Blackmailed Bride by Lucky Mann

A literotic sexstories: Blackmailed Bride by Lucky Mann ,

A new wife’s past comes back to haunt her.

Blackmailed Bride

Lori was a very beautiful young bride as she walked down the aisle toward her soon to be husband. Her white gown helped accentuate her deep blue eyes and long blond hair. Her breast filled her gown to near overflowing. A good bit of her cleavage was spilling over the top of her gown’s bodice. The form fitting gown wrapped around her firm body and offered a nice view of the shape of her tight butt. The gown’s short train flowed behind her as she walked toward the altar of the church.

Lori was indeed a beautiful bride, but then aren’t all brides and pregnant women beautiful? Lori was not pregnant. Not yet, but she soon would be!

Ronald, her bridegroom, was the son of a powerful, wealthy, and well known local businessman. Ron’s family took great pride in their family’s reputation as tough but honest people. Any thing, or anyone, that brought that honorable reputation into question would be a blight on the entire family.

Ron had met Lori while at the local university. He was a Senior majoring in Business Admin. His department head asked him to be a guide for a group of high school Seniors that would be visiting the university in hopes of attending in the fall. Lori was one of the high school students that visited the university.

Ron was immediately captivated by Lori. He became infatuated with her eyes on first sight. Then she seemed to worm her way into his heart. She had the same effect on Ron’s parents and they loved her as well. Ron and Lori were soon engaged and planned their wedding for late the following summer.

Neither Ron, nor his family, knew of Lori’s checkered past. If knowledge of her indiscretions leaked out it would be a disaster for Ron, Lori, and the entire family.

All of the guests at the wedding were captivated by Lori’s beauty as she walked down the aisle. All except one. Jim was not all that impressed by Lori.

Jim had been making a lucrative living selling drugs to the local teens. It was Lori who had tipped the cops to Jim’s drug business. She had been responsible for him loosing thousands dollars in cash and drugs. Her tip to the cops had resulted in his spending six months in jail on drug charges. Jim was still angry and wanted revenge.

The wedding proceeded without a hitch. Ron and Lori were greeted with cheers as they turned to leave the church’s altar. In the reception line Jim smiled at Ron, shook his hand, and wished him luck. He then took both of Lori’s hands in his and squeezed them tightly while offering his congratulations with a smile. While holding her hands, Jim pressed a piece of paper into her palm. He then quietly left.

Lori pretended to adjust the top of her gown and secretly placed the piece of paper Jim had given her into her bra. Lori was quite accomplished at deceiving others, a skill learned while delivering Jim’s drugs.

Later that night, Lori was in the motel bathroom preparing herself to go to her new husband on their wedding bed. The small piece of paper Jim had given her fell to the floor. She had forgotten all about it. It read, “Call me tomorrow, bitch! It’s payback time!” A phone number was added at the bottom of the note.

Lori knew she was in trouble. Her new husband and his family would never understand her past involvements with people like Jim and his associates. She had only one course she could take. She would call Jim as soon as she could the next day.

In spite of her predicament, Lori put on the look of a nervous bride for Ron. He was a good husband. He spoke softly to her and soothed her nerves while petting his young bride. He knew she was a virgin. So was he. He assumed her nervousness was from the fear of the pain she was about to suffer at his hands, or rather his cock.

Lori had promised herself she would never let Ron know of her drug related past. She also would keep silent about the threesomes and other sex acts she had engaged in while hanging out with Jim. She would give her new husband the impression that he had hurt her as he took her for what he thought was her first time.

Ron petted, licked, and kissed Lori all over her beautiful body. Her nipples were hard and extended from her C+ cup breasts. Her belly rapidly rose and fell as she breathed in excitement. Her labia were swollen and soaking wet. It was time to take his bride.

Ron rolled on top of Lori to enter her. She clinched her fists at her sides in anticipation of the pain to come. When Ron placed his cock at the entrance to his brides vagina, she whispered in his ear. “Please Ron, take me fast so it won’t hurt for very long.”

