and asked her to roll backwards to allow me to get my feet onto the floor. Placing my arms under hers, I lifted her out of the chair, laid her on her back, and then stripped her remaining clothes off.

Kneeling between her stumps, I fondled her surprisingly firm and full breasts, and teased her nipples until they were standing out red and proud from her breasts. She began to breathe heavily which was just what I wanted.

I pulled away slightly to take her bottom in my hands. Lifting her up such that only her head and shoulders were on the bed I then applied my mouth to her wet sex and spent an hour in paradise. I licked, sucked and chewed her into three screaming, yelling and sobbing, climaxes.

There was a loud knocking on the door and Anne shouted through the closed door asking if Alice was all right.

“Go away love unless you wish to join us.”

I moved her further onto the bed and taking two pillows from the bed head, I pushed them under her buttocks, got between her stumps and told her to hold my cock and insert it into her vagina.

The moment I felt my cock helmet enter her tunnel, I pushed, not hard, not roughly, but in one thrust. I inserted almost 10 inches of engorged cock all the way to her cervix and then began to steadily, and rhythmically fuck her. Each time I had my cock all the way inside her it pushed against her cervix.

“Faster, go faster Alan, fuck me hard and don’t stop until I cum. Faster, harder. OOHH, AARGH, come on, fuck me, fuck meee. Aaahg. She was dripping her cum juice down over her anus and all over her pillows. It was all over my cock so I used that juice to lubricate her anal canal and entered it. I did it slowly, but judging from the ease with which her sphincter had opened, it was obvious that she had experienced anal sex before.

She screeched, she cursed, she cried, she sobbed. She moaned, she gasped she grunted and then she said:

“Ohh, that is so fucking marvellous, but please get some oil from that cabinet. I pulled out of her anus and found the lubricant, poured a little on her anus and smeared some on my cock and then reinserted me into her and fucked her rear end as she rubbed her clitoris. Another round of shrieking, swearing, sobbing and moaning and then she climaxed. I unplugged her anus to watch her sphincter twitch and spasm as the muscles regained control and began to close and then she collapsed into a sweat soaked heap.

I had noticed the washbasin behind a folding screen when I first entered the room so I took time out to wash my cock and then apply more lubrication. I hadn’t finished and I was damned well going to do that before I was much older. I stood at the bedside and picking Alice up I placed her on top of the pillows, except that she was face down this time. Parting her thighs enabled me to get my erection back inside her before she could prevent me.

I fucked her hard. I had a tight hold of her hips to pull her backwards as I slammed my cock up into her clinging vaginal canal and up against her cervix. Apart from her occasional grunts, there was no sound except the slurping of her juices between my cock and the walls of her vagina and my groin smacking against her.

Ten minutes later, I filled her with my semen. This meant that I could pump into her until the squelching ceased, indicating that a large amount had squeezed past my cock to deposit itself on her pillows. I slid my arms under her arms to grasp her tits and then I stood upright and turned to face the mirror on the wardrobe doors.

Alice now had a grandstand view of me impaled in her body.

“Tell me when you’ve had enough Alice, I’m about to put you on your desk and take your arse again.”

“Enough Alan, for now, we need to eat.”

That relieved me, I wasn’t at all certain that I could have taken her again, but I had to make her believe that I was what she’d been looking for and I’d succeeded.

Alice had a wet room with a clever device for her to transfer from her wheelchair to a seat in the wet room. She shut the glass door and I watched her manipulate the shower appliance to wash every part of her body. When she’d finished washing, she even had a blow-drying facility

I had a very quick shower and blow dry and then rapidly dressed Alice in a bathrobe and myself in my own clothes and then we headed for the dining room to find Anne talking to a tall, busty, teenaged girl whom, I soon discovered, was the ‘housemaid’ and the daughter of the cook cum housekeeper.

The dining table, which could easily seat fourteen persons, was set for three so I pushed Alice to the head of the table and sat on her right hand side facing Anne who sat opposite me.

It was an enjoyable and beautifully cooked meal. Alice told Anne that she really had chosen well and I must not be allowed to escape.

“I have never been so royally screwed and I now know what a ‘flying fuck’ is. I don’t know if he can do it to you, but you should definitely give it a try.”

“I have a question, would someone to explain the reason for asking me if I’d ever taken part in group sex.”

