Side Effects

An adult stories – Side Effects by ReclaimingLostTime,ReclaimingLostTime Consciousness started to filter into my brain, I was slowly becoming aware of noises around me, a steady beeping and the low sound of voices. Someone was holding my hand and I realised I was lying in a bed, half propped up. It wasn’t my bed though, and I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids were like lead and I could barely move them. I tried harder, forcing them apart and slowly light began to filter in, softly at first then more harshly.

“What….?” My voice was croaky and I could barely understand myself.

“Nurse, Nurse,” a voice called out, “he’s waking up.” It was my mother’s voice and as I forced my eyes to open wider I could make out the blurred outline of three figures. Slowly they came more into focus as my eyes became accustomed to the glare, it was my parents and my sister. We were in a stark white room with bright fluorescent lighting and with a start I realised I was in hospital.

Slowly I took in more surroundings, I had wires attached to me and a clip on my finger, all leading back to machines standing by my bedside. There was a tube stuck below my nose and I could feel a soft waft of air coming from it. My mother’s face was full of worry, and I could see that tears were streaming down her face.

A nurse appeared and I heard my mother again. “He’s awake, isn’t he? Please tell me he’s OK.” The nurse peered into my eyes and then shone a little torch into them making me blink again.

“Well the signs are good, I’ll go and fetch the doctor, he’ll conduct some tests, but I’m sure that now he’s awake it won’t be long before he’s back to himself.” She disappeared and my mother came and hugged me, her tears making my face wet. Dad too hugged me followed by my sister, all with broad smiles plastered across their faces.

“We’ve been so worried David,” my mother said as the doctor came in, dressed in green scrubs with a stethoscope round his neck. He too peered into my eyes with a torch, looked at the readouts from the machines and then pronounced me fully awake, adding that I wasn’t completely out of the woods yet but that it shouldn’t be long.

“You’ve got a concussion, and some pretty bad bruising all over your body, but luckily nothing broken, so you need to take it easy for a week or so, and we’ll keep you in for one more night, then I think you’ll be able to go home if your parents can keep a close eye on you.” My mother nodded vigorously. “We’ll give you some strong painkillers, take them religiously for three days, then only if you really need them as they can do some strange things to you. Side effects can be constipation and perhaps a light headedness, a feeling of being a little spaced out. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs for a week.”

“He doesn’t take drugs!” My mother interrupted loudly.

“I’m sure he doesn’t,” the doctor replied, “just telling you that’s all.” With a final scribble on my chart he left.

“Why am I here?” I croaked as the nurse lifted me up slightly and allowed me a sip of water, tasting like the finest nectar as it slipped down my parched throat.

“Don’t you remember anything?” My father asked as I shook my head, instantly regretting it. “You’ve been in a car crash, a car crossed the carriageway in front of you and hit the cars ahead of you. You hit the back of them and were then rear-ended. Luckily the air bags all activated and protected you, but the car’s a write off, although don’t worry about that now. We’re just so glad that you’re going to be OK.”

“How long have I been here?”

“You’ve been in a coma for two days.”

“Two days?” I couldn’t believe I’d been out for that long.

“And Mum and Dad haven’t left your side for that whole time,” my sister, Jenny added as Mum squeezed my hand. The nurse came in again and I was able to look at her properly for the first time. She was perhaps early thirties and dressed like the doctor in green scrubs, she had bobbed blond hair and a trim figure. Her name was Julie I saw from the name tag pinned just above her breast, one of a rather attractive pair, I couldn’t help noticing.

She gave me some pills then addressed my parents, “I have to get all these wires off him now and various other matters, then someone will come in and give him a bed bath. I’m sure he’d be grateful if you gave him some privacy for a while. In any event those pills I gave him will soon have him asleep and getting some proper rest. Don’t worry, he won’t slip back into a coma again now. Why don’t you go home for the night and get some rest yourselves, you’ve done absolutely everything you can for him. He should be proud of you.”

Mum, Dad and Jen all left, somewhat reluctantly, all kissing and hugging me and I was finally left alone with Julie. She started unsticking all the sensors, wrapping up the wires carefully. I couldn’t help but peer down the V neck of her scrubs as she bent over me and was rewarded by a glimpse of her bra encased breasts, surprised that her bra was bright red. I wondered if her panties matched.

Finally she was done. “Right, just your catheter now.” I had wondered why my penis felt so strange, but hadn’t been able to explore it while my family were there. “It won’t hurt, just a strange pulling sensation,” she explained, pulling the bed covers back and lifting my hospital gown up. I looked down at my penis, a tube coming out of my urethra running down and out of the side of the bed.

Julie took hold of me and gently started to ease the tube out. I couldn’t watch and averted my eyes wondering how on earth she knew how it would feel if she didn’t have a cock herself. She was right though, it didn’t hurt and then finally it was out. She reached for a wipe and holding me in one hand gave it a wipe.

To my intense embarrassment my penis started to get hard and within a second or two I had a full boner. “I am so sorry,” I apologised, feeling my face go bright red.

“Don’t worry David, I’ve seen it all before and believe me, I’d be really surprised if a healthy twenty year old like you didn’t get an erection in these circumstances. You’ve not had any relief for several days and you must be getting backed up. However I’d not advise any sex or masturbation for a day or two if you can possibly manage that.” She looked at me and with an impish grin gave my cock a quick fondle before lowering my gown and replacing the bed covers.

She left the room and was replaced by an orderly who proceeded to give me a welcome bed bath, but I have to say the he wasn’t a patch on the delightful Julie. He was a very nice guy though and chatted to me throughout, asking me why I was in hospital although I really couldn’t tell him much. As he finished I found myself becoming very drowsy and my eyelids became too much to hold open and darkness overcame me.