“Alright darling. If that’s how you want it.” Ron then pushed his cock into Lori just enough to be certain he was properly lined up with her hole. He then abruptly shoved his entire 5 inch cock as deep as he could into his bride’s pussy.

Lori screamed in pain, even though there really was none. Jim had a much longer and thicker cock than Ron, and she had ridden it far too many times to be hurt by Ron’s small cock.

Ron held still for a little while so his wife could get used to her pussy being filled. “Are you alright, Baby?” He asked.

“Yes, Ron. Please go ahead and make love to your new wife.” She then pressed her pelvis up to encourage her husband.

Ron began sliding his cock in and out of Lori’s hole. He was soon pounding away at her. She was grunting and returning each thrust. He soon dumped his load of cum in Lori’s pussy. She cooed and generally sold Ron on the idea he had taken her cherry. In spite of her supposedly being sore, they fucked like rabbits late into the night until they fell asleep exhausted.

Ron was up early to get ready to go on their honeymoon. They were going to the Bahamas for two weeks of sun and fun. While he showered, Lori called Jim.

“Good morning, Bitch. How did Ron like the well used pussy his wife gave him?” Jim sarcastically asked.

“Oh Jim, please. He thinks he took my cherry. Please don’t tell him about us or our drug deals. Ron and his family would hate me.”

“Shut up, Bitch. Here’s what is going down. You will go on your honeymoon. Fuck your brains out for all I care. You will call me as soon as you get back. Do you understand, you cunt? Other wise, I will be certain little Ronnie and his pompous family learn all about you and your sordid past. Got it?”

Lori could feel the anger and hatred in Jim’s voice. She was trapped. “Okay, Jim. I’ll call as soon as we get home.”

Jim hung up before Lori could say another word.

Ron and Lori did indeed try to fuck each others brains out while on their honeymoon. She even pretended to not know what she was doing when she sucked Ron off the first time. He really didn’t care how poorly Lori sucked cock. All he cared about was she was sucking his cock. And when he came in her mouth, she pretended to gag a bit before swallowing his cum. Lori was so ashamed she had to pretend and lie to her husband. She really wanted to fuck and suck him like the whore she had been.

Ron and Lori had been home just a few hours when she slipped off to call Jim. She hid in the garage while calling her former lover and drug dealing partner.

“Welcome home, Bitch! Did you enjoy your honeymoon? Are you ready to start your payback?” Jim asked.

“Please Jim, I can’t. I just got married and…”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, CUNT! Jim screamed.

She instantly began to cry. Lori knew Jim was serious. “What do you want, Jim? I can send you money until I have repaid all that you lost.”

Jim’s’ voice softened. “That will be a good start, Lori. But do not send it. Meet me at my house tonight. We will discuss the arrangements to get you even with me.” He then firmly told her. “Be there at eight o’clock and don’t be late, or else I’ll send the documents of your drug involvement to your husband and his family. Tell me, Lori. Did your family ever figure out how you made so much money working as a waitress?” He then hung up.

Lori told Ron she had spoken to an old girlfriend and she wanted her to come for a visit. Lori laughed and continued. “That horny girl wants all the details of our honeymoon. She just broke up with her boyfriend and thinks my telling her of my experiences with you will cheer her up. Ron honey, do you mind if I go see her tonight? Will you mind if I tell her all about our honeymoon?”

Ron patted his wife’s butt and smiled at her. “Go ahead Baby. I’ll bet your stories will make her feel real good. Actually they will probably make her horny just like you usually are.”

Lori knocked on Jim’s door just a few minutes past eight o’clock. When Jim let her in, she handed him five hundred dollars. “I know this isn’t much, but it’s all I had on me today. I know I can get more.”

“Bitch, that is a drop in the bucket. You owe me ten grand.”

Lori started to respond. “Jim, I sorry I didn’t know how much….”

“Shut the fuck up and listen, Bitch. That’s how much I had on me when the cops got me. They only got me because you got busted giving some asshole a blowjob in the alley behind the restaurant where you worked. I know you ratted me out to save your own ass. In addition to the money I lost, I spent over six months in a cell. All because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. You ratted me out over a blowjob the cops caught you doing in public. Now this is how this is going to go.”