“Aah, yes. Alan, I did tell you that you are living what, I suppose, could be called a wet dream scenario. You are not merely required to fuck me but the other females of the house also, the kicker is that in this house you may well find yourself fucking two or more aroused women at the same time, so fucking the cook is part of your duties; her daughter is, at present, an unknown quantity. The cook’s name is Mary, she doesn’t have sex often, but she does like it to happen. Her daughter’s name is June. She is 17, she loves oral sex, doesn’t she Anne?”

“She’s only ever had oral sex with me, Mary won’t do it and she daren’t ask you. That moronic thug you hired, against my advice if I remember, kept trying to get her into bed, but he merely frightened her and she wouldn’t go anywhere that he might be.”

“Mary told him she’d castrate him if he ever touched June and June only does what her mum says she should do. Mary said that June should go to bed with me if I asked her and then told me. I asked her, she came and I’ve shown her how to have a good time with a woman.”

“Alan, please bear in mind that we will instigate any sexual activities. You are here to serve us, not for you to use on your command.”

“Mother, I think you should tell Alan about Uncle John and Aunt Flora.”

“I will dear, but not right now, I have other things on my mind. Alan I am in need of having you inside me, deal with it.”

I did. I stood up, moved behind her then pushed her to a free area of the table, picked her up, laid her on the table then undid her bathrobe and my trousers. Removing my boxers, I quickly inserted my, by now, almost erect cock into Alice’s vagina and slowly fucked her.

I fondled her lovely smooth and firm breasts and then began kissing her neck and on down to her nipples and further down to her belly and vulva. When I stroked her clitoris, Alice responded by trying to hump her buttocks up to meet my thrusts. Anne watched us for a short while and then left the room to return a short while later accompanied by a woman I knew must be Mary and the young girl that I knew to be June.

Mary proved to be a slightly larger version of Alice in body size and looks. She was almost as tall as I was, had a larger bust and a slightly thicker waist. She also had lovely long auburn hair and her eyes oozed promises I hoped she could keep. Her legs were long and shapely and my lust level went into the red zone.

“Mary this is Alan, the new toy. Alan, meet Mary, she wants to see your cock because she thinks I’m exaggerating its size.”

“Well she’ll have to wait because he’s using it at the moment. June, come here girl. June looked at Mary who nodded and so she came to stand beside me. Feel my clit, come on girl, stroke it. Alan, take her hand and put it on your cock.”

I did as ordered, I let go of Alice’s tits and felt for June’s hand and stopped pumping into Alice, I then withdrew my cock far enough for June to be able to touch it, and then grasp it. I pushed her hand up to Alice’s sex and told her to rub Alice’s clitoris while I fucked her.

It didn’t take long. Alice began to swear and hump her buttocks as she neared her climax. June tried to take her hand away from Alice, but I held her wrist and made her rub Alice’s clit harder and faster until we were rewarded with the sight of Alice’s juices flowing from her sex.

I quickly pulled my cock out of her vagina and knelt to taste her. She was sweet. I told June that Alice’s juices were amongst the sweetest I had ever tasted and as I knew she’d already tasted Anne’s pussy juice, I thought she should taste Alice’s also.

June checked with her mom who smiled and nodded so she got between Alice’s thighs and without any hesitation, licked into Alice’s soaking sex opening.

Mary came to my side and told me that she wanted me to fuck her, here and now. We’ll find if you can actually fuck more than one woman without resting.”

“I want to be on the table beside Alice so that June can watch me being fucked. Then she’ll want to sleep with me tonight so that she can ask me what its’ like having you. She’s very close to becoming a lesbian and I don’t want that to happen until she’s had at least one man inside her.”

She put a chair against the table and climbed up, close to Alice.

Pushing her dress up to her waist, I pulled her knickers off before spreading her legs to reveal her curly hair-covered mound with the slightly open pink slit that I wanted to enter.

I could see the moistness that awaited me and I knew she was ready to be fucked, so I impaled her. One thrust and Mary had the biggest cock she’d ever had, buried up to the hilt inside her. Once she’d stop gasping, she wrapped her legs around my back to pull me towards her and then reached up to hold me. Opening her dress, I pulled her bra’ up and off her tits. They were magnificent, with big, red, nipples just begging to be sucked and pinched.