I was dreaming, well I had to be dreaming but the clarity of the dream made it appear completely lifelike. Julie had come into the room I was in, not my hospital wardroom, but a simpler room, just a normal metal framed cot on which a form was lying. He looked up as she came in and smiled at her. “You came then?”

She nodded, “But I don’t know how long I’ve got, I’m still on call although everyone seems fully settled and the others can manage most things. She pulled her scrubs top over her head revealing her scarlet bra, supporting two beautiful looking breasts, a delectable cleavage between them. Reaching behind her she unsnapped the clasp and they tumbled out, full and firm looking topped with pale nipples.

The figure on the bed rolled over onto his back, still in his scrubs, and I could see that it was the doctor who’d attended me earlier. Julie reached for his waist and pulled at the draw cord, undoing the bow and then pulling them down his legs together with his underwear. His cock sprang up, fully erect and immediately she leaned forward and took him in her mouth, rubbing the base as he reached for her head, holding his hands either side of it. I could see her mouth sucking at him while her hands were busy at work.

“God, I’ve missed that, you suck my cock so beautifully. Here let me lick you as well.” Julie removed her own scrubs and I was pleased to see that I had been right, her panties did match. She slipped them off and I realised she was a true blond, her curly pubic hair was as blond as the hair on her head.

She swung her legs over him and they settled into a classic 69 position, her head bobbing on his cock as he buried his face between her legs. I could see her puckered hole, her pussy lips as he drove his tongue into her, prising her crease open with his fingers. She raised herself up and pivoted round sitting astride his hips and lifting herself up grabbed hold of his cock and guided it between her legs. She sank down slowly and I could see her lips parting as it slipped inside her.

They began to move slowly, Julie undulating her hips as he thrust up inside her, her breasts were bouncing on her chest, her nipples now looking darker and harder as her arousal rose through her. They moved with more intent, seemingly wanting their release quickly and I could see their need as he began to slam harder and harder up into her pussy. Suddenly he groaned and grabbed her hips, “I’m going to cum,” he gasped.

“Not inside me, he’ll be home,” cried Julie in a panicked voice as she lifted herself off and slid rapidly down his legs, taking his cock once more in her mouth. I could see her swallowing until she could take no more and she pulled it out, semen still spurting out over her face and neck.

Just as he finished there was beeping sound, “Shit, that’s my pager, I’ve got to go. See you later I hope.” With that he rolled out from under her and standing up dragged his scrubs back on and without a backward glance, literally ran from the room.

Julie sighed and rolled back onto the bed, one hand finding her breasts and the other her pussy, She started to rub herself and I realised that she hadn’t cum and was going to finish herself off. Thrusting two fingers inside her pussy she began to saw them in and out and I could hear her squelching as her juices flowed copiously out of her. With a cry her back arched, thrusting her hips into the air and her fingers rubbed frantically at her pussy. Then just as suddenly she was still and she collapsed back down onto the bed, breathing heavily.

After a few minutes she stood and pulled her clothes back on as I watched, seeing her lean forward and drop her breasts into the cups of her bra then cover them with her scrubs. She pushed her hair back into position then tidying the bed slightly, left.

I was coming to, my head and body aching and I reached down to my crotch, realising that I must have had a wet dream or something as I was sticky with cum. I dried myself with the front of the gown and looked at the clock, two-fifteen it said, and I guessed that it was in the middle of the night. What a dream I’d had, or was it? It didn’t seem like any dream I’d had before, yes, I’d had erotic dreams but nothing so vivid and realistic. Also it wasn’t as though I had been there watching, more like I was everywhere, aware of everything going on, seeing everything in absolute clarity, and then clearly I’d had an orgasm.

My head hurt and I was just contemplating pressing the button for the nurse when the door opened and Julie walked in. “Ah, you’re awake then. In pain?” I nodded. “Just as well I’m here to give you some more pills then.” I looked at her, she was an exact duplicate of the Julie in my dream and as she approached me I could see something in her hair, something that looked just like spunk. What on earth had I witnessed?

She gave me the pills, made a notation on my chart and said, “I probably won’t see you again, my shift finishes shortly and I’ll be going home for a couple of hours with my husband, another nurse will take over. I wish you all the best with your recovery David, and remember what I said about leaving it for a day or two if you can.” Too late for that I thought! With that she was gone and I was left with only my memory of that vivid experience.

When I awoke again it was indeed another nurse who gave me my medication, just as it was beginning to get light. She was pleasant enough but didn’t have quite the same appeal as Julie. Pretty soon I was engaged in the lengthy process of being discharged, a further examination by a doctor, a different one, and was finally pronounced well enough to go home. I still couldn’t remember anything about the accident or anything immediately before it, but otherwise I felt totally compos mentis.

Both Mum and Dad came to pick me up, bringing some clean clothes for me to wear. A porter wheeled me in a wheelchair to the exit where I was finally allowed to stand, and allowed myself to be led to the car. I do admit to feeling a little wobbly, but I was in no pain courtesy of the pills I’d been given, a fresh supply of which was in my pocket. I’d been left in no doubt that too many taken at one time was extremely dangerous, and that I was not to drive or operate any machinery whilst taking them.

I sort of expected to have some concerns about being in a car, but experienced nothing of the sort, although some of the potholes did produce some pretty hefty jarring to my bruised and battered body. Nevertheless we made it home safely and I was escorted into the house where my sister was waiting. She was most solicitous, offering to get me tea or biscuits, something to read and although we’d always been fairly close, my accident had clearly worried her and she was being extra nice.

It wasn’t long before it started to get on top of me, the complete calm of the hospital being replaced by a busy house, people constantly moving and talking and asking me if I wanted anything. I wasn’t ungrateful, I just felt as though I needed some peace and quiet and thus opted for a very early night, popping a couple of painkillers before getting into bed. I woke about four hours later and saw that it was still only eleven o’clock and I was once more in some pain so took some more. I should have waited another couple of hours, but knew that I’d never go back to sleep if I was hurting.