Lori was crying. She knew Jim had a right to be mad at her and expect her to repay him. “Jim I am so sorry. I will repay you. I promise.”

“Your word to me isn’t worth shit! This is how we will work this out. You will bring me five hundred each Friday evening. Until I get all my money.”

“I can’t….”

There you go again. You just can’t shut the fuck up. I guess I’ll have to shut you up. Strip Bitch! I’m going to take some of the interest on my money out of your ass, or perhaps your pussy, or that talented mouth of yours. You got that Bitch? Now strip damn it!”

“I can’t do that Jim. I’m married now. I’ll pay you your money, but I don’t want to have sex with you.” Lori begged.

Who gives a fuck what you want to do or not do. Oh wait. I have a little incentive for you. Watch this.” Jim then pressed the ‘play’ button on his DVD player’s remote. “This ought to look familiar to you.”

Lori was horrified. The picture on the screen was of her doing three men at the same time. She could plainly be seen fucking one man, sucking another down her throat, while a third mam was violently shoving his cock up her ass. After the men all shot their cum into Lori, she joined them in smoking a joint. “Oh my God! How did you get that?”

“Never mind how I got it. The fact is I have it. Now, are you going to strip and cooperate, or do I send copies of Ron’s sweet wife staring in her own porno to Ron and his family members. What do you think they would do with you then? How about I send a copy to your parents as well.” Jim was glaring at Lori as she sobbed.

Lori slowly stood, kicked off her shoes, and unbuttoned her dress. When it fell to the floor, she stepped out of it. She then released the clasp of her bra. It soon joined her dress and shoes on the floor. Lori then hesitated.

“All of it, Bitch! Jim ordered.

Lori slowly pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She was then stark naked in front of Jim.

“Very nice, Bitch. You still look real nice. Now hit those knees and suck me off. I expect to feel lots of throat. Get busy!”

Lori didn’t move. She seemed frozen in place.

“Move it you fucking cunt! Get busy sucking my cock.”

Lori was startled out of her trance and dropped to her knees. She immediately fished Jim’s six and a half inch cock from his pants and took most of it into her mouth. In just a few moments, she was shoving it into her throat. She could still give one hell of a blowjob when she wanted to. She soon had Jim about ready to cum.

Jim grabbed her hair and violently fucked Lori’s face until he shoved his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. He dumped a large load of cum into her gullet. She had no choice but to swallow and take Jim’s cum to her belly.

“Okay, Bitch. Get up and get out of here. Be sure to be her on time next Friday. Have my five hundred dollars and be prepared to take my cum again. Now get the fuck out of here you whore!”

Lori returned home a much sadder bride. She was determined to pay Jim back his lost money. She had no idea how she would repay him for his time spent in jail. He knew she had to make things even with Jim, or she’s never be rid of him.

Ron saw Lori was upset when she returned home. “What’s the matter, Baby? Is it your friend?

“Yes! Lori answered. “She is so very disturbed that her boyfriend left her. If it is okay with you, I’d like to go see her again over the next few Friday evenings Maybe if we go out to dinner or something she’ll feel better.”

“Of course it is alright with me, Lori. I like that you are showing such loyalty to an old friend.” Ron then took Lori into his arms and took her to bed. The made slow gentle love until he pumped his cum into her pussy. He then kissed her, rolled over, and quickly fell asleep.

Lori lay awake for several hours thinking about the situation Jim had put her in. After a while she realized it was not just Jim who put her in a bind. If she had not ratted him out just to save her own skin, she would not be facing this difficulty. Her mind also drifted to the sex she had just had with her husband, Ron. She knew he loved her, but his small cock did not satisfy her sexual hunger.

The following Friday evening, Lori knocked on Jim’s door a few minutes early. Jim smiled and cordially invited her in.

Once she was inside Jim closed and locked the door behind her. Jim asked. “Have you brought me some money?”

Lori handed Jim an envelope that contained five hundred dollars as previously arranged.

Jim counted the money before saying anything else. Once satisfied the count was correct he gave Lori her first order of the night. “Strip Bitch!”