I squeezed, rubbed, kneaded and pulled her breasts and nipples as her vaginal muscles tried to grip my cock and I watched the expressions on her face as she went through the range of sensations that she was experiencing.

She had started with a very determined look that said she was going to reduce me to a wet rag. This changed to one of shock as what I was ramming into her got her undivided attention. Her expressions went from shock through wonderment and on to panic before finally settling for pure lust and capitulation. Very shortly after that, she grunted and gasped her way to an almighty yelling and then screeching, climax.

I pulled out of her, intending to taste her cum, but June beat me to it. She had her mouth hard against her mother’s sex before I had begun to bend down.

I cheated. June’s skirt came down very easily and the little darling lifted her bottom to enable me to get her knickers down. Pulling her away from her mother, I laid her on the floor and straddled her. I held my cock down so that she could get the head of it into her mouth, but it was asking too much for her first time, she had difficulty in taking much more than that.

As she worked at getting more of my erection into her mouth, I lowered my head and commenced licking and sucking her labia and teasing her clitoris until she opened her thighs as wide as she could manage and began pushing her hips up to my face.

When she came, she let out a high-pitched squeal and her hand clamped tight around my cock before she sighed and relaxed her grip.

June had a mouthful of Alice’s and her mother’s cum, with my semen following shortly afterwards. She appeared to be happy with that.

Mary sat on the edge of the table trying to pull her bra’ back over her tits and attempting to be the efficient housekeeper by telling us that coffee would be served shortly.

When she left, June went with her although she was still not wearing her skirt or knickers. Alice was waiting patiently for me to put her back in her wheelchair so that we could move to the living room where Mary and June would be serving the coffee.

When it came, Alice asked Mary and June, now dressed, to join us. When we’d settled, Alice said that she had something to say before we continued.

“I have to say that For Alan’s first few hours in my employ he has proved beyond any doubt that we are fortunate to have him, no pun intended. As I listened to the sound of Mary experiencing really intense sexual satisfaction, even in my own aroused state I knew that from here on in we really are going to be like a family.”

Alice asked Mary if she had any misgivings about what had just taken place. “I had no idea that any of that was going to happen. To me it was wonderful, even though we have always known that you wanted to be involved occasionally, I never expected it to be so openly public.”

“What do you think about it, especially about June’s involvement?”

“I was overjoyed because I got what I needed. I asked to be included. I like sex, not as often as you have it; I don’t have the drive or stamina for that much sex, but I do enjoy it and June is old enough to know that she does not have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Alan is so much more suitable for June and me. He never tried to have June and I actually wanted him to do what he did to me. I honestly didn’t think he could take you and then me, it was lovely being mistaken”

“We have been with you for ten years and are very happy to be here. You told me at the very beginning of my employment exactly what the future was likely to hold. I have never regretted working for you.”

“Mary, I am giving you and June a rise in your salaries. You have been a real find for us, given our lifestyle. Please understand that any time you wish to join in our frolics, you are more than welcome and in future I think you and June should dine with the rest of us. It is getting late, off to bed everyone, Alan I think you will want to get a good nights’ sleep so I will wish you goodnight. Anne, will you put me to bed please.”

When I entered Alice’s bedroom the next morning, I did so without knocking because I reasoned that, given the events of yesterday I had the freedom of the house and, with the exception of Anne, the freedom of its inhabitants, even if by invitation only. I was hoping that the invitation clause would be scrapped.

Alice was just leaving her wet room and Anne was about to dress her. I watched Alice’s breasts bouncing and swaying as she began the process of dressing and my cock twitched.

“Anne, Let me do that, I think I’ll appreciate the sight of those breasts much more that you.”

“Don’t be so sure Alan; she’s been known to give me sore nipples occasionally.”

Anne kissed her mother’s nipples and said that breakfast would start in thirty minutes time, and left. Wasting no time, I fondled Alice’s breasts and cupped her vulva before pressing my finger between her outer labial lips. She allowed me to finger her sex opening for a short while before telling me that the chair was uncomfortable for prolonged activities of a sexual nature so I moved her to her bed.

She was on her back with her thighs apart and holding her sex open as a sign that she wanted me inside her straight away. She got what she wanted and we celebrated the beginning of a new day and hopefully a new partnership with a very long and noisy fuck.