I lay back and closed my eyes, feeling the darkness swirl about me, then suddenly I was in my parents’ bedroom, not physically, but just as I had been in the doctors’ room at the hospital, aware of everything around me without actually seeing it. My mother was sitting at her dressing table cleaning her face, dressed just in a bra and panties. Nothing sexy I noticed, just plain white, although I could just about make out the darkness of her areola through the lace at the front. Her breasts wobbled enticingly as she spread various creams over her face.

Dad appeared from their en-suite bathroom, dressed in just a pair of boxers. He came up to Mum and stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders looking at her in the mirror. “It’s so good to have him back home.” He said, gently stroking Mum’s shoulders.

“Yes, I was so worried, well I know we all were seeing him lying there in that coma. I hope he recovers quickly and we get our boy back fully soon.”

“I’m sure he will,” Dad said, “the young bounce back very quickly and he’s pretty fit and healthy.”

“What about you?” Mum said, “I feel as though I’ve been neglecting you, I’ve been so concerned with David.” She pivoted on the stool and wrapped her arms round Dad’s middle, pulling his stomach into her face. “Perhaps it’s time to focus on each other a bit more.” With that she dug her hand into the opening of his boxers and pulled out his cock, still flaccid. She peered at it and said, “It looks sad, shall I give it a kiss better?” Without waiting for an answer she took it into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Unsurprisingly it grew hard very quickly and I saw that Dad had quite an impressive cock that my prim and proper Mother was now taking deep into her mouth, rubbing briskly at the base as she did so. Dad reached down and cupped her breast through her bra, I could see his fingers tweaking her nipples as he looked down at Mum’s mouth wrapped round him. He deftly unsnapped her bra and she shrugged it off her shoulders, her full breasts falling out of the cups. They betrayed her age and children, sagging slightly, but still quite remarkable.

I’d never really considered my parents having a sex life, yes I’d seen them embracing often and had heard noises from their bedroom, but to see them engaged in something I thought only the young did was quite a surprise. Dad pulled Mum up, his cock plopping out of her mouth as he moved towards the bed, pulling his boxers down as he went. Mum stood up fully and slipped her panties off. She had a full bush, a thick triangle of curly hair between her legs as she crossed over to the bed.

She put a knee on the side and slid the other leg over Dad’s body, then slid upwards until her pussy was above his face. He lifted his head and pushed out his tongue, pressing his face into her crotch, licking up and down. Mum gasped and reached out a hand to the wall to steady herself as Dad continued to lick her. “I love it when you do that,” she moaned, “stick your tongue right in.” Dad grasped her buttocks and pulled her hard against him as she rocked her hips back and forth, her breasts swaying on her chest, her nipples now dark and hard.

Dad rolled her off, and she lay beside him, her legs apart as he positioned himself between them, his cock pointing straight at her pussy. I saw it nudge against her as he manoeuvred himself into position, then with a smooth push forward his cock disappeared inside her as Mum’s arms came round him. “God that feels good,” she murmured as her body began to move in tandem with his, their hips rising and falling together, his cock momentarily appearing as he pulled backwards.

He raised himself into a semi kneeling position and held Mum’s legs apart, her pussy and arsehole now clearly visible, his cock pistoning in and out of her as her breasts oscillated on her chest. She grasped them and squeezed them against her, her fingers scissoring her nipples as Dad pumped in and out of her. “Peter,” she cried out, “hard now, fuck me hard!” I’d never heard my mother use that word ever and I was shocked at the height of her passion to make her say it.

Dad was now ramming himself into her with some force and pace and I could see Mum’s face contorting as her breathing became ragged. “That’s it,” she cried, “that’s it, I’m cumming now, fuck me harder, fill me up.” Dad’s face contorted too as he rammed his cock into her then threw back his head, clearly cumming himself.

As if in sync with them I could feel an orgasm erupting in me, I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or not, but I knew I was cumming as well, my cock spurting spunk into my sleep shorts. I could feel myself slipping away from their room, a greyness replacing the clarity of the previous images as Dad pulled his cock from Mum, allowing a dollop of white to escape the lips of her pussy as he lay down beside her.

I woke and saw that it was now early morning, light seeping round my curtains and I wondered if it had all been an erotic dream. My sleep shorts felt and looked crusty and I knew that I’d had an orgasm, but was it a wet dream or had I just had a wank and forgotten about it. There was a knock on my door and I quickly covered myself up again. It was Mum with a cup of tea. “Thought you might like this,” she said as she bent forward to put it on the bedside table. I saw her breast fall forward inside her robe and I could see that she had nothing on underneath.

She left, her backside swaying beneath the tightness of the robe and my hand went to my now hard cock and I had a delicious wank, recalling the images of the previous night, sure now they were real in some strange way.

I got up and showered, pleased to be in my own bathroom, well the one I shared with my sister, rather than in hospital. I took my time savouring the hot shower, and felt much better when I emerged, freshly shaven. I needed some more pills and swallowed them with breakfast, then settled back for the day, needing to take it easy, but already feeling a little bored and frustrated. Dad was at work again, Mum was catching up on her housework and Jenny, my sister had gone shopping with a friend. I watched some TV, dozed for a short while and read a book.

Jenny appeared mid-afternoon with her friend, I knew Sarah pretty well, she’d been Jenny’s BFF for a long time and they’d practically grown up together. She enquired after my health, saying how worried she’d been but was glad I was now on the mend. The two of them disappeared into Jenny’s room, closing the door behind them, giggling. I popped some pills and began to feel drowsy so decided to go to my room out of Mum’s way and have proper nap.