Without complaint, Lori removed all her clothing. In spite of herself, she felt her pussy getting wet as she took her clothes off. She quickly stood nude before an admiring Jim.

“You know Lori, you still look very appealing. As a matter of fact, I’m going to lie here on the floor and you will sit on my cock. Be sure you act like you are enjoying yourself. If I think you don’t want to please me, I’ll have to take further action to ensure that you do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Jim. I understand.”

Jim then stripped and lay on the floor. His cock was hard and pointing straight up. He was ready for Lori to ride him.

Lori stood straddling Jim’s hips. She then lowered herself to her knees. Slowly, she lowered her body until she felt Jim’s cock pressed against her pussy. Reaching between her legs, she took Jim’s cock and positioned it at her pussy’s entrance. Lori sank down until she sat firmly on Jim’s hips. She groaned as she felt Jim’s cock entering and spreading her pussy open. She had fully engulfed Jim’s cock in her pussy. She couldn’t help but groan again when she felt the cock in pussy and press against her cervix.

Her husband could not fill her pussy nearly as well. He also could not satisfy her needs as well as she remembered Jim could.

After settling on to the cock in her pussy a few moments, she began lifting up and dropping back down. She didn’t have to act. She really enjoyed Jim’s cock and the feelings she was getting from it.

So did Jim. “That’s it, Bitch. Fuck my cock! Ride me good.” He then reached up and grabbed both of her tits and squeezed hard.

Lori groaned in pleasure. She began breathing hard and bouncing on Jim’s cock violently. She was about to cum. “Oh Jim, you know I like my tits mauled while I’m fucking. Pinch my nipples, please.”

Jim took each nipple between his index finger and thumb and pinched hard.

Lori repeatedly slammed her pussy down hard on Jim’s cock until she cried out. “I’m cumming, Jim.”

While Lori’s orgasm subsided and she basked in the after glow of sex, Jim held her tits and thrust up into her pussy. He bathed her cervix with a large load of cum.

“Lori, are you on birth control pills?”

“Yes, Ron doesn’t want children for at least a year.”

While his cock still soaked in Lori’s pussy, he gave her another order. “You will stop taking them. You will be coming to see me for some time until you get all my money to me. In that time, Ron or I will knock you up. I really don’t care which of us fills your belly with a kid so long as you get knocked up. Fucking your pregnant ass will be fun.”

“But Jim, please….”

“Shut the fuck up, Bitch. If you are not knocked up within a couple of months, I will know you are still taking your pills and will send out the DVDs. Do you understand, Bitch?”

With tears in her eyes, Lori agreed. Yes Jim, I’ll stop taking them tonight.”

“Good! Now get dressed and get the fuck out of here.”

Again the following Friday, Lori was on time arriving at Jim’s house. He opened his door inviting her in. Again he closed and locked the door behind her. After handing Jim the envelope containing the five hundred dollars, she shed her cloths without being told.

“Very nice, Lori. You are learning. Lay on the floor and spread those legs. I am in a hurry tonight. I have company coming. I’ll fuck you hard and fast so you can be gone before my guests arrive. By the way, you have stopped taking your birth control pills haven’t you?”

Lori laid on floor and spread her legs as Jim had told her. “Yes, Jim. I threw them away last Friday night. I will be vulnerable to getting pregnant in a month or so.”

“Good!” Jim then quickly hammered into Lori’s pussy and dumped a load of cum. He let his cock soak in her wet cunt just a few minutes. He then told her, “On second thought, I think you should stay and see my friends. You may know them.” He then got up and sat on the couch. “Suck my cock and get it clean, Lori.”

She didn’t hesitate to obey. Lori soon had Jim’s cock hard again and shiny clean.

“Good job, Lori. Now get up and put your dress on. You may leave your bra and panties on the floor where they are.”

“But Jim, your guests will know….”

“Shut up, Cunt. That won’t matter.”

About ten minutes later there was a knock at Jim’s door. Two men came in carrying a cooler full of beer. The first thing they noticed were the panties and bra on Jim’s floor.

She recognized the first guy in the door. He was one of the three men she had fucked on Jim’s DVD.