She produced copious amounts of juice and cum which caused her vagina to slurp and squelch as I plumbed her inner depths. The harder and deeper I penetrated her, the more aroused and demanding I became and the noisier she became.

Breakfast was forgotten as we rutted on her bed, which was no longer recognisable as a bed. I lifted her out of the wreckage, placed her on her desk then grabbed some pillows and a duvet and made a nest in the corner of the room.

Alice went into the nest and I then dragged the desk to stand in front of her wardrobe doors. I picked Alice up again, but this time she was face down and when I placed her back onto her desk she had a fair idea of what I was about to do to her.

Parting her thighs, I inserted my cock back into her sticky sopping sex and then told her to look in the mirror so that she could watch me fuck her. After a while I told her to place her hands on the desktop and raise her shoulders so that her tits hung down and I could see them bouncing and swaying as I rammed into her sex.

Needing to rest, I asked her to lower herself back down onto the desktop and as soon a she was supported I removed my cock from her love tunnel and slid my finger in there as I leant down to suck her anus,

Her bottom jerked as I sucked her sphincter, but gradually the tight little puckered ring was wide enough for me to get a finger into her anal canal. It wasn’t long before I was able to insert my cock into her and shortly after that, I was all the way in and she was grunting, moaning, and asking for some lubrication.

A hand appeared, holding a spray bottle of lubricant. The hand belonged to Mary who merely smiled and then sprayed Alice’s anus and my cock, which enabled me to keep fucking Alice’s backside without any interruption. I had no idea how long she’d been there and I certainly didn’t mind.

Mary was sufficiently close for me to reach out and grope her tits, which I did and then I asked her to drop her dress and remove her bra’, which she did without any hesitation. I was fucking Alice’s anus as I rubbed one of Mary’s nipples; it was a wonderful feeling.

Letting go of Mary’s wonderfully soft tits I reached forward, grasped Alice’s tits and lifted her up so that, once again, she had a grandstand view of me fucking her.

I stepped up the rate at which I was fucking her and then Mary joined in by lifting Alice and holding her upright, tits to tits. I let go of Alice’s tits, lowered my arms and grabbed handfuls of Mary’s buttocks to pull her and Alice hard against me.

Alice put her arms around Mary’s neck for support and was now squeezed between us. Mary lowered her hands to grasp Alice’s buttocks and force them apart as wide as they would go thus enabling me to ram my cock up into her body more easily. Letting go of Mary’s butt, I eased my hands between the two women so that I could get at Alice’s sex and rub her clitoris.

She squealed and swore her way to an enormous climax as I pumped my semen up into her rectum and then she went limp as I extracted my cock from her rear. Mary laid her onto the desk and covered her with a duvet then moved to me and, taking hold of my now flaccid cock, she told me that from now on she wanted me to fuck her any time I wanted.

“I know who you are, you’re a porn star. It took me some time to place you, but I knew I had seen you before. When I thought I’d placed you I looked through my downloaded porn videos and found you almost immediately. Do you still do porn movies?”

“You’re correct, and no I don’t. I stopped a couple of years ago, after I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. I could afford the best private treatment so I underwent an intensive course of treatment which was successful.”

“The downside was that after two years absence I was no longer wanted in the porn industry. I have never had any other employment so was reduced to taking anything I could get and jobs like that don’t pay very well. Seeing the advert for this job was like having all my birthdays coming at once.”

“Well, at least I now understand how you’re able to fuck to order and so often and just like you said, it is like all our birthdays coming at once. I hardly ever let that awful brute who was here before you touch me, but sometimes I desperately needed to be fucked. June was getting old enough to have a bit of fun with, but I needed a cock occasionally and his was the only one around.

“Mary, I’ll tell you something that might surprise you. As an ‘adult video actor’, I could screw all day and never feel any emotion. It was a job and I had the right tools, a big cock, a lot of stamina and good looking with it. I earned a lot of money, but I never had any enjoyment or satisfaction.”

“Before I answered that advert I was paying half of my room rent by fucking the landlady. I know she enjoyed it because she sometimes let me screw her for the whole week’s rent if I took her arse, so I did.”

“I have only been here a day and already I’ve fucked two lovely women and thoroughly enjoyed every second. I had to prove that I could deliver the results that you wanted and I think I have done that and enjoyed every fuck I’ve had.”