The sunlight was streaming through the window and I felt the world of consciousness slipping away, greyness then darkness taking over until the light returned, it was like turning a television on, everything suddenly full of light and colour once more. I was in Jenny’s room, she and Sarah were taking their shopping out of various carrier bags, they’d bought a variety of dresses, skirts and tops and were examining them. “I’m really pleased with this one,” Jenny held up a pretty dress, examining it from the front and back, then laying it down on the bed. She pulled her jumper over her head revealing her breasts in a pale blue bra, then unzipped her jeans and tugged them down her legs.

Her panties were quite brief and matched the pale blue of the bra. I’d seen her in a bikini many times and had occasionally glimpsed her in her underwear, but I was really surprised at how good she looked close up. Her breasts weren’t large, but she had a very trim waist and her bum looked magnificent. She slipped the dress over her head and zipped it up. “It really suits you,” said Sarah running her hand down the side of the dress over Jenny’s waist.

“Yeah, I thought I’d wear it to the party next week, James and I are going together.” Jenny removed her dress and hung it up, but didn’t put anything back on.

“I thought you two were getting on well, Dan and I will be there as well.” She took out a blouse and looked at it, then as Jenny had done she pulled her tee shirt over her head. Her bra was plain white but her breasts were much larger than my sister’s filling the cups of her bra nicely. The front of the bra was pretty transparent and I could see her small nipples quite clearly. She slipped the blouse on and although I could see the outline of her bra, her nipples had disappeared.

“Let me see the skirt you bought,” instructed Jenny and Sarah removed her own jeans, revealing she was wearing a very brief thong. “Wow,” said Jenny, “they wouldn’t hold a sneeze back, as my Mum would say.”

“No they are pretty brief, I had to shave all my pubes off, as they kept sticking out the sides. Look.” And with that she pulled down the front of her panties confirming that she was indeed completely bald. The top of her slit was just visible, her clit tucked into its little hood. Jenny stared at her friend.

“Does it feel strange? I’ve trimmed mine but haven’t been bold enough to shave it all off.”

“Here, have a feel.” Sarah took Jenny’s hand and pushed it into the front of her panties and I could see Jenny running her fingers over her friend’s pussy.

“Mmmm, does feel nice. I bet Dan appreciates it as well!”

“I haven’t let him touch me there yet, but I’m thinking of letting him next weekend after the party. What about you and James? Have you done it yet?”

I could see Jenny blush, “No, He’s felt my breasts through my bra, and he put my hand on his thing over his trousers, but nothing more. I’ve never touched a real one before and I’m a bit worried. I mean what if it’s ugly or huge, or small. Have you touched one?”

“Not yet, but I’ve seen my Dad’s, it was pretty frightening, I don’t know how they’re supposed to fit into our pussies, but I suppose they must.”

Jenny peered into her friend’s face for a second and then said, “If I show you something will you swear not to tell anyone else?” Sarah nodded and Jenny opened her dresser drawer and reached right to the back, pulling out a pretty life-like dildo.

Sarah took it from her, running her hands all over it, then asked, “Have you used it yet?”

“No I only got it the other day, I was waiting for the right moment.”

“Come on, Jules, I dare you, try it now!”

Jenny grinned, “OK, but you as well.” She jumped on her bed and sat up propped against the pillows. Sarah took off her top and sat beside her. “There’s a little switch here,” Jenny flicked the switch and the fake cock started to buzz. She sat back a little and opened her legs, pressing the dildo against the front of her panties, just about where her pussy would be, then ran it up and down her slit. “Feels really good,” she confirmed.

“Let me have a go.” Sarah took it from Jenny’s hands and ran it over her own panties, pressing it into her a little as a camel toe formed. Jenny watched as her friend ran it up and down the indentation in her panties. “You’re right, that does feel good.” Without warning she hooked her fingers in the sides of her thong and pulled it right off, lifting her legs up as she did so, then replacing the buzzing toy against her bare pussy lips.

It was a pretty sight, her lips were really neat, her inner lips barely visible and as the dildo ran up them they parted showing a pinkness inside. “Hey, that’s not fair,” complained Jenny, “I haven’t had a proper go yet,” and she snatched it back from Sarah, then removing her own panties placed it against her pussy. It was different from Sarah’s, her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and mostly removed from round her lips which were darker than the surrounding skin. Her inner lips were bigger than Sarah’s, crinkled inside her slit, and her clit was actually quite large, already showing as a small hard lump.

“That does feel good, particularly on my clit, it’s sending little shivers all through my body.” Sarah’s hand had slipped down between her legs and she was now stroking her pussy softly, her eyes still fixed on Jenny running the dildo up and down.

“Are you going to put it inside?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve put a finger in before, my hymen doesn’t seem very big, but I think I’d want to lose my virginity to a proper one, not a plastic one. What about you?”

“Same here, fingers only so far,” she continued to stroke herself, her fingers now parting her lips revealing the pink inside. The wetness was now apparent and her fingers were making little squelching sounds as she ran then up and down. One slipped inside her a little and a soft moan escaped her. “I’m really starting to get turned on now, watching you and thinking about actually doing it.”

“Me too,” gasped Jenny, the dildo now just pressing against her clit, whilst her fingers worked her pussy. She pushed two fingers inside, “Ooh, that’s the first time I’ve done that, I’m so wet.” Both girls were now rubbing quite hard at their pussies, their faces contorted into expressions of deep concentration. Sarah stopped suddenly and reaching behind her unsnapped her bra, her firm young breasts now relieved of their covering. Her nipples were small bullet points on her the tips and she pinched one as her hand returned to her pussy, slipping two fingers inside her.