Then he recognized Lori. “Well, Lori. How the hell are you? I heard you got married. Oh well, I guess a wedding ring don’t plug no holes, huh?”

“Oh Jim, I’ve got to go now. Ron will be expecting me soon.” Lori begged.

“Like hell you are. We’re going to fill your holes again just like we did the first time. This time I get your ass. Now drop that dress or we’ll rip it off your ass. Don’t you think Ron would get a little suspicious if his new wife came home in a torn up dress?”

Lori froze for a few moments before unbuttoning her dress. When it fell to the floor, the two visitors admired her body.

The one she knew commented on Lori’s looks, “Lori, you look as good as ever. We are going to have so much fun with you tonight.” He then stripped and lay on the floor. He stiff cock was standing tall waiting for Lori to sit on it.

Lori groaned and hung her head. She knew she would be repeating the performance Jim had on DVD that had convinced her to do as he said. Lori straddled the man’s hips and slowly sat on the cock below her. Like Jim, this man’s cock filled her pussy far better than Ron could. He stretched her pussy’s wall and pressed against her cervix.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Lori?” The man asked.

With tears in her eyes, Lori agreed. “Oh God, I hate to admit it, but it does feel good. My pussy is so full.”

“Good.” He said. “Now, bend over here and kiss me.”

“Aiieeeee!” She cried out.

As Lori had bent to kiss the man with his cock in her pussy, Jim had rammed his lubricated cock deep into asshole. At least he held still long enough for her to get used to both of her lower holes to get used to being filled with cock again.

About that time, the third guy presented his hard cock to Lori’s face. She knew what she had to do. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked the cock in. “Take it down your fucking throat cunt!” The guy in her mouth demanded.

Lori had no choice. She swallowed the cock in her mouth and slathered her tongue all over his shaft. She soon had the cock in her throat ready to explode. Jim was pumping hard into her ass as his orgasm rapidly approached. The guy in her pussy was trying to hold back so he could enjoy her as long as possible.

“Let’s make her air tight!” Jim shouted. The guy in her throat shoved his cock as deep into her as he could. Jim slammed into her bowels while the cock in her pussy was thrust up to fill that hole. Jim and the cock in her throat erupted at about the same time. The guy in her pussy filled her just a short time later.

“Ummmm.” Lori groaned as she felt all her holes being filled with cum.

The guy in her throat pulled his limp cock from her mouth. “Damn, you give great head, Lori.” The other two remained soaking in her two remaining holes.

She began pumping her hips to get the remaining cocks to keep fucking her. “Don’t leave a girl hanging guys. I am so close to cumming too. It didn’t take long for her tight holes to revive the cock’s still in her.

In a short time, Jim blew another load of cum into her ass. He then pulled out leaving only the cock in her pussy. Lori was soon bouncing on that stiff cock as her orgasm quickly approached.

Just as her orgasm washed over her body, Lori yelled at the man below her. “God damn you! Fuck me! I want your cum. I need your cum. Come on damn it! Fuck me!”

He immediately and repeatedly thrust up into Lori’s cum hungry cunt. Then she slammed down on his cock, he bathed her cervix with another load of cum.

Lori then rolled off and lay on the floor beside him. He and Jim could barely hear her whispered regrets. “I’m so sorry Ron. I’m sorry I loved it so. I love you, but you can’t fill me with lust and satisfy me like this.”

The two visitors dressed and left without another word.

“Okay Lori, go take a shower. You smell like the whore you are. We wouldn’t want Ron to catch a whiff of you smelling like you just had all your holes fucked now would we?”

She picked up her clothes and headed toward the bathroom. “No, Jim. We wouldn’t want him to know his wife is a whore.”

When she came out of the shower, Jim was watching a replay of Lori’s most recent show. The cameras had been well hidden but had a great view of Lori fucking three men.

Lori looked at the pictures on the TV and turned to Jim. “Would you like me to clean you?” Jim nodded and she dropped to her knees and took his shit and cum covered cock into her mouth. Without any hesitation Lori soon had Jim’s cock probing the depths of her throat. She licked and sucked Jim’s cock until it was shiny clean.