“I have felt emotion and satisfaction every time and that is because all of you just want to be loved and appreciated. I know that in the long run I’m being paid because Alice needs to be fucked and thinks that paying someone is the only way to make that happen.”

“Well she’s wrong. What she needed was for someone to discover what sort of person she is; the sex would have followed. I suppose that being a nymphomaniac did lend a sense of urgency to the search for a lover. The wonderful thing about her generosity is that she was making certain that other members of the household also got their sexual needs satisfied.”

“I would love to fuck you any time you I want; I would be certifiably insane to turn that offer down, so unless Alice has need of my cock, it’s yours. That raises a question about pecking order. Obviously Alice always comes first, but if Anne asked me to fuck her at the time that I had promised to fuck you, would she take precedence?”

“No, after me it is first come first served.”

“Oh you’re back amongst the living. Have you been listening to our chatter?”

“Yes I have. You are a surprising man, and Mary is proving to be woman of surprising depths. All these years and I never guessed that you watched porn videos. We must get together and see if we have anything that the other hasn’t seen. I used to love watching porn tapes with my husband it made him so randy.”

“Alan, You have done more to satisfy my carnal desires than anyone since my husband died, I think you’ve also aroused my daughter, which is more than any other man has managed. I need a shower and I think you could also use a good soaping, so we can do that together, but don’t you dare try to fuck me again today. I am well and truly fucked, and for so early in the day that is a first.”

Mary left as we entered the wet room and cleansed each other, I did grope her tits, but I think she’d have been disappointed if I hadn’t. Anne came and helped us rebuild Alice’s bed and return the desk to its former location and then we visited the kitchen, where Mary made us some scrambled egg on toast to keep us happy until lunchtime.

It was a warm, sunny day so I was wearing shorts and little else when I set off to explore the immediate grounds. There was extensive woodland behind the house, which ceased about a hundred yards from the house. The intervening ground was a lawn upon which were a couple of canopy covered swing benches and three airbeds.

I tried the swing benches, but they needed oiling because they both squeaked, so I tried an airbed and it didn’t so I took a couple of cushions from a bench and made myself comfortable on the airbed.

I would have dozed off; it was not to be however. A shadow fell across my eyes which when I opened my eyes, proved to be June blocking the sun’s rays. It was a nice view because I was looking up her dress and could see the dark triangle of the pubic patch through the thin fabric of her little knickers.

“Mom says I should come and ask you to teach me how to suck cock without being sick.”

“Oh Did she, and how do you feel about that?”

“If mom says it’s okay then I don’t have a problem with it.”

“Why did she say it?”

“Because she saw that I was upset that I couldn’t do it last night when I had the chance.”

“So you do want to suck my cock?”

“Yes, I do. Will you let me try again, please?”

“I will if you do what I tell you do without any questions.”

“I will.”

“The first thing to remember is that the moment you tell a man that you want to suck his cock, he won’t be able to get it out of his trousers fast enough to stop it being too hard to manipulate easily. That is because he’ will think he’s about to fuck you, and stopping him might be difficult, so be careful to whom you say it and where you say it.

“First I want you to take your knickers off. Don’t worry; I won’t try to fuck you, today at least. In future, it would be helpful if you wear knickers only when you’re menstruating. At all other times you should try going without them when you’re here. You can have a lot of fun if your sex is available for someone you like to play with and taste.

You’ll see what the advantages of not wearing knickers are in a moment or two. When you’ve done that, remove my shorts and underpants. Do not touch my cock.”

She pulled her knickers off and I was treated to flashes of her slit and anus as she pulled them off her feet.

“Now stand astride my head facing my feet.”

“I am looking straight up at the slit of your sex and if you look closely you will see my cock is getting bigger and beginning to stand upright. The reason for that is because it was designed to go inside that slit and my brain is programmed to start the process of getting my cock into the state it needs to be in when it thinks I’m going to be getting there.”

“I don’t need to have my cock sucked in order to arouse me. The thought of entering a vagina is sufficient to do that and the sight of a pussy will definitely do it. The cock sucking is just for the pleasurable feeling of a warm, moist mouth on the nerve sensors in my shaft. Many women also enjoy sucking cocks just for the pleasure it gives them. Even if they know it won’t be going in their pussy.”