“Oh that’s so much better, do you think that’s how a real cock feels?” Jenny watched her friend’s breasts juddering in time to her hand movements and she slipped her bra off, her tits jutting out from her chest in small points, her nipples like pencil erasers. Sarah stared at them then impulsively reached over and cupped one of Jenny’s breasts, tweaking her nipple.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming, that feels so good.” Her hips lifted off the bed as her hands beat a frantic tattoo on her pussy, her toes scrunching up as a cry caught in her throat.

“I’m cumming too, I can feel it, yes, yes, yes,” cried Sarah, her breasts now bouncing on her chest as she watched Jenny cup one and lower her lips to the nipple sucking it gently into her mouth. Sarah’s pussy erupted in a squirt of fluid, her fingers spraying it everywhere soaking her thighs and the bed beneath. Just as suddenly she collapsed back onto the bed, “That was so intense, I’ve never squirted before, sorry about the mess.”

Both girls giggled, then laughed, their arms around each other as they took in what they’d just done together. “We still don’t know what a real cock looks like,” Jenny said.

“Do you think your brother would show us his?” Sarah mused, “Or have you seen it already?”

“Not since we were about eight,” she replied, “I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about asking him though.”

“Well you know him better than me,” replied Sarah.

I started to come to, the familiar fading of the scene into greyness. I hadn’t cum this time but my cock was hard and my hand played with it, stroking it up and down as I replayed in my mind the sight of my sister and Sarah getting themselves off, their pussies and tits still ingrained in my mind. I came hard, my spunk spraying over my stomach and chest, saturating my tee shirt and once finished I changed it for a fresh one before leaving my room.

Jenny and Sarah were sitting in the lounge when I came downstairs, both fully dressed once more in their jeans and tee shirts. Mum wasn’t there, she’d gone to the shops Jenny informed me. “Can I get you a cup of tea Bro’?” she asked as I sank into a chair. I accepted gratefully.

They both left, returning a short while later bearing three steaming mugs of tea. “Thanks Jen, I really appreciate all you’re doing for me, all of you. I don’t know how I’m ever going to repay you, but if there is anything I can do for you, anything in my power, just let me know.”

Jenny and Sarah looked at each other and I could see Sarah mouthing “Go on” to Jenny. “Well there is something, but I don’t know if you would be willing.” Jenny looked coyly at me.

“What? Just ask, I’ve already told you, I will if I can.”

“Well it’s just that Sarah and I were talking and we’ve never seen one before and we wondered if you’d show us yours?”

I pretended innocence, “Sorry, my what?”

“Your cock!” Burst in Sarah, “we want to see your cock!”

I allowed surprise to flood my face “Well,” I blustered, “that wasn’t quite what I had in mind, I don’t know if that would be wholly appropriate, you are my sister after all.”

“I’m not, and I want to see it as well,” argued Sarah. Inwardly I grinned, thinking how good it was when a plan came so perfectly together. I pretended to consider the request as Sarah continued, “Please David, we promise we won’t tell anyone and you’ll be quits with Jenny. Please.” She looked plaintively at me and I remembered the sight of her tits and pussy and wondered how I could wangle another real look at them.

“Okaaaaay,” I drew the word out, but it has to stay between us,” both girls nodded vigorously, “and I think we’d better go to my room in case Mum comes back.” They jumped up and headed off immediately as I rose somewhat more gingerly and followed. When I got to my room they were both sitting cross legged on the bed. “How do you want to do this?”

“Why don’t you lie down on the bed between us then we can both get a good look.” I complied and lay flat on my back, then undid my trousers and pushed them down to my knees. Taking a deep breath my boxers followed and there I was, essentially naked from the waist down, my flaccid cock lying against my thigh. Both girls stared at it, “Oh is that it?” Asked Jenny, “I thought it would be much bigger.”

“Well it does get bigger, and much harder, but it needs some sort of stimulus.”

“Like what?”

“Well something sexual, like seeing a naked body.” I took a deep breath, “How about you take your tops off?”

“No way!” cried Jenny, “I’m not getting my tits out in front of my brother.”

“Come on Jen, He’s got his cock out and anyway I want to see it hard.” With that she peeled off her tee shirt revealing her bra encased breasts. Somewhat reluctantly Jenny followed suit. Although my cock did twitch slightly it didn’t stir, its lack of enthusiasm driven mostly by my earlier orgasm.

“Perhaps if you took your bras off?” I suggested.

They looked at each other and shrugged, then as one reached behind their backs and unsnapped their bras, allowing them to fall forwards and off. Whilst I’d seen both girls’ chests only a short while before, it wasn’t exactly in the flesh and this time there was a noticeable effect as my cock started to rise, becoming harder, longer and straighter. Now I’m not porn star material, but I can muster a good seven inches and I could see their eyes widen as they took in what was happening.

“Can we touch it?”

“That would depend on whether you are willing to enter into a quid pro quo?”

“What does that mean?” Jenny asked.

“He’ll show us his if we show him ours,” responded Sarah. “OK, but jeans only, nothing more.” I nodded and they slipped off their jeans. Sarah adjusted her thong a little self-consciously as they both reached out a hand and clasped my cock. To say I was in heaven was a little bit of an understatement, two gorgeous semi-naked girls fondling my cock was a dream made in heaven.

“Is this how you have a wank?” asked Jenny.

“Sort of,” I responded, then grasping my cock showed them how to rub it for maximum effect.

“Can we do it, rub you until you cum, I mean?” asked Sarah. I looked pointedly at their panties and they looked at each other.

“OK, but no touching.” They both pulled their knickers down and once again I was treated to the sight of their bare pussies, this time not two feet away from me, on my bed as they took hold of my cock once more. With a little guidance from me they were soon well into the swing of it, their hands working in co-ordination, their tits wobbling delectably on their chests, Jenny’s nipples really pointed now as they increased the pace of their masturbation.