With a smile she looked at Jim and said, “I guess am a bitch and a slut. See you next Friday.” She then left for home.

Again the following Friday, Lori knocked on Jim’s door right at eight o’clock. As Jim closed and locked his door, Lori handed him another envelope and removed her clothes. Jim didn’t bother to look in the envelope. He knew she would not short him on his money any more.

“Lori, suck my cock and listen to what I have to say.” Without a word, she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. “Lori, it will take you five months for you to pay me my money at five hundred dollars a week. I have an idea that may allow you to pay me much sooner. Are you interested?”

She briefly popped off Jim’s cock. “Yes, Jim. I’m interested.” She then plunged her mouth back down on Jim’s cock and continued licking and sucking.

“Good, here’s my idea. We start having parties on Friday nights. You come over like you have been and fuck and suck any and all who want you to use one of your holes. We will charge a substantial fee for your services which we will split. Half for you and half for me. There’s one hitch. My half is for providing the place and snacks. Your half will go toward paying off your debt. It is apparent Ron is not satisfying the needs of his cock and cum hungry wife. So, when I have all my money back, you can keep your half if you wish to continue the parties. Does that sound good to you?”

Lori nodded and moaned. “Uum humm.” It is difficult to talk with a mouth full of cock, especially, when that cock is pumping your mouth full of cum.

“Are you up for that, Lori?” Jim asked.

Lori swallowed Jim’s cum, smiled up at him, and answered his question. “It’s true Ron hasn’t satisfied me since we married. I am ashamed to admit that, since coming here, I have discovered that I still love fucking and sucking. I even enjoyed it when you fucked my ass last week.”

“Good! Your first customer is due in a few minutes. He is a guy I know who has never fucked a girl in the ass. He got very excited when I told him all about you. The idiot offered several hundred dollars to play with you and fuck your ass.” Jim then reached into his pocket and showed her a wad of money. “Half of this will be applied to your debt.”

The idea of paying off her debt and still getting to fuck and suck cock every Friday night excited her. She almost thought it a waste of time to get dressed before her visitor arrived.

Lori was still grinning over the idea of fucking her way out of debt when there was a knock at Jim’s door. Lori quickly ducked into one of Jim’s bedroom to freshen up a bit. No matter what hole he wants to use, no one pays good money for a smelly whore. She needed to be fresh and smell nice for her visitor.

While Jim kept her visitor busy talking and having a drink for a few minutes, Lori cleaned herself.

A short time later, Lori came into Jim’s living room. She looked lovely as usual. “Hi!” She addressed her visitor. He was a large man and the bulge in his pants matched his stature. His bulge quickly got Lori’s attention.

He started to introduce himself when Jim interrupted him. “We don’t need names here. After all, the girl is married and you wouldn’t want to cross her family.”

Lori stepped up beside her visitor and said to him. “I understand you want something a little different from me.”

“Uuh, yeah, I do.” He stammered.

Lori could tell he was strongly built. She grinned broadly while firmly pressing her chest to his. Lori began rubbing his substantial bulge and, in her most sultry voice, said to him, “My, you are a big boy, aren’t you? Why don’t you tell me what you want. I’m willing to do just about anything to make you happy with me.”

He wrapped his strong arms around the small girl and stammered as he softly spoke into her ear. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to, uh, I, I want to put it in your ass.”

Lori giggled and replied to his request. “If that’s what you want, I’ll be happy to let you can fuck my ass. I know you’re paying a lot of money to fuck my ass. For a couple hundred dollars more, I’ll suck your cock clean after you cum in my ass.”

“You have a deal darling.” He hugged Lori tightly.

He then spoke to his host. “Jim, if this little gal is everything you said she’d be. I’ll be back to see her on a regular basis.”

Lori then took his hand and led him to the bedroom where she had cleaned herself up. There she quickly removed her dress and panties. She placed a tube of flavored anal lubricant in her visitors hand and took his other hand in hers. She smiled at him and said, “Come on sweetie. Let’s see if I can make your fantasy come true.” She then led him to the bed. Once on the bed, Lori got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at her customer. “Come on big boy. Grease up that thing of yours and stick it in my ass. Just go slow when you enter me.”