“If you wish to suck my cock to give me pleasure and to see if it gives you any pleasure, then kneel down now and let us find out how much training you really need, I do not think it is very much.”

I guided June into the position I wanted, which was with my face at her pudenda and her face over my erection. I told her to take hold of my cock and put her lips around the helmet and then, in her own time, begin to lick it and suck it slowly and to take all the time she needed to be comfortable at the hard flesh inside her mouth.

I waited until I felt her lips around the base of my cock’s helmet and then I licked her labia and pressed my tongue hard against her slit until the lip parted to let me lick inside her sex.

June pressed her sex down onto my mouth, which told me that she wasn’t having any doubts about what I was doing. I pulled her buttocks apart to reveal her anal sphincter and then I licked it.

Her mouth opened to gasp in surprise and a couple of inches of cock entered her mouth. I stopped moving and very slowly she began to suck what was in her mouth and gradually her head began slowly moving up and down.

June had progressed to be taking about six inches of my cock into her mouth when I pressed her sphincter with a forefinger and entered her rear tunnel at the same time that my tongue licked her clitoris. She opened her mouth, but before she could make any sort of noise, she had another inch inside her.

I could feel her throat muscles constricting, and she started to gag, but before I could take my mouth away from her sex, she began to breathe through her nose and that was it. Task accomplished.

Her head was soon bobbing up and down at a steady pace as I allowed her to find out just what pleasures were in store for her when she finally allowed me to put my cock where my mouth and fingers were currently placed.

I had to stop her bringing me to a climax because I knew that either Alice or her mother was going to be demanding all my abilities before the day was over and I’d already taken part in a sex marathon.

“June, get up and take your dress off, and no I am not going to fuck you. When you’ve done that I want you to lie beside me, on your stomach.”

She did that and I now had the lovely task of undoing her bra’ and telling her that I would be delighted if she never wore one again in the privacy of the house and grounds. I also had her smooth, rounded, bottom to stroke.

Stroking was not what I wanted, and she soon found out what I wanted when I slipped my fingers between those glorious globes and applied pressure against her anus. I didn’t need to say anything, she parted her thighs to allow me the freedom to do as I wishes and before long I had a finger all the way inside her rear passage.

I told her to feel her sex and rub her clitoris as I stroked inside her rear and shortly after I had crooked my finger and pressed the end against the wall between her vaginal sheath and her anal passage, she began the journey to a climax.

Her sphincter clamped on my finger as she rubbed furiously on her clitoris. When I managed to turn her over, I finger fucked her as she masturbated and as my lips found an erect nipple she cried out and flooded my hand with her cum.

Once June had recovered some composure, she kissed me and said:

“Thank you for teaching me. I think Anne is going to get a surprise when she next asks me to go to bed with her.”

“I want to be fucked, just to get this bloody virgin thing out of the way and to find out if it is so fantastic. I hated the previous man that Alice picked, but I like you and I’ve already gone further with you than with anyone else. I am nervous, but I want you to fuck me.”

“I only want you to do it once, so that I know what it is like and I want you to do it with my mother present. Mother says that we can ask you to do any sexual act and you have to do it.”

”She’s correct and you’re behind the times. You mother has told me that I can fuck her whenever I want to and believe I will do exactly that, now you’ve told me what you want me to do, I must do it. You didn’t say when I should fuck you, or where you wanted it to happen so I get to choose when and where. You should also be aware that I can decide if a fuck lasts for ten minutes or ten hours.”

“Oh, I couldn’t last that long.”

“June, you are a lovely girl with a gorgeous, sexy body and I’ve seen and tasted your sex. I’m looking forward to pushing my cock into your body and I think I can get you into such a state of sexual arousal that you won’t want me to stop.”

“You’ll be able to ask your mother after I’ve fucked her for the second time because it will last a great deal longer than the first one, or go and ask Alice, she already knows what I can do.”

I fondled her tits and sucked on her nipples and very soon she was panting and becoming more ardent with her return kisses Then her hand was wrapped around my cock and she began squeezing and pulling my cock until she had a solid cock pulsing in her hand.

“You can open your thighs and I’ll fuck you here and now, or you can get up and leave. Option one will take effect in about thirty seconds time from now.”

She chose option two, but I could see that she had to fight her desires.

End of Pt. 1

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