I could feel the sap beginning to rise in me, and warned them to back away a little, but just as the first spurt erupted from my cock Sarah leaned forward and it hit her on the face. She squealed with delight and directed the second at her again, just as Jenny got in on the act and pointed it her face, receiving a blast square on the mouth. Another few spurts and I was stopping them, “Sorry, can’t keep going, it gets painful,” I gasped, looking at their cum covered faces.

Sarah wiped a finger through it then put it in her mouth, “Tastes quite nice,” she exclaimed as Jenny copied her, grimacing and shuddering slightly. At that moment we heard the front door open and with a squeal the two of them jumped up and grabbed their clothes, racing across the landing to Jenny’s room, the door closing quietly after them. I pulled my clothes up, making myself decent just as Mum poked her head round the door.

“Ah, you’re awake. Have the girls been looking after you?”

“Oh, yes. Very much so in fact.”

Sarah left soon afterwards, her face completely clear of my spunk, I was pleased to see, giving me a coy little wave. Jenny was nearly back to her old self with me, but I sensed that she was treating me differently somehow.

As I lay in bed that night having taken a couple of pills, I reflected on what was happening to me, this strange ability to be somewhere else, not physically but metaphysically, being able to see everything that was going on, not with my eyes, but with all my senses. I allowed my mind to roam and suddenly I was in my parents’ room, I could see them in bed asleep, then without pause I was in my sister’s room. She was sitting up in bed reading. I wondered where else I could go and tried to spread my consciousness wider.

Now I was in a strange room, it was a bedroom and a woman was lying on the bed. She was partially undressed, she had a nightie on and from what I could see a pair of panties and she was looking at her phone. Her hand was caressing her panty covered mound and I realised she was watching porn and masturbating. Her face became clearer and I realised I was next door and the woman was Carol.

She and her husband were a youngish couple, probably in their early thirties and I had always admired her body. I’d peeked at it a couple of times from my bedroom window when they were relaxing in their garden and I’d even seen her in a bikini one day when she was sunbathing, but this was much more vivid. As I watched she lifted her nightie and slipped a hand down inside her panties, her fingers busy rubbing at her slit, then she stopped and pulled them out. She crossed her arms in front of her and took off her nightie, her breasts tumbling out of their confinement. They were on the large side as I had previously gleaned, but what I hadn’t realised was that her nipples were huge, not long but with very wide brown areola. She ran her hands over them as though massaging them, then dropped her hands to her panties and pushed them off.

I could see her slit clearly, she had a light downy triangle of pubic hair and I watched her finger slide down through it, then along her slit, parting her lips allowing the pinkness to show through. Her finger dipped inside her pussy, then two and she began to thrust them in and out. She picked up her phone again and peered intently at the screen as her hand fapped briskly between her legs.

Her fingers were really working hard at her pussy now and she dropped her phone, her hand clutching at her breast, tweaking her huge nipple as she arched her back. Faster and faster rubbed her fingers until with a cut off cry she came, her body jerking and shuddering as her orgasm swept through her.

I was aware of another presence in the room, I’d been so focussed on her performance that I hadn’t realised her husband Brian had entered. He stood there naked, his erect cock in his hand, his fist almost a blur already. “I see you started without me again,” he complained.

“And finished.” Carol announced as Brian clambered onto the bed, kneeling beside her. Roughly he thrust two fingers into her pussy as she lay there, just watching him. With a grunt he came, his spunk spewing out over her chest, covering those magnificent breasts with great splodges of white cum. Finally he finished and collapsed back onto the bed as Carol got up and made her way into the bathroom.

I followed her, watching as she washed her chest off, her hands gently caressing her breasts. Then she sat on the toilet and peed, her urine splashing down into the bowl. Grabbing a wad of paper she dried herself carefully then got up and washed her hands. Finally she went back into the bedroom where Brian was already in bed, his back turned to her, and put her panties and nightie back on, then clambered into bed beside him and sighing, switched the lamp off.

I came to and realised my fist was holding my own cock and I was vigorously wanking myself. Images of Carol’s tits and pussy flashed through my mind and I came, my spunk spraying out over myself. Satisfied I too slept, not waking until morning. I lay there, trying to allow my mind to transport me, but it was an effort, I managed briefly to be in my parents’ room but the images were faint and grey and kept slipping away. It came to me that I’d had the best experiences when I’d taken the strong prescription painkillers from the hospital and I resolved to experiment further with them.

It was Saturday morning and I’d forgotten that Mum and Dad were going out to friends for the day and were staying overnight. Mum was concerned at leaving me on my own, but I reassured her that I’d be alright. “In any event,” I said, “Jenny will be here if I do need anything.”

When they’d gone Jenny reminded me that she and her boyfriend James were going to a party with Sarah and her boyfriend, “And,” she added, “he’ll be coming back here for the night.” She looked at me daring me to challenge her. I said nothing, mentally tucking the information away for future use. She got ready that evening and James called for her. I’d met him before and vaguely knew him from school, he was OK and I did feel a momentary pang of jealousy, remembering that Jenny was going to let him touch her that evening and now, by the sound of it, sleep with her.

He called for her and they left at about nine. I sat and watched TV until midnight then took a couple of pills to help me through the night and went to bed. It must have been half one or two when I was woken up by Jenny and James returning, lots of theatrical shushing going on. I heard her bedroom door close and lay back, concentrating on letting my mind wander. The familiar blackness, turning grey, then a big splash of colour and I was inside Jenny’s room.

She and James were standing close together and Jenny was saying, “You can sleep with me and touch me, but I don’t know if I want to go all the way. If I say stop then you have to OK? Otherwise you’ll have to go now.” James nodded his head vigorously like a love sick puppy.