As he spread the lube on his hard cock, he said to Lori. “Oh my God. I can’t believe I’m really going to fuck you in your ass.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is put the head of your cock to my asshole, take a hold of my hips and push in slowly.” She told him.

He eagerly knee walked up behind Lori’s ass. His knees were on the bed between hers, and he placed the head of his lubricated cock against her puckered asshole. He then took her hips in his hands and pulled her back while pushing forward.

Lori groaned when the head of his cock popped past her sphincter. “Just push easy and put your whole cock in my ass.

He was a little too excited to slowly give her ass his cock. He tightened his grip on her hips and shoved. With one swift push, he buried his large cock deep in Lori’s ass.

“Umph.” Lori grunted. “You were supposed to put your cock into my ass slow.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try to go slow now.”

“Hell, your already in my ass! You might as well go ahead and enjoy yourself. Go on and fuck me. Enjoy my ass beg boy.”

He did just that. He held her hips tightly and sawed his cock rapidly in and out of Lori’s ass. His orgasm was soon rapidly approaching. With one final hard ram into her ass, his balls let go and he pumped his load of cum deep into Lori’s bowels. He then patted Lori’s butt and collasped onto the bed next to her.

She laid her head on his shoulder and cuddled close. She then whispered into his ear. “Honey, do you want me to clean your cock?”

“Oh God yes!” He excitedly replied.

Lori quickly turned, laid her head on his lower belly and took his dirty cock into her mouth. She spent the next several minutes sucking and licking the flavored lubricant, cum, and a bit of her own shit off his cock. When she finished, she pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and kissed its head. “There you go big boy. Be sure to pay the two hundred dollar cleaning fee to Jim.” She then got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Over the next several weeks, Lori was one well fucked whore. She usually went home to Ron with a very sore pussy and ass. She had also nearly paid off her debt to Jim.

When Lori arrived for one of her regular Friday night parties, Jim gave her the news. “Lori, after the party tonight, your debt to me will be paid in full. You won’t need to keep fucking all the cock at my parties. You may stop coming here if you wish, and I won’t bother you anymore.”

“That is good news, Jim. Now, I have some news for you. I’m pregnant! With all the cock I’ve taken in my pussy, I have no idea who the father is, but someone knocked me up. Ron will be so upset with me. I hope you are satisfied now.”

“Yep! Now you can do some time too. In a sense, you will be locked up with your kid with no hope of parole. Now, I expect you to fuck our guests tonight like it’s your last night of pleasure. That too is part of your punishment to repay the time I spent in jail. After tonight you must learn to be satisfied with just your husband. Perhaps you can teach him how you really like to be fucked. Regardless, after tonight, you are done coming here.”

That night, Lori did indeed fuck like it was her last night of pleasure for a long time. Jim had arranged for the local high school basketball team to get a reward for an excellent year. There were twelve players that attended the party. Every one of them fucked Lori in her pussy, up her ass, or down her throat. Most of them took her two or three times before being too exhausted to continue.

It was a very sore and tired Lori that went home to her short-dick husband. Even though she was tired, she knew she had to tell him she was pregnant.

He surprised her when he didn’t scream at her for getting knocked up. Instead, he hugged her and softly whispered, “Thank you, Jim.”

“What?” Lori cried out.

Ron then had a confession of his own. “Lori, I know all about your Friday night parties. You see, I had a bicycle accident when I was young. I can never have children, and I want a family. So, Jim and I made a deal. He got all of his money back, and then some. He also punished you for ratting him out to the cops. And I got a knocked up wife who will take care of my kids and fuck me any time or any way I want.”

“Kids?” Lori was in shock.

“Yes! A year of so after this one is born, you will go back to Jim and get knocked up again. I want at least three or four kids. Do you agree or do you want a divorce. You will get nothing in a divorce once my lawyer presents in open court the DVDs of you fucking all those men. Do you agree?”

Meekly, Lori replied, “Yes Dear.”

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