“You know I want to Jenny, but I promise I won’t do it unless you want me to.” They stood there and Jenny pulled him closely and started to kiss him. I found myself being drawn in closer and closer and suddenly I found myself inside James’ body, seamlessly melding with him. I couldn’t read his thoughts but my five senses had seemingly meshed with his. I didn’t know if it was him or me in control, but we were as one.

Jenny’s tongue was swirling round my mouth, sending little tingles through me, I reached down and cupped her breast, feeling the softness through her dress and bra. She pulled me in tighter and ran her hands down my back then broke away, turning around to face away. “You can unzip my dress if you want.” My fingers nervously found the zipper and slid it down, seeing the back strap of her bra.

She turned back to me and slipped the dress off her shoulders, stepping out of it. She looked great in her underwear, her matching bikini cut panties fitting snugly round her crotch. I found myself fumbling with my own clothes, ripping off my shirt and trousers, then hopping on one foot to remove my socks. I stood there just in my boxers as she pulled me down onto the bed, sitting astride my hips.

I could feel my erection tenting inside my shorts, pressing against her and knew that she could feel it as swell. She rocked gently against me then reaching behind her unsnapped her bra, allowing her small breasts to fall out of the cups. I gasped and realised that although I’d seen them before, James hadn’t and this was his reaction. She took his hands in hers and clasped them to her breasts, and I could feel their firmness, her hard pointy nipples poking into my palms.

Gently I massaged them, cupping and fondling them, then she leaned forward allowing my lips to latch onto her nipple. I sucked it gently into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. “That’s nice,” she breathed as she slid back down my hips and reaching inside my boxers pulled out my prick, holding it in her hand just as I had shown her. I was relieved that James’ cock was a bit smaller than mine, but still acceptable and I could feel the pleasure of the sensation of her stroking course through my body.

She stroked me for a while, then rolled away, pulling me down on top of her, my erect cock nudging against her panty covered pussy and I licked and sucked further on her breasts. She seemed content to allow me to explore further and I slowly trailed a line of kisses down her stomach and over her panties until my mouth was pressed firmly on her crotch. I could smell her muskiness and feel the heat rising from her.

Gently I eased the gusset of her panties to one side and slipped a finger in, feeling the soft wetness of her pussy lips. I found her entrance and looking up at her face for any signs of disapproval I slowly slid my finger in. She tensed slightly then relaxed as I pushed further in until I was buried up to the second knuckle. I began to curl my finger upwards, feeling her warm slickness.

I pulled my finger out and sensed her disappointment, as I grasped the waistband of her knickers and slowly drew them down over her hips. I expected to see her little patch of pubic hair, but as I pulled them down further I could see that she had copied Sarah and shaved herself completely bald. Her clit came into view, a little hard nub, then the top of her slit. Her lips were crinkly, sitting inside the outer labia and I could see her juices glistening on them already. Finally her whole vulva was bare before me as I stared wondrously at it.

She lifted her legs and I pulled her panties right off as he flashed her bum at me, that crinkled hole sitting just below her pussy. Casting her panties to one side I lowered my face once more to her crotch and pressed my mouth against her pussy, our lips making contact, then I pushed my tongue out, parting her lips and tasting her nectar. The tang of her pussy juice on my tongue was an indescribable sensation, fresh spurts seeping out as my tongue delved inside her.

She had her eyes shut now, her face a picture of concentration and I slipped one finger back inside her pussy, the followed it with another feeling the tightness close around them. My tongue was now flicking her clit, sending little shivers through her, then I dragged it down pressing hard into her slit, tasting the juices flooding from her sopping pussy.

I slithered slowly upwards again, feeling the end of my cock nudge against her pussy. She made no move to say no, to deny me access and I manoeuvred myself carefully until I could feel my cock just start to penetrate her. I looked into her eyes, mere inches away, the question clear. She nodded and uttered just one word, “Yes.”

Gently I pushed forward, feeling myself enter her, feeling her lips part, just a small resistance as she expanded to take me inside. I knew she hadn’t had a real cock inside her and wondered if she’d put the fake one into her pussy, but I continued to push forward, then I was fully in, sliding through her slick love tunnel. The tightness was unbelievable, yet so soft and warm, like a velvet glove as I began to move my hips, easing myself in and out of her, watching the pleasure on her face.

“That feels so wonderful James, thank you for being so gentle with me.” I could feel her start to relax now, responding to me, her hips moving against mine, pushing up to meet me, the end of my cock just touching her cervix each time. We moved in tandem for some time, and I could feel my arousal growing as I could see the evidence of hers. Her face was beginning to take on a reddish hue and her breathing was becoming more ragged, little pants and gasps coming from her mouth. I was determined to allow her to enjoy her first experience of real sex, and forced myself to slow down to prolong our lovemaking, but she was now forcing the pace, thrusting up hard into me, her hands clawing at my back, her nails digging into me.

Suddenly I felt her pussy contract, gripping my cock in her tight young muscles as she cried out, “Yes, yes, fill me up, cum in me.” I needed no urging, letting myself ram into her, feeling the contractions of her pussy round me as finally my cock exploded inside her, pumping out my semen, flooding her insides. I rolled away and lay back, my body gasping for air.

Next door my real body was experiencing the same effects, my cock was still pulsing, the last few drops of cum seeping out as I struggled for breath in the darkness. My senses returned to my own body, the memory of having vicariously taken my sister’s virginity still rushing through my head as I struggled to calm my beating heart. Darkness closed in again and I slept soundly until the morning light was flooding into my room.

I got up and went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. I was just tucking into it when Jenny appeared, trailed by James. “Morning,” she greeted me, “You won’t mention any of this to Mum or Dad will you?”

I looked up from my cereal, “Quid pro quo?” I enquired. She looked at me then grinned, nodding her head as she and James left. I rattled around the house, my mind on this new gift that I seemed to have acquired and wondered how long it would last and how I could use it. There seemed to be no answers and I supposed I would just have to keep experimenting.

Late morning the doorbell rang and I answered it, opening the door to find Sarah standing there. “Jenny’s not in,” I pre-empted her question, “she’s out somewhere with James.”

“I know, she messaged me. It’s actually you I came to see, can I come in?” I opened the door fully and invited her in. “Tea? Coffee?”

“No thanks, I’ve just come by to see if we can pick up from where we left off earlier in the week.”


“David, stop being so bloody obtuse! I’m asking you to take me to bed and fuck me. I want to lose my virginity and you’re the person I want to lose it with. Now close your mouth and take me upstairs.” With that she turned tail and marched off, trotting up the stairs and into my bedroom. Clearly not all had gone well with Dan after the party. By the time I’d caught up with her she’d got her top off and was undoing her bra, her tits spilling out, full and ripe as I remembered with those tiny bullet point nipples. Off came her jeans leaving her in just a red thong, standing there her hands on her hips. “Well?”

I ripped off my clothes, my cock springing clear of my boxers as I pulled them off and closed up to her, cupping and fondling her breast as our lips met together. Sarah’s hand closed round my cock, gently stroking it as we kissed, our tongues twisting round each other. She pulled away and fell to her knees, her mouth opening then closing round the end of my cock, sucking it into her mouth. “Am I doing it right?” she asked, looking up into my face as she resumed her ministrations. I could only gasp in response as I watched her mouth taking me deep inside.

I pulled her to her feet and settled her back on the bed, lying on top of her, my mouth kissing hers, then trailing down her throat and neck as my hand fondled her breasts. I could feel my cock between her legs, could feel her pushing against it increasing our mutual desire. Slowly, tantalisingly, I slid down her body, kissing all the way, spending time on her nipples, teasing and sucking on them, then down to her belly button and beyond. My mouth found the junction of her legs and I pressed my lips up against it, a damp patch forming in the middle of her panties from our combined liquids.

Wasting no time I pulled her thong off, seeing her bald pussy again, her tight neat lips and her small clit. My mouth closed in again, my tongue urgently pushing into her as far as I could manage, tasting her juices as they flowed out of her. I rolled over, taking her with me until I was on my back, her knees either side of my head, towering above me, her breasts jutting proudly from her chest. I grasped her buttocks, pulling her hard into my face, my fingers probing her crease, teasing her anus.

Sarah was rocking back and forth now, my tongue rasping along her slit from clit to arsehole, my saliva mixing with her secretions, wetting my face thoroughly. “How do you want to do it?” I asked.

“If It’s going to hurt I want to be the one to do it,” she replied looking own at me, then slithered down my body until she was poised over my erect cock, She took it in her hand and positioned it carefully at her entrance, then lowered herself an inch until I could feel her opening around my cock. She rocked her body to and fro gently then with her bottom lip between her teeth, pushed forcefully down.

I could feel her tightness, then a feeling of tearing and she uttered a small cry of pain as her pussy enveloped my cock. She stopped, moving herself gently and I looked at her enquiringly. “Not as bad as I thought,” she replied, “just give me a second or two.” As she spoke she started to move gently, keeping my cock deeply embedded inside her, making slow circling movements as she became accustomed to being filled.

Gradually her movements grew in scope, and she started to lift off me then down again. I looked at her pussy lips surrounding my cock and saw a small trickle of blood, diluting as her pussy leaked its fluids lubricating the way. She was moving easily now, her body almost bouncing on me, her tits oscillating and I reached up and caressed them running my thumbs across her pebble-like nipples. Her hand was on her clit now, the pads of her fingers describing small circles as she pressed against it, then running her fingers around her pussy lips still stretched around my cock.

I rolled her off again, my cock slipping briefly from her as I positioned myself between her legs, then sliding easily back inside her as her knees rose either side of me. I was thrusting vigorously into her now, as she started to become more vocal, moan and rolling her head from side to side. Her body was pushing back now, her hips rocking against mine. I could feel my orgasm building inside me and although I tried to push it back I couldn’t. “Sarah, I’m going to cum,” I gasped finding it difficult to breathe as I looked at her face, then down to her breasts, then to my cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

“Yes cum, cum inside me.” My cock burst its cum deep inside her tight wet pussy and as I erupted I could feel her cumming as well, her pussy pulsing round my spurting cock. She went rigid, her teeth clenched tightly together as her body rocked to and fro, squeezing every last drop from her orgasm.

Exhausted I collapsed on her, then rolled away, my cock falling from her and resting on her thigh as our chests heaved fighting for breath. She reached down between her legs and wiped her fingers on her pussy then examined them. “I thought there’d be more blood,” she said. “at least we won’t make too much mess in your bed.” I pulled the covers over us and we snuggled together, warm and cosy in each other’s arms, the sun streaming through the windows.

We must have drifted off to sleep as I was woken by a dipping of the bed behind me. An arm snaked round and I felt a lithe body press up against me. Releasing Sarah I twisted round and saw the grinning face of my sister. Looking down I could see she was naked, her small pointy breasts poking out from her chest. “Leave you alone for five minutes and look what you get up to,” she joked.

“What are you doing here? “I asked.

“I’ve come for some of that quid pro quo,” she stated, “What can you tell me about blowjobs?”


I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, I was down to half a dozen pills and needed a repeat prescription. The doctor examined me thoroughly and asked lots of questions, then proclaimed me fit and healthy. To my horror he declined to give me any more pills telling me that ordinary paracetamol would suffice from now on. I left the surgery thinking just how I was going to use the remaining six tablets that I had.

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